• Published 27th Nov 2019
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Maud is... - Lack of Tact

We all know Maud is Pinkie's eldest sister, but not much else is known about the strange, yet not totally isolated, girl. What was her High School experience as a Wondercolt? Surprisingly exciting. Kinda.

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"Wowie, zowie, Maud! You never told me he was your boyfriend!" Pinkie says under the guise of a sneeze. "I thought he just came over all the time because he liked rocks as much as you!" Her blue eyes stared intently into Maud's own as the grey-skinned girl smiled in remembrance of their time together.


"And how did we get from your school days to your love life?! Woah, it's like everything you said was summarized into short paragraphs across multiple pages!"

"Yes, well-"

"Oh, you never said the boy's name, what was it?!"

"I'll just be getting to th-"

"And his name is?! His name is?!"

Maud simply continued to smile.

And Boulder plotted the end of the world. Not like he would ever be able to pursue such a pipe dream, however, as he is a rock.

The End.

Author's Note:

Yeah, yeah. A short love story, I know. I'm tired and this was in my backlog forever now, just deal with it.

Originally it was meant to be shorter, but whatever. Memes, man.

Also, entirely kid-friendly. So, that's a plus.

Lastly; for those who haven't caught on at this point (as of 2/26/2020), read the first letter of each chapter to find out the boy's name!

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Comments ( 2 )

Next up, Boulder Is...

An epic tale of Boulder's life and achievements.

Except Boulder is not alive since he's a rock.

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