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I am a College student who is not just doing his best to create a story, but use the story I'm creating as improvement for my character development skills in my college course.


Life is a precious gift, including everything that comes with it. Fresh air, nature, food, and of course friends. Life is so generous to those all around Equestria. It is a gift worth giving to all. However there is one pony who has not experienced the joy of life. This poor pony has been prevented from the joys of life itself for over 15 years by no other than the one with a heart filled with evil. Sombra, but why? The caged stallion was known as Rubie Red. He had been convinced that there didn't even exist a world outside of his rusty bars. When Rubie Red was first caged as a foal, Sombra had given him a mask. It wasn't just any mask though. A rather peculiar one indeed. One that would never release from Rubies face. One that was like no other. Rubie had slumbered, eaten, drank and breathed every single breath he remembered in his cage. However, when an unexpected guest arrived, everything for him changed.

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i like this! more please!

Rubie Red is based off of the Man in the Iron Mask, right?

NO no, he's my own oc, sorry for the confusion

More will be on its way

“A job I guess…”
“Wow, that was the last thing I was expecting you to say.”

that's the last think anyone would expect you to say

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