• Published 2nd Dec 2016
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Anniversary Week - Ivegotcats

You and Twilight are celebrating your 2nd anniversary together. You were ready for a night of being together. But you weren't ready for what was going to happen.

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Wow, never thought that I would see this story finished, got to say I LOVE how it turned out, thought I hope that you make a sequel to it, after all youot both Luna and Twilight pregnant so there should be more to come, like as in a sequel to this story

that was nice... I'll need to reread it later to remember the plot.

Why did you give me 9 notifications for a single story?

9? Try 24. Get on my level.

Personally, Twilight didn't seem all that concerned for Anon or his well-being (apart from getting his consent and reassuring him that she loves him), and that was kind of a turn-off for me. The rest of the story was hot as hell, but I guess I'm just burnt out on the countless HiE stories out there where ponies shit all over the human and the punchline boils down to "Ha ha, the human is suffering, let's all act like sociopaths." Not that this story follows that path, but Twilight's attitude strayed a bit too close for my comfort. 8/10, I came.

what I've seen cant be unseen, so why not.

Luna's my love

The end. What a journey. It was awesome!

I spy a Gravity Falls reference.

Still hoping to eventually see a sequel.

They aren't written that way to be funny. They're written that way because it's incredibly hot.

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