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It's that time of year again, Hearth's Warming Eve, and Lyra's excited as she can be. For it's not just the time for giving gifts, it's also the time when she and her beloved Marefriend Bon-Bon celebrate their yearly anniversary of being together as a couple. And as always, they get each other gifts to celebrate it. One problem. Lyra hasn't the slightest idea on what to get her Bonny as a present. Like seriously, not a clue. Thankfully, there's always her old friend Octavia to provide a helping hoof or two. Will these two fellow musicians find the perfect gift, or fail entirely...?

LyraBon shipping and Lyra/Octavia/Grape Vine friendship. Takes place in the same universe as my stories "Dash's Worry, Twilight's Reassurence", "The Wonderbolts Calendar (AKA Posing Ponies)" and "Of Griffins, Ponies, and Taboo Subjects".

Rated teen for light make out scenes and sexual jokes.

I don't own the song lyrics used here. They belong to their respective writers. If I did own them, would I be stuck here?

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Lyra whispered as she felt the warm heat of the sun rising due to Celestia's will coming through their window even as a cock crowed somewhere in the background.

Did you really mean cock

Sorry... I'm 13, I'm gonna point this stuff out

7807825 Well, actually in UK English, cock is another word for Rooster.

Well that's a lovely Christmas/Hearth's Warming story. A lot of funny moments and some kinky ones.

And also real dilemma for this period of time. I have actually no idea what I can offer to most of my family this year. Huh, the more the years go, the more you struggle to find something that they need/please them.

Though there is a part in the story that bothers me. Your character Potion Bubbles. He is being babysit (which should be rather foalsit) by Twilight, but you describe him as being eighteen. Isn't he bit too old for a foalsitter or am I messing something here?

Mistakes found:

in a affectionate manner



pray tell

Bon-Bon asked in a eager tone


in a equally seductive tone


it felt more like a interrogation


licensed toys of the Elements of Harmony and the Princesses and the Wonderbolts

licensed toys of the Elements of Harmony, the Princesses and the Wonderbolts

our musical due


"I don't want a lot for Christmas,

Hearth's Warming / I know you wanted to match the lyrics of the song, but it doesn't make sense in-universe wise.

Underneath the Christmas tree.

Hearth's Warming

"Oh, believe you me

That was pretty cute, plus more LyraBon is always great. I approve!:yay:

7807825 Get your mind out of the gutter.

7807914 I see your point. Maybe Script's just overprotective? Though to be fair, I'm 18 and my parents won't let me stay in the house alone, so I'm just drawing from personal experience here.

Is Grape Vine in the picture? I don't see her.

7810632 No, (Though to be fair neither is Octavia, I just wanted a Christmas themed LyraBon piece of art.) and Grape is actually a he.

"Hmm, I see your point." Lyra admitted, before throwing the fruit cake behind her, with it hitting Spoiled Rich in the face and knocking her clean to the floor and into unconsciousness.

:pinkiegasp: Whoa! Stale Much? :rainbowwild:

Hey, what do you think about this?" Lyra asked eagerly as she held out a Prench Maid's outfit.

I see you ran with this suggestion. Although if I'm honest the thought of Bonnie in a maid's outfit made me faint, twice.

7816013 Yeah, I just took every suggestion and went completely mad with it. And as for that Prench Maid outfit, you never know, for all we know, Bon-Bpn may have found it waiting for her in her bedroom. After all, I never did exactly say what else Lyra bought...:raritywink:

7816463 I see that, or rather I read it. :rainbowlaugh: Anyway yeah ponies in maid's outfits are hot. If you need any proof just read Command Me by Pus Pus, or just look at the cover art. Lily is stone cold rocking that maid's dress on it.

I always like LyraBon stories and this is pretty well done in my opinion!

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