• Published 27th Nov 2019
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Maud is... - Lack of Tact

We all know Maud is Pinkie's eldest sister, but not much else is known about the strange, yet not totally isolated, girl. What was her High School experience as a Wondercolt? Surprisingly exciting. Kinda.

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"And! And! You know what the best part was? I wasn't dreaming it! It actually happened!" A pink girl, cotton candy reminiscent hair bounced on her head as she hopped up and down. Next to her, another girl; physically older with straight-cut purple bangs, only nodded in silence. Her blue eyes were trained on the side-walk in front of them. The two walked at a reasonable pace, a good four feet per minute (having had to stop several times for the pink girl to breathe) to their destination. "We totally ponied up and whooped those Dazzlings! There was confetti and cupcakes and, oh! Maud it was so much fun!" The energetic girl relived the moments that had transpired days before. Again. For the fifth time, probably.

Maud's expression only changed a tid as she raised an eyebrow, her eyes glanced at the younger girl's movements. "Of course, Pinkie." Her response was lackluster, but the now-named Pinkie (surprise surprise) understood the enthusiasm laced behind her almost emotionless tone. "Everything tends to be fun with you around." To those who passed by, Maud would sound bored out of her mind, but the small smile that now adorned her face said otherwise.

"Aww, you're just saying that... but it's totally true!" The ever modest Pinkie replied, a face splitting grin plastered on her face. The two were walking home, to their apartment that was on the other side of town. It was a long walk, Maud picking Pinkie Pie up after school so they could go together often shortened the wait. Pinkie would ramble on about some story or something amazing that happened and Maud would listen. Eventually they would reach home and the process would repeat the next day. It was a cycle that hadn't been broken and would likely never be. Well, would have likely never been if Pinkie hadn't have stopped walking.

Maud stopped as well, standing several feet away from her younger sister. She turned her head back to look at Pinkie with an expressionless a confused stare. "Pinkie, why have we stopped?" Her monotonous voice reached Pinkie's ears in a matter of-

"I just realized, Maud! You've never told me how your school days went!" And with that, she took in a deep breath as she gasped loudly, her body (defying physics and reality) rose a few feet off of the ground in an almost animated manner. "Ohmygosh! I've been a terrible sister! All of those days you would pick me up from Middle School and I never once asked you how your day went!" Maud blinked.

"It's fine Pinkie, I don't mind listening to your stories." Her expression ever unchanging didn't deter Pinkie from her newfound guilt.

"It's NOT fine!" She slapped both hands to her face as she continued to stare at her older sister with a shocked expression. "Maud! You've got to tell me how your CHS days went! Starting from day 1!" Dead set on now listening to Maud's school life, before she graduated from Canterlot High, Pinkie threw her hands on Maud's shoulders and gripped them tightly. "I could never live with myself knowing I've taken up every single walk we've done together!" Even being somewhat over-dramatic, Pinkie was serious.

And Maud knew that too. So, with a deep sigh, she turned her head back to where they were walking and nodded. "If you'd like. Though I apologize if my stories aren't all that exciting to you, Pinkie. I am just an ordinary girl after all." With that, she shrugged off Pinkie's hands and the two started walking again. "My first day of school was kind of like yours-"

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