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Misty Meadow

Hey I'm Misty Meadow! Welcome to my page and I hope you all Like my stories to come! AdagioXAria forever!


Equestria always seemed to pick the best moments to fall apart. Every time something happened, the Elements of Harmony were always on hoof to save the day. But what can Equestria do when the Elements are busy?

And is it really a coincidence that Sunset Shimmer chose this day to visit one of her friends, or does Equestria really meddle in fate?

Co-written with RC2101_Copey

Edited by Aeluna

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She leaned forwards and gave her friend a quick peck on the cheek.


accidentally brought it to life

:rainbowderp: 'Kay, that takes skill.

Good start. A little bit on the short side, so I'm afraid I don't have anything terribly in depth to say, but I'm liking the premise and I'm curious to see where it's going to go from here :twilightsmile:

Nitpicky grammar things and such are below, if you're interested:

“No idea,” Starlight pushed a few reading cushions back against the wall,

Those should both be periods.

“Of course he did.” Starlight deadpanned, scanning the damages, “I’m sorry Sunset, I know you just got here, but do you mind lending a hoof?”

First one should be a comma, second one should be a period.
There was also one other thing which I think I saw in a couple places:

‘friendship problem’.

I'll admit I'm not completely certain on this one, but the period would probably go inside the quotation marks just like it does for doubles. Like I said, I could be wrong, so feel free to correct me if I am.

7808831 i fixed most of what you said. and i will get it checked out with an editor what is the correct usage so that we do not make any further mistakes like this.

7809411 i am so glad you liked this we worked hard on it :)

YES.......second story I found that the Cutie Map has summoned Sunset to go on a mission, I can't wait to see what happens next.

:pinkiesmile: "You and me both Dusky."

What the.......Pinkie stop breaking the fourth wall!

7809448 so you like it I take it well thank you ever so much <3

7809454 :pinkiesmile: "Of course he likes it, he loves these kinds of stories, he is a Sunset fan after all."

"GAH.....Pinkie what have I told you about breaking the fourth wall and entering into my message reply's"

:pinkiehappy: "Not to do it because other fans could laugh their flanks off from reading these messages and then you would have to pay lots of bits to them for surgery to reattached their flanks to their bodies then."

"Oh Pinkie........What am I going to do with you."

:trollestia: "Just marry her already, I know you love my adopted daughter, Sunset, too but you and Pinkie would make a cute couple too."

"OH Faust......Pinkie now look at what you've done, we got Celestia now breaking the fourth wall too."


Okay, this is the first story I found where Sunset was summoned by the map, Evertown of the Crystal Empire, it's been awhile since it was started and only has one chapter so far.

7809478 for future reference please send links to other stories in pm I dont mind it this first time but i just wanted to give ya a heads up. Im not the type to delete comments though so dont worry.:twilightsheepish:

7809492 OH, sorry then, if you want I can remove it from my comment, I'll just leave the name of that story in there so they can search the site for it.

7809504 nah your fine you only did it once and youve already said sorry i dont mind because now you know :) all is cool :D

7809521 its more ive always felt it disrespectful to post links on other peoples stories. I'm not trying to be mean in any way Its just how i was taught in my time here on fimfiction.

Decent start and you've made me curious. I'll follow.

7810071 Would you want an author to feel uncomfortable, having people constantly posting links to Other stories in their stories comments. for me it makes me feel slightly insignificant so i know its more my person preference..but its so all of us feel comfortable on the comments more than anything..

Huh, those three.

Ooooh, best bug horse is in the tags, maybe she'll get her revenge.

7810210 yoouuu never coould know :3

They're off to a great start.

Scenario 99: apples gain sentience and attack all the apple farmers.


Sunset surveyed the multitude of shelves. Each shelf had a number, and an assortment of supplies and equipment. Everything looked fairly standard until she reached a shelf marked 146, and she blanched at what she saw.


"Yeah?" the young drake replied.

"Why is there a flamethrower on shelf 146?"

Quirking an eyebrow, Spike flipped through the guide book, reaching the relevant number, and his face drained of colour.

"Scenario 146: Quesadillas."

7810266 BWAHAHAHAHA oh hon you're hilarious

7810254 :facehoof:

7810266 Don't joke about that, a quesadilla got my friend. Poor bloke, so young,so full of life...

Okay yeah i got hooked after the first chapter and reeled in after chapter 2. Lookung forward to more.

Do you mind if I take a spin on this idea of yours? I really like it. I’d like to see what I can do with it.:twilightsmile:

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