• Published 27th Nov 2016
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Tank Endures - WhoHacksFTW

Tank is a very young tortoise, Rainbow Dash is a pegasus. What happens when she dies?

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Tank Delivered

Author's Note:

I tried to finish quicker but I lost inspiration, here it is.
It's short but I ran out of ideas, hope y'all like it.

One week after revelation

Twilight Sparkle endured alongside Tank. The age old tortoise seems to finally have understood what has happened to Rainbow Dash and for the past week he has not had food nor water. The it was hard for Twilight to see the animal that has been the rock in the stream of sorrow she was drowning in start to sink down to her own level of sadness.

It looked as if Tank was starting to get more and more tired as the days went on. This lethargy was a sign of the oncoming winter months that he was to sleep through and twilight was scared for him. He was not eating enough and as hard as she tried he simply refused to accede to her pleas. Winter was coming in three days and tank did not seem to be ready to endure the hibernation as he was now. Twilight Sparkle didn't want to see Tank die so soon after Rainbow had passed but she couldn't do anything to stop the spiral of depression Tank had fallen into. During this train of thoughts the titanic tortoise had somehow vanished.

Twilight knew exactly where he had gone.

POV Tank

It was a dreary day in the graveyard and the tortoise was sitting next to the grave of Rainbow Dash. The polished quartz marker had a dull sheen as the sun tried in vain to pierce the overcast weather that had been an almost constant for weeks, seemingly in mourning as well.

Tank was here to prepare a place to hibernate this winter, as if to reminisce on the first winter he and Rainbow spent together only with the roles reversed.

He then dug into the ground and slept

POV Twilight Sparkle

Twilight found where Tank had gone but it was to late to move him, lest she hurt him doing so. The purple alicorn knew it was now a waiting game to see if the aged tortoise would come out of this winter with his life intact.

Twilight Sparkle endured.

Tank never did wake up and Twilight Sparkle was alone again.

Comments ( 5 )

A fitting end im Sad now.

This is a very good and very sad short story.

Dang Tank, just gonna leave Twilight like that? Guess Tank was far too loyal for his own good. Hurts that Twilight had failed so hard in Rainbow's last request, but this is how things had to go down. Still, this is a feel punch.

I don't know how she'd cope with the loss of her friends if she really did have the power to have made them immortal. I guess only Pinkie and Dash are applicable, but it'd be a pretty brutal lesson to learn to watch all your friends and family die.

There needs to be comedy mixed with the sads, or the sads will be watered down and if anyone's going to put a joke in her will it'll be Rainbow Dash (and pinkie but her whole funeral was a giant party, less jokes more cakes)

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