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Equestria Girls: Digital Destiny - EquestrianTwist

When the girls of Canterlot High are pulled into a strange new world, what awaits them on the other side? Are these new children the heroes this world seeks? Do they have what its takes to save the Digital World?

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The Sage

Magnamon, like the majority of his brethren found within the Veemon-line, considered himself a proud individual. He of course did not see himself as infallible, indeed he was capable of making mistakes and was even humble enough to admit to them when needed. But even still, he couldn’t help but considered himself a “mon among mons” when thinking about his status as a Royal Knight. He had fought, striven through, and ultimately conquered every obstacle in his way to reach the position he could boast about today, and fully believe he was worthy of the title given to him…

...This of course didn’t help make his current situation any less humiliating, as he laid face down, rear end up in a ditch of his own creation following his violent reentry.

He groaned as he placed his hands on the soil and lifted himself onto his knees. He shook his head in an attempt to reorient his vision. The rattling sounds of earth and stone within his helmet made him release an annoyed sigh.

Reaching up he grasped his golden helmet and removed it, revealing his snow white chin and neck and aqua blue colored head. He began to shake it clean once he did so.

“Magnamon..?” He mumbled to himself. “Is this the reason we avoid portals nowadays?”

“Yes, other Magnamon.” He replied. “This is why we avoid portals nowadays.”

Once satisfied with the cleanliness of helmet he placed it back on his head, before lifting himself to his feet in order to scope out his surroundings.

The area he had landed in was completely covered in trees, with only the small spanning patch of dirt he currently stood in acting as the difference. In the distance he could clearly make out the base of a mighty mountain that was near scraping the sky, and on the wind that blew past him he could make out the scent of seawater.

“File Island…” He stated to himself. “Well, there's definitely worst places I could have ended up.”

He lifted his claw to rub the back of his neck, partially due to the thought, but also because his muscles were still sore from his collision with the ground.

“Hope those kids are alright.” He commented. “If I’m lucky, they got away from that portal in time and are just waiting for me to come back and pick up Alphamon.”

A sudden roar in the distance killed any further hope he had in the scenario he just described. He pinched the bridge of his muzzle through the visor of his mask and inhaled deeply. He exhaled…

“King Drasil… Why must you test me?”

He didn’t wait for an answer as he immediately broke into a sprint toward the source of the noise. He tried to take off in order to get there faster, but found he could not achieve the right amount of lift. He looked to his shoulder, and noticed one set of his turbines had been damaged by the fall.

“Perfect…” He groaned.

It took longer then he would have liked, but he eventually reached the source from which the sound had came from. Unfortunately, the digimon who had made it had decided not to stick around, but thankfully was gracious enough to leave a good deal of evidence for Magnamon to inspect.

The area was completely trashed, with several layers of dirt having been torn out of the landscape with seemingly random attacks, and even a few trees having been knocked over.

Whatever digimon had been here it was clearly volatile, rage-induced, and most alarmingly, out of it’s mind. Magnamon didn’t want to believe it with so little evidence, but he couldn’t shake a gut feeling that this destruction was caused by someone he knew.

Magnamon shook his head. “This isn’t good…”

The flapping of wings soon caught Magnamon’s attention, and turned around in surprise. A digimon he recognized as a Ultimate-level mythical beast, had landed on the branch of a tree just behind him. It had white feathers and fur, a powerful-looking gold beak, and two pairs muscular legs, the back half of which resembling more of a horse then a bird as the rest of its body did. The digimon tilted its head to the left as it stared at the Royal Knight curiously.

Magnamon was a bit turned off by the strange digimon’s sudden appearance, but decided to push those concerns to the back of his mind until the current more-pressing situation was dealt with. He looked to the digimon and called out it’s name.

“Excuse me! Hippogriffomon?! Can you hear me?!”

The digimon didn’t respond and only continued to stare at him. Magnamon decided to take this as a confirmation.

“There seems to have been quite the squabble here!” He shouted. “I believe it may be the work of a very dangerous digimon that is currently on the loose! He can’t be allowed to performs actions like this again! Especially if other digimon are involved!”

The beast digimon blinked at him, but otherwise did not respond. “Please, if you have seen anything! Tell me right now! I need to find him before he can hurt anyone else!”

Again the digimon didn’t answer, but it did turn its head towards the northeast. Magnamon looked in the same direction.

“He went that way?!” Magnamon asked.

The digimon lifted his front claw and pointed it in the same direction, as if clearly trying to spell it out. Magnamon looked in the same direction again, before smiling under his mask. He turned back towards Hippogriffomon.

“Thank you!” He shouted, giving the beast a bow before shooting off in the direction he prescribed.

Magnamon didn’t know it, but the Hippogriffomon watched him as he ran out of sight, and as soon as he had gotten a good enough distance away, took to the air to silently follow him.

Fluttershy had had better days, and it wasn’t like the start of today had been terrible. Ignoring the monster that tried to kill her at Sunset’s apartment, she had rather enjoyed most of today.

She had made it home before her parents could scold her (not that they actually would have), she had gotten a beautiful new outfit from her best friend Rarity, and though she didn’t know him well, she was happy that Sunset and Dorumon were getting along so well after their initial meeting.

Of course, after Devimon showed up to steal Dorumon again, that’s when her day immediately plummeted. Now she found herself staring at the sky, in a world she did not recognize, while laying on a large pile of plush toys she had no idea as to why they were there. At the very least, she was happy that they were soft enough to cushion her fall, and keep her from getting hurt.

Fluttershy sat herself up, begrudgingly deciding to look at her surroundings to see where she was. It didn’t look to scary. In fact, for the first time in the timid girl’s life the unfamiliar world around her didn’t scare her the least bit.

The grass below her was colored two-shades of purple and was patterned like a checkerboard that spanned into the horizon in all directions. Gigantic building blocks sat randomly around and top of each other, with none reaching more than three blocks high, but still were able to scrape the sky like a tower. The only semblance of normality she could see in the area was the entrance to a forest, growing some yards away in the distance.

She picked herself up and started to brush herself off. “It feels like a playground the Cake twins might dream up.” Fluttershy thought to herself. She smiled to herself knowingly. “Still, I can’t lie to myself and say it isn’t very cute.”

As if on instinct, Fluttershy turned around and began to fluff up the toys that she had landed on, making them look as pristine as if they had never been touched before. It was her way of saying thank you for saving my life, even though the toys had no way of knowing the good deed they had done today.

She turned and began walking once her work was done. Hopefully, she’d be able to find her friends quickly, and they’d be able to better find a way home with superior numbers. Plus, she just felt safer when the others were around. They tended to make the right decisions, and whenever they worked together any problem always seemed to have corresponding solution.

She felt brave whenever her friends were around, which always felt better then feeling nervous when she was alone.

A sudden cry caught Fluttershy’s ears, and in surprise, she curled up by her knees in a defensive ball.

She listened for a few minutes, and soon found the cries weren’t those of some monstrous animal, but instead, a distressed infant. Fluttershy’s eyes shot wide open and she immediately shot back up to her feet.

Without a moment’s hesitation, she bolted in the direction of the sounds with the intent of soothing the creature that sounded so distraught.

Within a few minutes, she arrived at a open clearing that, to her surprise, held a seemingly endless supply of wooden cradles and giant colorful eggs. The crying was coming from one of the cradles, which Fluttershy ran to with extreme haste.

Inside the cradle was a tiny digimon, one that Fluttershy noticed had the same shape as Dorumon did before he digivolved. It had a round body, and two tiny pointed ears, two button-like black eyes, and a pink protrusion from its mouth that looked like a pacifier. Out of it’s back grow the stem to a giant leaf, that it was using to cover itself as if trying to hide from the girl that had just appeared.

Fluttershy had to hold her hands over her mouth just to keep herself squealing at the baby digimon’s adorableness. Taking a moment to get a hold of herself, Fluttershy then leaned down and began whispering at the creature.

It’s okay. I’m not going to hurt you little guy.” She brought her fingers under the digimon’s leaf and started to tenderly stroke its head. The baby digimon flinched at first, but then began to move into the petting it was beginning to enjoy. “There you go. See, I’m not so scary. I heard you crying and came to help. Is something upsetting you?”

The digimon didn’t respond with a cry, but it did a gurgle. It’s stomach was rumbling, and remembering the fact that it was hungry made the digimon’s eyes water again.

“Oh, your a hungry little guy, aren’t you?” Fluttershy began to look around the base of the cradle. Hopefully whoever was looking after the little digimon wouldn’t keep something to feed it to far away. “Ah-ha!” She found a bottle half-filled with milk near the back of the cradle. “Silly little boy, you dropped this didn’t you?” She held up the bottle, causing the little digimon to bounce in excitement. She couldn’t help but giggle. “Calm down, it’s coming. I’ll have your baba to you in a second.” She wiped the grass off the tip of the bottle before slowly moving it towards the baby. As she got closer he nestled into her arms and began to suckle on tip of the bottle.

Fluttershy smile as she got on her knees. This little guy was definitely more of a sweetie then Dorumon had ever been. Despite herself, she could help but find herself humming, which soon turned into the singing of a sweet lullaby.

“Hush now, quiet now, it’s time to lay your sleepy head. Hush now, quiet now, it’s time to go to bed~”

The digimon nestled deeper into her arms upon hearing her song. It wanted to hear more.

Unbeknownst to Fluttershy, more digimon besides the one she was singing to was hearing her song. They too were babies, and they could see from their cradles that she was feeding their friend. They didn’t know who she was, nor did they understand why she had suddenly appeared with the intent of feeding them. What they did understand however, was that their friend was being pampered and cuddled and they were not.

They all decided simultaneously, that this upset them a great deal.

Meanwhile, in the forests overlooking the fields where the baby digimon snoozed, a boy-like digimon was lazily sprawled out on the thick limb of a tree. He looked like a cavalier sort of creature, like character you would see in a fantasy book. He was dressed in green and white garb with two swords strapped at his hips. He wore a long yellow scarf that blew helplessly in the wind, and though it wasn’t currently up, the bandana around his neck would normally be covering his mouth and nose. He leisurely blew into a stack of hollow reeds that he had fashioned together into makeshift instrument. The tune he played was both haunting and whimsical, all at the same time.

Beside him a much smaller digimon laid on her stomach upon a much smaller branch. Like the boy, if one were to see her, they might confuse her for a creature from fantasy. She was no taller than the length between the base of the boy’s palm and the tip of his middle finger, and had on her back a pair of shimmering wings that looked similar to that of a transparent butterfly. She had long blond hair and a green bow, and was dressed in a short top and even shorter pants that perfectly showed off her stomach and proportionally long legs. On her hands and feet she wore thick leather boots and gloves, with end of each finger and the end of each boot being tipped with a hot pink spike. She was staring longingly at the boy as he continued to play his song.

“This is nice. Relaxing here... just you and me.” She hummed. “We should really do this more often.”

The boy placed down his instrument before removing his hat and placing it down upon it. “Can’t say I can argue with you. But you know the kids aren’t going to give us that luxury.”

“We could always call a sitter.” She offered. “Someone to watch the kids, while we go on a little vacation. Somewhere preferably warm, cozy… and private.”

“It isn’t wise nor is it fair to delegate one’s jobs onto lesser experienced individuals. This is your burden to carry, so either perform the task yourself or train someone to take the responsibility for you.”

The girl’s brows furrowed in annoyance. “I don’t remember inviting you along, Mr. Fortune Cookie.” A thin, silvery weasel-like digimon was watching them from the higher branches. On his body was an ornate pattern of golden symbols that traveled down the length of his back, and at the end of his tail, a small golden casing like that of a empty bullet. He plucked an acorn from a twig nearby as he replied to her complaint.

“No, but I think my invitation should go unspoken, when it is my tree you two decided to rest in.” He took a bite of his acorn as if it gave merit to his point. He turned his attention towards the boy. “A pleasure to see you both again. Petermon...” Then back towards the girl. “...Tinkermon.”

“It’s good to see you too, Kudamon.” Petermon said with a smile. He glanced over towards his Tinkermon. “Right, Tink?”

Tinkermon folded her arms and turned her head away from both of them. “I can’t say the feeling is mutual.” She glared over her shoulder at the digimon watching her from above. “Don’t you have somewhere better to be?”

Kudamon shot her a smug grin. “Not particularly, no.”

Tinkermon lifted herself onto her knees and glowered at the weasel digimon. She huffed under her breath. “Fine, then we’ll just have to ignore you.”

Tinkermon closed her eyes and fluttered into the air with a quick buzz of her wings. She placed her hands on her hips and floated towards Petermon, all the while adding a slight sensual sway to them that she hoped the boy would notice. Before long she was floating in front of Petermon’s face, before laying herself down on his cheek so she could stare into his crimson eyes. “Where were we?~”

Kudamon couldn’t help but chuckle at the female digimon’s display. “Seem’s someone has finally taken the phase “Carpe Diem” to heart.” He muttered so neither would hear.

Before the scene could play out any further however, a large gaggle of cries emitted from the fields, immediately pulling Petermon’s attention.

“Oh boy, kids sound like they're at it again.” He reached down and picked up his hat with the pan flute still firmly clutched within its fabric. “Gonna have to put that thought on hold Tink.”

Petermon lifted himself off of the branch and suddenly began to float into the air. Tinkermon slide off his cheek as he did so.

“They’re probably just hungry.” She stated, trying to get him to stay. “They can wait for just a few more minutes.”

“Sorry, Tink.” Petermon replied. “But fixing problems is the only thing on my mind when I hear a baby crying.” He turned towards Kudamon. “You want to come along? We could probably use the backup.” He offered jokingly.

“Why not.” He expressed, before hopping onto Petermon’s shoulder. “Those who don’t recognize that babies are the link between mons and angels, rarely know what is most important.”

“Don’t bring him along!” Tinkermon huffed.

“I can’t say no now, he already decided.” Petermon shot back with a cheeky grin. “Now come on, we need to quiet these kids down before we start getting complaints from the neighbors.”

Tinkermon seethed, and actually started to glow a bright red color before firing after the levitating digimon, only stopping briefly to grab a pointed pink spear, that was no bigger than a sewing needle, from the branch she originally laid upon.

Fluttershy was beside herself with worry. Not only were there more baby digimon then she first expected, but there was so many that she didn’t even think her skills would be enough to calm them all down.

“Oh dear, oh dear…” Fluttershy whispered to herself. “...what am I going to do?”

“YOU!” Fluttershy turned around in surprise, only to see what looked like a pixie staring her dead in the eyes. She did not look happy.

“WHAT DID YOU DO TO MY BABIES?!” The pixie shouted, making Fluttershy jump back in fear.

“I… I mean… I didn’t...”

Tinkermon looked down towards Fluttershy’s hand and noticed the baby bottle she was holding. She turned her gaze back towards Fluttershy and glowered at her hatefully. “Stealing formula, huh?” She flew down and plucked the bottle out of Fluttershy’s hand. She then flew it back towards the cradle where the digimon she had been feeding was resting. She handed it to the digimon, who seemed to perk up upon seeing her.

“There you go, Leafmon. It’s okay, Tinkermon’s here.”

She began to smile when the digimon happily started sucking on his bottle. That same smile immediately vanished once she turned back towards Fluttershy. “...That’s low. Even for a petty thief like you!” Tinkermon brandished her spear. “You need to be punished.”

“But I didn’t…”

“YAAAAAH!” Her explanations fell on deaf ears as Tinkermon lunged at her. Fluttershy screamed before breaking into a run, the Pixie digimon showing her no sympathy as she immediately gave chase.

Petermon landed behind Leafmon’s cradle and leaned on its roof as he watched with mild amusement as his best friend chased the teen around like an angry hornet.

“GET BACK HERE SO I CAN SHOVE THIS UP YOUR NOSE!” Fluttershy screamed again.

Petermon smirked at the scene before looking down at the digimon happily sucking on its bottle. The baby briefly paused and looked up at him.

“Think you could tell me what’s going on here, kiddo?” Leafmon said nothing, and only continued to suckle on its bottle. Petermon snickered as he shook his head. “Didn’t think so.”

Kudamon crawled out onto Petermon’s shoulder, and smiled upon seeing the exchange of batter between the two girls.

“You think we should cut in?” Petermon asked.

“I believe there is an old saying from a foreign land for moments like this. Let them fight.”
Before they could let the situation play out any further however, Fluttershy shot behind the cradle and hid behind Petermon’s back. Tinkermon froze mid flight upon seeing she hand grasp upon Petermon’s shoulders.

Her body began to glow a bright red again. “Oh you just signed up for funeral arrangements, hussy!”

She shot at Fluttershy with the speed of a bullet, only to be stopped by Petermon’s hand before she could reach her. “Hold on Tink. I think there’s more to this story then just what we’re seeing.”

“It isn’t wise to jump the gun, milady.” Kudamon added.

Tinkermon pulled herself off of Petermon’s hand like a fly off a windshield. She glowered at Petermon. “She made our babies cry, and is using you as meat shield. That’s all I need to know to tell me that I’m pissed off!”

“Why don’t we let her tell her side of story, then we can decide how pissed off you should be.” He arched his brows at her in a playful manner. “You know how good I am at spotting liars.”

Tinkermon blushed, then puffed up her cheeks in annoyance. She muttered to herself, “My actual rack-size is still none of your business.”

Kudamon smirked at her. “I’m sorry my dear, what was that? I’m afraid even with my better then average hearing, I did not quite catch that?” In truth, he didn’t hear a word, but any chance he got to annoy the pixie digimon was always something to savor.

Tinkermon growled. “Fine!” She shouted. “We’ll see what the stupid girl has to say!” She didn’t want play into their game, but at this point she would do literally anything to stop them from teasing her.

“Ya hear that? Your gonna get a chance to prove your innocence.” Fluttershy looked up at the digimon who was looking over his shoulder to speak to her. She began to blush, but Tinkermon was undoubtedly growing redder.

He looked like a protagonist from one of her fantasy animes about knights, magic and sorcery. His windswept blond hair, captivating crimson eyes, and pointed elf-like ears were all working together to turn her legs to jelly. She didn’t like to admits this often (or to anyone, really), but some of her first crushes growing up were the heroes from imported cartoons that she caught on television, and the best part was that this one she could actually touch.

“Okay…” She said airily, and probably not in full sense of what she was saying.

Petermon turned his attention towards the crying digimons before looking back towards her. “Excuse me a second, I’ve got to go calm down the kids.”

He floated away from Fluttershy’s embrace until he was floating high above the cradle covered fields below. He pulled out his panpipes from below his hat and brought them to his mouth.

“Midnight Fantasia.”

He blew into his pipes and played a melody that sounded so soothing, one could easily mistake it for a wordless lullaby. The young digimon around him began to sway and shack, each of them becoming more and more drowsy as the song played on. They each smiled as they all in turn fell asleep to the beautiful tune. Fluttershy and Tinkermon sighed longingly as they watched him finish his song, then immediately gave him quite applauds as he touched down in front of them.

He smiled before giving them a mock bow. “Now then…” He stated rising back to his full height. “...I do believe we’re supposed to tell a story along with the lullaby.” He glanced towards Fluttershy. “Would you care to regale us, madam?”

Fluttershy brought her hands up over her mouth in order to hide her timid expression and blush. She giggled giddily as Tinkermon ground her teeth.

“It’s better to ask names before questions Petermon. We mustn't forget our manners in the presence of a lady.” Kudamon crawled out on to Petermon’s shoulder, and for the first time presented himself to Fluttershy. Her attention almost instantly shifted.

But before she could get a word out in edgewise, Tinkermon started fuming. “So what exactly does that make me, you hairy trouser snake?!”

Kudamon faked being hurt by her statement. “Tinkermon my dear, why you’re more than a lady… you’re my friend.” For a moment Tinkermon dropped her guard, actually feeling touched by this statement. “Which means you get to know the real me, not the mon forced to hide under the false pretenses of good first impressions. I only heckle you because I care.”

A large puff of steam lifted off Tinkermon’s head, before she turned her back to the weasel digimon. “Hmmf!” She expressed.

Fluttershy walked up to Petermon and cautiously lifted her hand towards Kudamon. “Hello there little guy, I’m sorry I didn’t see you earlier. My name’s Fluttershy. What’s yours?”

Kudamon looked at her hand and studied it a good few seconds. He smiled before scampering off Petermon’s shoulder and up her arm, to rest within the crook of her neck.

“My aren’t you a kind and gentle soul…” He stated with delight. “...and so well mannered. Tinkermon you could learn a thing or two from this one.”

“Go suck an egg, weasel boy.” Tinkermon responded.

“Forgive her, she’s always like this when I’m around.” He crawled out onto her shoulder so she could have an easier time looking at him. “My name is Kudamon, and it is a pleasure to make your acquaintance, dear Fluttershy.”

Petermon stepped up next. “The name’s Petermon, head caretaker of the Village of Beginnings.” He pointed towards the pixie sulking away from them. “Her name’s Tinkermon. Don’t let her current attitude fool you, she’s really nice digimon when you get to know her.”

Fluttershy remembered how quick Tinkermon was to take care of that leaf digimon when she thought she had stolen its bottle. She smiled before nodding at Petermon. “I believe you.”

“Great!” He responded. “...And now that pleasantries are out of the way, I do believe you have a story to tell us. How exactly did you end up on our little island?”

For the next few minutes, Fluttershy explained the events that lead to Sunset’s discovery of Dorumon and how it lead to her and her friends’ fight with Devimon. Her listeners looked nothing less than enthralled, or in Tinkermon’s case, faking a lack of interest.

“My word… a confrontation with a Devimon, and to think that Dorumon survived. Few rookie digimon could ever make that claim. He truly was lucky that you and your friends were around to come to his aid.” Kudamon stated. “...And to think, you met a Royal Knight in person. Even fewer digimon could claim that honor.”

“I don’t believe it.” Tinkermon sourly stated.

“Come on, Tink. At least give her the benefit of the doubt?” Petermon suggested with a pleading smile.

“No way! You actually think she could be humon? Humons haven’t been seen for like a thousand years or something! Even if they did exist, they’d all be long dead by now after the war.”

Petermon was about to offer a rebuttal, hopefully something that would diffuse the situation and calm Tinkermon down. But unfortunately, his words were cut short as a loud crashed echoed from the forest some distance away.

All present turned towards the source of the sound, only widen their eyes in horror at what they saw. A monster, one that Fluttershy remembered vividly from their brief encounters in the human world, only he looked much different now. He was hunched over and snarling, like a ravenous animal searching for food. His face had become elongated, forming a reptilian muzzle with several new pairs of sharpened teeth. His shoes had been replaced with three sharpened claws, and a new pair of wings had grow just below his originals alongside a long powerful tail.

There was no mistaking it, this was the same monster that kidnapped Pinkie and tried to kill Dorumon. How he managed to survive being blown up by the portal, Fluttershy wasn’t certain, but what she was certain of was that the beast that stood before her now was vastly more terrifying than the form he had prior.

The beast snarled before lifting it nostrils and sniffing the air. He pointed his muzzle in several directions, before finally aiming his gaze directly at Fluttershy and her new friends. A deep exhale was released from the beast’s gullet, sounding somewhat like he had been holding his breath in anticipation for the moment when he’d get the chance to destroy the girls who had caused him so much misfortune.

Admittedly, the girl he was smelling was not the one he was hoping to find, but even still, she would make for a fine victim on which to release his anger. Without a second thought, he sunk his front claws into the soil of the field and began to charge on all four appendages.

Petermon stood up almost immediately. “First time I’ve ever seen a Devidramon in these parts… What about you, Tink?”

“I honestly never thought it a possibility.” Tinkermon admitted. She flew up next to Petermon’s shoulder. “But now that it’s happening, I really wish it wasn’t.”

Petermon turned towards Fluttershy. “Stay back and let us handle this!”

Tinkermon flew into her face. “And you better protect the babies if he starts getting to close! You got me?!”

Before Fluttershy could respond, both Petermon and Tinkermon flew off to engage Devidramon. “Wait! Come back!” She felt a pair of tiny paws pulling on her hair before she could chase after them.

She looked to her shoulder and saw Kudamon. “They can handle themselves, we have more pressing matters to deal with.” He turned his gaze towards the near endless amount of cradles standing behind them and the vast amount of teary-eyed infants currently cowering within them. “The smart thing for us to do right now is to start evacuating the Village of Beginnings. If even one of Devidramon’s attacks get close to the children they will not stand a chance.” A passionate glint was present in his eyes, that he could see was reflected in her own. “I personally will not allow that to happen, and judging by your demeanor I am certain you share the same sentiment.” Fluttershy’s brows furrowed as she gave the weasel digimon an affirming nod.

“Snipe Sting!”

Petermon’s sword struck quick and true as it pierced Devidramon chest in several of his most vital areas. Despite the accuracy of the attacks however, the dragon digimon seemed able to easily shrug them off, and swat the flying rouge strait out of the sky and into the dirt. Tinkermon however was a much more difficult target to hit.

She fluttered and whizzed past his swings like a dragonfly avoiding the swings of a collector’s net. She may have been a rookie-level digimon, but she still packed skills that would make older digimon wary of raising her ire, and with Petermon currently forcing himself back up after the savage blow, she had all the reason she needed to be angry.

“Nightmare Pandemic!”

She stuck the nail on her boot into the back of Devidramon claw as he took another clumsy swing at her body. Before he could realize he had been poked, his hand fell limp and lifeless from the wrist down as the poison that tipped her needles kicked in.

Devidramon jumped back in surprise upon seeing the effects of her attack. Tinkermon chuckled confidently. “Yeah that right!” She shouted as she spun her spear in front of her like a baton. She quickly grasped it in her hand before letting the tip rest proudly on her shoulder. “Don’t fuck with the fairy!”

The dragon growled, before starting to chuckle as if she had just told him a joke. Tinkermon glared at him. “What’s with you?” Devidramon didn’t respond immediately and instead only widen his eyes to meet her gaze.

“Red eye.”

A dark presence suddenly began to overtake her, as every ounce of bravado she had once boasted began to leave. The world around began to grow cold and dark, as the already massive digimon began to larger in her peripheral vision. She couldn’t move, even as the dragon stocked closer to her. She was paralyzed with fear, an ironic taste of her own medicine, and Devidramon was enjoying every minute of it.

Upon reaching her, he lifted his claw with the intent of flattening her like the insignificant bug that she was. The fact that he had raised his paralyzed claw was just to add insult to injury.

Before he could throw his attack however, he felt the bottom of Petermon’s boot connect with both of his left eyes. The blow sent him staggering, but he was able to catch himself before he fell over backwards and instead only landed on his rump, one claw was placed over his blackened eyes.

Petermon flew in front of Tinkermon and placed his hand under her to provide support. With one finger of his other hand, he tried to shake her out of her trance.

“Tinkermon! Wake up! This isn’t the time for cold feet.”

She slowly closed her eyes before shaking her head clear of any remaining influence left behind by Devidramon’s attack. “Oooh… it felt like I was staring into the eyes snake just before it was about to strike.”

Petermon used his finger to push some of her loosened hair and tuck it behind her ear. “So your okay then?”

Tinkermon began to blush, but quickly turned her head so Petermon couldn’t see. “I-I’m okay… now that your here.”

“Demonic Gale!”

The two were forced to jump away from each other as a large wave of razor sharp wind rocketed past them and sliced a tree in the distance in two. They both turned and saw Devidramon had his arm raised, his paralyzed hand having suddenly regained feeling.

Petermon shot him a blunt look. “Can’t you see were having a conversation? The least you could do is give us a moment to find our bearings.”

In response, Devidramon turned his head and spat out a tooth that was knocked loose by Petermon’s kick. He began to storm closer.

“I see…” Petermon reached his hand down in order to draw his other sword. “...Then I guess it’s time for both of us to get serious!”

Petermon charged forward with Tinkermon on his tail. Devidramon raised his claws ready to intercept them. Petermon swung his sword as Devidramon shot his hand out to grab him, only for sword and nail to meet in the middle with a mighty clang.

Fluttershy reached down into the cradle that held the leaf digimon she was feeding earlier. Leafmon was shaking, obviously scared like the rest of the baby digimon were when Devidramon arrived. She smiled warmly at the nervous infant, and quietly tried to reassure him.

“It’s okay, don’t be scared. It’s me, remember?” She began to sing the start to “Hush now, Quiet now” in hopes that it would jog the baby’s memory. It seemed to work, as Leafmon happily cooed as he nestled into her hands.

Without hesitation, Fluttershy lifted Leafmon out of his cradle and placed him on the grass. She pointed to the drove of other infant digimon running towards the sea and away from the ensuing battle.

“Follow your friends, little one!” Fluttershy urged. “It isn’t safe here right now.” The digimon blinked at her worriedly, before glancing at the monster Petermon and Tinkermon were fighting. Fluttershy followed his gaze.

“Don’t worry about them.” She reassured. “They’ll be right behind us as soon as they’re done dealing with that meanie over there.”

She wasn’t sure if the digimon understood what she was saying, but she could tell he knew what she wanted him to do after giving her one last frightened look. In that instant, she could tell that he trusted her, before he ran off in the opposite direction to join the other babies.

Kudamon grimaced at the exchange, before turning his head towards Fluttershy’s ear. “I think that’s the last of them. We should follow.”

“I need to see if Petermon and Tinkermon are okay first. They might still need our help.”

Kudamon didn’t respond, but still spoke of her praise within his own head. “She is a much more caring creatures then I have ever met in my lifetime.” He mused. “She has absolutely no defense against a monster like Devidramon, but yet she still feels the need to check on the well-being of my friends. And she handled those children so tenderly, like a mother caring for her own child… there is no inherent thought put into assuming the effects of her actions, just instinct and concern for those around her. How she managed to live this long with such a mentality befuddles me?”

The two turned only to see a digimon roughly Fluttershy’s size flying towards them. Fluttershy squeaked and ducked, narrowly avoiding Petermon’s body as it soared over her head and into the Leafmon’s cradle.

As the dust began to clear, Fluttershy and Kudamon could see Petermon’s body was beaten and bruised, and the scattered pieces of lumber surrounding him weren’t helping to improve this image. They heard stomping coming from behind them and turned to see Devidramon staring down at them.

He held Tinkermon within his grip as she struggled and fought to break herself free from his fingers. He glanced at Petermon, before turning his gaze back towards Fluttershy. He released a malicious cackle, before bring his free hand down to splatter the teenager against the dirt.

Fluttershy leaped out of the way of the attack, and ran behind another cradle before Devidramon could track her movements.The dragon digimon began to comb the field of cradles, deciding to forgo his sense of smell with the current aroma of baby digimon overpowering anything else within the area.

Fluttershy was breathing quickly, but other then that was not showing many other signs of panic like she did when confronted by Tinkermon. Kudamon could legitimately say he was impressed. So much so, that he was inspired to do something… something under normal circumstances he would consider the highest degree of foolishness.

“Get ready to grab Petermon and run when you get an opening!”

Kudamon scampered down her arm and around the cradle towards Devidramon’s tail. Fluttershy was immediately frothed with worry. “Wait? Where are you going? Kudamon?!”

Kudamon didn’t answer as he leaped from the grass and landed on Devidramon’s tail, his light weight helping to keep him hidden as he climbed up to the dragon’s shoulder and down his left arm.

What are you doing?!” Tinkermon whispered when she noticed Kudamon getting close.

“Ignoring my preservational instincts for once… and truthfully, I can say I’ve never felt better!”

Devidramon turned his head upon hearing Kudamon’s voice. “Run when I give you the signal. I’ll keep him distracted while you get Fluttershy and Petermon to safety!”

“Have you literally gone crazy!”

Devidramon turned his left set of eyes until he and Kudamon were staring at one another completely. “As they say my friend, being crazy is just having another state of mind. Now cover your eyes and get ready to fly!”

“Extreme Light Shock!”

A blinding flash of incredibly bright light radiated from Kudamon’s earring, blinding Devidramon and forcing him to release Tinkermon so he could cover his left eyes with his hand.

Tinkermon felt herself get launched into the air, but managed to right herself before she could plummet back towards the ground. She turned to see Kudamon struggling to keep balance on Devidramon’s arm as the monster struggled to keep himself steady after facing the full brunt of the blinding light’s glare.

“Jump! I’ll catch you!” Tinkermon shouted.

“I already told you, I’m going to keep him distracted! Do the smart thing for once and use that time to get the others to safety!”

“Smart thing?! Leaving you to die is the smart thing?!” Tinkermon couldn’t believe what she was hearing. “I don’t know what you think friends do, but they definitely don’t leave each other in the lurch like that! Now get your smug mouth out of your smug ass and jump before-”

“Arguing is getting is no-”

“LOOK OUT!” Tinkermon screamed. Kudamon was already turning by the time she had finished her cry, and was met at the precise moment to just see Devidramon’s claw as it came barreling towards him. Kudamon knew he had nowhere to run in the time given, and that the best he could do was close his eyes and accept it… and he was about to, but then something got in his way.

Two yellow hands pushed Kudamon off his perch, as their owner collided stomach first with Devidramon’s forearm. The demon dragon was not picky however, and gladly directed his attack towards his new target.

Kudamon hit the ground and watch in silence as Devidramon’s claw came down on Fluttershy and slammed her against the ground like an ant on a counter-top.

The devil digimon lifted his claw and marveled at the blood now staining his claw. He looked to the humon girl who so foolishly risked her life for the rookie he was about to swat. Unfortunately, she still seemed to be in one piece, a few broken bones, some bleeding, but nothing she wouldn’t be able to walk off in time. He’d have to fix that, but first he thought he had earned the right to enjoy this.

Kudamon watched Fluttershy, she wasn’t moving save for a few meager twitches, but he could see a pool of liquid forming around her head. Devidramon started to laugh. Fluttershy was crying… and he had the gall to laugh.

Kudamon didn’t consider himself a confrontational digimon, a fact clearly stated considering his most formidable offensive maneuver was a bright flash of light that would blind his enemies giving him enough time to run away. But this… this was a different feeling. He didn’t feel like being snarky or spouting some cockamamie quote from who knows where. He didn’t feel like the smart decision would be to collect the others and run like he did before. He didn’t see a smart decision, only one decision… a decision that ultimately ended with Devidramon laying face down and not getting back up ever again.

Kudamon began to glow, but unlike before, more than his earring was radiating with light.

“Tinkermon… get Petermon and grab Fluttershy. We’re going back to the original plan of me taking care Devidramon.” The growl in his voice made the pipe-fox sound more like he was demanding her to do something rather than asking her a favor.


“Now Tinkermon.” There was an edge to his voice that made her not want to question him further.

As she flew to grab her friend, Devidramon followed her as with his eyes. “No. Your eyes should be focused on me. I have something to tell you.” Devidramon turned his gaze back towards Kudamon. “I believe there’s a saying: ‘Bullies can always be found where there are cowards.’” Devidramon snarled. “Oh you understood that one. Good, than why don’t you prove me wrong and take on some digimon your own rage-induced blood level. Because let me tell you… I am bloody mad!”

Light exploded off Kudamon, blinding Devidramon for a second time. The dragon knew what was coming next, and refused to be humiliated again by a rookie turned champion. Clenching his eyes shut and balling his fists, Devidramon lifted his arms into the air.

Kudamon Digivolve to…

Devidramon brought down his fists against the ground, cracking the earth. As the dust and light cleared, he waited to see the newly digivolved champion laying broken after his attack.


Only to hear a new deeper voice speak from behind him, then deliver a powerful kick to the back of his head.

Devidramon was sent staggering away from Fluttershy. He heard the creature who hit him land once he finally regained his balance. Turning, he quickly took note of his newest opponent.

The digimon that now stood before him resembled an animal not bigger than an average sized fox, but unlike a fox however, this creature came with a large curved blade sticking out his rear end rather than a big bushy tail. The blade was shaped like a lightning bolt, with two painted on eyes on either side of the steel. His face and body meanwhile, were covered in garb of Japanese design that no one in the area other than Fluttershy would probably be able to describe.

The fox turned his head towards his tail, and began to whisper in a soft voice to keep Devidramon from hearing. “This is the first time we’ve met, so I understand if your a bit apprehensive. But what I do know is that your will is a part of my mind, and I digivolved with one goal to complete. I know for certain we share this goal, so until this wyrm is splattered like the worthless pest he is, what do you say we forgo the greetings and get straight to work.”

Reppamon’s tail bounced up and down vertically without the aid of the rest of his body. That told him all he needed to know, and just who he could rely on to watch his backside.

Reppamon cleared the distance between them faster than Devidramon thought possible. The dragon shot his claw towards him.

”Crimson Nail!”

Only to be met with the fox leaping over his swing and landing on the back of his hand. Before he could think to shake him off, Reppamon sprung off the demon digimon’s claw and flew towards his face with his front claws barred and at the ready.

“Beast Fang Frenzy!”

Quick and random swipes were clawed into Devidramon’s muzzle as Reppamon determinedly tore at his face. The demon beast raised his claws in an attempt to squash the smaller animal between his flattened palms, but before they could connect, the fox dove between his arms before landing on the ground between his feet.

Upon removing his claws, Devidramon was flummoxed to find his query had vanished from sight.

“You aren’t exactly well-versed in fighting fast moving targets, are you?”

Devidramon turned around, surprised to find his opponent had already built a sizable distance between them in the amount of time he was able to escape his sight.

“That’s too bad, because I’m not the only thing you won’t be able to see!”

Reppamon leaped into the air using his hind legs, and swung his tail upwards at Devidramon’s body.

“Vacuum Kamaitachi!”

Before Devidramon could realize what was going on, he felt a deep set cut suddenly appear on his arm. He grasped his now bleeding wound and stared at the seeping blood in bewilderment. He didn’t even see that attack coming, it was almost like it was invisible… all he felt was a brief gust of wind then- THE WIND!

Devidramon turned back towards his opponent with a sneer. He took his hand off his wound and raised both arms into the air before swinging them down.

“Demonic Gale!”

Large curved razors of cutting wind flew towards Reppamon, obviously more slowly than his last attack considering he could see them, but definitely still fast enough to be concerning. Reppamon leaped past the first razor before jumping back to avoid the second, he slide upon the grass when both attacks had fully passed him by. “Plagiarist move...”

Devidramon raised his arm again. “...But an effective one.” Reppamon grunted.

More demonic gales shot past Reppamon, leaving the fox digimon to do little more than jump and keep his distance. As he dodged the air in rapid succession, he quickly found his continuous jumping was getting rather sloppy. More the once he felt his paws and body get nicked by the blades of air, and he shuddered to think what would happen if he misjudged his next leap any less precisely.

He needed to think of something fast or very soon Devidramon was likely going to slice him in half. Luckily, “fast” was something he seemed to have in spades at the moment.

He whispered to his tail, but kept his eyes on Devidramon in order to keep dodging his attacks. “Lie on my back and stay like that. I have an idea.”

The blade did as it was commanded and lied on Reppamon back with the rest of its body pointed upwards like a fin. Reppamon ran towards the attacks next, and dove forwards in between two of the gales. He spun like a corkscrew, collecting air and launching it forward.

“Vacuum Kamaitachi!”

The invisible blades of air flew at Devidramon again, this time like a whirlwind of razors that spread over the entirety of his body leaving no inch of his leather-suited skin uncut. Devidramon screamed towards the sky as he felt small amounts of blood seep out of every area of his body.

Reppamon landed on his front paws and immediately began running. “They say crying makes the heart lighter!” Devidramon turned his head downwards when he noticed Reppamon flying towards his chest. “But in this case…” Reppamon curled into himself from a ball with his bladed tail still sticking out. He slammed into Devirdramon’s chest and began spinning rapidly, slicing into him with a speed rivaling that of fully-powered buzz-saw. Blood shot out on both sides of the saw like a pair of geysers, and the continuous speed eventually sent the dragon flying backwards when Reppamon’s tail finally disconnected. Devidramon soared through the air before landing on his back and sliding across the grass behind him.

“...that may be because of the blood loss. Now cool yourself off, and if your still alive and capable, get out of my sight!”

Devidramon placed his claw on the ground and lifted his head to look at Reppamon.

“Haven’t had enough?”

As if to reply, Devidramon flipped onto his stomach and began to run on all fours back towards the forest. Only to see a familiar golden shine glinting before him, forcing him to halt.

“Personally, I don’t think he’s had nearly enough. But at the same time I really done with having to deal with him.”

The golden-armored digimon lifted his claw where a ball of condensed plasma was beginning to collect. Devidramon tried as quickly as he could to turn around and run, but unfortunately not before the plasma ball could fully form.

“Plasma Shoot.”

The ball fired and connected with Devidramon back, enveloping him in a bright burning orb of pure energy that ripped his body apart like the ashes left after an explosion. Once the energy dissipated, all that was left to tell of Devidramon existence was a scorched circle of grass left in his wake.

Magnamon folded his arms and shook his head. “Hopefully this time when he comes back around he grow up to be less of a nuisance.”

The Royal Knight turned his gaze towards the blood-covered fox. “I saw your fight with Devidramon. I would’ve come to your aid sooner but with my turbines broken, flight in unobtainable, and despite my physique, I’m not the fastest digimon. Thankfully you already seemed to have the situation well in hand.”

He walked over and knelt down towards Reppamon. “It was a bit more bloody then I would have liked it, but even still, the Royal Knights could use a mon like you in our ranks. Would you like to be a part of our army?”

Before Reppamon could reply, a bright glow enveloped his body and significantly reduced his size. Much to Magnamon’s surprise, a kudamon was now standing where the warrior he was addressing once stood.

What surprised him even more was the shadow the tiny pipe fox was casting. It didn’t look like him, rather it looked like a mon Magnamon had seen in the past, someone he remembered quite fondly.

“I’m sorry sir, this is an incredible honor, I assure you. But right now there’s someone I really need to check up on.” Kudamon began to run in the opposite direction, but then remembered the story Fluttershy had told him. “Her name is Fluttershy, she’s a humon. She says she knows you Sir Magnamon.”

Magnamon’s eyes widened and he immediately rose to full height. “Show me the way.”

Fluttershy had to admit she was not feeling her best. Her body ached, she was feeling light-headed, and she could remember anything past jumping at Kudamon to save him from Devidramon’s claw. She eyes shot open and she sat up immediately upon realizing the thought.

“Kudamon?! A sharp twinge of pain prodded her chest the moment she shouted.

“Hey! Hey, be careful, these bandages aren’t gonna stay in place if you keep jumping around like that.”

Fluttershy turned to see Tinkermon tightening a strip of gaze that had been wrapped around her ribs. Around her she saw Petermon, Kudamon and to her surprise Magnamon sitting, each of them fixing her with their own expression of concern.

“I’ve injected you with some of my pain-killer solution using one of my clean needles. You shouldn’t feel anymore pain for a short while, but over exert yourself and it will wear off quicker.”

“But what about Devimon? And the babies? Oh, if any of them have gotten hurt, I don’t know what I’d do.”

Petermon chuckled. “I wouldn’t worry, Fluttershy. All the baby mons are safe and soundly asleep. Well... all of them, except for this one, who’d very excited to see you.” A small green digimon hopped up and down on Petermon’s lap. It flew from its and immediately crashed into Fluttershy’s chest.

“Leafmon!~” Fluttershy hugged the baby digimon like she hadn’t seen him in years. “But you never told me what happened to Devimon?”

“He’s no longer an issue. Your little friend here saw to that.” Magnamon motioned with his eyes toward Kudamon. Fluttershy stared at the weasel digimon curiously.

“You beat Devimon? All by yourself.” Fluttershy didn’t want to sound rude, but she couldn’t bring to believe something so small could beat something so big and monstrous.

“Well, like Devimon, he did need to digivolve first.” Magnamon chuckled. Kudamon meanwhile was hiding his face with paws in a bashful attempt to hid his blush.

“He did it to save you, ya know.” Tinkermon stated with a giggle. “I don’t think he could have done it otherwise if you didn’t do what you did.”

Kudamon continued to hide his face, this time by turning his back to the teen. “I-I was only doing what was considerably wise. After all, any mon worth his pride should never leave a lady in peril.”

Before he knew it, Kudamon was plucked off the ground by a pair of soft hands. Fluttershy turned him around so his side was pointed towards her and gently placed a kiss on his cheek. “Don’t sell yourself short, it was very brave you to save me like that. I wouldn’t wish to face any other monster like that again, but I be glad to have you by my side if I did.”

Tinkermon flew up and pecked Kudamon on the cheek as well. Fluttershy giggled at her friend’s deepened blush. “Yeah. You did good this time, weasel boy.”

The other digimon and Fluttershy grew silent as Magnamon rose to his feet. “Be that as it may, I feel too many events are happening in conjunction for it to be coincidence. Humon, getting you home has just become a much higher priority. We must find your friends, because if my assumptions turn out to be true, then the effects you have on the digimon of this world could make you the targets of some very dangerous beings.”

Fluttershy shuttered. “More dangerous than Devimon..?”

“I do not wish to frighten you, but incredibly so. Luckily, you won’t just be accompanied by me, but your partner Kudamon as well.”

“M-me?!” Kudamon stuttered. “B-but I can’t just leave.”

“I’m certain the other Royal Knights would like to have a word you regarding the events that have taken place today. Besides, you wouldn’t want Ms. Fluttershy here to go out into the digital world with only one chaperon would you? Especially considering all the dangerous digimon that could be out there.”

A quick “Eep!” from Fluttershy gave Kudamon all the guilt-ridden reason he needed to go along with the Knights plan. Kudamon signed. “Well, it is a far better thing I do now, then I have ever done, and it will be a far better rest I take, when it is all over.” The weasel chuckled. “Because boy am I going to be tired in the coming days.”
Magnamon bent down and grabbed Fluttershy, before turning her over to tenderly hold her to his chest. He then lowered his hand to let Kudamon climb upwards and rest in Fluttershy’s lap.

They turned towards Tinkermon and Petermon, the latter of whom was picking Leafmon, who was being to grow sleepy.

“Goodbye Kudamon, Fluttershy.” Petermon waved. “Take care of yourselves and make sure to come back as soon as you can. I’m certain the little mons of the Village of Beginnings would be more than happy to see you again.”

Tinkermon smirked and glanced at Petermon. “But don’t think you need to hurry, I’m sure business with the Royal Knights is far more important than stopping by to visit a couple glorified babysitters.”

Magnamon nodded as both Fluttershy and Kudamon waved. The knight then turned and began walking back towards the forest, leaving the two caretakers alone and in silence like when their day began.

Tinkermon smiled widely and fluttered seductively towards her sword-wielding friend. She laid down on his shoulder and quietly whispered in his ear. “So… where were we?

Some crying in the distance drew both of their attention. “...Child care.” He answered.

Tinkermon huffed and started to fly after him. “Never a moments peace. Should just call this place ‘Neverland’, because I never get what I want...” She continued to grumble as both made their way into the valley of cradles.

Unbeknownst to anyone present however, someone was watching them from above. The Hippogriffmon scratched at his ear disinterestedly, as he watched the knight walk away. He pivoted in the air and turned towards the sea.

He had some very interesting news to tell his brothers when he finally got back to the realm of demons.

Author's Note:

(I can't control the length of these chapters, I just can't) :applejackunsure:

A little more plot in this one, if a bit more lengthy. I hope you guys enjoy it and have a great rest of your week while I'm gone.

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