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Equestria Girls: Digital Destiny - EquestrianTwist

When the girls of Canterlot High are pulled into a strange new world, what awaits them on the other side? Are these new children the heroes this world seeks? Do they have what its takes to save the Digital World?

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The Friend

Pinkie Pie by no means had ever considered herself dumb. In most cases, she even considered herself a person of moderately above average intelligence, and some might argue even higher given strange amount of insight she tended to have in most situations. Knowing this about herself, Pinkie found she couldn’t help but mentally kick her own behind for doing something as stupid as throwing a magical computer portal at the monster that was attacking her friends. She had watched enough cartoons to see where their story was going, and she hated herself for not realizing it sooner.

Pinkie didn’t think much about her situation. She was falling out of the sky towards the ground, it wasn’t like she hadn’t done this before. Skydiving was one of her favorite hobbies when she could afford it. Though this was the first time she attempted free falling without a parachute…

...eh, the story’s only about a few chapters in, she knew she couldn’t die this early in the adventure. She briefly considered her death being a catalyst for her friends, urging them to go on a world-traveling journey to find a way home and console her grieving parents and sisters who had tragically lost their daughter/sibling to strange and unidentified alien-

Those thoughts left her mind the moment she felt her head break through the surface of water.

Pinkie’s eyes grew wide, then immediately snapped shut as vast amounts of salt bombarded her corneas. She gasped, feeling the collision knock the air out of her and forcing her to breath in water. She tried to struggle, swim even, but found her body was going lax. Crashing through the water must have given her a concussion or something. Her eyes began to flutter shut, the only thing she could see was the waves rippling above her as the sun beat down in the center of the sky.

Her eyes squinted, her consciousness now almost completely gone. She briefly considered that she might actually die here, drowned in parallel world she didn’t even get to see. She then noticed a featureless black figure swimming above her, before diving down in her direction.

As the figure got bigger and grew closer to her body, she couldn’t help but smile with mirth.

“I knew it…” She thought, closing eyes completely before letting herself get taken by the calm darkness of the sea.

Pinkie awoke sometime later, laying on the beach in front of a fire and was wrapped in large palm fronds like she had just been tightly tucked into bed.

She looked at her wrapped body, then turned towards the fire. She then looked back at her immobile body with a great deal of concern. “Okay…” She assessed to herself. “...either somebody saved me and is currently trying to dry my wet booty off, or they’re trying to cook me and make a giant Pinkie-in-a-blanket.” She sighed in annoyance. “This adventure is really starting to stink.”

She heard something coming over the bend as a few sharp sounds of twigs braking underfoot hit her ears. Pinkie turned her head towards the forest growing some distance away. Something large was coming towards her it the sounds of it clawed feet scraping the ground were any indication. It also seemed to be… singing?

“...If I had just one last wish, a would like a slow-cooked fish~” The creature smacking its lips, did not ease Pinkie’s panicked mind as it grew closer. In desperation, Pinkie quickly tried to leap herself up onto her feet. Unfortunately, being wrapped up tighter than Twilight in a good book, made the task almost near impossible. Eventually Pinkie just decided to forgo her attempts at hoping away, and instead flipped onto her stomach and tried to squirm away like a bird of prey.

The creature continued to sing. “...so long, so long, so long, so long~” But the sounds of Pinkie wriggling through the sand soon caught his attention. “Oh hey, you’re awake?”

“AH!” Pinkie and began to wriggle faster.

“Wait, come back!” The creature’s feet crunched against the sand as he chased after her. “I’m not going to hurt you!”

Despite her desperate attempts to get away, it didn’t take long for the digimon to catch up. Pinkie curled up in fear as the creature loomed over her. “Please don’t eat me…” She whimpered.

“Hold still.” The creature responded. Pinkie felt a sharp claw press gently against the back of her neck. She then tensed up as the claw slowly glided down the center of her back and all the past the bottoms of her toes. The tight palm wrapping that had been squeezing her suddenly began to grow loose until Pinkie she could escape from it completely, like a butterfly from a cocoon.

“There ya go. You know you really shouldn’t go swimming when you have things on you.” The creature explained. “Extra things just pull you underwater faster. Like this one time I tried going swimming with my favorite rock, I nearly drowned… plus I lost my rock.”

Pinkie turned around to look at the creature that was addressing her. It looked like Dorumon, but instead of fur its body was covered in red and black scales, and a pair of tiny wings seemed to be growing out the back of its head. White scales covered its belly and chest, and the black ones were patterned in such a way that he looked like he was covered from head to toe in tattoos. It raised to its full height, the top of its head reaching up to meet Pinkie’s shoulders, as it into her eyes with it’s own amber ones.

Pinkie looked confused. “So you’re not going to eat me?”

The creature shook its head. “Uh-Uh.” The creature began to think about what Pinkie was asking. “Did you want me too? Because I don’t know how I feel about that...”

Upon hearing the question, Pinkie found she couldn’t keep herself from giggling. “Of course not, silly. Nobody wants to be eaten.”

Her words seem to come as a surprise to the creature. “Oh!” He turned back towards the fire. “Then I think some fish are really going to be mad at me.”

Pinkie gigglied louder. “That’s a good one. You’re funny.”

The creature looked back at her in confusion. “I don’t like it when other digimon are mad at me. It makes me feel bad, and I don’t think you should be laughing at the fish.”

Pinkie narrowed her brows concernedly, her heart felt like it was swelling. His words had come off sounding so sweet and sincere that she swore she had just gotten a cavity. He talked just like a little kid, and she felt the need to console him because of it.

“Hey, hey, it's okay. Somethings are okay with being eaten, because they know they’ll be helping someone else by feeding them. I’m sure those fish are really really happy that there helping you.”

The creature looked back at the fire, then back at Pinkie. He smiled at her. “Then I’m still a good danshi?”

Pinkie needed to protect that smile. “Whatever that means, yes! You are the goodest danshi! And let nobody tell you otherwise!”

He looked down at the ground, trying to hide a blush from the girl that complimented him. “Thank you, you’re a really nice kanojo.” After regaining his composure, he turned on his heels and began trotting towards the fire.

“My fish should almost be done cooking, and your clothes should almost be dry. I’m okay with sharing if you like.”

Pinkie blinked, then looked down to notice she was completely bare to the world. “Eep!” She shot her arms over her most private of areas and shot towards the fire.

Less than a minute later, Pinkie was dressed and seated on the sand with a bright blush covering her already pink face. She thought she could feel a breeze, she just didn’t put it together when she thought she was going to be eaten. What was worse was that he saw everything. At least she thought he was a he based on the way his voice sounded. He really must have been a little kid, because he didn’t react at all to her body like some of the boys from Canterlot High would. She felt relieved that his innocence made the situation a little less embarrassing.

“Here you go!~” The digimon cheered. “This is a Swimmon. They’re my favorite.” What was held in front of her was a colorful, diamond-shaped fish with long fins and and a bird-like beak on the front of its body. It was skewered on a stick, probably what he was out in the forest collecting, and charred to a nice golden brown.

Pinkie swallowed nervously. She never had eaten a fish cooked raw over a fire before, not even at Camp Everfree. Even still, it wasn’t like she could turn it down. That would be rude, and nobody would ever call Pinkamena Diane Pie rude! Naive, scatterbrained, and maybe somewhat careless, but never rude!

Pinkie proudly took a giant bite out of her offered fish, and to her surprise found its flavors exploding in mouth like a bright flash of fireworks in the sky. ”Wow! This is Fan-terrifi-tastic!” She exclaimed taking another mammoth bite.

The digimon nodded and ate his own fish in only three chomps of his own gigantic jaws. “I know right!” He replied. “I try to eat at least three of these a day. Not only are they scrum-diddly-licious, but a smart mon I know says their also brain food! So someday, if I eat enough, I might be able to answer every question ever!”

Pinkie giggled. “My friend Twilight says the same thing about fish.”

The digimon looked at her curiously. “Is she a smart mon too?”

Pinkie shrugged nonchalantly. “Sorta-kinda… she’s the smartest person I know, but she’s not really a digimon. She’s human like me.”

The digimon tilted his head. “Hu… mon? I’ve never met a humon before.” He sauntered up to her and began sniffing her clothes. “That story Wizardmon read me said they all disappeared a long time ago.”

Pinkie chuckled as she was tickled by his snout. “Get off me, you silly gator.” She pushed him gently sending him falling backwards onto his rump. “At least ask me my name first before ya start smelling me.”

The digimon’s eyes widened in excitement. “Oh! Okay. What’s your name kanojo-san?”

“I’m Pinkie Pie, what’s your name?”

“I’m Guilmon. It’s really nice to meet you Pinkie-chan!”

Before Pinkie could get anymore words out in edgewise, a large plum of water shot out of the ocean and landed on their fire, soaking them both straight down to the bone.

“Aw… and I just got dry! Alright, who’s the pranking jerky-pants who thought that this would be funny!”

“He’s over there.” Guilmon explained, pointing out to sea where a large pointed object was raising out of the water. Upon parting, the water gave way to what resembled a giant spiked shell with and opening near the bottom roughly the size of a two-car garage door.

Two massive fists squeezed out of the opening like to giant wades of putty being pushed through a tube. They were followed by an equally viscous-looking body and head with giant blue eyes and dirty green tentacles growing out of its scalp. A monsterous fusion of a sea snail and dinosaur was now staring at the spot beach where both the girl and digimon were sitting, and he didn’t looked none too plussed to be seeing them there.

Reeling back, he shifted forward releasing a loud and clearly hostile roar. Both Pinkie and Guilmon stared at him in confusion.

“What’s he so cranky about?” Pinkie questioned.

“He says we’re getting footprints all over his nice clean beach.” Guilmon stated. Pinkie stared at him. “Oh, I understand primal roar.”

The giant shell-monster slammed it’s fists against the ocean’s surface sending to large towers of water flying haphazardly into the sky.

“Now he’s saying this transgression can not go without rebuke, and that we will pay dearly for the sullying his property.”

Pinkie’s brows narrowed in a contemplative expression. “Sounds like something Rarity would say…” She mumbled.

“Is she another friend of yours?”

“Yes actually, she’s-”

“Spin Shellder!”

Before Pinkie could get out another word, the giant mollusk retracted into its shell and began spinning like a violent top. The giant shell started to float due to the speed of the spin, and shot across the water in zig-zag pattern straight for Pinkie and Guilmon.

Upon seeing this, both Pinkie and Guilmon ran for the left side of the beach, barely avoiding the giant shell as it collided with their smothered fire and buried its base halfway into the sand.
The slimy body of the digimon pulled itself out of the opening in the shell, and glared hatefully down at the digimon and girl standing below it. It bellowed a deep and beast-like groan.

“He said, that Shellmon is going to smash us.” Guilmon stated. The creature, now identified as Shellmon lifted its fist over Pinkie.

“Do you think you can talk him out of it, Guilmon?” Pinkie asked, shaking under the shadow of the monster shell-fish’s appendage.

“I can’t speak primal roar.” Guilmon was ashamed to admit. “I know what he’s saying, but I can’t tell him to do anything. I’m sorry.”

Shellmon’s fist came down just above Pinkie, she knelt down and covered her head ready to accept the inevitable. Only to feel something bite down on the bottom of her skirt and pull her backwards before the blow could connect. Pinkie felt her feet leave the ground, before landing roughly on her bottom on something that felt much harder than sand. She looked down to see she was now sitting on Guilmon’s back.

“Hold on!” The smaller digimon shouted. “I’ve never let anymon ride bareback on me before.”

He turned on his heels and ran towards the other side of the beach away from Shellmon, the speed of his turn actually forcing Pinkie to fall forward and grip onto his neck to make sure she didn’t fall off.

Shellmon roared, before using his hands to grasp the sand and pull himself forwards after his escaping prey. However, he was nowhere near fast enough to catch the two, so with an annoyed growl he decided to change up him tactics.

“Hydro Pressure!”

A large plum of water fired out of the top of Shellmon’s head and flew like a missile past Guilmon and Pinkie before colliding with the sand, sending an explosion of scattered sediment flying everywhere.

“Hydro Pressure!”

“Hydro Pressure!”

Two more shots fired, which Guilmon was barely able to avoid. The flying sand was now beginning to block both their vision, the two both realized that they weren’t going to make anymore heading going in the direction they were. Pinkie turned her head and noticed the forest off their right.

“Guilmon! The forest! He can’t follow us there!” Guilmon looked towards the forest before nodding in agreement.

“Okay, Pinkie-chan!”

Guilmon darted to the right, forcing Shellmon to change his line of sight. Upon noticing the two heading for the treeline, the larger digimon decided to change tactics yet again.

He pulled himself back into his shell and began to spin. He began to rise off the ground, and fired for the trees right where Guilmon was running.

“Drill Shell!”

He collided with the outer trees of the forest before Guilmon could even reach them. Guilmon skid to a halt as the monstrous mollusk pulled itself out of the shell right in front of him.


Shellmon punched Guilmon before he could finish stating his attack. The blow sent Guilmon flying backwards and into a deeper part of the ocean, while Pinkie was sent flying into air before landing in Shellmon’s open fist. He squeezed her, Pinkie feeling every inch of her body getting covered by viscous snail slime.

It was unpleasant, but currently her focus was only on the digimon who hadn’t yet come back up for air. Pinkie squirmed and tried to get herself free. “Let me go you stinky shellfish!” She screamed. “He’ll drown if someone doesn’t do something to save him!”

Shellmon seemed to like this idea as he chuckled and clenched his fist even tighter. He opened his maw shocking wide and slowly began to move Pinkie towards it. “Why does everything want to eat me?!” She grew closer and closer with each agonizingly slow second. She was nearly about to touch its tongue when she realized she was all out of options.

She closed her eyes and screamed. “GUILMON! HELP ME!”

An explosion of light shot out of the ocean near the shore, before transforming into a beam that seemed to part the water creating a large hole.

A shout could be heard emanating from the hole in the sea.

“Guilmon Digivolve to…”

The beam extinguished, allowing the sea to crash back in on itself before exploding outwards as a much larger creature burst out of the waves.


The new digimon looked almost identical to Guilmon, except his body was far more muscular and a pair of diagonal horns and sharp curved blades were sticking out the sides of his forehead and forearms respectively. The black rings and designs scattered across his body had now become far more ornate, some even glowing golden sigils spanning around the rings. His eyes had become far more predatory, to the point that Pinkie almost didn’t recognize them. They no longer shinned with that wonder she saw when she first met the doey-eyed dinosaur, instead they were replaced with the eyes of a beast.

Growlmon stared down at Shellmon like a lion would stare down a cornered antelope. The mollusk digimon physically trembled, actually dropping Pinkie Pie as all his focus turned towards the monster now standing before him.

Growlmon stomped out of the water, and began to charge the shelled-digimon. Shellmon jumped back in surprise, before firing a plum of water as if on instinct.

Growlmon didn’t even avoid the blast, instead deciding to run right through it like it were nothing more then a shot from a squirt gun. Shellmon roared in fear as it saw the monster emerge from the jet of water. It tried to return to its shell, only to feel the hard whap of Growlmon’s tail collide with his cheek.

“Dragon spine!”

Shellmon flew over the beach and landed on its side, the force of the impact burying half of his shell in the sand. He hazily shook his head as he looked back towards Growlmon. As his vision cleared, he noticed the larger digimon was charging him again. Shellmon smirked, this time he was ready for him.

Shellmon retracted into his shell and waited, as Growlmon leapt into the upon it. He clawed and he scraped at the shell like a wild animal trying to tear through a tortoise. Inside the shell, Shellmon smiled and enacted his plan.

“Drill Shell!”

Shellmon’s shell spun at ludicrous speeds with Growlmon still standing on top of it. The surated and spiked sides of the shell cut into Growlmon’s body like a grinder, easily cutting through his thick scales and several noticeable cuts on his chest and stomach. The spinning continued until Growlmon was eventually thrown into the air and was launched back over towards the other side of the beach.

Pinkie shot her hands over her mouth as she watched Growlmon collide powerfully with the sand. She ran towards him, starting to see the blood seep off him from the wounds on his body.

“Guilmon!” She shouted. Only to hear deep guttural laughing bellow out from behind her. She turned to see Shellmon still spinning, but now in such a way that it dug its body out of the sand and positioned it back onto its base. The shell suddenly shot towards her and Pinkie screamed.

The shell stopped spinning as Shellmon sprouted out from the opening and aimed its maw for her. Pinkie closed her eyes as it flew towards her.

Then she heard a loud stomp, and a large gush of stand blew by her.

Pinkie opened her eyes to see Shellmon pressed against the sand with a large crimson-scaled foot holding him down. Pinkie looked up and saw Growlmon standing defiantly above her.

“Guilmon!” She cheered, before rushing forwards to and hugging his now monumental leg. “Your okay!”

Growlmon looked down and gave Pinkie a warm smile, his dilating back to the way she remembered them when they had first met. “I’m Growlmon now, Pinkie-chan.” He growled in a much deeper voice.

“You can be whatever you want, big guy.” She stated hugging closer to his shin. She soon released the hug and turned towards the other digimon currently trapped under Growlmon’s foot.

Pinkie smiled mischievously. “Now what do you say we send this big meanie back where he belongs…”

A large snort of steam exited out of Growlmon’s nostrils causing Shellmon to sweat. “Okay…” He leaned down and looked Shellmon in the eye. “Tell me, are you mad at me?” Shellmon didn’t respond. I don’t like it when other digimon are mad at me. Because when they get mad...“ He lifted his foot and dug it beneath the sand, right under Shellmon’s body. “...I get mad back!”

He kicked upwards sending Shellmon flipping end over upwards into the air. The digimon retracted into his shell, just Growl spun and whacked it with the broadside of his tail.

“Dragon spine!”

The shell cracked and was sent flying towards the ocean.

“Exhaust Flame!”

A large scorching burst of flame was fired from Growlmon’s maw with a roar. It soared over the seas until it collided with Shellmon’s shell, setting it ablaze and launching it farther until finally crashing into the ocean miles away from shore.

Pinkie jumped into the air and cheered. “Oh yeah! You did it! Who’s the dragon?! You the dragon?! Who’s bad?! Who’s bad?! You bad! You bad!”

Growlmon became enveloped in a bright blinding light before shrinking back down to his original state. Guilmon stared up at her in confusion.

“But I thought I was a good Danshi?”

Pinkie wrapped him up in the tightest hug he had ever experience. “The goodest!”

Guilmon winced under the force of her hug. “Thank you, Pinkie-chan. But your opening my wounds.”

Pinkie gasped, and immediately let him go. “Your right! We have to get you cleaned up immediately!” She looked down and noted how her body was also covered in blood, as well as sand and viscous digi-snail slime. “For that matter, I need a bath too.”

Without a second thought, Pinkie began to strip off her clothes much to Guilmon’s bewilderment. “I thought you were embarrassed to have others see you naked? Should I look away?”

“Naw, we’re friends now, and that means you have special privileges.” After removing every article of clothing from her person, Pinkie waded them up and tossed them into the sea water to let them soak. “Besides, I know you wouldn’t do anything pervy. Your to sweet and innocent to do anything like that.” She petted him on the head, earning a happy wage of his tail for her efforts.

“...like cotton candy?” He asked. Pinkie couldn’t help but giggle at the perfect comparison.

“Silly gator…” She replied. “Come on the last one in is a stinky Shellmon!” Pinkie bolted towards the surf before cannonballing into the deeper water. Guilmon wagged his tail and eagerly followed after her.

“Wait for me, Pinkie-chan!”

Author's Note:

For those of you who don't know, Danshi, Kanojo, and Chan are all terms used when addressing other people in Japanese. I wanted to give Guilmon a distinct quirk that would help characterize him as a child, and because I thought turning him into a little Japanese boy would be cute~ :twilightsmile:

When translated these terms mean:
- Danshi: a moderately old boy, particularly used to describe students in middle school
- Kanojo: standard polite word for talking about mainly girls and younger women
- Chan: coming from the suffix "San" (which is used to describes titles like Mr, Mrs and Miss is conversation), Chan is a more affectionate term, used mainly with friends, family members and children

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