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This story is a sequel to Transformers Equestria Girls In Disguise 2: The Autobot Games (Under Construction!)

Transformers/Gobots/Equestria Girls crossover. Also another possible rendition of Transformers The Movie.

One year has passed ever since the rivalry with Crystal Prep and CHS has ended, and the battle with the Autobots and Decepticons has begun once again. Decepticon numbers have increased on Earth and on Cybertron, and new friendships and allies have been made for Sunset Shimmer and the Autobots.

But as for Sunset Shimmer, she is still dreading with terrifying nightmares about Megatron returning and coming back to finish her off. She even endures nightmares of him rising up, and all of Equestria being destroyed by an unknown force powerful than all of the Decepticons put together. But as their battles continue on, Sunset finds out that was she imagines in her dreams are becoming a reality, and must stand up to face the ultimate challenge and her greatest fear.

Contains: Sci-fi action and violence, a few deaths, magic, transformations, and lots of Gobots and Transformers references. Enjoy.

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Cant wait for more, keep up the good work

Nice chapter to start an ultimate adventure. Keep up the effort, bro :)

I read this in class. Oops. I didn't get any work done.
Can't wait to read more.

Did you come up with the gobots? Or are they from.one of the shows? I've never heard of them before your stories.

7855752 Kind of hard to explain. I'll probably explain in a blog post, or do another blog. But here is a link to something on this site in relations to it.


awesome! her dream even made me nervous.
Do you think the bots will get to see equestria at some point?

I'm very worried about Sunset, I'm glad that Optimus is there for her, he's more like a father to her when you Think about it, also I like this chapter and the moment between Optimus and Sunset

what gonna happen next chapter?

7885517 Fixed it. Other than that, do you like what's set up so far?

Good chapter. It was cute.
Although, the smallfoot x soursweet was probably my least favorite part. But was still good.
I'm looking forward to more.

I like this chapter, keep up the good work

But something else is bothering me, is anyone actually gonna read this? I've only seen like a few of you who still have interest in this series continuing.

I read it, and even if it's only a few of us that read the series, it should be for that sake, your own coming first and foremost of course, that you press on.

looking forward to more

is anyone actually gonna read this? I've only seen like a few of you who still have interest in this series continuing.

I'm always looking forward to what comes next

"Okay. Now come on, lets go practice. Autobots..."

Tracks snickered, "Here comes another stinker."

"Nope, this time, she nails it," Strongarm said with a hopeful smile.

Sunset turned and swayed her body around in a silly motion with a big smile, "Lets rev, rock, and rumble!"

Tracks facepalmed and the others stared awkwardly.

"Really? I kind of liked that one," Sunset said.

Frankly, so did I. That one was okay.

Thank you for having my OC in this chapter, I really enjoyed it

"Uh oh... Autobots, slam on your breaks!"

Everyone followed her orders and immediately slammed on the breaks, while Terrashock kept on jumping away.


great chapter but

"Was there something you wanted, sir?" Strongarm asked.

"Yes sir," The two said disappointingly.

"Yes Phoenix Prime sir!" Everyone yelled.

when did sunset turn into a guy

"Yes, Phoenix Prime sir!" Everyone yelled.

should be a comma there

7906063 I don't understand. :twilightsheepish: Am I doing something wrong?

7906753 Evil robot at the beginning of the fic. Dude with the wheels on his shoulders. Also main villain of the Gobots series.

7906768 how come he is the leader of the decepticons?

7907098 He's the original leader of the Renegades, but if you've read carefully, he's taking back his place as leader. And that means taking over the Decepticons included. Don't worry, the real Decepticon leader will come soon enough.

7906108 Nope. Weird thing: very hard to find a full episode of GoBots on youtube. Found that clip from the first episode, which has Cy-Kil speaking, so that we know what sort of voice he has. (Until looking around for it, I'd not seen any of the GoBots since the '80s)


that what I am taking about

Looks like Sunset is going to have her hands full when Cy-kill shows up at Cantorlot high school. Good chapter and good story keep up the good work. I look forward to reading more chapters once they come out. :twilightsmile:

Good chapter interesting however with that being said I noticed an error that needs to be fixed I have placed it below for you to fix it.

digging up some up and holding it

Below is what it SHOULD look like just trying to help you out is all not trying to be a jerk about this.

digging up some and holding it in the palm of her robotic hand

It's a very good chapter, keep up the good work, buddy

Smallfoot came to a stop and opened her door. Sunset climbed out and watched as Smallfoot converted back into her robot form stretching her legs and her arms, moving about. Her head tilted side to side, and Sunset cringed hearing the cracking noise her neck had made. It sounded like she had just about snapped her neck.

"Doesn't that hurt?", Sunset winced.

Smallfoot shook her head, "If you do it too much, then there's a chance you'll be paralyzed."

Actually, (for humans, anyway) the correlation is unproven.

7912040 Well I just remember from me twisting my neck a lot and my mother telling me to stop it. :pinkiecrazy:

7912155 As it turns out, there have been several studies and, while you don't want do do it TOO hard, cracking your neck or knuckles hardly changes anything.

7912155 Fo that matter, NO, gum does not stay in your system for 7 years. It'll cycle through in about a day.

I had a Command Center toy when I was younger. Sadly, it did not survive to the present day, mostly due to my younger brother not understanding that it could not fly.

7912155 Good chapter. Is Equestria in play? Will the Autobots get to meet the equines?

7912966 Oh, I'm so sorry to hear that. :twilightoops:

I like where this is going, I can't wait to see thier reaction when they arrive on Cybertron

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