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Inferno was not born the ruler of a city. In fact, she wasn't even born Inferno. Follow the Stone Queen from her foalhood through the founding of what would someday be Canterlot.

This story is an attempt to write in the style of historical fiction. The history is made up, of course, but it was made up by someone other than me. The story is set long before the pony tribes were united, so all the main characters are earth ponies.

Tagged sex for a single obtuse scene. If you're into that sort of thing, you'll be disappointed. Probably not worth a tag, but I like to pretend there are still little girls on the site.

Original cover art by Sita Duncan

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An interesting tale.

It's really funny to see this one here

7785732 I know, I submitted it to moderation instead of auto-approving just to be safe. :raritywink:

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