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Flash Sentry believes in Atlantis even when all others say he's crazy. When he receives an opportunity to follow his dream to find the legendary city, he jumps at the chance. What follows is an adventure of the ages that won't be forgotten.

This is an older story of mine that's been overhauled and rewritten. I hope you enjoy it. Also, doesn't ponified Kida look a little like Twilight to you?

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This looks like fun. I enjoy Atlantis the Lost Empire and this seems like fun. I've read these kinds of crossovers before, where characters are replaced with other characters but it is overall the same story. Some say that to keep things interesting the author should change a few things now and then, but I enjoy it either way really. I don't see much of these kinds of fanfics these days so I will definitely follow this one to see how it goes. Keep it up!

here are the two most badass oc names I could come up with​ Eagle Strom and​ Hawk Stone are the two hope you like them.:twilightblush:

8109524 glad I could help you out if you need any more ideas let me know.:twilightsmile:

8109504 Umm, don't griffon names usually start with the letter G? At least, that's how it works in canon. :applejackunsure:

Hmmm. Is Cadence Whitmore in this story? Is that how Flash is going to get dragged into this crazy adventure?

8110155 Twilight Tag? Flash Sentry Tag? Romance Tag?

Inb4 Flashlight auto-dislikes and haters.

Just a heads-up. Not sure if that's actually what we're shooting for. If not, well, I'm sure you knew the risk going in. If so... that's some damn fine bravery there, I tip my nonexistent hat to you.

8110131 I admit that in the show there are three examples​ of a name that starts with the later g but mind you the author asked for an oc name.

You have my undivided attention here

8110263 Thank you. I'm probably one of the few people who ships it.

8110721 Don't feel alone. There are dozens, maybe hundreds of flashlight shippers. If anything the haters are the outcasts by now for remaining small minded.

8110877 Thanks. That makes me feel better. I think maybe the reason why some people don't like the Flashlight ship is because it wasn't handled properly in the first EQG movie. At the the time I thought it was awesome because they creaters of the show were officially shipping. I still think it can work if done right. You give him some more personality and try to make it feel less like a cheesy, poorly written highschool romance.

8110896 I explicitly clarify that I ship PONY TwlilightxPONY Flash, I couldn't care less for their human versions. As a pony, Flash is still a blank slate, one that, with proper character development and an interesting story, could create a meaningful relationship with Twilight. As said, they handled Flash HORRIBLY in the EQG universe and movies. But I don't want to see Pony Flash abandoned, so I take it upon myself to shape him and create a meaningful character out of what Hasbro left for dead.


Pony!Flashlight is my OTP. :twilightsmile: Human!Flashlight, however, is a little more (pause) complicated. :ajsleepy: As much as I'd love for it to happen, I've kind of given up on it. :raritycry: I have detailed my reasons on a blog post titled "I Need New Batteries." Feel free to read it.

8111515 Meh, can't help you much there, since, actually, I do dislike Human!FlashxTwilight... not the same appeal to me. Their human interactions in EQG to me, are more of a catalyst to whatever would happen to them in the pony world than an actual relationship in and of itself.

I really don't care for any EQG ships. I'm here for ponies, not colorful teenagers :P


I really don't care for any EQG ships. I'm here for ponies, not colorful teenagers :P

Well, unlike you, I'm not nearly so picky. :rainbowwild::trollestia::rainbowlaugh:

Interesting. I'll upvote and track for now.

Atlantis the Lost Empire was an underrated film and a personal favorite. Following !

I feel the same. I grew up watching it all the time so it also hold that special place in my heart reserved for childhood memories.

Sorry I'm late to the game with this one, but I'm interested.

I remember watching Atlantis: The Lost Empire in the cinema, barely, but I can.

Of course later watching the DVD with all it's special features, well, now it's one of my favourite underated Disney films. I do agree the villains motive could be better.

Also, as you've stated it's a FlashLight pairing I'm going to wait and see how this goes. Flash is a character who really needs help.

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