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Equestria Girls: Digital Destiny - EquestrianTwist

When the girls of Canterlot High are pulled into a strange new world, what awaits them on the other side? Are these new children the heroes this world seeks? Do they have what its takes to save the Digital World?

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The Scholar

It was a beautiful day, the sun was shining and the temperature was perfect. The perfect weather to sit under a tree and curl up with a good book.

“Now let’s see, where was I…”

A digimon, dressed in a pointed hat and a cape with a tall collar that covered the lower half of his face, flicked through the pages of a thick hardcover novel with strange kanji symbols on the front cover. He stopped at a specific chapter that sparked his interest.

“Ah, here we go. The AncientWisemons’ theory of reflectivity…” He began to read. “The general definition of reflection refers to ‘the throwing back by a body or surface of light, heat, or sound without absorbing it’. This concept, however correct as it pertains to the physical world, can also be applied to how we perceive others in terms of personality and character. A mon with similar interests, similar fears and desires, or simply similar outlooks on different aspects life can be perceived as a reflection of one’s self. Upon the surface of this mon, one should consider a mirror, reflecting back the positive traits you see within yourself as well as the negative you and they might share. This mon is you, and you are they, and from these similarities a beautiful relationship may blossom. We all have reflections in this world, it is only a matter of noticing them.”

The digimon chuckled. “A nice thought. Everymon has a twin out there somewhere. But all in all just long-winded prattle on a page.” He shook his head in amusement. “Clearly, I am not the right mon to be reading philosophy.”

He flipped to the page to the next passage and was about to read it, when as shadow briefly flew overhead drawing his attention. Like a comet entering orbit, he saw something quite literally scream across the sky. He couldn’t make out what it was, but he was fairly certain meteorites didn’t possess vocal cords.

“This might be worrisome.” Wizardmon quickly shot to his feet and began to chase the falling object. Luckily, it seemed to be falling in arc that could easily be followed.

He ran ahead and reached the area where he believed the object would land. Unfortunately, based on his mental calculations, the place it would be landing would at the bottom of the cliff he had just reached. He looked down the cliff’s steep wall and saw no path he could use to climb down quickly. Looking to the sky, he saw the object getting closer. He’d need to act quickly if this was going to work.

He jumped back from the cliff’s edge and pointed his staff horizontal from the ground. He then waited for the object to come closer to the cliff’s edge, and just as he saw it streak by the horizon and out of his sight…

“Blink Breeze! Up-Draft!”

...A powerful flume of wind blew upwards carrying the object back above the cliff and suspended it in the air. Twilight Sparkle was shocked to find she was no longer falling and instead somehow floating in midair.

Her hands almost instinctively shot to hold her skirt down as she looked around for the cause of this strange occurrence. Her eyes met with the digimon’s and they both stared at each other in bewilderment.

“A digimon..?”

“A humon..?” The digimon was so caught up in his own confusion that he forgot to maintain his own spell. The flume of wind dissipated, causing Twilight to fall unexpectedly.

The digimon realized his mistake almost immediately. “Oh bother…”

He ran to the edge of the cliff and searched desperately for any sign of the girl he had just dropped. “Miss? Miss?!” He couldn’t see hide nor hair of her.

“Help!” Turning his gaze towards a small tree growing out the side of the cliff, the digimon noticed the girl he had dropped hanging for her life like a damsel in a tv show that was about to fade to black.

“Hold on!” Grabbing the end of his staff, the digimon lowered the more ornamental end of it for the girl to take a hold of. “Grab a hold. I’ll pull you up.”

True to his word, the digimon pulled the Twilight up the moment she was able to gain a decent hold. She sat upon her knees the moment she reached the top of the cliff. “Thank you for saving me.” She turned to address him, only to jump back in surprise when she realize how close he was to her face.

He was kneeling in front of her and eyeing her observantly. He raised his hand and grasped her chin as he mumbled to himself. “Fascinating… supple blemish-less skin, distinct clothing… possibly considered quite attractive to her own species…”

Twilight blushed at the compliment he gave. “I need to get these findings down on paper!” He stood up almost immediately and began sprinting in the opposite direction. To Twilight’s additional surprise however, he soon stopped and ran back towards her.

“Well come on, we aren’t going to get anywhere just standing here.” Twilight looked up at him in confusion. He offered her his hand, which she hesitantly took.

“Where are we going exactly?” Twilight asked as he helped her to her feet.

“Why to my home of course. Safest place I can imagine to be at the moment. Though you have never been there before, so in this context that statement might seem questionable.”

Twilight raised her brow at his words. “What do you mean safe?”

“Well you’re humon. If you’ve returned to the Digital World, then that must mean some events of grave important are soon occur. At that’s what I’m brought to believe thanks to the ancient scriptures.”

Twilight blinked at the digimon in confusion. “I don’t know what you’re talking about. My friends and I came here by mistake. Up until today, I didn’t even know this world existed.”

The digimon tapped his chin in thought. “Then it would appear I’ve jumped the gun. I am extremely sorry, you must be so confused. Please, allow to rectify this.” Launching his hand out straight, he nearly dug his finger into Twilight’s nose. She jumped back in order to avoid the hit, and again hesitantly lifted her hand to grab his own. She shook her arm wildly. “My name is Wizardmon, it is a pleasure to meet you.”

“T-Twi-Twilight S-Sparkle.” Twilight responded while being shook like a rag doll. He let go of her hand allowing her to regain her balance. She had to admit his behavior was little odd, but thankfully he seemed nice enough. He also seemed to know a generous deal about humans. She began to pondered if this knowledge could be any help in getting herself and her friends home… that is if she ever managed to find them.

Twilight glanced at Wizardmon, who had turned away from her while she was lost in thought. She wondered if there could’ve been a chance he had seen them. Twilight raised a finger poked Wizardmon on the back of his shoulder. “Wizardmon…”

Before she could ask her question, Wizardmon turned and placed his hand over her mouth. He quietly shushed her with a quick movement of his finger to his lips. He removed his hand, and with his finger no longer blocking the air from her nostrils, Twilight could now make out the sudden stench of something burning.

Wizardmon’s hand suddenly shot down and grabbed onto Twilight’s wrist. Before she could ask him what was going on, he lead her over to a thick brush of bushes with dark green leaves. He plucked one and brought it up to his nose, then immediately threw it away in revulsion once he smelled it.

“Skunk bushes… and thankfully they’re in bloom this time of year.” He turned to Twilight, who was plugging her nose to avoid wafting the strong smell. “I want you to hide here, and do not come out until I tell you.”

“What?!” Twilight stared at Wizardmon like he had just asked her to jump off that same cliff for a third time. He pushed her into the bushes before she had time to argue, then ran back to where they had been standing to face what who knew was coming.

A large feline digimon stalked it’s way out of the forest that surrounded him. Its body was covered by a coat of blazing fur that roared like a bonfire. Underneath, a clearly defined layer of solid muscle flexed with each subtle movement of the fiery beast. This was the body a cold-hearted animal. A beast that had little to no equal, and could be consider nothing less than queen of island when it came to physical strength. Wizardmon knew her well, or at least well enough to avoid starting any unnecessary brawls.

The beast sniffed the air and stomped over towards Wizardmon. “New smell. Something new was here. Something new I haven’t tasted.” She looked down at Wizardmon growled in his face.
“Where is it?”

Wizardmon stepped back and fanned the smoke billowing from the digimon away from his face. “Lynxmon, a pleasure as always to see you again. But I’m afraid I have no clue what your talking about.”

Lynxmon snarled. “Smart mon lying. I smelled it. It was here. You are here. You know!”

Wizardmon cupped his chin in his hand and began to ponder. “Oh you smelt something, hmm? I see... I see...” He looked around the cliff top as if searching for the creature Lynxmon was speaking of himself. “I can’t say I’ve seen anyone other then myself here today.” Wizardmon’s eyes widened as he remembered something. “Oh! You know what it probably was?” He unzipped a pocket on the side of his outfit and pulled out a broken glass vile before showing it to the flaming digimon. “I was practicing with alchemy again, and as you can see the result was less fruitful then I would have hoped. But that’s what you get when you try to make gold.”

Lynxmon looked confused and leaned down to sniff the bottle. Wizardmon immediately pulled it away. “Oh no, no, no! You don’t want to sniff this, toxic chemicals and all that.”

Lynxmon blinked then glared at Wizardmon. “You talk a lot. Make me forget things. I can’t remember smell now.”

“Oh really, I’m sorry to hear that.” Wizardmon stated, faking sincerity.

“I should eat you.”

“But then who will point you towards food when you can’t find it anymore?”

Lynxmon growled. “I look somewhere else. Find smell, then eat it.” The flaming digimon turned and began stomping away back into the forest. Wizardmon waited until she was completely out of sight before running back to Twilight’s hiding place.

Wizardmon expressed relief. “Pardon my friend she’s not good with new mons. She means well once you get past the ‘I want to eat you’ part.” He reached into the bush and waited for Twilight to take his hand. Upon pulling her out, Twilight gasped for air.

She coughed as she sucked in the fresh air. “You… you know her?”

“Since she was a Salamon. I was a Candlemon then, we reached our adult forms together, my current state and she became a Gatomon. She’s never been the same since we came across that pocket of digimetal. Oh yes, my cabin. We must move quickly before she picks up your sent again.” He sniffed the air, then leaned in towards Twilight. “Though currently that may not be an issue. Not to worry, I have items with which to bath yourself at my home.”

He began to lead the way with Twilight following close behind. “Wizardmon, I wanted to ask. How do you know so much about Humans? From what I heard from the other digimon I’ve met, we don’t seem to commonly occur in your world.”

“I assure you, there is an explanation for that. But it will have to wait, because we’re here.”

Twilight leaned to the left to look around Wizardmon. It surprised her it took so little time to arrive. The only issue now was that she couldn’t see where his house was.

“Umm… where is it?”

“Why right in front of you, of course.” Wizardmon walked up to a large tree and tapped his staff on the base of its trunk. A mysterious door then swung outwards from the tree as if someone had pushed it from the inside. “Welcome to my cabin.” He greeted.

“You live in a tree?” Twilight asked in confusion.

“Cabin.” He stated more bluntly. “It is my house, it is in the forest, and it is made of wood. By most general definitions it should be called a cabin.”

Twilight’s mouth narrowed into a guilty grimace. “I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to upset you.”

Wizardmon inhaled then exhaled, before returning to his pleasant smile. “No I’m sorry. I tend to be a tad touchy on that subject. I call something one thing, somemon else calls it something else. It shouldn’t affect me as much as it does, and yet here we are. But where are my manners, let’s get you inside.”

Wizardmon walked in through the door. Twilight glanced at the width of the tree in uncertainty. “It seems kind of narrow.” She called to the wizard digimon.

“Trust me, it isn’t. Now just step inside.”

Despite her concerns, Twilight decided to follow him in and was shocked at what she saw. “It’s bigger on the inside!”

“Well of course it is, a magician does need space to keep his things.” He began to raffle off the things he owned on fingers. “Copious amounts of books... furniture... glass beakers and vials for brewing and chemical experiments… china for afternoon tea. Speaking of which, would you care for something to drink?”

As Wizardmon walked over towards a tea set and placed the kettle on a nearby burner, Twilight wandered the room in bewilderment. “How is any of this possible?”

“Oh, it’s just simply a matter of distancing data within an already existing space to suit my needs. Consider it like a video game. You are the playable character and find a doorway leading into a room, the room is far larger than the outside would have hinted at. In the real world, this wouldn’t be possible because your world’s physiology is dictated by matter. But our world is dictated by data, which is a much more malleable material. In fact, I’d hazard to guess someone more well-versed in program language could be able to create almost anything by re-purposing the data found within the digital world. But really there’s only one being capable of doing that.”

“Data? Programming?” Twilight questioned.

“I’ll explain it all in due time. For now, while the tea is brewing, why don’t you use the moment to clean yourself up.” He motioned with his hand toward a door on the far side of the room.

Twilight blinked at the digimon’s suggestion, before bringing the back of her hand up to her nose smell it. She pushed it away as soon as it reached her nostrils, she had forgotten how bad the bushes’ stink was.

Twilight walked over towards the door without another word. She then felt her stomach drop the moment she opened the door. The self-conscious teen was expecting to see a shower or some rural version of a bathtub. What she got instead was two wooden basins filled with water, a bar of soap, and a rag.

“Is something the matter?” Wizardmon asked.

Twilight tapped her fingers together timidly. “I-I’m more used to faucets and drains. I’ve never had to bath like this before.”

“I see...” Wizardmon gave her an understanding smile. “Well in my experience, the best way to figure things out is through trial and error.” He reached up and plucked a book off one of his shelves before meandering towards one of his chairs. “I’ll give you some time to get familiar with my washroom setup. Come out whenever your ready. I promise not to peek.”

Twilight blushed at the statement, which made Wizardmon chuckle. She was still feeling a bit hesitant, but at the same time she really wanted to get the stink off her. Finally, with a deep inhale to boost her confidence, Twilight marched into the washroom and closed the door behind her.

“Oooooooooooh, I’m off to see the wizard, with my new friend Guilly! He's gonna help me find my friends, he lives in a tree!~”

“Pinkie-Chan, I thought you said we’d get in trouble if we sang that song?”

“Not if we change the lyrics.” Pinkie stopped her skipping for a moment to look around the forest they were currently lost in. Despite putting up a cheerful front, Pinkie couldn’t help but be worried. All the trees were beginning to look the same, and she wasn’t sure which direction they were going anymore.

“Are you sure we’re going the right way, Guilly?” Pinkie questioned. “Everything is starting to look the same.”

“Don’t worry Pinkie-chan, I absolutely know where Wizardmon’s house is. I can smell it, and it smells like chamomile tea.” He sniffed at the air, enjoying the scent. “Yummy.~”

Pinkie giggled and hugged her new dinosaurian friend. “Say can I ride on you again?” Pinkie asked.

Guilmon though for a second, “Okay.” He practically cheered. Pinkie Pie mounted her friend producing an unexpected sound.

“We’re off to see the Wizard!” Pinkie Pie proclaimed before Guilmon started to run.

Unbeknownst to the two of them, there was another pair travelers heading down a different path that lead into their own. One could be heard boasting, while the other sat back in contented silence.

“...And did you see that part where I pile-drived Tortomon straight into the ground! I mean, I always knew I’d eventually digivolve into something awesome, but I never thought it’d be something this awesome! I guess it just goes to show there’s more to me than meets the eye.”

Rainbow Dash laughed in reply. “You have some big balls kid, but your mouth is writing checks the rest of you can’t cash.”

“You did see me become a Veedramon, right?” Veemon countered.

“I also saw you change back into this.” She motioned with her hand to emphasize his punier form. “Talk about blowing your load.” Rainbow continued to joke not seeing Guilmon and Pinkie as they bashed into her side, sending her to the ground. “What the heck?” As Rainbow Dash picked herself up, she soon felt another person’s body weight send her back to the ground as Pinkie tackled with an affectionate hug.

“DASHIE!” Pinkie squealed in delight.

“PINKIE?!” Rainbow replied back in bewilderment.

As the two shouted each others names, Guilmon turned his attention to the digimon who as of yet still remained untackled. A large smile spread across his face. “BBMON!”

Veemon turned his gaze towards Guilmon upon hearing the title. “Oh no!” He tried to run only to feel his arm getting grabbed by both Guilmon’s claws. He was subsequently then pulled into a bone-crushing hug.

Pinkie Pie and Rainbow Dash were pulled away from their own greetings, upon hearing the exchange between both digimon. Pinkie’s smile couldn’t grow larger if it tried. “Look Dashie, my digimon and your digimon know each other.”

Rainbow Dash smirked as she saw Veemon begin to blush. “You two seem pretty close. Care to fill us in?”

“He’s my big brother!” Guilmon explained happily.

“That’s big bro, Guilmon.” Veemon relented. “As in the guy in charge who looks after the little bro. Now let me go, I’m starting to see spots due to the air deprivation.” Guilmon released his hold, allowing Veemon to dust himself off after reaching the ground. He turned towards the girls. “Guilmon’s digiegg hatched after I went through me first digivolution. He was... small, and cute… and too dumb to realize the other digimon in the Village of Beginnings were picking on him. So I decided to watch his back…a little bit...and only because I felt bad for him.”

“And we’ve been best friends friends ever since!” Guilmon threw his arms in the air as he cheered. He went to give Veemon another hug. “Right, big bro?”

“No! No more hugs! You only get the one.” Veemon scolded. He then looked up to see tears starting to form in the corners of Guilmon’s eyes. Veemon sighed. “Alright, fine. One more.” Guilmon didn’t hesitant and grabbed Veemon like he was his favorite teddy bear.

Once Guilmon released Veemon from his hug, the hard-headed digimon suddenly felt himself being scooped up into another hug by Pinkie Pie. The side of his head was now pushed up against Pinkie’s chest, and though he said he wanted no more hugs, he couldn’t say he wasn’t enjoying the attention.

“You’ve been protecting Guilly since you were kids?!” She exclaimed. “Oh my gosh, that’s the sweetest thing I’ve ever heard! To think, I may have never met my new best dinosaur friend forever, if you didn’t keep those meanie-bo-beanies away. Thank you, Thank you, Thank you!”

Rainbow snickered. “Yeah, would have thought someone as macho as you wouldn’t give a dang if someone else got roughed up. You sure proved me wrong.”

Veemon scowled at her as Pinkie swung him around. “Hey, give me some credit. I saved you, didn’t I? “

“You were trying to get in my pants before. That’s more than enough reason to make me think you had other motives for saving me.”

Pinkie suddenly looked stopped her swinging and stared down at Veeman. She was giving him a cat like smile. “Ooooo~ Veemon? Do you like Dashie?”

Guilmon raised his claw and tried to get Pinkie’s attention. “Pinkie-chan can I be swung around next?” He wasn’t paying attention to the context of the situation.

Veemon ignored Guilmon, and instead turned his gaze towards Pinkie with a flirtatious expression. “That depends, are you interested in the “V”, Hot Pink.”

Pinkie opened up her arms, causing him to clumsily fall back to the ground on his bum. Pinkie giggled. “You’re silly. Nice try though.”

“Glad you’re enjoying it.” Rainbow commented. “He been acting like that towards me all day.”

“Don’t act like you don’t love it.” Veemon pointed a finger gun towards Rainbow, before giving her a wink and click of his tongue. Rainbow groaned in annoyance.

That groan was soon overshadowed by a growl as something large and flaming tramped its way out of the trees. Lynxmon soon noticed the two girls and two digimon and began to lick her lips. “New smell. New food. Eat now.”

“Yeah right, ya fiery furball.” Veemon stated as he walked out in front of Rainbow Dash and Pinkie. “You’re really gonna find it hard to eat anything when you’re sucking on your own teeth. Let’s get her Guilmon!”

“Okay!” Guilmon charged up next to his big bro, and together they stuck a dramatic fighting pose. A few minutes soon passed, and the two were still standing in their dramatic pose with nothing much changing.

Lynxmon blinked at her prey. “Something happen?” She questioned.

Veemon and Guilmon did not give her an answer.

Rainbow Dash narrowed her brows at the hard-headed digimon. “Come on, Veemon! Do something. You’re making us look bad.”

“Yeah, Guilmon!” Pinkie agreed. “Do that thing where you turn all shiny then shout your name at the sky. Like this,” Pinkie lowered her voice and began shouting at the sky. “Pinkie Pie Digivolve to…” Pinkie placed a random party hat she just so happened to have on person on her head. “...Pinkie Pie with a hat!

Rainbow stared at her friend in utter confusion.

Again Veemon and Guilmon did not respond. Instead a very distinct sound growled out of their stomachs and echoed loudly among the close knit trees.

Rainbow’s and Pinkie’s expressions began to grow worried. “Uh… Veemon is everything alright over there. You guys can digivolve right?” Veemon didn’t respond. “Veemon?”

Veemon dropped his pose and turned back towards his human friends, a look of utter terror was etched deeply onto his face. “So I just remembered that I skipped lunch today. So… now I’m hungry… and I guess I don’t have the energy to digivolve.” He gave them both a nervous chuckle.

The same look of utter terror spread across the girls’ faces. They both soon turned to Guilmon. “Guilly..?” Pinkie asked hopefully. Guilmon dropped his pose and turned towards Pinkie, his expression seemed much more guilty then it was afraid.

“Sorry, Pinkie-chan.”

A roar from Lynxmon soon drew all their attention. The fiery digimon was clearly tired of waiting. “EAT NOW!”

Lynxmon lunged at the group as they each turned on their heels and began running in the opposite direction. Lynxmon was quick to give chase.

“Why didn’t you tell us you couldn’t digivolve!” Rainbow shouted. “That’s something you don’t keep secret, especially when we’re faced with hellfire death cat!”

“It’s not like I know how this process works, okay!” Veemon retaliated. “This kind of digivolution is new to me too. Besides, I didn’t want to give our weaknesses away to our opponent!”

“So standing around doing nothing was your plan?!”

“Fine! The next time we’re in a scrape, you can call the shots. But for now, just shut up and run!”

The group darted and ducked between trees and obstacles as Lynxmon followed close behind. The larger digimon clearly had the advantage over her prey, as her knowledge of the forest helped her in smoothly avoiding the obstructions while her prey continually tripped and bumped into everything along the way. This would be over soon, and in that time she would finally know what these new smells tasted like. She assumed the colorful one would be vanilla.

Twilight exited Wizardmon’s water closet feeling fresh and thankful not to stink of skunk bush anymore. She sniffed the air noticing a very pleasant scent. “Is that chamomile tea with milk?” She asked as she saw Wizardmon place a couple cups on a nearby table.

“The milk is optional. Now where we before our little run in with my….” Wizardmon trailed off and sighed.

“You’re thinking about Lynxmon, aren’t you?” Twilight took a seat across from Wizardmon on the opposite side of the table. “You don’t have to talk about it if you don’t want.”

Wizardmon remained silent for a few minutes before responding. “It’s my fault she’s like that, you know. I knew Salamons and Gatomons had the trait allowing for Armor Digivolution. She wanted to leave, but I just had to know what kind of digimetals we discovered in that pocket.” He suddenly slammed his fist on the table, causing Twilight to jump. “Because of my arrogance, I purposely put my friend through an experiment that changed her for the worse. Not a day goes by when I look into her eyes that I don’t regret my decision.”

Twilight grimaced and looked away. His story reminded her of the friendship games and how she turned into a monster through her own selfish pursuits of knowledge. “I’m sorry to hear to that. Trust me, I’m familiar with how obsessing over the things you don’t understand can bring risk to others.”

“It isn’t your place to worry… what happened is my own fault, and someday I intend to fix it. But that’s enough talking about me. I believe you had some questions?”

Twilight nodded. “You brought up earlier that humans have been to this world before, but from what I’ve gathered from the few digimon I’ve met in my world, we are an extensively rare phenomenon. So much so that you seem to mistake out name for something vaguely similar when you call us 'humons'.”

“I should have guessed that would be your first question.” Wizardmon chuckled. “It's a good thing I decided to grab this while you were washing.” He reached over the side of his chair and pulled out hardcover tome, before handing it to Twilight. “The best way I can see to answer your question is to simply say… to us your species is legend. For a thousand years, humans have been absent from the digital world, leaving the only recollection of your presence as dried ink on the pages of books like this one. It’s sad to say, but your kind has become nothing more than fairy tales to us. Only the depictions of your arrival and victories over villainous digimon exist to give us knowledge that you were ever here to begin with.”

Twilight accepted the tome and began to read it to herself at an almost breakneck pace. Wizardmon was shocked at her speed. “Interesting, she can read that fast?” He mused.

After finishing the book, Twilight closed it and placed it on the table. “So we’re like anunnaki,or Ben elohim to you.”

“I am sorry, I am not familiar with those terms.”

“They are types of quasi-divine beings that are involved in the making of humans in various Mesopotamian based creation myths.” Wizardmon only blinked a few times at her in response. “We’re kind of like Super-angels.”

“Oh.” Wizardmon said as he got the comparison.

“But my friends and I didn’t plan to come here. We got caught in an vortex made by the destruction of a portal between our worlds.” Twilight started to explain.

“What happened?” Wizardmon began to take another sip of tea.

“Well an egg appeared in our world and hatch into a purple fluff creature which evolved into our new friend Dorumon.”

Wizardmon spat his tea, but being the polite host, aimed it away from Twilight. “A Dorumon?!” Wizardmon wheezed. “There hasn’t been a Dorumon seen since the last Alphamon was alive. That was before even my time!” He clarified before Twilight could question him further.

He rushed to another corner of his home to retrieve his staff. “King Drasil must be trying to bring the Royal Knights back to full power.” He ran to another area of the room to pick up a satchel and proceeded to fill it with several books and scrolls. “This is astounding! To think I’ve lived to see the day the legends once again come true. This truly must be a crisis situation of the grimmest degree.” To Twilight’s concern he actually sounded excited about this. He then grabbed Twilight by the wrist and manically pulled her towards the door. “Come along, we must bring you to the Royal Knights fortress immediately. They’ll know what’s going on.”

They both burst through the door with reckless abandon. “What? But what about my friends?! Their still lost on this island. I can’t just leave without them.”

Wizardmon paused, then dropped her hand and brought his fingers to his chin. “You’re right!” He declared as he slammed his fist into his palm. “The fate of the digital world will have to wait. We have children to save!”

“Thermal Mane!”

An explosion of fire in the distance drew both the girl and digimon’s attention. Twilight and Wizardmon blinked at the sight. “Hazard a guess, they’re over there?” Wizardmon questioned.

“There isn’t a doubt in my mind.”

Twilight and Wizardmon broke into a sprint and followed the smoke from the recent attack, both simultaneously hoping that they were both right and wrong in thinking Twilight’s friends were there.

“What’s the matter? Getting tired, pussycat? Well I can keep this up all day!” Veemon taunted at the fiery digimon as he and his friends continued to run for their lives. They hadn’t made much headway in escaping, and in fact were losing ground quickly as Lynxmon grew closer.

“WHY ARE YOU TEASING HER?!” Rainbow Dash shouted. “She’s already trying to eat us, we don’t need pissed off as well!”

“I’m sorry! I fight back when I’m scared. It’s a defense mechanism!”

“Oh if we live through this, I’ll give you something to be scared of! I promise you that!”

“Hey, I see some flowers.” Pinkie pointed out.

“NOT NOW PINKIE!” Both Rainbow and her digimon shouted.

Lynxmon was growing closer, and no thanks to Veemon’s taunted, seemed more adamant then ever to catch them and snap their bones between her teeth. They’d needed to think of a plan quickly, and though it seemed unlikely, Guilmon was the one quickest to think of something when a new smell hit his nostrils.

Raising his muzzle, he sniffed the air, a familiar scent was wafting from somewhere nearby. It wasn’t the chamomile tea like he was smelling before, but he recognized it as something just as refreshing.

Without warning, he broke away from the group and began running in a different direction. Pinkie and the others were quick to follow.

“GUILLY COME BACK!” Pinkie shouted in panic.

“Don’t go off on your own, dumbass!” Veemon added.

The trio followed Guilmon until they saw him break through the treeline. There was a blinding light in front of them, but they couldn’t risk stopping or Lynxmon would catch them. They decided to take their chances.

Upon bursting out into the open clearing they saw Guilmon waiting for them, and not only that he had found them a means of escape, a sizable river flowing straight through the center of the forest.

“Quick in here!” Guilmon shouted. “Fire doesn’t like water!” He dove into the river, with the others following close behind. They bobbed to the surface as they began to ride down the channel, Lynxmon only stopping at the foot of the river to continue their chase along the riverbank.

“Guilmon, you’re a genius!” Pinkie wrapped her arms around the dinosaurian digimon’s neck, partly because she wanted to give her a digimon a loving hug, and because she needed someone's help to keep afloat while in the water.

Rainbow and Veemon shot a pair of rude gestures at Lynxmon as she struggled to keep up with the faster moving river. “I bet this just burn’s you up, don’t it Tabby!” Veemon shouted. “Hope you don’t mind fast food, because we are out of here!”

“Nice one, shrimp.” Rainbow complimented with a laugh.

Rainbow and Veemon high-fived as Pinkie noticed something that made her grow concerned. “Am I the only one who thinks that now we’re at an alarming speed?”

The sound of roaring water soon drew their attention. They turned their heads towards the sound only to finally realize were the river was heading.

“WATERFALL!” They all shouted in unison.

“I heard somebody over this way!” Wizardmon lead Twilight out of the forest and over towards riverbank, where they notice Rainbow Dash and Pinkie shooting past them and Lynxmon chasing them on the opposite side.

“Rainbow? Pinkie?!” Twilight gasped.

“They’re heading straight for the falls!” Wizardmon turned to look down the riverbank for any means to stop them from going over the edge. He noticed a dead tree leaning over their side of the river. Not much would be needed to knock it down judging by the decay, and it look large enough bridge the gap between the banks. Without any further thinking, Wizardmon raised his staff into the air.

“Thunder Cloud!”

A small grey cloud appeared in the sky directly over the tree and fired a single bolt in the trunk of the tree, knocking it over. The tree fell down and blocked the river much to the river occupants' surprise.

“That was Wizardmon’s attack!” Guilmon shouted in excitement.

“Over there!” Veemon pointed, coaxing everyone to turn in the direction of his finger. Wizardmon and Twilight were running toward the tree they just downed.

“Twilight?!” Pinkie and Rainbow shouted.

“Grab onto the tree’s limbs!” She shouted back. “Wizardmon will pull you out!”

They did as they were told upon crashing into the tree’s branches. Unfortunately, Lynxmon was still in hot pursuit and reached the fallen tree before their friends could. She stalked over slowly upon reaching them and placed her front paws on the top end of the tree. The bark on the tree began to burn.

“I eat you now.” She began to step further onto the tree causing it to creak from her weight and the heat.

“Lynxmon!” She turned her head to see Wizardmon standing on the opposite end of the tree. “Leave them alone! If you pursue them any further you’ll all be going over the falls!”

Lynxmon refused to listen. “Leave now.” She snarled. “You lied. You hid smells from me. You knew they were there!”

“Lynxmon, listen to me. These creatures are more important than you realize. Their survival could be integral to the fate of the entire digital world!”

“No!” She shouted. “You lied to me! I take what I earned now!” She climbed further on to the tree, further weakening the structure of the tree. Wizardmon’s eyes widened as the larger digimon ignored him. He turned to Twilight, but she did not look back as she was to preoccupied staring at her friends. She looked worried, probably racking her brain for any possible solutions she could use to save the her friends from this perilous situation. Despite how fast she could read, she seemed to be unable to come up with a plan with how flustered she was. What was worse, if they didn’t come up with something soon they would likely lose all their friends, both old and new.

Suddenly an idea came to him, and he jumped into the water much to Twilight and others shock. He grabbed onto the limbs next to Veemon. “Dude, what the hell are you doing?!”

Wizardmon looked up at Lynxmon who was now standing overhead. He muttered to himself a reply. “...appealing to an old friend’s sense of guilt.” He raised his hand and pointed it at Lynxmon’s face. “Forgive me, but even though this hurts, I hope it will make you remember me.”

“Terror Illusion.”

A cloud of violet smoke shot out of his open palm and covered the Lynxmon’s face. In surprise, she jumped back and landed back on her side of the river. She shook her head, clearing her senses of the smoke. When she opened her eyes again, she was surprised to see that the others were missing and only Wizardmon was left to face the brunt of the river.

She stared in confusion as the tree she had stepped upon started to crack and crumble due to the embers she had left behind. Suddenly the tree snapped and broke in half. Lynxmon’s eyes widened as both ends fell into the river, carrying the digimon she cared for with them as they went over the falls.

“NO!” She cried. Lynxmon charged towards the river, fully intent on diving in and chasing after Wizardmon when she realized the tree had returned with all the humans and digimon still clinging to it. She didn’t know what she saw, nor how that vision got into her head to begin with, but she refused to let it happen again.

She ran up to the top of the tree and wrapped her front legs around its trunk like she was giving it a bear hug. She began to pull back, raising up onto her hind legs.

“Hold on tight!” Wizardmon shouted. He turned to Twilight as the tree began to raise into the air. He reached out one of his hands. “Twilight, jump! I’ll catch you.”

Twilight looked hesitantly at the raging river before her before looking back at Wizardmon. She gulped, then stepped back and broke into a run. She jumped and grabbed his hand, just as Lynxmon turned the tree and slammed it against the ground.

The riverbank began to crumble, it having been worn down by the extra weight added to it by Lynxmon and the tree. Lynxmon fell backward and crashed into the river, releasing an enormous amount of steam.

Wizardmon was the first to notice. “LYNXMON!” Her head popped out of the river and roared in anger before going over the edge of the waterfall. Wizardmon and the others ran to the edge of the cliff to look for the fiery digimon. They only reached it in time to see her vanish into the misty cloud below with resounding splash.

Wizardmon turned to the others. “We need to go after her!” He exclaimed. “Follow me, I know a quick way to the bottom of these falls.”

A few minutes later, the group found themselves at the bottom of the waterfall, but Lynxmon was nowhere to be seen. The six separated into pairs and scoured the riverbank for any sign of her, but there appeared to be no evidence of her even being there in the first place.

The group reconvened after a short time of searching. They all were concerned for their used-to-be adversary's safety, but no one was showing stronger signs of this then Wizardmon. He looked downright distraught, though it was evident he was trying to not openly express it.

Twilight, more than anyone, found this the most disconcerting. The once energetic and kind digimon she had first met, was now replaced with a deeply depressed one who look on the verge of tears. She wanted to say something nice, something that would bring the cheer back to his voice, but she knew nothing she could say would replace who was currently missing. Even still, she felt the need to say something.

“Maybe she’s further down the river?” She suggested.

Wizardmon only shook his head in response. “No… we would have seen the steam rising from the river or smelt the sulfur coming off her body. I hate to say it, but I fear her body must have-”

A groan came from some nearby bushes not too far from the river. Wizardmon’s eyes widened, he recognized that voice… but it wasn’t Lynxmon’s.

It couldn’t be...” He rushed over towards the bushes and quickly pushed them apart. On the other side an unconscious cat digimon was laying on her stomach. A purple shard of glowing metal was sitting not far from where she snoozed.

The others gather around Wizardmon to see what he had found. Guilmon blinked in surprise. “It’s a Gatomon.”

Twilight shook her head. “No, that’s Lynxmon.”

Wizard’s almost infallible smile soon spread across his face once again. “Very astute Miss Sparkle, but clearly I shouldn’t expect anything less from such clever young woman.” He turned towards the other teens and their digimon. “As for you four, I can’t begin to tell you how gracious I am that you found her for me.” He turned back to Gatomon. “We need to get her back to my home immediately.” His attention soon turned towards the glowing piece of metal. His eyes narrowed as he stared at it. “But first, it's time to make sure the mistakes of the past never get repeated again.”

He dropped his satchel to the ground and reached for the piece of metal, then placed it in his bag. He felt a brief jolt of energy flow through his body as he touched it, like he had just brushed his fingers against an open electrical socket. The feeling left as soon as it came however, so he dismissed it for the moment as he turned towards his friends.

“Guilmon, Veemon, keep away from this bag and keep Gatomon away from it too. I have to make sure it can never infect another digimon again.”

“But Guilmons can’t Armor Digivolve.” Guilmon pointed out.

“Perhaps not with this type of metal, but I’d rather not chance it. Something is off about this piece of metal. Normally a digimetal of courage would be fiery red and yellow in color, and no digimetal is normally purple. Something has corrupted it. I believe it’s best we avoid contact with it as much as possible.” He turned to his new human friends. “For reasons of safety, this goes for you three as well.”

Veemon walked passed Wizardmon in order to pick Gatomon up. He knelt down to gently place his hands under her, only for Wizardmon to politely push them away before they could make contact with the cat digimon’s white fur.

“Watch your hand placement, Veemon. We’re taking care of a lady, not hoisting a sack of potatoes.” He knelt down next to Veemon and delicately pushed Gatomon onto her back. He then place his hand behind her head and the other within the crook of her legs. By the time he was standing again, Gatomon looked like a princess being carried in his arms.

“We shouldn’t dawdle. As soon as Gatomon is well and back on her feet, we will need to set out in search of your friends. If this metal is as dangerous as I think it is, then it is imperative we make haste to the Royal Knights’ fortress as quickly as possible.”

He began to lead to the way back to his home, but stopped almost abruptly when a surge of purple lightning circuited over several sections of his body.

“Wizardmon!” Twilight ran to his side, offering to help him stand, only for the sorcerer digimon to lean away from her protectively. The electricity soon dissipated, allowing Wizardmon to return his feet.

“I’m alright.” He stated reassuringly, though Twilight wasn’t at all convinced.

“What just happened to you?” Twilight asked. Wizardmon gave her an appeasing smile in reply.

“Perhaps an effect of the digimetal?” He chuckled. “I’m not entirely certain. But that isn’t are main concern right now. Come along, we need to get Gatomon somewhere warm and dry quickly before she catches cold.”

As he ran away, Twilight could tell he was avoiding her question. This worried her. She turned to her friends, who all carried similar expressions. Without even saying a word, they could all recognize what each other was thinking, and through a nod, agreed with each other to keep an eye on their jovial friend should whatever happened to him occur again.

They turned on their heels and chased after the sorcerer digimon.

Some time later, Gatomon awoke on a bed in a wooden room she only vaguely recognized. She blinked as she fully opened her eyes to explore the room. It was familiar, like a place she may have visited a lifetime ago. It reminded her of somemon, but it was too small and flammable to be any room she could fit into.

Realization soon struck her as she looked at her gloved paws. She was small again. Another realization struck her, she was thinking in complete sentences!

She wasn’t a feral Lynxmon anymore, but how could this be? The only other mon who knew who she was before she became that animal was…

“Ah good, you’re up. Just in time for your medicine.” The smell of incense filled the room as Gatomon turned towards the sounds of an opening door. What she saw levitate in was a waxy-looking digimon with a golden stand jutting out from his waist and a lit flame atop his head. “I was afraid I would have to use the funnel again… though I do admit I like the funnel.”

Before he could speak anymore nonsense, the cat digimon leaped off the bed and tackled him to the floor. She could recognize that incessant babbling anywhere.

“Wizardmon!” She cried into his chest. The hot tears from her eyes actually melting small holes into the digimon’s waxy body.

“Candlemon, actually. An apparent side effect of touching that digimetal after the falls knocked it out of you.” He smiled in embarrassment. “On the bright side, I do feel ten years younger.”

Gatomon smiled as she took a good long look at her friend, “Well, you were always the slower to mature.” She joked. She then looked around, “So I’m free. How did…”

“You took a nosedive off a waterfall. But to be honest, I don’t think that’s the only place you fell from.” Veemon answered with a nod, a wink and a click of his tongue. He had heard the commotion from when Gatomon first awoke, and was now leaning against the doorway with the others standing behind him.

Gatomon laughed, “You’re cute kid.” She saw a slight eye twitch come the human standing behind him. “Tell you what, if you can get to and stay as a Paildramon, DinoBeemon or AeroVeedramon, you can give me a call.” She said with a wink.

“Please don’t encourage him.” Rainbow groaned. “I’ll never hear the end of it.”

“You don’t spend a lot of time with guys, do ya hun?” Gatomon said as she looked to the others there. “The only way to get them to make themselves useful is to offer something that they want for when they prove it.”

“Not entirely true.” Candlemon countered.

“That’s because you’re already useful. You don’t need motivation.” She leaned in and licked him on the cheek, then spat out the wax that collected on her tongue after she did so. “It’s been a while since I last did that to you in this form.” She giggled.

“Was it still worth it?”

“Do you even need to ask?~” She dragged a paw against his side flirtatiously as she got back to her feet. Candlemon soon stood as well. “I can’t wait to spend time with you again, so we can get… reacquainted.”

A faint blush appeared on Candlemon’s face, and the others could swear they say the light on the top of his head grow brighter. “As nice as that sounds, I’m going to have to put that ‘time-spending’ on hold for the moment. As you can see...” He motioned to the others. “We have guests that require my assistance.”

“Right, the humons.” She sounded annoyed at first, but her pleasant smile soon returned to her lips. “I understand, if humons are in the digital world then it must be a matter of great importance. At least it should be, if those texts you forced me to read are even halfway true.”

She began to saunter towards the group watching their exchange. “Go off on your little adventure, I’ll look after the house for you… just don’t keep me waiting. I’ve been waiting for years to have an intellectual talk to you again, and I don’t intend to wait even a second longer if I don’t have to.” She suddenly turned on her heels and pointed a claw at Candlemon. “Do you understand me?!”

Candlemon smiled and nodded his head. “Like the most complex spells of Witchelny.”

“Okay then.” She turned again strutting passed the group before heading towards the front door. “Now that that’s settled, I have places to be. I’d like to see what File Island looks like not through the eyes of a savage predator.” She opened the door, then turned around one last time. “Ta-ta~”

The door closed after she waved them goodbye. The room remained silent for a few seconds before they all turned back towards Candlemon, who was already beginning to repack his satchel.

“What the heck was that?” Veemon questioned as he motioned towards the door.

“I’m certain I do not know what you mean.”

“Oh no. No you don’t! A cat girl doesn’t just throw herself all over you, and you get to dismiss it like it was nothing!”

Twilight cocked an eyebrow. “I thought you said you guys were just friends?”

“I don’t recall ever saying that.” Candlemon stated with a knowing smile. “I do believe I hinted at us having a close relationship, but never actually stated what kind of relationship it was. Perhaps that’s where the confusion came from?”

After finishing packing the satchel, Candlemon floated passed his new friends, leading them to the door. “Any-who, we have other things to worry about. Namely finding your friends and telling the Royal Knights about the strange effects of this digimetal.” He patted the satchel for emphasis.

“Do they live close?” Pinkie Pie asked.

“Across the sea actually.” Candlemon replied “Which reminds me, we’ll need to find a boat.”

“What about Magnamon?” Rainbow Dash added. “He went through the portal before we did. Doesn’t that mean he’d be on the island somewhere too?”

“Most likely...” Candlemon tapped his chin in thought. “...And if that’s the case, then it’s just as likely we could have a royal guard providing us safe passage on the way to the Royal HQ. The only problem is figuring out where to find him?”

“Maybe he’s up there?” Guilmon pointed towards the sky. The others soon turned their heads skyward just in time to catch the glint of golden armor as it flew overhead.

“He’s heading south! Quick, we need to catch up to him before he escapes our view!” The other chased after Candlemon as he lead the way to what they believed was Magnamon's direct.

Meanwhile, in a tree not too far from where the humans and digimons were conversing, an unconscious cowgirl was being poked at by a pair of rounded bird-like digimon.

“You sure this thing is a humon? I mean, they haven’t been seen in a thousand years, it could easily be a normal digimon faking it.”

The other bird pounded him on the head with his claw. “You nincompoop! Look at her. Colorful skin, flowing hair, weird clothing, looks like an Angewomon with no armor… It’s got to be a humon. At least, that’s what the other guy told me back at the Snimon fortress.”

The two fluttered into the air and grasped onto the humons arms and began lifting her into the air. “Now come on, the sooner we get this thing back to the Realm of Demons, the sooner we get our reward.”

The two digimon carried the girl into the sky, unaware that a pair of eyes were watching them from the branches. A rookie digimon that looked like a young jungle cat, crawled out onto one of the branches of the tree and watched curiously as the bird digimon took her away.

It would seem the day has come.” The digimon mused. “The future of the digital world hangs in the balance. It is time to rejoin my brethren in arms.” She leaped from the branch and landed in another tree, then leaped to another tree, and then another and another as she gave chase, fully intent on closing the distance.

Author's Note:

So well writing this chapter, I got into my head some headcanon voice actors I think would voice the major digimon in this part of the story.

Whether you agree or disagree with my choices, please leave your opinions in the comments below, and feel free to leave suggestions for voices for the other major characters (including: Hagurumon, Kudamon, Dorumon, and Magnamon). As always, I hope you guys enjoy the chapter.

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