• Published 27th Nov 2016
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Thorax the Red-Nosed Bughorse (and Other Hearth's Warming Carols) - Trick Question

The gaudiest bughorse of them all invites you to sing along to all your favorite "Why, FiM, why?!" moments!

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Oh Holy Horse

(sung to "Oh Holy Night")

Sung by me, a capella, in a single take with no audio editing. Don't expect quality.

Oh, holy horse, your Sun is brightly shining
Is it strange to worship you, as a god?
Fans of the show (some on the 'spectrum') whining
Cartoon horse altars might be a sign we're odd

It's horse shampoo... is this too far to take things?
I wear a saddle... is that a little weird?

Fall... on your hooves
Oh deer, we've crossed the line now
Oh horse, divine
Oh holy pony mural on my walls
Oh horse, divine...!
Oh horse, what have we done...

And in Her Name, we do dorky things...

We pray for tol'rance, 'cause we need it badly
Say "everypony" in public to strange looks

Celestia, our Sun
Perhaps some day we'll join thee
Oh deer, oh deer
Now it's clear, that we've gone too far
Oh deer, oh deer
Yes it's clear, that this is quite bizarre
Oh deer, oh deeeeeeeeeer!
Although weird, we still adore our star