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Blade Trail

Take it one step at a time. But never stop.


There were five of them.

Ponies of extraordinary ability and unfaltering faith. In the name of Celestia, they performed feats that bordered on the impossible and crossed into the absurd. They called themselves knights, brothers and sisters sworn to the light. Their enemies called them butchers, merciless terrors that would stop at nothing to achieve their goals. Their stories called them heroes, a bright ray of hope in a troubled time.

Their goddess called them mad.

Set a few years after the banishment of Nightmare Moon.
Inspired by, but unrelated to, the song Celestial Berserkers by Jyc Row, Francis Vace, and IbeConCept
Cover Design by Novel Idea

Chapters (5)
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Comments ( 6 )

I'm greatly loving this. I love stories that involve a bad-ass old man, i love stories that involve zealots and Martyrdom's. I absolutely love stories with one man armies so imagine my face when i come along a story with all four. Even though i am not the author of this story i find is upsetting this is in't more viewed or liked.

I really liked this story. Just Father Fire was underwhelming. I know he was versing Celestia but come on he seemed so weak, even compared to Celestia's troops. Also saddening that the Children of the Order were sacrificed for but a mere moments of not even god tier magic. I really like Brother Burn :fluttershysad:. Also i was really hoping to see Brother Blaze, Brother Burn and Sister Singe get back up in one last act of Martyrdom.

I am not quite happy with the final chapter either. I wrote this for NaPoWriMo back in 2016, and by the time I got to the last chapter, I only had a few days left in the month to finish, so I rushed it. Not one of my wiser decisions, but it is what it is.

Still, I am glad that you enjoyed some of the other chapters! Thank you so much for reading! :pinkiehappy: I'll admit I was shocked when I saw your comments in my notifications. That was a pleasant surprise. I'd given up on anyone reading my old stories, so thank you again! :twilightblush:

It was a good story of course i'd comment :twilightsmile:. I reckon you should re-write that chapter, it might give the story some publicity. Also i recommend putting this story into some groups that'll not doubt spike views.

I really did like the story, you don't often see Non-alternative universes were Celestia is worshipped with martyrdom in mind. Also not much martyrdom. I like when someone (pony) is willing to give up there life for what they believe in and i think this really delivered. Though as i said saddening that they died for but a moment of insignificant power.

I really appreciate the comments :twilightsmile:

I've never really considered adding my stories to groups...mostly because I haven't joined any myself. It's alright, though. I only write for fun and I only publish in the hopes of entertaining someone. Publicity isn't important to me :twilightblush:

I'm afraid I don't have the time or the drive to revise that chapter though. I'm sorry to disappoint, but these days, finding the time to sit down and write (or even read!) has become something of a struggle, and I'd like to use what time I do have on writing something new. I hope you understand.

You should feel proud it is a good story, and it certainly did entertained me. Also i agree i suppose you don't need publicity to feel good about your work.

It's completely understandable, i didn't think you'd be willing to re-write the chapter considering it a relatively old story (not that old but still old). It was more of a suggestion. But i still believe you should add it to some groups. You may not need or want publicity but why not share a good story like this to more people, but once again just a suggestion.

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