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The day began so well. Starlight was simply spending her time with a good book, all to have her peaceful time interrupted by everypony around her suddenly wanting her. Will the former villain be able to figure out what's going on? Or will she simply be overwhelmed by the sudden interest others are showing her?

Warning: Contains nonsense, an absurd plot, and an out-of-nowhere ending

Chapters (1)
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Comments ( 32 )

That ending was Pefect

Starlight! You are destined for the SHIP!
The laws of magic and the wierd science behind it demand it

Spike followed, looking on with interest as they re-entered the main reception room, wherein Twilight and Trixie were still arguing.

:trixieshiftright: Trixie does not argue. Trixie just explains why she is right.

Funny and silly. Me likey.

That was funny. I would love if that ennds with Spike and Starlight getting together but the plot twist at the end was just to good to not like this story :pinkiehappy: Kind of shame that they don't ruin more of other ponies love life. Twilight princess of friendship and divorce. :twilightoops:

Honestly I expected Cadance to be dead

Poor Starlight. The shippers never leave her be.

Of course, they never leave anyone be. Fussy little gits.

An amatometer. An artificial version of a sense that my changelings have naturally. But long-ranged. That would be useful.

However, I'm guessing that this projects an effect using the principle of similarity. Which would make it horribly dangerous.


that pic of Trixie on the cover is like the cutest thing ever


I don't think Sunburst was actually being affected.

That end was a twist.

A very funny ending.

"What could possibly go wr-"[STATIC]

:moustache::duck: Beats blowing up the castle....:twilightoops:
:moustache: Again :facehoof:

"Shining Amour and Princess Cadence."

Hm... Accidental typo, deliberate mispelling or Freudian slip?

7784844 Try British spelling, the author hails from the United Kingdom after all.

It's still missing an "r"

7785350 even the british spelling has an r after the a


Just caught it, thanks. Still spelled A-R-M-O-U-R right?


Yes, being British, that's also how I would spell it.

"This, Starlight, is very important. After doing a great deal of research, I can only conclude that this ancient and powerful magic symbolises the very relationships that people have with others!"

So what you're saying is... Friendship is Magic. I thought we established this in like episode one. Also, is this story anthro or something? Cuz I don't think there are any people in Equestria.

Oh my f***ing lord. Did Twilight create a shipping machine? May whatever god or gods these ponies believe in have mercy on their poor souls. Cadence should never find out....

It will spell doom for the world.

So IT really was the love essence of Equestria. I guess we're all fucked now!

7788133 no we aren't, that's the problem! :trollestia:

7792875 without the love essence, nobody's getting fucked.

Sirens could really use that...


I'm dissapointed in myself that I had to ask what the joke was.

I'm gonna go to bed now,

"Of course I deserve her! I, the great and powerful Trixie, am her closest companion. I am the one she has chosen to be with time and time again."


This chapter was great ... but the story lacks resolution and feels incomplete. Still good, just not really finished feeling to me. Although I do find it funny that Starlight basically destroyed all relationships everywhere.

"The truth is right in front of us. You and me? We were meant for each other!"

Listen to her Starlight! Listen to her!

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