• Published 27th Nov 2019
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Maud is... - Lack of Tact

We all know Maud is Pinkie's eldest sister, but not much else is known about the strange, yet not totally isolated, girl. What was her High School experience as a Wondercolt? Surprisingly exciting. Kinda.

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Maud knew it was their anniversary. Six months to the day. He'd reminded her many, many times that it was coming up. She wasn't very surprised to find he had, himself, forgotten. A light smile, barely visible, was sent his way and he knew all was forgiven. Or so he'd thought.

Maud wasn't a very creative girl, no. She would be the first to admit. However, she was relatively disgruntled that, after days on hounding her about it, he'd dismissed it entirely. Maud wasn't a very creative girl, no. But she knew revenge.

Just as rocks knew to hold their tongues. If they had tongues. They don't, but if they did, they'd know to hold them.

The next time the boy came to school to see her, it goes without saying he was surprised. His entire locker, once opened, spilled forth a plethora of pebbles and small rocks. One wonders how they'd all gotten in there. At the bottom of the pile stood Boulder.

He screamed mental curses at the boy, but the boy did not listen. No, he simply picked up the very angry pebble and chuckled with a shake of his head. "Geez, I love that girl." He smiled as he now intended on returning Boulder to his rightful owner.

And Boulder was not pleased.

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