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I'm just a part time writer who enjoys a good story, and wants give those good stories his own patented equestrian twist


An explosion caused by an experiment with their new magical amulets, has summoned a strange infant creature into the halls of Canterlot High.

Unable to send the creature back where it came from, or even fathom the science necessary to achieve such a feat, Sunset Shimmer and the girls decide to care for the creature in secret. At least until they can come up with a way to send it back home.

But ultimately, will it be that easy to let go? For when more strange and dangerous creatures arrive in their world aiming to collect their newest charge for seemingly diabolical endeavors, the girls will jump through rips in reality itself to save the creature they hardly now anything about. But will they be ready to face the dangers that lie on the other side of the gateway? In a world far different then anything they may have seen on Earth, or even Equestria.

(A collaboration story with Foxhelm)

(Disclaimer: This crossover story combining Equestria Girls and Digimon: Digital Monsters)
(I own nothing and all property belongs to its respected owners)
(The Equestria Girls series is property of Hasbro)
(Digimon is property of Bandai and Toei Animation)

Chapters (13)
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Comments ( 93 )

Awesome story can't wait for more of it and I can't wait to see the shock on their faces. :pinkiehappy::raritywink::twilightblush:

So we have something like the rebirth of Alphamon from Digimon.... I don't remember you he name but it was the movie that had the X-antibody thing....

Hey guys, a quick announcement concerning my story. As of right now I am currently disbanding the voice actor meme currently present in Equestria Girls Digital Destiny. I feel its distracting me from actually writing my story, so until further notice it will no longer be a part of my story. I'm sorry if some of you found it interesting or enjoyed this aspect of my story.

KO awesome chapter, well it seems everyone is now getting use to a monster like friend around as they’ll get themselves into dangerous and epic adventures! And perhaps little romance scene with Flash and Sunset. :pinkiehappy::pinkiehappy::pinkiehappy::pinkiehappy::rainbowdetermined2::rainbowdetermined2:

I wonder if all 8(human 7 and Flash) would get Digimon partners. If you want sugestions i would say balance with Royal Knights, 7 great Demon Lords Celestials and the olympus 12.(2 of each groups)

I thank you for the suggestion, but I'm afraid I already have an idea of which digimon partners I want the Humane 7 to have. The pictures that are linked to this chapter have no connection to this idea, I want that to be a surprise. One I hope to reveal in the next chapter.

I can see those partnerships, even if you elect to not use any of them.

So flash won't have a parter?

You'll have to wait for the next chapter to find out.

Oh man I'm loving this! I'm eager to see what he rest get partnered with since Sunset seems to be Dorumn. Dash...I'm thinking Ulforceveedramon for speed or Beelzemon for rebel vibe. Pinkie, Dianamon or be weird with her making Leviamon nice or fit her crazy with Piedmon. Rarity, go for Minervamon or Crusadermon. Applejack, perhaps Jesmon? Twilight screams Leopardmon. Fluttershy, that's actually tough....hmm, come back to that. Flash, Craniamon or Gallantmon?

:rainbowderp: Pinkie can be really scary... :twilightoops: really really scary
:ajsmug: glad I could help

I hope Flash he has a bigger part and not just ditched for the girls to get even more power.

He will, but at the same time, I feel we need someone to hold down the fort while the girls are away. Plus someone needs to tell twilight what's going on, right?

He have a much bigger later in the story, so don't worry too much.

Ok, this got so freaking epic here and I loved it! Wonder who partners with who?

Why is this on hiatus?

I forgot to change back the tag... sorry.

RD's partner is Veemon, and unlike Sunset and Dorumon, this relationship will be built on the sass they give each other. I wonder is this Veemon actually related to Magnamon, like familiarly, or species-wise.
So where are the others and who will be their partners... only time wil..
:pinkiehappy:I am next and Guilmon is my partner

How could you..., when 9291712 consoluted me, you weren..., I... (mind breaks)

:pinkiegasp:I broke Foxhelm.:pinkiesad2:Can someone fix him, please!:pinkiesad2:

:facehoof:Step aside Pinkie, I am going to cast a memory erasing spell

:pinkiesad2:Will that help him?

:twilightsheepish:No guarnetee(Twilight cast spell on me)

Only time will tell, as we stay tuned for the next exciting chapter of Equestria Girls: Digital Destiny. Ugh... what happened

:pinkiehappy:You fixed him, Twilight!

“...If I had just one last wish, a would like a slow-cooked fish~”

You tricked me; I was expecting a Digi-Kitty.

Like this one time I tried going swimming with my favorite rock, I nearly drowned… plus I lost my rock.”

Sorry about your rock bub... eeyup, Guilmon is basically a child...

The creature looked back at her in confusion. “I don’t like it when other digimon are mad at me. It makes me feel bad, and I don’t think you should be laughing at the fish.”

and a good kid too.

They no longer shinned with that wonder she saw when she first met the doey-eyed dinosaur, instead they were replaced with the eyes of a beast.

you done f##### up Shellmon.

Because when they get mad...“ He lifted his foot and dug it beneath the sand, right under Shellmon’s body. “...I get mad back!”

I take it we won't like when you get mad... well I know I don't want to be on the receiving end of your ire, big guy.

“But I thought I was a good Danshi?”

well aren't you the sweetest. It's almost as if you're...

“...like cotton candy?” He asked. Pinkie couldn’t help but giggle at the perfect comparison.


So Sunset and Dorumon have bonded by their mutual being existence as aliens in a strange world, Rainbow and Veemon by their sass and banter, and now Pinkie and Guilmon due to their childlike nature and outlook. So what of Rarity, Fluttershy, Sci-Twi, and Applejack? Who will they meet? And what had befallen hem, Sunset, Dorumon, Devimon, and Magnamon?
Stay tuned is all we can do.

Excellent partner choices so far my man!

What surprised him even more was the shadow the tiny pipe fox was casting. It didn’t look like him, rather it looked like a mon Magnamon had seen in the past, someone he remembered quite fondly.

Wait... Kudamon's shadow hints to an old friend...

“I do not wish to frighten you, but incredibly so. Luckily, you won’t just be accompanied by me, but your partner Kudamon as well.”

Dorumon and Sunset, Veemon and Rainbow, Guilmon and Pinkie and now Kudamon and Fluttershy... that's four point, folks we have a pattern here, I bet my bottom dollar that Applejack, Rarity and Sci-...
"Hey Pinkie-chan, what is he talking about?"
"Don't worry about it Guilmon, Foxhelm is just commenting on the story, he thinks he has it all firgured out."
"Does he?"
"Sorry Guilmon, no spoilers. Now don't be frowny, you didn't know."

I can't escape her....

With Devimon destroyed and Magnamon guarding Fluttershy, it is only a matter of time before our seven heroines, Dorumon and the so far three new allies met up again. Yet if Sunset, Rainbow Dash, Pinkie Pie and Fluttershy have partners, will Rarity, Applejack and Twilight also come across aid. And while that bostering of their numbers might bold well for them, this silent Hippogriffmon seems to have less then favorible motives.

Stay tuned for the next chapter of Equestria Girls: Digital Destiny

Twilight could be paired with a hagurimon who digivolves into craniomon due to science. or a candlemom who digivolves to dynasmon due to magic.

some of the pictures aren't shown so can you list down the pictures of the digimon

The three digimon that should have pictures in this chapter are Hagurumon (the gear digimon), Honeybeemon (the bee-like digimon), and Snimon (the mantis digimon).

I am noticing that I have forgotten to add a picture of Guardromon to this chapter, which I intend to fix shortly. Any other digimon present in this chapter already have pictures in the previous chapters or are purposely kept vague for the narrative. I am not having issues seeing them on my laptop or phone, but if you continue to have this issue please tell me and I'll help you out.

With another ally broght into the fold and the reunion of two of our heroines, things are starting to look up for them. Yet they are far from out of the woods as the status of Applejack, Twilight, Sunset and Dorumon remain unknown and the seven are still seperated.

And yet, that doesn't seem to be the biggest threats to our girls. What does this small digimon have planned, who are it's masters? Can Magnamon safetly reunite all seven girls? And what is this connection that the girls have with their new allies?

All that we can do is wait for the next chapter of Equestria Girls: Digital Destiny

Oh man things are getting good and I’m eager for more!

Well... Hagurumon has the potential to evolve into Craniumon...

There is a bit of a pattern going on with the other Digimon Partners too. :ajsmug:

In that case.
Pinkie Pie = Gallantmon, Obviously.
Rarity = Craniumon.
Fluttershy = Sliepmon (Kentaurusmon)
Rainbow Dash = UlforceVeedramon.
Sunset Shimmer = Alphamon.

I can think that Twilight might get Dynasmon through the Wizardmon Line with Impmon, Lucemon or Candlemon as possible Rookies, Alternatively, Omegamon with Gabumon and Agumon as her Rookies, it won't be the first time a Tamer gets two Digimon or Duftmon with a Male, Intelectual Gatomon Line (instead of evolving to Angewomon, he evolves to Knightmon or GrapLeomon). Applejack is a tough one, though, I can't think of a Royal Knight other than Gankoomon that fits her best.

You do good work, but I'm not revealing anything yet. Not to worry though, the next chapter will, be relatively soon.

Magnamon: I say he should be voiced by Steven J. Blum
Hagurumon: Richard Cansino
Kudamon: Sam Riegel
Dorumon.... Got nothing... of go for broke Hugh Jackson
Interesing casting choices all in all.

So now Applejack needs to be saved, find Dorumon and Sunset, full reunion and hopefully find out what is going on. Well, let's see what comes.

so in order I am imagining Spike Spiegal, Rurouni Kenshin, Motonari Mori, and Wolverine (I'm going to need to implement more yelling). Am I close?

actually i was thinking about how the estabished voice actors voice the characters in the dub, with the execption of Richard Cansino, I was going with how he voiced Guardromon in Tamers. maybe Steve Blum would voice Magnamon like he does Mitsuo Yamaki in Tamers.
As for Dorumon, that was jus a random shot,

Those are good choices too. In the end though, I guess it doesn't really matter. It's not like were going to get these people to voice over our story, right? As cool as that would be.

I have ZERO idea who Applejack has as a partner here.

I actually feel sorry for the Demidevimons... not a fate I'd wish on anyone.
So we now have RD, Pinkie, Fluttershy, Rarity, Sci-Twi, and AJ with Digimon partners of their own, now we just to find Sunset and Dorumon.
Can our heroes find them?
Will they save the Village of New Beginnings?
Or will the Demon Lords claim the life of Magnamon?

Find out next time...

So the girls will fight the fakes but once they get strong enough the real ones will show up.

this fight shows that boltbozumon is not up to demon lord level.
Daemon has wrath but does not let it mess with his goal.
Bolts has shown that he becomes a predictable mess from the slightest provocation.

Also I bet it will be that the new demon lords thought they eliminated the old ones only to find out that they were just being used as pawns.

Comment posted by EquestrianTwist deleted Feb 26th, 2019

a Liamon that will evolve into Duftmon, interesting...and hey, no dead Leomon today.


devidramon was not in the human world it was a devimon

Devimon digivolved into Devidramon after going through the portal, its briefly stated in the chapter:

“You beat Devimon? All by yourself.” Fluttershy didn’t want to sound rude, but she couldn’t bring to believe something so small could beat something so big and monstrous.

“Well, like Devimon, he did need to digivolve first.” Magnamon chuckled. Kudamon meanwhile was hiding his face with paws in a bashful attempt to hid his blush.

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