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You can call me Everly! I love to write and draw! <3


Derpy is in love with Time Turner. Not having the guts to tell him how she feels she keeps her undying love for him to herself.

Time Turner and Derpy decide to investigate an odd sickness that's going around making their classmates act strange. After their last class, the two meet at their usual place. Though Time Turner isn't behaving like himself. His strange behavior almost causes a broken heart for Derpy but she is saved by a mysterious girl. This girl knows why Time Turner is acting in such a way and has a magical way of stopping him.

When another student is sick the same way Time Turner was, Derpy meets the mystery girl again. After the battle, she learns the mystery girl's secret. This secret may end up being the key in helping Derpy win the heart of Time Turner.

Chapters (7)
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Why does this not have any comments? This is really good.

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