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favourite without thumbs up?
thumbs down without criticism?

Has discord gotten loose again?

WOW,:applejackconfused::applecry:This mademe feel uncomfortable:rainbowderp:

Ponies and tampons?

Fluttershy with a penis?

Im strangely intrigued :rainbowhuh:

Are you adding more chapters? I'm seriously debating tracking this.

This is so very strange - but definitely not worth all those thumb-downs people have given it. I actually find myself wanting to read the next chapter, just to see what happens.


I was seriously considering adding:

The "Gore" tag to this because of that first chapter, but I didn't want to give any potential readers the wrong impression. Still, if it makes someone called "Mr. Carnage" uncomfortable, I find myself thinking I might hafta reconsider...

Essentially, this is what happens when a guy who's never been in a relationship starts thinking about the idea of "shipping." Right now, I've got four more chapters planned to finish the thing, and I'll advise folks to check the story's description for links to several other more enjoyable "shipping" tales.


This is practically grimdark lol! Why aren't I more disgusted?? :rainbowhuh:

Okay, I lost it at Futashy. I really don't know what to make of this because it's so well written and yet the subject matter makes me want to scream. I'm still laughing though... and following you. I need to know what happens next.

Man, cutie marks are already metaphorical puberty, do we really need to get actual puberty involved as well?:ajbemused:

And it seems kind of odd that Applejack would be so ashamed about it. It doesn't seem like her.

An asexual Applejack, that's an interesting way to go. And, knowing Applebloom, she's going to go and make a mess of the situation, isn't she. I'm not sure how, though...

This is going in all sorts of interesting directions and I heartily approve. But then, I have a weakness for well-written FutaShy.

Bwuahahahaha this is insane :rainbowlaugh:

Wait, Fluttershy's a...:rainbowhuh: OH SWEET CELESTIA!!!:trollestia::twilightoops:


I'm madly extrapolating:

From the way that AJ says the Everfree Forest "ain't natural" in both the 2nd episode and in Bridle Gossip. 'Cause if natural means something that's arranged and helped along by ponies, then love and sexual attraction and all that would be absolutely unnatural, the way that stuff can overwhelm a pony and make her act against her better judgment. There'll be a little more about why Applejack thinks this way coming up.



Until today:

I had no idea that Futashy was already a meme. Apparently I don't get out on the internet nearly as much as I ought to...:eeyup:



And there's:

More to come!


i feep quezy now :pinkiesick: i dident even read the whole thing

I'm almost a little uncomfortable reading this, as a guy. :pinkiesick:
But, thanks to the internet, I can't stop.

ha I got to be first, no big deal really, and I am loving the take on sexuality in Equestria, props to u :moustache:

you sir have my thumbs and my approval :yay:

This is filthy and cute, you know? I love that mix, when you take something that is usually very dirty and try to handle it with care.
This story might get dirtier, or it might not, I'm not sure so far, but I do know I like it and will favourite and all that.
Iit has some nonstandard spellings of their names, and strange take on their genitals, but- I like it.

Well well ..... :trixieshiftright:
I approve :twilightsmile:

I'll take a chapter 4, please

I'm so confused... I need more explanation of this anatomy. How do My Little Pony plots work in this universe? :applejackconfused:



On the way, but probably not till next week--I'll be down in San Diego for Comic-Con the rest of this week.


My guess? normally they look just like the cartoon characters; nothing betwixt the nethers. Say the magic word, and it pops out.

Like bears. Only with a magic word.

You could have gone your entire life without knowing about how bear bits worked, too. :trollestia:

This is bizarre, somewhat disturbing and kinda gross.

Please, continue this story!

An anti-horny-spell?:rainbowhuh:

It's just a penis, not love! :ajsleepy:


The spell:

Keeps a closed lacinia closed and can help close one that's already come open. So rather than dispersing any actual horniness, it just lets a pony cover the physical signs of that horniness. Helpful in some situations, in other words, but not in all.



...can you cast it at other ponies...?:trollestia:

"This never happened to me before!":applejackconfused:

I love this story and can't wait for more. What an original take on pony biology, a quality we need to see more of around here, keep up the good work!

Indeed, I agree with your sentiments on the unique look at the biology of creatures I consider closer to aliens than earth horses. It does make it harder to write though but the path less taken is the more exciting :scootangel:

Two more chapters:

And everything goes uphill from here!


There's no k in Macintosh.


Half the places I looked:

Said it should be spelled "McIntosh," and the other half said "Macintosh." So I decided to go with a more definitively inaccurate spelling. :eeyup:



Woohoo! I can't wait! I eagerly await your updates. It makes my day to read them :ajsmug:

Well this seems to be progressing nicely, definately a unique read among my other stories I watch

I like your characters. (I know they're the characters in the show, but your TAKE on them, of course.)


Thanks, folks. I may not get this whole thing done by Kits' deadline--next Saturday--but I've been having a lot of fun writing it nonetheless.


Wow, the best biology i've seen in the fanfiction universe yet.

Very well done.

One more chapter!

I might get this finished by the deadline after all!



Thanks! I was in college when the first Pony series aired back in the mid-1980s, and the way they had children without ever showing any males caused me to form elaborate theories about them reproducing by fission or budding like plants to produce little clones of themselves. So I've been overthinking Pony biology since before many folks reading this were even born...


Despite Applejack's joy, I can't help but feeling we're in for a shitstorm of pain and sorrow.:ajbemused:


Thanks again! It's been an interesting experiment.


Well, I don't want to spoil anything, but I'm writing this as part of Kits' shipping contest, and he states just after the 7 official rules, "I tend to like happy ponies." So...


Oh, unless there's angst on the way, the happy ending is never that sweet, by reason of contrast. It's an observation, not a complaint. It's just that Applejack's "Oh, my brother has crushed all her dreams and completely shattered her sense of self-worth! Yay, now I have a chance for NOOKIE!" is obviously not gonna lead to happy bunnykittenland straight away.

I can't wait for the next chapter! Fluttershy is so blind! Poor girl.


Absolutely. Bunnykittenland is still a couple thousand words away, and a majority of those words, like you say, will be pretty darn angsty. :eeyup:


So she doesn't have any mare parts at all? That's kind of disappointing.

I knew this was going to happen. Ugh. :fluttershyouch:


I don't wanna get:

Too biological about it, but for the purposes of this story, I gave Fluttershy the Pony equivalent of partial androgen insensitivity syndrome. What degree of it she has is another question and one I'm not gonna get into. All we know is what Applejack knows, and all Applejack knows is what she saw in two brief glimpses in chapters 3 and 4. So anything's possible!


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