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I write when I'm bored and this is what I come up with


I wasn't always Oliver Queen, the foreign exchange student/asylum seeker I was once an employee stuck in a dead end job with little to no friends to speak of and a broken heart. Now, though...now I'm the most wanted man in Canterlot, struggling to balance work, school, friendship, and saving the city I now call home.

My name is Oliver Queen, and I will save this city.

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Comment posted by Norwegian boy deleted Jan 21st, 2017

So is Vinyl gonna be your Diggle or Falicity

7800168 That's the plan.

I'm so sorry about this. Please forgive me for posting this...monstrosity of a story.

This is confusing.

7880852 How can I make it better?

actually I find this rather good its confusing sure but thats sort of the impression i got from the first season of arrow its true to both sections CHS having a drug problem the mc having issues with what he is doing (especially since he is biologically speaking in high school) it works rather well actually.

though the kiss that Lyra did seemed a little out of the blue perhaps giving a little more background for that could have worked a little better.

8076343 Thanks for the input, I'll try to fix it.

I deleted the problem, and am planning on making more :twilightblush: ... good god it's been a while.

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