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A human-turned-colt must find his way through his new life as a pony. Feeling like a stranger to the ponies, he must find a way to adjust to living in the land of friendship and what it has to offer. Will it workout with the ponies? Will it be a disaster? Well, there's only one way to find out.

This story is going under heavy revisions. I apologize to those who have waited for more chapters, but I will not be continuing this storyline as it is. I have hit a stopping block for a long time now and did not like where this story was heading, so I stopped writing it completely. I want to keep the same idea, but I need to go in a different direction. Thank you for understanding.

-Ghost wolf

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Comments ( 41 )

Its an interesting start. A lot of stories like this end up having the main character get their memories back, but you could go with the idea that he never gets his memories back. Either way it presents a way for a lot of growth. There may be things this individual can and cannot do. Some talent that they personally have, but still will not result in a cutie mark. Either way its a really interesting start.

Yeah, there's a bunch of ways I could go with this story, but I have a plan of where this story is going to go and it will be quite different (hopefully) from any others of its kind. Thanks for the comment:)

Alright, I'm hooked. Always up for a good 'human turns into pony' story. The fact that he's a colt instead is very interesting.

Equestria: Mystery Dungeon? Sounds interesting!

7768625 I'm glad you like it! :)

7768936 ;p

i like it, its not bad. more, maybe?

You have my interest. Let's see where this goes!

Upload whenever. Gives you time to think about what you're writing.

I enjoyed this chapter. Maybe next one he'll do a bit of socializing? I don't know, you're the writer.

So we have our protagonist being an earth pony. I wonder who will take him in, in Ponyville?

7771427 Yeah, I'm not good at deadlines so I think that would be best :)

7771429 ;) I wonder too

Not bad. The overall reactions of everypony will be interesting.

Big Mac to the rescue! Hopefully after he gets help out protagonist can get not only his answers but plenty of food.

I like where this is going.

I must ask will Big Mac be a father or brother figure?

8171365 Y'all just hafta wait and see ;)

8171574 I honestly hope it's a father figure

I a man surprised that the nurse didn't acknowledge that Pinkie over did it. Still I think that our protagonist is going to be having a rude awakening when he tries to make his escape and bumps into someone who can easily stop him.

The idiot didn't even think that she could die from overdose, did he?

Well he ran into Big Mac. I wonder how he will explain away his escape attempt and just what is going on?

With how he was acting I am surprised when they found him in the lobby they weren’t thinking that he is in a complete panic. If he couldn’t identify where he is and acting this way he is just blindly lashing out. Keep in mind they can’t see his thought process and they are treating him like he is a normal colt when obviously something is very off about him.

Otherwise good chapter and nice to see Big Mac’s point of view.

Thank you, glad you like it :)

Really nice! Hope he can evade "capture" for a while !

I love it! When is the next chapter?

Honestly? I'm not sure. This is kinda my testing story, but I still plan to work on it. I have another story that I need to update as well that I'm working on. I have a lot of stuff going on at work and just in my life in general, so not sure when I'll update this. Maybe soon?

Never noticed this story before, a bit slow on the up dates but it is on a good start, I hope to see more of this again soon.

Pretty standard start, but not a bad one, now that this is out of the way let’s see where you take things.

y’all is for you all, it’s for addressing a group.

Yah would be the better word.

Also Applejack is one word.

Not saying these things to be a jerk just saying.

I like the story so far

"Aaaauuughh....", It felt like my head exploded. There was a constant, throbbing pain in the back of my skull. It felt like someone hit me on the head with a metal bar multiple times. When I tried to open my eyes, everything was blurry and unfocused. The brightness of everything agitated my headache, so I quickly closed my eyes again, not wanting to arouse the headache even more. I tried to get my bearings on the situation at hand, trying to remember what happened to me, but my headache prevented me from doing so as it hurt to even think. Groaning from the pain and frustration, I laid where I was to let myself rest a bit before trying to do anything again.

"Why do my eyes hurt?"

"You've never used them."

After a few moments, my headache started to slowly cascade, enabling me to use my thoughts again.

Cease. If his headache cascaded, I doubt he'd be able to think any better.

Wait, horses with horns are unicorns or something, right? Does that mean they got healing powers like in mythology? I'll have to find out later.

Fun fact: Unicorn are mentioned in the Bible. It describes them havong two horns. :facehoof:

Didn't know that, thanks for the fun fact

Well, as I often tell people, I know a little about a lot.

The first thing that comes to my mind when I think of an angel is a bright figure, covered head to toe in white clothing with large wings and a soft face. A mystifying creature that literally embodies the idea of beauty, a creature with a breathtaking voice, a creature with amazing powers. I think of a perfect being, there to guide you to the other life that awaits you when you take your last breath.

*cough cough* Best princess *cough*.

“ Time to enact Escape Plan Romeo-Uniform-November ”.

In other words, R-U-N. :ajsmug:

I really liked this story. Do you plan on updating it?


Only in some mistranslated versions. The original word referred to wild oxes, if I recall correctly.

I like the story, but I also think you made the main character a bit to dense.

The Monk
Winona let out a bark and immediately ran up to Armor and started licking his muzzle, tail wagging like she was promised cake if she did it enough. -Snakeskin Ducttape

Perfectly understandable. :raritywink:

Shame but understandble.

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