• Published 22nd Nov 2016
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Bumbling through my Education - Ron Jeremy Pony

Getting Accepted to the Canterlot University is a huge thing, a very huge thing, and Bumble Hooves has every intention of making it big. Of course, though, something he's carrying that is just as huge may be the key to helping him out.

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Impressive. Great job! Bumble's mother and sisters can be proud of him. And the Parents of his herd can be proud of their daughters

Well hooza on the ending. Looking nice for Bumble and goodness the hints everywhere!

Still, wanna see the Crystal Apple being a good "spin off sequel" point but I digress, the story was massive and at least welcoming so. The ending was satisfying regardless of removed details.

Still, hope the official sequels shows off more herds and maybe even surprise, a herd larger and more royal than Bumbles XD

She laughed at the idea of some of the Canterlot Nobility having to deal with things the way the Clans had set down. She could see some of those Snooty Noble Mares, mouths hanging open, eyes wide, taking a right good dicking up the tailhole. It was one of the reasons why the clans were so big. Settling things like that tended to make things a might easier.

That sounds... kinda rape-y. Is it supposed to sound like that? Like they rape their foes into submission? I'm not trying to be cheeky, it really does sound that way.

Well, probably not. All in all, I'm honestly pleasantly surprised at how the situation got resolved. Especially the scene near the end with Berry went a long way towards creating a Happy End. I expected a lot, but not this.

So what's the sex to not sex ratio of this fic?

7978120 i'd guesstamate around 16:1 SEX : NO SEX
can't wait till sequel, the cliffhanger is one like Add to dictionary uses though, makes me excited, especially if this series goes ANYWHERE near as long as he did... I'd still read it all though

And 'lo, did the Hooves family grow to encompass a large portion of the population. And though their intellects and moral fiber benefited Equestria greatly, every now and then there would come a great disaster where, afterwords, was spoken the family motto:

"I just don't know what went wrong!"


As awesome as that is... No, Pina is actually a small, similarly colored as Berry Punch, who is a background character in MLP. She's seen in the first Sister Hooves Social, thus it's assumed that she is Berry's sister. I did make mention of that in the story, but being that I figure Berry raised her, she's more of a daughter than a sister. And besides, the Sister Hooves Social is pretty lenient about what constitutes as a sisterly bond.


Ah, I've heard it a few times, and it's one of my favorite euphemisms. Touring the Chocolate Factory: is defined as engaging in Anal intercourse.

Wonderful use in a sentence:

Twilight shifted in her seat trying to get comfortable. Rainbow Dash walked in, looked at her, and snickered, "Big Mac went touring the chocolate factory huh?"


Looking back on it, the explanation does come off as a little rapey, but I can promise it's not quite like that. I meant to have AJ go into a much lengthier detail, but I felt that the chapter was getting a little long already, so here's part of it. Basically, the clans of Earth Ponies settle their problems by courting or marrying the opposite clan. Specifically they try to get the two individuals that are fighting to be the ones to court each other. It's kind of hard to be mad at someone who's willing to let you see them naked, play with the fun parts, and treat your fun parts like a lollipop.

8050980 YUSH!!! so it was Stella Sabre, Flammenwefer's O.C

I don't know if it's too much to ask, but could I get a list of which fetishes are in each chapter?

8096468 :pinkiegasp:... Did Fimfiction retract their ban on imgur when I wasn't looking? Last I knew those refused to show,

Things were really hot but I do miss the pacing of the earlier chapters, I really hope for bumble to work on this med golem while getting some mares but most stuff are about rutting , getting mares, and getting mares. If they weren't pregnant then they are surely hella pregnant now.

All is good, just the pacing and plot probably. I dunno, I don't want to compare because this is light compared to the chase but the chase had a good storyline and pace and sex. This is all sex. Which is good. But the pacing.

Anyways, cheers.

I'll be honest, I couldn't get past chapter three on this story. I can't stand this type of story, I can't stand this kind of situation in general. Bumble is one of those characters that I can never enjoy reading, especially when it seems like the only reason the mares(and stallions) like him is because of his dick. If that's a joke, I'm sorry but I don't find it funny. The moment the princesses came in, I gave up.

I like the Author's other works... but I don't think Clop is their thing.

Her name's Stella. At least, the one I'm thinking of.

her name is Stella Sabre a character who was created by Flammenwerfer

After re-reading this story and unless I missed something, didn't Thoosa join the herd, yet she isn't mentioned at all during or after the wedding?

Thanks, and you're correct. Currently there's a rewrite in progress, and I'm trying to clean the story up quite a bit. After which I plan on releasing a limited release of physical copies. At least that's the hope.

A rewrite sounds interesting depending on what is changed and how much. If I wrote a story like this (wish I could but I couldn't even if the existence of the universe depended on it) I would have just gone with 1 of each known race for the females of the harem.

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