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Twilight is sick with the flu, and confined at home, while Rainbow tries to think of a way to make her feelings known to the lavender unicorn.

Teen for alcohol use, possibly borderline foul language. ;)

Chapters (5)
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Comments ( 46 )

Interesting Premise, dood.

I'll keep a eye on this.

YAY! More Twidash! :yay:

I shall read later. *added to read later list* :twilightsheepish:

Seems interesting.

I will throw an suspicious eye on you. :trixieshiftright:

This is my first attempt at writing any kind of fic, so I apologize for it being kind of a run-on-stream-of-thoughts. :derpyderp2:

Thanks for reading, though, and I hope I can keep you entertained! :scootangel: :heart:

Awesome! It is running smoothly! Keep Going!
TwiDash rules!

:fluttercry: aww, that ending! can't wait for the next one!

Twidash is, and always will be, my favorite pairing.

Viva la Twidash! :rainbowdetermined2:

Thanks for the facts about my favorite drink that can be used as a weapon.

gah! right in the cliffhanger! must. read. more!


I tend to think up this stuff when I'm half asleep and dreaming - I've had the general premise for this chapter rolling around in my head for the past two days. :pinkiehappy:

Therefore, I'm off to bed for tonight to let my mind sort out the next part for you. :derpytongue2:

The colt at the begining broke Twilight.


And then she broke him

855386 Hah! :rainbowlaugh:
But really, can't wait for more...TwiDashness

Well, that sure was a...Twilight way to handle a first date.:rainbowlaugh:

I don't always abuse alliteration, but when I do... it needs therapy. :ajbemused:

I tend to avoid fics w/ alcohol, but TwiDash is best ship, so I may have to make an exception...we'll see how the fic turns out. (after I get me some sleep) :ajsleepy:

Mmn, that feels nice - why can't she stroke my man more often?


"As the penultimate paperback was precisely pigeonholed in its perfectly positioned place by pegasus power"

I think I peed a little...


I was going to say that.

I hope this turns out well, though it seems like it's going in a ending-up-together direction. Keep up the good work.

That last part: "You're on." :rainbowlaugh::twilightsheepish:

pssst! hey! You should update. :twilightsmile:

MOAR PLEASE!!!!!!!!!!:pinkiegasp::pinkiegasp::pinkiegasp::pinkiegasp::pinkiegasp::pinkiegasp::pinkiegasp::pinkiegasp::pinkiegasp::pinkiegasp::pinkiegasp::pinkiegasp::pinkiegasp::pinkiegasp::moustache::pinkiegasp::pinkiegasp::pinkiegasp::pinkiegasp::pinkiegasp:

Please update, this is great. :pinkiesad2:

I agree with Paradox! Great story, please update soon :twilightsmile:

Interesting beginning. I like the foreboding "Pick up the pieces" line.

I hope you're not about to throw me under the feels bus.

Well then. I sense a sad delivery incoming.

So far so good. 4/5 moustaches.


A fairly well written one. I like the depth and development, and I appreciate the time you put into each character, rather than just jumping into things. However, you are also making it interesting, and a bit fun, to read, keeping me hooked. I hope that perhaps soon, however, we may begin to see something. I don't want to end up with a repeat of this other fic I read, where I went through 15 chapters of absolutely nothing happening.

I saw that it has been a very long time since you updated. If you don't plan on continuing, or are simply taking a break, could you please update the status of this one to either "Cancelled" (I hope not) or "On Hiatus", so that way I don't end up waiting for that which will never arrive?

Hey guys - it's been a while, I know. :facehoof: I'm sorry. RL gets in the way sometimes.

I'm re-reading what I've got here and struggling a bit with the fact that I hate a bunch of what I've already done and want to re-write whole sections... the perfectionist in me wants to fix things first before moving on, but I know you guys probably want continuation first. :ajsmug:

Hang in there. :heart:

You guys get a slightly longer chapter for waiting so long. :heart:

Hopefully I won't hate it tomorrow and want to rewrite it again. :twilightblush:

:yay: it lives! I've missed this story.

J'aime. :heart:

<3 DarqFox

Cool. Good to see this is still going.

So. Much. BLUSHING! :twilightblush:

Cute. Almost sickeningly so.

Still loved it. :twilightsmile:


love this story so far! :pinkiehappy:
but now... i wait for the next part! :ajbemused:

Captain's log, entry no. 34:

It's been a whole year since the last update, my mind is slipping, and I'm having trouble thinking straight. No response from author on update. Losing hope. Starting to wonder if fic is dead. I hope not, I really do.

4095170 :rainbowlaugh::rainbowhuh:

That would be funny if it weren't so sad...

5802778 I made that comment over a year ago. It has been another year with no update. I reread it again. I regret it.

You ever write something, look back on it, go "Man, I suck at this," and bury it in the back of your head?

Yeah. I've felt like that a lot on this one. The funny thing is, I can *RP* ponies with others, but I'm not doing this justice writing by myself. The fact that I logged back in again after lurking for years, to update and write this, though?

Maybe I'll give this another shot someday. :)

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