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Equestria Girls: Digital Destiny - EquestrianTwist

When the girls of Canterlot High are pulled into a strange new world, what awaits them on the other side? Are these new children the heroes this world seeks? Do they have what its takes to save the Digital World?

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The Gentlemon

Rarity was feeling quite sluggish. The last thing she could remember was being spat out by that portal some thousand feet in the air and then plummeting towards her apparent doom. She also remembered getting closer to the ground and shutting her eyes just before she impacted on a large bed of flowers. The flowers must have cushioned her fall quite significantly, because she was feeling marginally better than what she expected a fall like that would do to her body.

"Thank goodness, you are finally awake." Rarity's eyes opened as she regained some clarity over her senses. She lifted herself to sit upright, and felt a thin blanket roll down her body as she rose. She soon realized that she was laying in a rickety old bed within a small room comprised of three stone walls, a large iron gate and a small barred window raised some distance above her head. It looked like a picture-perfect prison cell if she had ever seen one... not that she had ever been to any prisons.

The voice that awoke her began to speak again, regaining her attention. "I was afraid that we might have lost you after that fall. It was fortunate that the Honeybeemon's flower garden was there to catch you." Rarity turned towards the sound of the voice and gaped in surprise at what she saw.

What floated before her could only be described as a trio of levitating gears. The large center gear had a rounded face and back and was staring back at her with two glass eyes placed within holes seemingly cut straight out of the metal. The two smaller gears floated beside the larger on both of its sides, seemingly forming appendages if the creature so had the need.

The center gear opened its mouth, somehow stretching the metal around it as if it had the same properties of human skin, finishing its statement. "Unfortunately, the Honeybeemon were not as appreciative of your safety as I am, it would seem. Quite the vicious reaction if you ask me, throwing you in here so haphazardly..."

Rarity couldn't find words to express her confusion. She had so many questions. What was going on? Where was she? What was this creature that was so fixated on her well being? Then she remembered what the digimon in the golden armor had said before saving Pinkie.

"The Digital World..?" She mumbled. "Dorumon's home?"

Rarity lifted her gaze so she could meet the eyes of the creature before her. "Excuse me. I'm sorry for interrupting, but I must ask... are you a digimon?"

The creature blinked in surprise, then started to smile apologetically at the teen. "Oh! Forgive me, it would seem that I have forgotten my manners. My name is Hagurumon, and yes, I am a digimon. A rookie level, if you wish me to be specific."

"...And I hopes that's somethin' yous keep remindin' yourself of. Ifin' ya know what's good for ya." A growling, boisterous voice called out from the hallway on the other side of the iron gate.

A pair of two small bee-like digimon with vibrating wings and golden helmets approached the gate and sneered at the two as a much larger digimon strode up behind them.

He was a large insect-like digimon with a green exoskeleton and two pairs of powerful legs. He had no eyes, but instead a group of red markings and a pair of large antennae growing out from the back of his head. He had a large open mouth full of sharp gnashing teeth, but truly the most dangerous looking thing about him were the giant pair of sickle-like claws growing out of the ends of each arm. The way he looked at both Rarity and Hagurumon made it clear he was not the kind of digimon to be messed with.

"So this is the mon who thought it was a good idea to high dive into our flower bed and ruin my personal honey farm, eh? Yous got a lot to answer for little lady."

Rarity shook her head, trying to clear some of the fuzziness from her mind. She was confused, but her captor was clearly expecting her to answer. Perhaps playing along with his wishes would be best, after all the sooner she completed making amends for her actions the sooner she might be able to leave and begin her search for her friends.

"It would seem so." Rarity agreed. "I am very sorry, sir. It was not my intention to cause you any trouble, but I promise I fully intend to..."

"Shut it!" The digimon demanded, cutting her off and causing Rarity to jump back in surprise. "If I wanted to hear yous talk, I would have told yous to start flappin' them pretty lips." The digimon brought his scythes together before pointing their sharpened tips at the girl. "Now here's what's gonna happen, we's got no flowers. Without flowers the Honeybeemon can't collect nectar, which means they can't make honey... and I likes my honey. What yous are going to do, is use them dainty little mits and rip out all the flowers yous flattened, then replace them with new seeds. Ya then are gonna water those seeds and make sure they grow right... and your gonna keep doing that for as long as I say so."

Rarity blinked, but did not respond. "Ya don't... I chop yous up like a watermelon and make yous look all red and juicy. Capiche?"

One scythe scraped along the edge of the other, producing a frightening sound and few noticeable sparks. Rarity nodded almost immediately. "Good..." The digimon turned and started walking back down the hall. The Honeybeemon followed behind him snickering like a pack of hyenas following their pack leader. "...enjoy you’s stay at, Castle de Snimon~"

Rarity and Hagurumon decided to wait a few minutes for the trio of digimon to make their way completely down the hall, and out of earshot. "Why that... of all the brutish, churlish, ill-mannered... Who does that insect think he is?!" Rarity threw off the rest of the covers and swung her legs around to place them on the floor. "That is not how you speak to a lady!"

Hagurumon placed his two smaller gears together before bowing before Rarity like a servent apologizing for his misconduct. "Again, I must apologize, Miss. You must forgive the master Snimon, he isn't really a social-minded mon."

"Even still, that is no excuse." Rarity stated with flip of her hair. "And you shouldn't be so quick to defend his boorish behavior."

Hagurumon lifted himself back up and began ring his gears together nervously. "We who serve here at the castle, find it best to remain on his good side rather than argue over petty disputes."

Rarity quirked up the corner of her mouth in a curious expression. "Now that sounds like an excuse." She stated accusingly. "Don't try to hide it, I have a little sister who does the same thing when she gets caught in the act."

Hagurumon blinked in surprise and gave her a sad smile. "You are very astute, Miss. I will admit, I am not telling you the full truth. Snimon, as you have come to know him, is the master of myself and the other Hagurumon living within the castle you currently find yourself in, but it has not always been this way. Once upon a time, this place was our home. My brethren and I had found it while searching for shelter during a terrible storm."

A forlorn sigh escaped from Hagurumon's mouth before he was able to continue. "At first, the ruins of this castle proved to be the perfect refuge for us. The largely fortified walls kept us protected from larger digimon, the lower levels kept us dry during heavy rain, and the storage rooms even held numerous barrels of oil for us to keep our clockwork parts lubricated. For several months we lived happily, until Snimon and his band happened upon us."

The holes that held Hagrurumon's eyes seemed to shrink in size until the top halves of them were angled, making it look like Hagurumon was scowling at the floor. "Snimon is an absolute beast and tyrant. He holds no care for anyone other then himself. Even his own servants, the Honeybeemon, do nothing more then feed his gluttonous appetite and act as guards for my friends!" His polite and gentle demeanor noticeably vanished for a brief moment, as he growled out his final statement. Given the emotion behind his words and the personality of the sickle-handed digimon she had met just moments prior, it didn't take long for Rarity to feel her heart ache at the poor digimon's plight.

"...And where are the rest of your friends?" Rarity asked worriedly. "Don't tell me he keeps you all locked down here like a bunch of useless parts." Upon realizing she was talking to a giant cog, she quickly went about correcting herself. "No offence, of course."

Hagurumon lightly chuckled. "None taken, Miss." He stated before giving another polite bow. "And to answer your question, no my brethren are not down here as of current. No, I'm afraid the only reason I'm down here is because I have run afoul of the master."

"What did you do?" Rarity asked. Hagurumon lifted his left gear and placed it over a smooth spot on his head. Upon closer inspection, she noticed that two teeth, that would normally be evenly spaced as they circled around the full shape of his body, were missing.

"He keeps the other Hagurumon upstairs, and uses them as cogs to lower and raise the castle's drawbridge whenever he wishes to take a trip out into the forest. Master Snimon says it makes him feel more like royalty, but really he's just using it as a way to keep us from escaping. The drawbridge has a weight on it to keep it from falling open when it’s closed. The only way to open it is by turning the clockwork machinery within the castle walls... it's mainly the reason why I'm down here."

He looked up at Rarity, and she noticed a sorrowful look in his eyes. "As you stated already... this is the place where they discard the useless parts."

"My... my word?!" Rarity gasped in shock. "That is barbaric! No creature should ever be subjected to this kind of treatment, regardless of their appearance or functionality! This will not stand!"

She lifted herself off of the bed and marched herself over towards the iron gate. "Guard! GUARD! I have a complaint!"

"Miss, what... what are you doing?!" Hagurumon asked nervously.

"Getting us out of here. Oh, and please call me Rarity. We are on a first name basis now, after all."

Hagurumon only shook his. "No, I-I couldn't! It isn't proper."

Rarity giggled slightly at the digimon's reaction. "Then I guess Miss Rarity will have to do~"

"What'zz with all the racket down here!" A bee digimon flew down the hall before stopping in front of Rarity and Hagurumon's cell. "Youzz got a complaint?"

"My what speedy service. I didn't expect you to arrive so quickly after hearing my first beck and call."

"It'zz called being polite lady." The Honeybeemon said while folding his arms. "Now here'zz me being rude. Quit yourzz quackin' or I'll give ya zomething to really complain about." He leveled his body so his abdomen was aimed at the girl. "Get my point?!"

Rarity released a mock gasp and covered her mouth with her hands. "My word... now that was intimidating. You nearly scared me out of my own designer boots. Tell me, did you come up with that line yourself? It's very clever." Rarity leaned in closer towards the bars, and batted her eyelashes at the bug digimon for good measure. As expected, he started to blush.

"Uh... yeah, I thought of it myzzelf." He confirmed with a few scratches to the back of his head. "I thought it'd make zzenze zzinze, well ya know, I got thizz zztinger and all."

"I can see that, and my, is it a big one." Rarity restated with a giggle. The sound of her laughter made the Honeybeemon's smile grow wider, and he began to ring his hands together nervously. "I bet you could even scare that brutish Snimon with such eloquent and petrifying dialogue." The Honeybeemon straitened up upon hearing her complement, causing something to jingle against his leg, which garnered Rarity's attention.

Loosely tied around his waist by a thin piece of string was a pair of large metal keys hanging from a metal ring. She couldn't believe her luck. Now she didn't need to seduce the guard into coming into her cell and bop him over the head like she had seen in the movies. Now she could get away with her deception guilt free.

She lifted her gaze until she met the Honeybeemon's, thankfully he didn't seem to notice her brief shift in attention. "You kidding? He’zz azz creative azz a deli-zlizzer. All he ever talkzz about is chopping digimon up. Honezztly, he'd benefit from putting a little bit more thought into hizz threatzz. It'd make him look like lezz of an idiot."

"We'll why don't you tell him that yourself. That is him coming down the hallway, isn't it?"

"WHAT!" The Honeybeemon twirled around as if on instinct, bowing his head and grasping his hands together begging for mercy. "Mazzter ZZnimon, I'm zorry! I wazzn't zzpeaking about you, zzpecifically." While he was turned, Rarity saw her chance. She reached through the bars and quickly plucked the keys and string off the Honeybeemon's waist and hid them behind her back.

"Wait a minute, he izzn't there?" He turned back around to look at Rarity.

"Oh I'm terribly sorry. The shadows down here must be playing tricks on me."

The Honeybeemon blinked at her, but soon nodded in acceptance. "Yeah... right. Lizzten, it'zz been nizze talking to you, but I have to get back to my dutiezz. I'll make sure to give you extra rationzz tonight for your kindnezz." He turned and began flying back down the hall.

"That is very generous of you darling." She called back to him. "Do try to actually tell that Snimon what's on your mind, it never hurts to stand up for yourself."

The Honeybeemon only mumbled in response. "You zzay that…”

Rarity pulled the keys out from behind her back and quickly began to fumble them into the lock on the other side of the door. Hagurumon meanwhile was watching the girl work in amazement. "That was quite ingenious Miss Rarity, and dare I say, professionally devious. I had no idea you were so good at manipulation."

"I wouldn't call it manipulation per say. It was simple a matter of equal exchange. As you said earlier, Snimon treats everyone in his employ horribly, so I decided to give that poor Honeybeemon something he wanted... some words of encouragement. In exchange, he unknowingly gave me something I wanted, the keys to this cell." The lock clicked, as Rarity finally managed to work the correct key into the cell's keyhole. She pushed the door open with a triumphant smirk. "It seemed like fair trade to me, don't you think?"

"Unquestionably so, Miss Rarity." The two made their way into the dungeon hallway, before stopping when Rarity felt something poke her in the side.

"Ouch!" Rarity lifted up the side of her jacket to look at the side of her blouse. A tiny tear had been sown up quite sloppily near the hem of her shirt, and the needle was still stuck near the end of the tear were the stitch would normally end. She turned her gaze towards Hagurumon who was twiddle his gears together with a bashful smile.

"I'm sort of a practitioner of garment mending. Holding delicate things like sewing needles however, tends to be difficult without the aid of opposable thumbs." He held out his gears for Rarity to inspect, as if feeling he had to prove to her he had no fingers to begin with. "I apologize if it seems more like shoddy patchwork."

Rarity smiled sweetly, and gave Hagurumon a grateful expression. "Don't be ridiculous... it doesn't look that bad." She explained tentatively as she pulled out the needle from her blouse. "Just a little tightening of the thread and you'll hardly notice it." She leaned down and placed a tender kiss on the metallic digimon's forehead. Hagurumon started to blush. "Thank you so much for taking such excellent care of me. Now please let me return the kindness by helping you save your friends. Do you know which way will lead us to the drawbridge where Snimon is holding the other captured Hagurumon?"

"The same direction that Honeybeemon just went. The other end of the hall is used only for storage." Rarity nodded and the two ran down the hallway until they reached a staircase with a medieval style wooden door sitting at the top.

After climbing the stairs, Rarity silently pulled the door inwards and peeked around the side with Hagurumon. They saw a small courtyard surrounded by four large stone brick walls, with four moderately tall lookout towers stationed at each corner. It was a rather small castle as far as Rarity could discern, especially considering the types of palaces she was known to fantasize about in dreams where she lived a life of fortune and prestige.

"Well I must say, I'm rather disappointed." Rarity complained. "This is not at all what I expected when you told me we being held in a castle's dungeon. Where are ornate hallways? The ivory pillars? The polished suits of armor? The ruggedly handsome waiting staff?~"

Hagurumon only shook his head in disgust. "You'll find none of those things here, I'm afraid." A Honeybeemon flew by the door, causing Rarity to shut it slightly on instinct. "Only marauders and hooligans come and go from this place."

Upon reopening the door, the two noticed numerous beds of flowers scattered almost randomly about the dry soil making up the courtyard, and a giant cast iron cask sitting near the front wall of the fortress. Beside it was the drawbridge, and supposedly the other captured Hagurumon.

The two watched as a Honeybeemon flew into the cask and exited with a bucket of golden liquid. They both recognized it immediately as honey. The bee digimon carried the bucket over the courtyard and towards the dilapidated ruins of an ornate throne sitting on the yard’s opposite side. Snimon, of course, was sitting upon it, tapping his scythe impatiently as the Honeybeemon took his time flying towards him.

He yanked the bucket out of the digimon's hands upon his arrival. "It's about time yous got here, ya mook!" He guzzled down the bucket and threw it to the side the second it was empty. "Get me another one!"

"But Mazzter, we've been trying to tell youzz, we don't have anymore... and the flowers you told uzz to plant aren't growing well enough to produce any more nectar."

Snimon growled, before lifting his claw and swatting the Honeybeemon to the ground in anger. "I don't care about excuses, just do what I say!" The Honeybeemon trembled on the ground and its friends likewise in the air as their master shouted. "I want more honey, and I want it now! Go find me some more flowers if these one's ain't cutting it!" He leaped from his throne and landed just above the Honeybeemon he had hit to the ground. "Do it, or so help me I'll chop yous all up so fine your own bodies are gonna fill up that vat!"

"YEZZ ZIR!" The Honeybeemon below him saluted, and took off into the air with the rest of his swarm flying behind him.

"Idiots, all of them." Snimon's wings began to buzz carrying him upwards and back onto the seat of his throne. "They wouldn't have it half as good without me. The least they can do is keep me in the honey." Snimon leaned back in his chair as a long yawn was released from his gaping maw. "At least it's quiet now.” He yawned again. “Maybe I should cut back on the sweets, all that honey is starting to make... me..."

The giant insect slumped sideways in his throne before he had could finish his statement. Rarity and Hagurumon's eyes widened in surprise. They really couldn't believe their own luck.

Hagurumon sped past Rarity through the slit in the door. "Follow me, Miss Rarity. We can't allow this opportunity to go to waste." Rarity nodded, swinging open the wooden door before rushing after the metallic digimon.

Upon reaching the drawbridge, Hagurumon turned around the left corner of the wall, revealing to Rarity that the front wall of the castle was actually hollow and that the drawbridge’s hinges were grafted to the front surface of the castle. Inside the hollowed out section of the wall, a large system of gears, both living and not, traveled upwards from the floor towards the ceiling. The miserable expressions on the other Hagurumons’ faces, immediately made Rarity's heart sink.

"You poor things, I can't imagine what it has been like for you being cooped up in here. But worry no longer, for we are going to set you free!" Rarity placed her hands on the nearest Hagurumon and began to pull.

After a few moments of struggling, the Hagurumon she was pulling on began to speak. "It won't work, this mechanism has us tight-locked into place so we can’t escape. Only removing the weight on the other side of the wall will relieve enough pressure for us to get free." Rarity and Hagurumon turned around towards another hollowed out section on the opposite side of the drawbridge. In the section, a large stone weight was suspended by a thick steel chain. "But none of us here, save for Master Snimon himself, are strong enough to even think about attempting it."

Rarity tapped her chin in thought. "...And I don't suppose Snimon would be to willing to help us escape."

Hagurumon nodded. "Definitely not... but perhaps he doesn't need to know he's helping us."

The other Hagurumon blinked at their friend's statement. “You can’t be serious. None of us have been able to control Snimon since his arrival. To even attempt it will only succeed in making him angrier.”

“But we’ve never had a chance to control him while he’s been asleep before.” Hagurumon explained. “In this state it is likely that he would be more susceptible to suggestion. I believe it is well worth the risk, even if the chance of success is rather slim.”

Hagurumon flew out of the hallowed section of wall, and back towards the throne where Snimon sat. Rarity, now both puzzled and anxious, started to follow. “Hagurumon, what are you..?”

But Hagurumon stopped her. “Please don’t follow, Miss Rarity. This could be dangerous.”

She was hesitant, but decided to accept his request. She walked backwards back into the hallowed wall as Hagurumon continued on his way towards Snimon.

Rarity turned towards the other trapped Hagurumon. “What is he planning to do, and why is it so dangerous?”

The Hagurumon were uneasy, and glanced between each other trying to see which of them could come up with the least worrisome response. Eventually one found the confidence to speak, even though he wasn’t entirely sure of his answer.

“We have an ability, that allows us to control other digimon. It’s called Darkness Gear, and though it’s very effective against digimon of our level, controlling Champion-level digimon requires almost all of our concentration. It would be very easy for Hagurumon to lose control of Master Snimon if he loses his focus for even a second. Granted he can even control him in the first place.”

Rarity’s eyes widened and her eyebrows nit into a nervous expression. She poked her head around the corner of the wall and watched as Hagurumon ascended the stairs to Snimon’s throne. He rounded around the side of Snimon throne until he was staring up at the larger digimon’s left side. He inhaled deeply, before muttering the name of his attack.

“Darkness Gear…”

A black cog shot out from the back of his maw, flying out like a dart spat out of a tube. The cog connected with the side of Snimon’s neck, causing Snimon to jolt, but fall back asleep as if only lightly pinched. Hagurumon closed his eyes and started to whisper.

“Mas… Snimon are you under my control?” The larger digimon’s head bobbed up and down, only slightly denoting a nod. “Okay. Then get up from your seat and begin walking towards the drawbridge.”

Snimon obeyed, lifting himself off of his throne and started lumbering towards the front of the castle. Rarity could barely believe what she was seeing. Hagurumon began to shudder as he felt Snimon take each individual step. A migraine began to form caused by his control of Snimon’s movement, Hagurumon finding it harder and harder to keep his focus with every step the larger digimon took.

Eventually Snimon reached the drawbridge, allowing Hagurumon to tell the bully his second order.

“Now turn to your right, and enter the wall.” Rarity found it best to take cover behind the wall as she watched the behemoth insect do as commanded. He halted just as soon as he entered the hollowed out section of the wall, just before the chain suspended weight.

Hagurumon felt his control beginning to slip. “Raise… your claw… and cut the chain.” Snimon began to lift his claw, but seemed to struggle as it reached above his head. It almost looked like he was fighting it, which issued some concern from Rarity and the other Hagurumon.

The sounds of buzzing suddenly filled the air, Rarity felt her eyes widen with dread. She peaked out from behind the wall, hoping to all higher powers that the sounds she was hearing weren’t coming from where she thought they were. Unfortunately, her assumptions were correct however, the Honeybeemon were making their return.

Her eyes drifted towards Hagurumon, who already seemed to be distracted by the sounds. In an instant, his eyes shot open and his attention turned towards the large swarm of insect digimon flying towards him. It was only afterwards that he realized what he had just done.

“Mazzter! We have found a new flower field located to the north!” The lead honeybeemon in the swarn exclaimed.

Snimon shook his head, as if only now being risen from his slumber. “What..? Where?! How did I get over?!” He turned around, finally noticing he was standing in the wall near the drawbridge. Upon turning he noticed the white-skinned teen standing across from him.

“Yous?!” Rarity stepped back as the larger beast stomped closer. “How’d yous get out of your cell?” Rarity didn’t answer as the insect now bore over her. “Ain’t talkin’ huh? No matters, I’ll just have to make sure yous can’t waltz out again.” He lifted his claw and aimed it horizontally at Rarity’s legs.

Hagurumon turned back towards his gaze back towards Rarity upon hearing the start of the confrontation. His eyes widened upon seeing Snimon raise his claw, and he shot off like a rocket.

“Hope yous enjoy life without shins! Remember, yous brought this on yousself!”

“MISS RARITY!” She heard Hagurumon call out her name, but at the moment Rarity couldn’t force herself to look away from the digimon about to slash her. He swung, and she closed her eyes, ready to accept the inevitable…

...only to hear the sounds of a blade colliding with metal.

She opened her eyes to see Hagurumon floating in front of her. One of his smaller gears was holding the tip of Snimon’s sickle in one the hole in its interior. He seemed to be struggling, but the neither the blade nor gear were able to move, even despite the obvious difference in the two digimons’ size.

Rarity brought her hand to her mouth and gaped in disbelief at her mechanical savior.

The digimon grunted as he fought back against the insect’s attack. “A gentlemon never strikes a lady!” He stated with authority.

“Yeah? Well, I ain’t no gentlemon!” Snimon replied, trying force his blade further, but made no headway in the struggle.

Snimon then raised his opposite scythe and swatted the side of Hagurumon’s body sending him flying into the close drawbridge. He slide down to the floor as Snimon stomped closer.

“I’m gonna chop yous up into tin cans!”

“You know, I think that beemon was right. You do need to work on your banter.” Snimon snarled and began to slice at the gear digimon, sending out sparks and brief flashes of light as he carved into him.

Hagurumon, no…” She couldn’t stand seeing her newest friend being beaten like this. She needed to do something, before he got too seriously hurt. She lifted her hands and attempted to create a shield in front of her protector, but for some reason her geode wouldn’t light. She needed another solution, and fast.

Seeing a sizable stone laying on the ground, she used all her strength to heft it above her head and slam it on Snimon’s back, shattering it to pieces.

“Get away from him you beast!”

Snimon immediately stopped slicing and rose to his full height. He turned towards Rarity. “Yous are not a smart girl. But if yous are so hung up becoming mulch before this useless piece, I’ll be happy to grant your wish first!”

Snimon raised his claw over his head and brought it down in an attempt to cleave the young girl in two. However, Rarity twirled out of the way before the blade could connect and ended up sinking itself into the cracked stone below their feet.

Rarity ran around Snimon as he struggled to pull himself free. “I am so glad I took those ballroom dancing classes.”

She knelt down next to Hagurumon and wrapped her arms around him. “C’mon darling, we’re getting you somewhere safe.”

Hagurumon was breathing heavy and several pieces of metal were missing from where Snimon had cut him. “I won’t leave you alone to face him.” He argued. “I can take his attacks, but I refuse to let him you even a single scratch!”
Rarity suddenly felt herself being lifted off the ground as Snimon slide his blade underneath her jacket. He turned her so she’d be facing him directly. He chuckled maliciously.

“That’s too bad, cause I’m gonna be doing a lot more than scratch her.” He brought up his other blade and tapped it’s tip against her nose. “Chop… chop…”

To both their surprise a bright glow began to shine off Hagurumon’s body. They heard him mutter something:

Hagurumon digivolve to...

An arm shot out of the glow and placed it under Rarity’s rump, gently lifting her up and off Snimon’s blade. The new digimon’s other shot out of the glow and slammed Snimon in the gut sending him staggering backwards.

The new digimon stood with Rarity nestled protectively against his chest.


The new digimon placed Rarity back on her feet, revealing himself to be a head taller than the teenager, and a match for Snimon’s brutish height. His body was comprised of a rusty iron and had the appearance of a steam-powered automaton. Rarity stepped back in order to fully see him.


He did not address her, or even glance in her direction. He only kept his gaze fixated on the bladed insect standing before him. The robot digimon began walking towards Snimon.

“I believe it is time for some long overdue retribution.”

Snimon shouted and swung his blade at Guardromon only for it to get blocked on the machine digimon’s forearm, before delivering a second powerful punch to the insect digimon’s stomach. Guardromon through off Snimon’s blade, and swung a front jab directly into his opponent’s face, forcing him back.

Like a professional boxer, he continued this barrage of swings, aiming directly at the vulnerable areas of Snimon’s body, but hitting them in such a way that Snimon was unable to figure out where to defend. With one final punch, he sent Snimon falling backwards onto the steps of his throne.

“You should have never threaten Ms. Rarity. Now you’ve only given me more reason to put you down.” Guardromon lifted his fist to deliver the knockout punch.
Snimon growled. “Not before I chop you a new one, tin mon!” He lifted one of his bigger legs and kicked out Guardromon’s legs. The machine digimon fell forward and landed on his front, allowing Snimon to get back to his feet.

Snimon raised his blade...

“Sharp Edge!”

…and stuck it into the bulkier digimon’s back. Guardromon shouted and struggled to get up, but found himself unable with Snimon’s blade pinning him down. He needed to think of another way to get this insect off his back. Perhaps a surprise attack was in order.

Guardromon’s arms shot upwards and grabbed onto Snimon’s shins, getting the other digimon’s attention. The cylinders on his shoulders were now pointed upwards, directly at Snimon’s face.

“Homing Laser!”

A pair of crimson lasers shot out of the cylinders and flew upwards right into Snimon’s open mouth, sending the bug flying upwards before crashing down in the center of the fortress.

Guardromon got back to his feet about the same time Snimon did.

“God-dammit! Right in the pie-hole! Now nothin’s gonna taste right!” He turned towards Guardromon and gave him a glare that would be deadly, if he had eyes. “That’s it. This. Ends. Now!”

“Shadow Sickle!”

Snimon swung his his blades faster than Guardromon could register, sending blade shaped shockwaves through the air that bounced of the machine digimon’s armor and forced him back.

Guardromon steeled his gaze. “I couldn’t agree more.” He charged at Snimon, battling his way through the blades as he raised his fist. Once he was close enough he delivered a punch so powerful it sent Snimon flying over the floor and into the empty cask of honey sitting behind him.

He bounced off the cask making it fall over as he slide across the floor.

Guardromon raised his fist and pointed it at Snimon. “My brothers and I have had more than of being humiliated, Snimon. Consider this our resignation. We quit!”

“Destruction Grenade!”

A compartment in Guardromon’s arm opened, revealing a cartoony-looking missile with a whistle and cutesy expression. Despite the childish look of the explosive, it fired forward with an incredible amount of force, crashing into Snimon and carrying him into the cask before launching both into the sky.

The Honeybeemon who had been forced to collect flowers for their master, returned just in time to see the end of their master’s beating, and watched in disbelief as the cask was carried into the sky and exploded like a new year’s day firework. The blast sent their master flying into the distance and out of sight, but the Honeybeemon couldn’t bring themselves to follow him.

Back within the fortress, Guardromon lowered his arm, only to find needing to lift it again when Rarity surprised him with a sudden tackle hug. “Hagurumon! Dearheart, you did it! You thrashed that boar magnificently!”

If Guardromon had a mouth he would be smiling at the adulation. “Th-thank you, Ms. Rarity. But really it was nothing. Your honor and life we’re at stake, so of course I’d need to react.”

“Oh don’t belittle yourself, darling.” She nestled her head against his chest affectionately. “What you did was nothing short of gallant and heroic.”

If Guardromon could blush, his entire body would have turned redder than it already was. He cleared his throat and politely pushed himself away from the teen. “You are too kind, Ms. Rarity. But if you’ll excuse me, I have something else to take care of.”

He stepped past Rarity and headed towards the drawbridge. He turned towards his brothers. “The reign of the tyrant is over, and with the destruction of stone starts the age of your freedom!”

“Hold it right there!” Guardromon turned to see the swarm of Honeybeemon and the armfuls of flowers they were sent to collect. Guardromon raised his arm with the intent of firing another destruction grenade.

“I don’t know what your intent is, but I assure you, if wish to avenge your master, I will have no qualms with putting each and everyone of down.”

“Ztop.” The lead Honeybeemon stated. “Tell me, is Znimon gone? Really gone?” Guardromon recognized his voice as the Honeybeemon Rarity had been flattering earlier.

“It’s true.” The swarm turned to see Rarity walking towards them. The lead Honeybeemon blushed at the sight of her. “I thought you’ll ever being seeing him again after trouncing Haguru- Guardromon gave him.”

The Honeybeemon smiled, then began to laugh. “Did you hear that boys? We’re free! We’re finally free!” He shouted in elation. The rest cheered in agreement.
With nothing no longer standing in his way, Guardromon turned his arm towards the stone weight and blasted it to pieces.

“Destruction Grenade!”

The chain flew upwards with the weight gone, releasing the other captured Hagurumon. They flew out from within the front wall and joined the Honeybeemon in their cheering and celebrating.

With nothing holding it up, the drawbridge soon fell revealing the outside world to the captured Hagurumon for the first time in years. But the beautiful sight of the treeline outside the moat wasn’t the only thing they hadn’t expected to see.

“I saw the explosion in the sky and expected some digimon needed some help. But once again, it appears I’m late for the party.” Guardromon’s eyes widened as a familiar glow covered him and reverted him back to his rookie-level state. As he changed, Magnamon spotted something in the light, a reflection of something, like a memory from a dream. It sparked him to pause as if he knew the Hagurumon that just devolved in front of him.

Everymon gasped. “It’s a Royal Knight!”

“Not just any Royal Knight, that Magnamon! The Radiance of Miracles!” The digimon all spoke in awe to each other, not believing that a Royal Knight had come to help them. “Praise King Drasil, they do care!” One shouted.

Upon hearing their cheers of praise, Magnamon kneeled down placing the humon and Kudamon he had been carrying gently down in front of him.

“FLUTTERSHY!” Rarity shouted as she rushed over to her injured timid friend. “Darling what happened?”

Fluttershy gave a slight cough, “I had a little run in with Devimon.”

“Little? You took a blow from Devidramon that would have killed me.” Kudamon corrected. He turned to introduce himself to Rarity when his eyes locked with the Hagurumon that was once a Guardromon. The two froze and tilted their heads to their sides as if they thought they had seen each other from some time ago.

Hagurumon floated up next to Rarity. “I’m sorry, but do I know you?” Kudamon asked.

“I don’t believe so.” Hagurumon placed his gear in front his body and bowed in his usual polite fashion. “My name is Hagurumon. It is a pleasure to meet the both of you, sir and madam.”

Before anyone could tell him their correct name, Magnamon walked past the group and addressed the crowd. “Please, tell me what has occurred here? Are any of you injured? Is there any further assistance you require that I can provide?”

The Hagurumon and Honeybeemon told Magnamon what had occured. The Royal Knight brought his claw to his chin and began to tap it as he contemplated their story.

“And you’re certain this Snimon is absolutely vanquished?”

“We zaw him fly near halfway acrozz the island. He’zz probably landed in the net ocean by now, zo I doubt will be zeeing him for a long, long time.”

Magnamon grimaced underneath his mask. “Even still, losing sight of your enemy doesn’t permanently imply victory. I’ll be sure to send you some addition protection the moment I return to Castle Drasil.”

“That is very kind of you sir.” Magnamon turned to see Rarity’s Hagurumon flying towards him. “I couldn’t help but noticed that one of your armor pieces is in disrepair. Please allow us to fix it for you as compensation.” The other Hagurumon cheered and nodded in comparison.

Fluttershy squeaked as a few Honeybeemon flew towards her. “And while they’re doing that, we can help you heal your injuriezz.” The speaker turned towards Rarity and gave her a smile. “Think of it azz our way of zaying zorry for giving youzz zuch a hard time.”

Rarity returned the smile and playfully patted the digimon on his head. “You are forgiven.”

The Honeybeemon gathered up Fluttershy and carried her to a place that would be more private to apply the plants they had collected. Magnamon meanwhile sat down in Snimon’s old throne while the Hagurumon began to work on his turbine.

Within a half an hour, the Royal Knight found his turbine fixed and Fluttershy found herself walking easier then she did earlier. She did however look a bit concerned, when she returned.

“Rarity..?” She whispered to her friend. “Can I tell you something... p-private.”

“Of course, daring. What is it?”

Fluttershy glanced around, thankful that neither of their digimon friends nor Magnamon had seen her comeback yet. “Well… when the Honeybeemon were placing the plants on my cuts and bruises, parts of my body turned all… pixely.”


“They said the plants were good at fixing damaged data. When the plants touched me, they turned into tiny little cubes and flew into my body. Suddenly all the cuts were gone and I was feeling better.”

Rarity brought her fingers to her lips and tapped them quizzically. “Are you feeling any different?”

“No, not really…”

“Then I suppose we shouldn’t need to worry about it, at least not yet.” Rarity placed her hand on Fluttershy’s shoulder and grasped it reassuringly. “These digimon have not shown us any ill-intent like Snimon or Devimon have. I don’t believe it’s in any of their interest to harm us, so until we have any evidence supporting otherwise, I believe we shouldn’t have any reason to mistrust them.”

Fluttershy still looked a bit timid concerning the treatment she had just been through. Rarity grasped her tighter, regaining her attention. “If it concerns you this much, I’m certain we can ask Magnamon about anything you have questions with. I do not know him as well as you, but I can already tell he is an honorable and gentle creature who’d be more than willing to help us make our stay in this world all the more comfortable.”

A small smile grew on Fluttershy’s face, and nodded in agreement. “He is very nice.”

Before they could continue any further with their conversation, Fluttershy felt something climb up her leg and onto her shoulder. “It would seem apples and laughter are not the only things that keep the doctor away. How are you feeling?”

“Much better. Thank you, Kudamon.” Much to his surprise, Fluttershy leaned her head in and nuzzled against his cheek.

“Kudamon, have you seen Hagurumon? I wish to say goodbye, before start looking for the others.”

Kudamon turned to Rarity, then pointed to the center of the fortress where her Hagurumon was talking to Magnamon, with several of his brothers surrounding him as they looked on in curiosity.

Eventually, Magnamon said something that made all the other Hagurumon start jumping excitedly. They crowded her Hagurumon and each continuously repeated something she couldn’t make out from this distance. Their proding eventually lead to Hagurumon nodding at the Royal Knight, causing a smile to form under Magnamon’s mask.

They both began to walk over towards the group, leaving the crowd of Hagurumon floating behind them. “You kids ready to go?” Magnamon asked. “The sooner we head out the sooner we’ll be able to find your friends.”

“But what about Hagurumon?” Rarity questioned. “I can’t possibly leave without saying goodbye. Such a thing would be unforgivable.”

“What do you mean, Ms. Rarity?” Hagurumon ask. “You don’t have to say goodbye. I’m coming with you.”

Rarity couldn’t help but blink in disbelief. “You are?”

“Sir Magnamon said, that my sudden digivolution would be of great interest to the other Royal Knights back at their headquarters. He said you and I apparently now have a connection that could leave you in danger if you were to go unaccompanied. As a gentleman and your friend, I can not allow that to happen. So I agreed to join you on your journey, at least until we can get you back home. I promise to not be an inconvenience to you in any-”

“DON’T YOU DARE FINISH THAT SENTENCE!~” She picked up Hagurumon and hugged him tighter then her favorite plush toy as she swung him around. “You didn’t even need to ask, of course I you can come with us! I could never push an attentive darling like yourself away.”

Hagurumon blushed. He was sharing an uncomfortably close distance with Rarity’s chest. “T-thank you, M-Ms. Rarity.”

Magnamon, Kudamon and Fluttershy all giggled in amusement at the spectacle they saw.

Each were unaware that they were being watched by a creature sitting on the castle wall. He was round like a bowling ball, with feet like a monstrous bird. A stitched cloth mask draped over the top half of his body as well as his folded up wings. He snickered to himself as he watched the display.

“I better keep an eye on these guys. The masters would probably want someone to keep them informed.”

Author's Note:

This one was in the works since the Rainbow Dash chapter was complete. It's finally complete and I am really happy with the result. Hope you guys enjoy.

Special thanks as always to Foxhelm, for acting as my editor and providing some ideas for dialogue near the end.

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