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Equestria Girls: Digital Destiny - EquestrianTwist

When the girls of Canterlot High are pulled into a strange new world, what awaits them on the other side? Are these new children the heroes this world seeks? Do they have what its takes to save the Digital World?

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The Fighter

The first thing Rainbow Dash noticed when she exited the portal, was that her body and limbs were no longer stretched out for what seemed like miles as she flew backwards through a twisting tunnel of changing colors and blinding light. Her body had returned to its regular proportions, and though this was relieving for the first few seconds, her next realization caused those rising feelings of optimism to take an immediate nose dive.

As the portal steadily grew smaller and smaller within her area of vision, she noticed a few things that could be considered “alarming”. For one, there seemed to be an unsettling amount of blue sky surrounding the portal as it continued shrink before her, and a large amount of blustering wind was continuing to whip against her back with no sign of end.

After a quick shift in her positioning--in this case, a full turn of her body--Rainbow Dash found the source of the odd sensations that were currently afflicting her. She could not say however, she was happy in the least to have found them.

Rainbow could now see that she was plummeting downwards like a skydiver who had forgotten their parachute, and what was worse was that there looked to be a large stone mountain waiting just below to meet her... more than likely, face first.

Rainbow Dash was struck silent as the full scope of the situation hit her. Her pupils shrank as she racked her brain for any appropriate response to give in the moment. Her body was beginning to reach terminal velocity and the air blasting past her ears was starting to sound like the inside of a wind tunnel. Soon enough she made up her mind, and decided to go with the most fitting response she could think of...

...She screamed bloody murder as every moment of her short, insignificant, seventeen year-old life flashed before her eyes.

Meanwhile down below, on a large outcropped ledge jutting out from the side of the mountain, a small digimon was at work pushing together a few dense boulders just below the shadow of a much taller cliff.

"And... perfect!" The digimon chuckled as he shoved the final boulder into place at the end of the line. His mouth spread open by a wide grin, he shot towards the cliff wall behind him with all the speed of an over-excited mountain climber.

He leaped onto the wall and began climbing towards the top. It took him little effort to complete his ascent, and upon reaching his perch at the top, decided to marvel at the latest fruits of his hard work by gazing over the edge. The boulders he had been moving were each placed an equal distance apart in plain view of the cliff he now stood upon. With a smirk, he stepped back a few feet before falling forward into a sprinter-like stance. Without hesitation, he rushed forward and leaped into the air, directly over the edge of the cliff, and fell downwards head-first like a blue lightning bolt shot down from heavens.

"Vee Head Drop!"

He bashed his skull against the first boulder in the line, managing to dig his way through it thanks to the shear force of his fall, before colliding with the mountain shelf on the other side. The rock exploded outwards, the once mighty boulder had somehow been reduced to nothing more than a field of scattered chunks of stone. The small digimon pulled his head out of the hole he had just dug, and shook the rest of the excess rubble clean from his ears.

He brushed himself off as he picked himself up, mentally congratulating himself for smashing the boulder so completely on his first try. He then rushed back towards the cliff and began to climb back up it once again.

Upon reaching the top, he looked out over the ledge and marveled at the results of his seismic entrance. He scratched his chin in thought as he looked over his latest show of force. "Hmm... it's a good start, but I could definitely make the hole deeper with the next one." He thought. "I know from experience my head is hard enough."

He turned around and strutted towards the other side of the cliff, only stopping when his back was firmly planted against the stone wall of the mountain’s face. A determined grin stretched from ear to ear. He eyed the edge of the cliff and lowered himself into the same starting stance he had taken before.

"I'm gonna take down half the entire mountain with this one." He licked his lips in anticipation. "I can feel it in my code!~"

He pushed himself off the wall with his feet, breaking into a quick sprint. Before he could make the jump however, he was staggered to halt when a faint sound similar to screaming came billowing out the sky.

The digimon blinked, then looked upwards towards the open air. His eyes widened in surprise when he caught sight of a long haired female falling face first towards the boulders he had setup below. The digimon shook his head as tried to fathom what was going on.

"Okay... so the only digimon who can get up here either have wings, or are at least decent climbers." He glanced back up at the female and noticed her severe lack of wings. "But she doesn't have any wings… and yet she's still falling from the sky?" He scratched his head in confusion, trying to ponder further how the girl’s situation could’ve occured. It was only seconds after her falling past his vantage point, that the digimon was reminded of her imminent peril.

"Whoops!” He shouted, turning on his heels. “Hero time!" He jumped from edge of the cliff and dove towards the girl, colliding with her midsection upon closing the distance.

The digimon twisted her around his body until she laid bridal-style in his arms and against his chest. Rainbow blinked upon seeing her savior. “What the hell!” The digimon smirking back at her in response.

“It’s called a rescue sweetie.~” Shifting his body until his back was level with the ground, he braced for impact as his body collided with the second boulder he had planned to smash.

Like the first, the second boulder was decimated beyond any recognition of its previous shape. But unlike the first however, the hole that was dug by the two’s combined reentry was several feet deeper than the hole left behind when the digimon had made the jump alone. Unconsciousness followed, as both of their worlds soon faded to black.

Twenty minutes later, Rainbow Dash found herself seated on a small rock as she silently plucked small pieces of stone shrapnel out of her rescuer's back and hindquarters. It was an awkward situation for them both to be sure, and on a personal level Rainbow was glad none of her friends were around to see her doing this.

As she worked, Rainbow decided to focus her gaze on the body of the digimon, taking note of the small creature's appearance. She could tell he was some sort of reptile, with blue scales similar to the shade of her own skin and a slightly chiseled physique that made it clear he liked to keep in shape. She thought he sort of resembled the digimon in gold armor she and her friends saw back in the junkyard before they were all sucked into the portal. The thought focused her attention towards the fate of her friends. She was beginning to worry about what may have happened to them after exiting the portal. Remembering her own rough landing, she started to fear they could even be seriously hurt.

She turned her attention back towards the digimon laying across her lap. She noticed that while in her distracted state of mind, she had managed to pull out all the pieces of stone from the digimon's body... except for one. A rather large stone piece was still stuck near the lower base of his tail. Rainbow Dash grimaced at the stone's awkward placement and tentatively wrapped her fingers around it.

"We've got one piece left to go, and it seems pretty stuck in there..." She stated as she wiggled the rock. "I'm going to pull it out quick, so you may want to bite down on something."

The digimon nodded, before picking up flat rounded stone and shoving it in his mouth.

Rainbow yanked on rock, pulling it out of the digimon's thick hide and leaving only a relatively small gash in its place. This did not however reduce the fact that the removal process was still incredibly painful.

"YOW!" The digimon jumped out Rainbow's lap and landed on his feet, his hands rubbing his keister feverishly as if he had just been dealt a savage paddling. He spat out the rock and glanced at his butt to check for any permanent damage. A dispirited frown soon spread across his muzzle as saw the wound the stone shrapnel had left behind.

"Yep, pooping is gonna to be a trial for the next few days." He turned his gaze back towards Rainbow Dash before putting an immediate stop to his inappropriate behavior. "Sorry, forgot whose company I was in for a minute there." He stated with a modest blush.

Rainbow only shrugged in response. "Like I give a crap." The digimon quirked an eyebrow in surprise, before chuckling at her joke. The girls he usually met in his travels didn't act this way when he made a crass comment like that. It felt oddly refreshing to see one acting this way, and it definitely made her seem more relatable in the short amount of time he knew her.

The digimon lifted himself to his full height, allowing Rainbow a full view of his body. He stood at roughly half her height, with a large skull and crimson eyes. His belly covered in white scales that traveled upwards over his chest and across his muzzle before stopping at the bridge of his nose. Above that was a large golden “V”, prominently displayed in the center of his forehead. Of all his features it was this one that seemed to draw her attention the most.

She stared at him for a second, measuring him up. "So what's your name?" Rainbow Dash asked, folding her arms in front of her chest.

The digimon smirked at the question, then pointed his thumb back at himself in a cocky stance. "The name's V-mon, it's short for Veemon. If you haven’t heard of me yet, don’t worry you’ll have time to learn. I’m considered a pretty big deal by the other mons around the island."

Rainbow Dash lifted her gaze so she could see out into the horizon beyond the mountain top. She noticed that Veemon was indeed correct about them being on an island, as a vast encompassing sea--surrounding a large area of lush trees and a shimmering shoreline--covered everything she could perceive from her current vantage point.

In that moment, her mind went back to her thoughts about her friends and their whereabouts. Now that she knew that they were all on an island, she assumed finding them would become a whole lot easier. After all, if creatures like Veemon and Dorumon were any indication, human teens in a world like this should stick out pretty easily.

Rainbow turned her attention back towards Veemon so she could respond. "My name's Rainbow Dash." She smiled. "Thanks for saving me back there."

Veemon’s mouth spread into a flat smile, and he closed his eyes as he intertwined his fingers behind the back of his head. "Yeah, it was no big deal. Just doin' what any other self-respecting digimon would do when they see a lady-mon in danger." Veemon's eyes reopened half way, as he shot his damsel a sultry look.

Rainbow's brows rose up in surprise, before knitting back down in annoyance. "Are you... hitting on me?!"

Veemon shrugged nonchalantly in response. "Well it ain't everyday that an Angewomon just drops out of the sky and lands in my lap, now is it?"

"Weren't you the one laying in my lap?" Rainbow shot back flatly.

"Well I sorta caught you in a sitting position, so we could say there was bit of equal lap action going on."

Rainbow Dash's face reddened like a fresh tomato as she grit her in teeth in anger. "Okay, no. Just no. I’m out of here."

She pushed past Veemon and stormed towards the edge of the cliff. Upon stopping she looked down to see if there was any way to descend the rocky face without risk of falling. Finding none, and groaning because of it, Rainbow turned her head left and right to see if there was any other way down. She noticed a gentle incline leading down the side of the mountain to her left, which she eagerly began heading towards.

Veemon watched as the rainbow-haired girl left him behind to start her way down the mountain. He scowled at her, deciding right then and there that he didn't like that she was ignoring him.

"Where do you think your going?! This isn't the way you're supposed to treat the mon who saved your life! You owe me!"

Rainbow hunched her shoulders in response. "You asked me to pick rocks out of your ass before you even told me your name!" She shouted. "Anything I owed you went out the window the moment I decided to help you!"

Veemon was flabbergasted. He had never met a girl like this before. "Oh yeah!" He shouted back. "Well bad news for you lady! I don't give up so easily, and I hate being told no!" He ran after the girl until he could reach her and keep pace with her walking speed.

Rainbow looked back at the little digimon currently tailing her. "Get away from me!" She shouted. "I have other things to worry about without having to babysit you."

"Trust me sweetie, you ain't gonna be the one doing the babysitting when we actually get off Mt. Infinity. There's a lot of nasty customers waiting below for pretty faces like you to stroll on by, and believe you me, your gonna be happy I decided grace you with my presence when that happens."

Rainbow growled and clenched her fists. "I can handle myself!" She wrapped her fingers around her geode as if telling Veemon that it would protect her, even though he had no idea the stone held any sort of power. "Now leave me alone!"

“Mon, I hate it when chicks get catty like this…” Veemon mumbled. He glanced at Rainbow out of the corner of his eye, she wasn't glaring at him so she probably didn't hear what he said. He quirked an eyebrow at her. "But the way she does it isn't really that bad. She isn't all whiny, and she's shouting at me like she thinks she could actually take me on.” Veemon rolled his eyes at the thought. "As if."

Veemon stretched his arms into the air then lazily folded them behind his head. "So why were you in the sky anyways, toots?" He asked with a pair of bored half-lidded eyes.

Rainbow Dash felt her shoulders sag as some of her irritation started to ebb away. Clearly she was going to be stuck with this scaly-skinned pig for a little while longer, so she should at least spark some kind of conversation or risk having to listen to more of his pick-up lines.

"A portal dropped me off here after a digimon from your world tried to kidnap my friend."

Veemon whistled in astonishment. "Jeez, portal jumpin's no joke. Especially when you're not expecting it." He turned his head sideways so he could look at Rainbow Dash. "Where ya from? Witchelny? The Iliad? I've personally never been, but I've heard good things about the digimon who live there."

The question actually made Rainbow stop and give pause. She turned towards Veemon and gave him a confused look. "What? I'm not a digimon, I'm human."

"Ha!" Veemon snorted. "Good one. But your pronouncing it wrong. It's Hu-mon, with an 'o' instead of an 'a'."

Rainbow Dash blinked a few times in confusion. "But I am human, and I am pronouncing it right! It's you and that Devimon who tried to kidnap Dorumon who are saying it wrong."

Veemon laughed again. "Yeah right!" He challenged. "Hu-MONS haven't been seen in the digital world for a thousand years or something, and there's no real evidence that they were ever really here to begin with."

He folded his arms in front of his chest and smirked confidently. "Don't try to complicate your jokes with unnecessary details, other digimon will see you trying to fool them from a mile away." He waggled his finger at the prism haired teen for good measure. This made Rainbow Dash see red.

"You cocky little..." She grumbled. "Do you take anything seriously?!"

"That depends. If the situation is serious enough for me to take it seriously, then it’s got to be a pretty serious situation... and I mean that, seriously."

Rainbow Dash growled and released an aggravated roar that would scare most grizzly bears away as she through her arms towards the sky.

"UUUGGGHHH!" She marched down the path, stomping like a five-year old throwing a temper-tantrum.

"Was it something I said?" Veemon asked.

"It's everything you said!" Rainbow shouted. She reached another widely spaced ledge jutting out from the mountain before she noticed Veemon was still trailing behind her. She stopped and turned to look at him. Veemon fell to his knees and folded his hands together as if praying at her feet.

"Baby please, don't go!" He joked. "I know we both said a few things we're not proud of, but we can fix that! We just need to talk it out... maybe feel it out?" The way his eyebrows bounced suggestively made it clear to Rainbow what his intentions were, which instantly pushed her over the edge.

Leaning down, she scooped up a rock and chucked it at Veemon's head. "GET OUT OF MY LIFE!" In surprise, Veemon ducked, just nearly missing the stone as it flew over his head and collided with a large spiky boulder sitting just behind him.

The rock bounced harmlessly off the side of the boulder, but that does not mean the boulder remained undisturbed. The boulder started to rumble and shake as four gigantic legs sprouted out from four holes at its base and lifted itself out of the dirt. A large reptilian head popped out from the side of the boulder and opened its baby blue eyes. The eye most pointed at them turned it's gaze in their direction. It was at this point that Rainbow Dash realized that she was staring at a giant tortoise.

The tortoise turned its head and looked down at the rock that bounced off its shell, then turned its head back up to look at Veemon and the girl who had thrown it.

Its eyes narrowed. Veemon chuckled nervously. "Umm... She did it."

Rainbow was dumbfounded. "What the hell?" Veemon only shrugged in response.

The monster roared, scaring both the teen and digimon off their feet, but not for long as both immediately shot back up running when the giant beast began to charge. The two ran back up the mountain with the tortoise hot on their heels. "What is that thing?!" Rainbow Dash shouted.

"He's Tortomon! Remember those nasty customers I told you about? Well he's one of them, AND BOY IS HE NASTY!"

The two soon reached the ledge where they had first met and ever sooner came across a horrifying discovery, they’d run out of places to run. They both skidded to a halt, stopping just at the edge of the cliff overlooking a thousand foot drop to the forested ground below. They turned around and saw Tortomon blocking their only other pathway down.

Veemon walked out in front of Rainbow Dash. "Listen buddy, I know you’re upset. But we can talk about this. You clearly take pride in your shell--as you should, it looks fantastic--but squashing us isn't going to make that dent go away. Tell you what, let us get some rags, you give us some time and we'll buff that right out for ya. Afterwards we can call things even and be on our separate ways. What do ya say?"

Tortomon raised up on his hind legs and slammed his front feet forcefully against the mountain stone. He roared giving Veemon his answer. Veemon chuckled before slamming his fist into his open palm. "Then I guess we're doing this the hard way."

Veemon charged the larger digimon and leapt into air.

"Volley Kick!"

He landed his foot against Tortomon's head with a powerful aerial kick. The tortoise's head shifted to the left from the force of the blow, disorienting the beast but otherwise doing nothing to move it from its spot in their way. Veemon landed on the ground again, then leapt back into the air to deliver a strong uppercut into Tortomon's lower jaw.

"Vee Punch!"

Tortomon's head shot upwards, but again did nothing to move him from his current place of resting. Tortomon shook his his head, clearly aggravated and somewhat dizzy. He glared down at the rookie digimon standing at his feet.

Veemon placed his hands on his hips and smirked confidently back up at the monster. "You had enough? Or do ya need another dose of shellshock?"

Tortomon answered by slamming his right claw into Veemon's left temple, and sending the smaller digimon flying into the stone wall a short distance away.

"Shell Phalanx!"

Large stones launched off of Tortomon's back like missiles out of a silo, and flew through the air in much the same way before colliding with the hole where Veemon had impacted. Rainbow Dash screamed out his name in horror. "VEEMON!"

Her scream alerted Tortomon, who soon moved his attention towards her. He stomped his way over towards the girl. Rainbow raised her hand and grasped her geode, but didn't notice the familiar warmth that came from it whenever she used her powers. She tried running to the left, but to her surprise, she found that Tortomon was already blocking her. She tried running to the right, but again Tortomon blocked her. It was only then that she made the chilling discovery that her super speed was gone.

Rainbow Dash backpedaled as fast as she could as Tortomon grew closer. She sped backwards until she found her standing at the edge of the cliff with Tortomon bearing down on her. He raised his claw and held it over the young girl's head. Rainbow Dash shouted in protest.

"Look, I'm sorry I threw that rock at you! I was upset! I'm worried about my friends! I didn't mean to hurt you!"

Tortomon wasn't listening, and instead decided to bring his foot down. Rainbow covered her head with her arms as the claw grew closer. She screamed in panic. "Somebody please! Help me!"

A flash of light suddenly distracted them both as a bright blinding glow exploded out from the pile of boulders that Tortomon had buried Veemon with. Both Rainbow and the large digimon turned their attention towards the rockpile as the boulders began to shift and fall away. Rainbow noticed her geode beginning to glow, but with a much brighter light then she had ever seen before.

She heard Veemon's voice call out from underneath the boulders.

Veemon Digivolve to...

The boulders exploded outwards like they has just been decimated by a bundle of lite dynamite. Pieces of stone both large and small flew in all directions. Now standing in the rockpile‘s place was a much larger digimon than Veemon, with three horns and even bigger muscles. White scales now covered his body along with blue ones in a much more even design, emblazoning a large blue V on the digimon’s chest. The new digimon smiled confidently and shouted his name to the heavens.


Veedramon shook off his body as if just coming out of a very cold shower. "Now that, was a rush!" He turned his grin towards Tortomon, before bring his fists together to crack his knuckles. "Alright ya oversized soup ingredient, the kid gloves are off! Ready for round two?!"

There was moment of silence as Tortomon tried to contemplate his opponent suddenly digivolving, but the giant tortoise soon gave his answer in the form of a monstrous roar.

"Grand Dash!"

The monster charged as Veedramon raised his fists in battle ready stance. "You got it!"

Veedramon ran forward and collided with Tortomon, digging his heels into the ground in order to bring the digimon's grand dash to a screeching halt. He then shifted his right hand to wrap around Tortomon's throat, lifting him up so his front feet were dangling in the air.

“Magnum Punch!”

Veedramon delivered a powerful right hook directly into the side of Tortomon's head sending him staggering backwards and spinning around so his tail was presented towards his opponent. Tortomon lifted himself off the ground and turned his head so he could see Veedramon. He then retracted into his shell and started spinning.

"Spinning Body Blow!"

Like a mad top, the tortoise digimon spun directly at his opponent, but Veedramon managed to jump out of the way before it could hit. The spinning shell stopped almost on a dime and changed directions, shooting straight back towards Veedramon with incredible speed. Veedramon only smiled however, before leaping into the air and delivering a mighty elbow drop on the back back of his enemy's shell. The power behind the blow forced Tortomon's shell to stop spinning and even impacted the digimon's body a short distance into the ground.

Rainbow Dash could barely believe what she was currently seeing. Veemon had just digivolved into a stronger form like Dorumon did back when he was fighting Devimon. But he said that only happened because he wanted to protect Sunset, herself and her friends. Did that mean Veemon wanted to protect..?

She was pulled out of her thoughts when she noticed Veedramon sticking his hands into the mountain stone and grasping onto the edge of Tortomon's shell. With a mighty heave the large blue dragon flipped the buried tortoise up and onto his back, upon which the tortoise poked out its head and appendages in a desperate struggle to flip himself back over.

Veedramon clamped his hands around the base of Tortomon's tail and began to drag the beast towards the center of the ledge. "Hey!" He shouted at an astonished Rainbow Dash. She couldn't take her eyes off him, and he was loving the feeling. "You better keep your eyes peeled, because this is gonna be the only time you ever see a turtle fly!"

He began to spin in a circle, never leaving his current spot or letting his grip go on Tortomon's tail. Faster and faster he whirled, slowly lifting Tortomon more and more off the ground with each passing rotation. Finally, he reached the momentum he was looking for and sent Tortomon hurtling into the sky...

"Enjoy the view!"

...and over the edge of the mountain shelf. "For as long as it lasts."

Rainbow Dash ran towards the cliff’s edge and watched as Tortomon fell end over end downwards. He roared every inch of the way, until finally being consumed by the treeline waiting below. The sounds of many pieces of crushed timber echoed in both of their ears, confirming that their enemy was indeed defeated and that they were undoubtedly the victors.

Rainbow stared down at the forest below, watching as few bird digimon flew away from the trees that Tortomon had crushed. A brief look of concern appeared upon on her face. "Is he going to be okay?"

"Yeah, he'll be good." Rainbow turned towards Veedramon, a bit surprised how low his voice had grown with with his change in size. "His body's built like a giant crash helmet. At worst, he’ll just have a mild headache."

His body began to glow before completely becoming enveloped in light. His body changing shape again, he shrank, reverting back to the size she knew him as when he was Veemon. He turned his head towards Rainbow and smiled at her. "Looks like I saved ya again... guess you owe me something."

Unlike before, Rainbow actually found herself laughing. "Alright, alright, fine. What do you want?"

Veemon scratched at his chin, making it look like he was deep in thought. "Hmm... take me with you. You obviously aren't going to make it out here without somebody watching your back. I want to be that somebody."

Rainbow smirked and stuck out her hand. "Deal. But you can't hit on me anymore. If you're going to stay you have to be my friend, not my fanboy."

Veemon swung his hand and clasped it against hers. "Trust me, by the time we're done, you're going to be fangirling over me. You... and your little friends too."

"You heard that?"

Veemon shrugged. "You'd be surprised how well piles of rubble funnel sound." The two started to make their way back towards the path that led down the mountain.

"So what's the difference between your nickname and your full name?" Rainbow asked.

"It makes more sense if you write it out. If we find a stick I can show you."

Author's Note:

This chapter was a ditch and half to write, and the real kicker is that this was originally supposed to be the first part of a much longer chapter. Yep, I splitting these into smaller parts for the digimon partner introductions... don't expect these to come out to quickly.

Anyways, if it already isn't obvious, Veedramon's our replacement for Greymon in this story. I know in canon both digimon aren't the same size, but I don't think resizing the digital monsters is to far from the norm for the digital world.

Special thanks to both Foxhelm and Minaren for offering ideas and editing this chapter. You guys are the best!

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