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I enjoy MLP, and Spike is my favorite character

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This is looking neat, I can't wait to see what awaits Spike now. And you might wanna check some of the words that're misspelled.

I Love Spike harem story's

7770777 So, would you say that this isn't me making the same mistake I made with Mating Season Of The Dragon? I don't wanna get banned again.

7770799 Well you've altered it by making Spike know the girls and added Chrysalis to it. So whatever antics you make and such I hope will be a surprise.

my advice if you need to slap a mature rating on it, and then slap a sex tag on it.

7771039 Maybe later on, the first few chapters will have only soft stuff, aside from the suggestive flirting. I might get things a little saucy after chapter 11.

Can't wait for the next chapter!:rainbowkiss:

7771052 Doesn't matter. If it's implied, there should be a sex tag.

This sound like a Vault-Tec experiment for me lol

7771052 make sure before it is within good range so you don't get banned don't want that now do we?

'Keep your head down' bad choice of words AJ especially in skirt zone.

Infinite Stratos comes to mind from the description you wrote, thou not entirelly.

I'm honestly surprised this has no many likes, there is a highly unnecessary fascination with Breasts quite a few spelling mistakes I have no clue what "she spreader her at a out a d" and the thing with Chrysalis was pretty creepy. Also if you dont wanna get banned I suggest not adding sex scenes it appears that this story has a human Spike in and underage sex scenes with humans are not allowed on this site.

Comment posted by WinterSoldier deleted Dec 5th, 2016
Comment posted by WinterSoldier deleted Dec 5th, 2016

7772132 I understand your concern, but I promise you, I won't show sex scenes, well, not on Fimfiction.

7772248 Can I ask what site, can we see the sex scenes. Maybe in Fanfiction perhaps?

It is really good story and I hope to see more of it soon.

7772372 FanFiction. My account name on that site is TvFan2244.

"This is my sister, the vice principal, Luna." she pointed to the woman on the right. "And to my left is the assistant principal, Chrysalis."

Aren't the Vice-Principal and Assistant Principal the same thing?

"This is Trixie Lulamoon." his fashionable friend whispered back. "She and Twilight have what you would call a bit of rivalry."

"Translation: war of the eggheads." Rainbow commented but made sure to keep her voice low.

If it's meant to be a "war of the eggheads" then shouldn't Starlight Glimmer be Twilight's rival in this fic instead of Trixie?

Spike and his friends stopped at room 217.

That's a Shining reference, wasn't it?

7773242 Starlight will be a student in Crystal Prep Academy, which I'll be introducing later on.

Good sir, you have caught my attention with this story. Let us see how long you can hold it. Good chapter, very good chapter. I am one who could go for a good romance harem story, if that is where you are going. Looking forward to seeing more of your works later on.

7773362 As a matter of fact that is where I'm going with this. What other reason could there be for a boy being in an all girls school? Seriously, I dare anyone to try and answer that.

Looking good so far.

7773484 Feel free to give any tips.

grammar needs work some words were misspelled hey have you heard of Grammarly it's a great help, and it's 30 dollars a month. man trust me.

"Spikey-Wikey!" Rarity, Fluttershy, and Pinkie Pie cried in joy as they all glomped on Spike. He immediately blushed upon the close interaction with their huge busts.
"Oh my stars! It truly is you!" Rarity cried tears of joy.
"We missed you so much!" Fluttershy told him.
"If this is is a dream I dint wanna wake up!" Pinkie exclaimed.

I get that the girls are quite pleased to have Spike attend their school as a fellow classmate now, but WOW!! They act like they've never seen a adolescent male before :rainbowderp:.

Also, I can get Pinkie and Rarity calling Spike by the nickname Spikey-Wikey, but Fluttershy also calling him that? That was a huge surprise--at least to me. I wouldn't think Flutters of all people to pull a Pinkie at that point. :yay: , but then again I can definitely see her as the girl that would hug you with her breasts like he was a baby animal, so it actually works.

7778756 Bear in mind, that they've spent the last years in a school where there are no boy students or male teachers.


Can't wait for chapter 2.


Good point. Well, I hope the girls know that there could be a shark in the waters; they have to protect that new fish as much as they can. Of course, the new fish may have a couple of tricks up to outwit the shark...

I can't help but comment on this:

"A little too nice, if you ask me." Twilight glared.
Applejack then kneeled down and looked at Spike in the eye. "Spike, I think it's fair that I should give ya a warnin'; this school is full of gals who haven't seen a big in a long time, now that you're here, I'm kit sure they won't try to put the moves on ya."

I have to agree with Applejack: It's true that the girls definitely haven't seen a big one in a while. I get the girls are starving for the real thing, and now toys or 'female and female' intimacy isn't cutting it anymore...:trollestia:

...I regret nothing. :moustache:

7779082 Did you see how I wrote Chrysalis?


Honestly, I'm surprised that the third principal is Chrysalis, to start. Usually the third member of authority (female, forgot to be specific) is Cadence. That's an nice twist. Secondly, I do like the way you write her--I can really see her like some of the teachers that get a little too close to the students, so the fact that Spike is the first male student ever in the history of the school, you know that she's gonna make her personal welcome to him--even if we have to say within the guidelines based on the rating...

Also, I can't help but like the conflict isn't just between the Mane 6 and Trixie (or other girls in the future for that matter), but thanks to Chrysalis, some of the adults are gonna want a piece of him as well. I'm assuming that we could have some other adult figures like Ms. Harshwhinney, Spitfire as gym teacher, Octavia as a band director, and others. Let's see where we are going from it.

EDIT: I'm a little surprised also at the little joke I made with what seemed to be a typo--unless you purposely put that there in that way :raritywink:

7781017 Fleur De Lis is clothing design teacher, Sapphire Shores is music teacher, Cheerilee teaches English, Fleetfoot is Spitfire's assistant teacher, etc.


So I take it that Cup Cake could be home economics? Hmm, you could have some pretty good interactions with one of the Mane 6 and teachers, because some are pretty good teacher/student pairings (Fleur/Rarity with fashion, Spitfire and Fleetfoot/Rainbow Dash) and there would be some unique pairups (Sapphire Shores/Fluttershy--I know Fluttershy can probably sing pretty well even though she's so shy). Again it's just a suggestion though. I'm looking forward to what you come up with. I just hope you don't get banned again.

7781061 hey winter um not to insult you or anything in any way please don't take offense but do you think your putting a lot on your plate? I mean I really enjoy your stories alot, your one of my favorite authors but you have a lot of stories, you think you could finish them? Including the one you are planning on writing.

7781075 I changed the girls' breast size to E cup, almost borderline on F.

Shhhhhh. We do not speak of that anime.

make this an APLESPIKE PLEASE :moustache: + :ajsmug: = awsome:raritystarry::rainbowkiss:


The one you mentioned in your author's note in the first chapter.


Do you even see the anime ? No, scratch that. That anime is one of the worst ones ,period. Go to any youtube reviewer who reviewed this anime and they will say it's one of the worst trashy and nonsensical ones in existence.

More I need more please

In the Authors note.

Just watch Eiken, you'll know what I mean.

You could also watch Highschool DxD.

Man I really love this story so far when will the next chapter be
and P.S I really love Spike Harem stories

Cannot wait for part two

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