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Gentle Repose, an Earth Pony filly, has recently lost her parents in a plague. All she has left is an old family friend to care for her. However the burro, Maravilla, is a bit of a pariah in the small town of Wing Wood and as Gentle Repose will come to learn the keeper of a special kind of immortality.

**This is written "universe neutral" so it can be part of any pony headcanon you like. It is also dedicated to my beloved wife who works the very difficult and often emotionally taxing profession of mortician.

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Comments ( 3 )

Very atmospheric, my dear sir. And a great and obviously loving tribute to the profession of the morticians. :heart:

All things come to end. Much respect to those who take care of the aftermath. By the by Gentle is a cutie pie.

Thank you, my wife loves her job but sometimes, especially when she has to work with the littlest clients, it upsets her. Gentle Repose is also her OC :3

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