• Published 23rd Nov 2016
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My Mother - MailleMaker

A sad/happy story of how Scootaloo finds her mom.

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Released at Last

A tap, and then another tap, and then another and another and another. "Come in!" yelled a sleepy Rainbow Dash, at the mystery pony who insisted on tapping the door of the hospital room.

"Um, Rainbow Dash?" Fluttershy said timidly, after letting herself into the room. "I, uh came to check on you and Scootaloo. I saw Nurse Redheart in the hallway on my way here and she let me know that Scootaloo can be discharged at any time as long as she wears a leg brace."

Rainbow Dash, who had her back to the door, turned around for the first time, allowing Fluttershy to see the bloodshot eyes and dark grey bags of somepony who had not slept in hours.

"Oh, Rainbow Dash," whispered Fluttershy. "You should probably go home and get some rest. You look like you have been up for too long."

"Must. Watch. Scootaloo." mumbled Rainbow Dash, nodding off with each word.

"No, I'm taking you home this instant," said Fluttershy firmly, her firm side finally making an appearance.

"Where is she going?" asked Scootaloo, who had woken up during the tail end of the conversation, and was wiping the sleep out of her eyes.

"I'm going to take Rainbow Dash home so she can get some sleep. Nurse Redheart said you are free to go, as long as you take it easy for a few days," said Fluttershy.

"Yes!!!" yelled Scootaloo, hoof-bumping the air, causing Fluttershy to wince at the sudden outburst and nearly drop Rainbow Dash who she was helping out of the room.

Glancing over her shoulder back at Scootaloo, Fluttershy said, "Um, don't forget the leg brace. You don't want to, um, hurt yourself again. Uh, bye."

And with Fluttershy and Rainbow Dash's departure, Scootaloo got out of the bed and grabbed the leg brace from the table next it. After putting the leg brace on and tightening the straps, she limped out of her room and went to the front desk to check out.

"All ready to go Scootaloo," asked the receptionist. After a confirmatory nod, the receptionist slid a clipboard to the little orange filly. "Sign here and you'll be ready to go," he said, pointing to a dotted line.

Scootaloo quickly signed the paper and pushed the clipboard back to the receptionist.

"Well, you're all set and free to go," said the receptionist after he checked the clipboard.

With release final, Scootaloo turned and walked out the door and into the fresh air, only to be bombarded by a pink whirlwind.

"IT'S TIME FOR A 'SCOOTALOO'S NOT IN A COMA AND OUT OF THE HOSPITALY' PARTY!!!" yelled Pinkie Pie, causing all the heads within almost a mile's radius to turn.

Scootaloo, who was trying to regain her sense of hearing, only nodded in agreement.

"OKEY DOKEY LOKEY!!!" Pinkie Pie yelled again, though not as loud this time. "I'll go get the party rea-"

"Wait," said Scootaloo, cutting off Pinkie's torrent of words. "Can we do it tomorrow, Rainbow Dash was really tired after sitting by my bed for hours and not getting any sleep. I really want her to be there."

"Oh, okay I guess. Tomorrow then," sighed Pinkie, whose mane was starting to deflate. "Ooo, whose that?" she asked, looking past Scootaloo. And, before Scootaloo could respond, she took off bouncing towards the afore mentioned pony.

Watching Pinkie's now retreating figure, Scootaloo tried to sort the information she had just learned. So a party tomorrow at Sugarcube Corner. And, if Pinkie saw somepony new, there may be a party today too. Life has been made complicated.

Wanting to go think by herself where there was a slim chance of being inturrupted, she began walking towards the CMC's clubhouse, hoping nopony was there. Upon arrival, she was relieved to find the building vacant for the time being. She quickly went in and began trying to process everything that had happened in the past few days by making a mental list.

1. I was in a coma for roughly a day before Twilight's spell.
2. I dreamed about the past and met a pony named Skeeter that Rainbow Dash was friends with. (Remember to ask Dash about him.)
3. I now have a party tomorrow that is being hosted by Pinkie Pie.

"Is there anything I'm forgetting?" she asked aloud.

"What about your parents?" asked a voice, startling Scootaloo out of her wits.

"Discord?" she asked, trying to figure out where he came from.

"Hm, I believe a proper entrance is needed," and with this statement, Discord conjured his magicians hat and pulled out a mini-self, who, in a tiny little voice, announced, "Discord, Reformed Lord of Chaos!!!" and promptly blew his tiny little trumpet.

"That. Was. Awsome!!!" squealed Scootaloo.

"Why thank you," said Discord bowing. "Now, the reason I came. I had a little chat with myself about our meeting in the past and concluded that you must have parents somewhere. I was rifling through Rainbow Dash's past and found that she and that Skeeter fellow may have history." Leaning over towards the the little filly, he whispered into her ear, "You should ask about it sometime."

Before she could respond, Discord had already disappeared. I guess it's time to go talk to Rainbow Dash about that Skeeter guy, thought Scootaloo.

As soon as she stepped outside, low and behold, a pink blur appeared.

"You'll never believe this!!! There's a new pony in town and he said he knows Rainbowdash!!!'' Pinkie yelled excitedly.

"What's his name?" asked Scootaloo, curious about this new pony since new ponies weren't common.

"His name is Skeeter."

Author's Note:

Well, I feel terrible. I totally forgot my authors note last night. I had meant to apologize for the week of zero updates. School got busy. Anyway, I'll try to update more frequently.
I hope you liked the cliffhanger, maybe it will get you thinking about this Skeeter fellow.:trixieshiftright: