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Equestria Girls: Digital Destiny - EquestrianTwist

When the girls of Canterlot High are pulled into a strange new world, what awaits them on the other side? Are these new children the heroes this world seeks? Do they have what its takes to save the Digital World?

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Let's go to the Digital World

"There's got to be a bathroom at every exit to this mall, why didn't she just go to the nearest one!"

"Because nothin' Pinkie Pie ever does makes sense. Now stop yer bellyachin' and help me find her before Devimon does!"

Applejack lead Rainbow Dash towards another public restroom near the third exit they had found today. She kicked open the door only to find the main area of the room empty, with further inspection of the stalls only further proving the fact.

"She's not here either." Applejack growled. "Ya think she might be on the other side of the mall?"

Rainbow Dash only shook her head in reply. "I don't know. But I can go check."

The light blue geode around Rainbow's neck started to glow, and she shot off out of the bathroom at a speed rivaling most floored drag racers. It only took her a few seconds to make the return trip, but judging by the panicked look still plastered on her face, her search for Pinkie Pie and Dorumon had provided no leads.

"She's not there either!" She exclaimed. "This is really starting to freak me out, Applejack!"

"Ah know sugar, Ah don't like this either." She slid past Rainbow Dash in order to reach the door, after which she bolted through to get back into the mall. "We should regroup with the others and see if they found anythin'. Maybe we'll get lucky and they'll have already found Pink-"

A song on Applejack's phone cut her off before she could finish her statement. Judging by the sound of it, it was Twilight who was calling her.

"Twilight! Please tell me you girls found Pinkie?!" Applejack asked after swiping her phone.

"We think we found where she used to be." Twilight explained, a clear sense of dread was radiating from her voice through the line. "Fluttershy and I are at the south exit. We found a huge gaping hole in the exit's restroom wall, as well as half of the restroom stalls destroyed. There was a fight here, Applejack... I'm afraid that we might already be too late." A clear sniffle crept its way through her phone, causing Applejack to grit her teeth in frustration.

"Don't you dare be talkin' like that yet, Twilight!" She demanded. "You start callin' the others, and me and Rainbow will meet y'all at the main entrance with the truck. There is no way in hell I'm lettin' that monster runoff with our friend!" Before Twilight could respond, Applejack slammed her thumb on the touch screen ending the call. She then turned towards Rainbow Dash with a livid glint in her eye. "Devimon's got Pinkie Pie."


"We're goin' to get her back! Now come on, we need to get Granny's truck started before the others make it to the front of the mall."

Meanwhile, a few yards away from the mall's parking lot, Devimon soared through the air carrying an unconscious Dorumon and a struggling Pinkie Pie in the grasp of his two elongated claws. It pained him to have to exert himself so quickly, especially considering the short confrontation he was forced to partake in before capturing his elusive prey.

It was clear to him now that the rookie-level digimon had the advantage over him in close quarters combat, as the several new bite marks and welts from iron spheres littering his body would attest to. It didn't help either that the pink humon was able to get a few clean shots on him with her own explosive abilities. He couldn't decide which was more humiliating, being pelted with rotten eggs and garbage the previous night, or being attacked with combustible toilet tissue today. This, without a doubt, was going to be a mission he would refrain from retelling once he got back to the digital world.

Pinkie was trying to break free of his grasp by biting and punching at the fingers she was able to reach. Her rather petite attacks were causing his grip to loosen somewhat, but not nearly enough to make him lose his hold on the girl completely. Devimon sneered in annoyance. "If you keep trying to get away from me like that, you'll only find a ten minute screaming drop awaiting you." His voice carried a grim tone. "But please do keep trying to escape my grasp. It will save me the trouble of having to end you myself when we arrive at our destination."

Pinkie Pie paused in her attacks, and almost dropped her arms to her side entirely after hearing Devimon's threat. Something in the way he spoke to her made it clear that he wasn't lying, and that he would feel no unease watching her plummet a thousand feet onto the hard pavement below. "What's your deal, you big meanie?!" Pinkie Pie shouted. "Dorumon didn't do anything to you--and even if his past self did--I bet you deserved it for being a butt-faced, sticky-headed doo-doo brain with bad fashion sense!"

Devimon had to remind himself not to clench his fist in anger, or accidentally risk breaking her back, after having to listen to the pink humon's childish attempt at an insult. Failing to fake a calm demeanor, he replied back with the most hateful growl he could muster. "I do what I do, because it is what my masters expect of me. Our leader seeks a new justice in the world I come from, a better justice that does not require digimon with such ideals as this one. As long as this knight still breaths, he is a threat to that new justice."

He turned his gaze towards Pinkie and squeezed tighter around her midsection to better emphasize his point. "Our intention was to find him and silently eliminate his digi-egg before it could hatch. But because of you meddlesome children, that no-longer remains a viable option for me. I am now forced to take the knight back to digital world with me, and let my masters decide what his fate will be."

A devilish smile spread across his face as a new additional idea soon popped into his head. "Mayhaps you would like to come along with us? I am quite confident, that my masters would be very interested in meeting you."

"I-In-Interested... in me?" Pinkie stammered.

"You have powers that no depiction of humons in our archives comes close to describing. I'm sure my masters would be more then happy to gut you open to figure out how you function. What is even better, is that your discover will lead to me being greatly rewarded. Perhaps they may even let me perform the gutting, to act as retribution for you humiliating me."

"Eep!" Pinkie squealed, hiding her face under the fingers of Devimon's claw. She clutched his top most finger of his claw tightly with the full strength of both her hands. If it weren't attached to a creature soul set on causing her demise, one might argue that the girl looked like she was grasping onto his hand for reassurance rather then out of terror.

Devimon chuckled. "Hold as tightly as you want, little humon." He whispered. "Remember the feeling of these claws... they will be rending your body soon enough.

It took almost no time for the girls and Flash to make it back out through the front entrance of the mall, where Applejack already had her truck parked. The truck's windows were rolled down and the engine was already running, the teens outside the vehicle almost assumed it was about to take off before they even had a chance to clamber inside.

Rainbow Dash stuck her head out through the passenger window and shouted at her approaching friends. "Quick, get in! We might still be able to catch him if we hurry!"

"You saw where Devimon went?!" Sunset replied, a vague sense of hopefulness appearing in her voice.

"Well he obviously ain't here!" Applejack exclaimed. "And we ain't gonna find him any sooner just standin' around doin' nothin'! We need to get on the road!"

Rarity blinked in surprise at her friend's sudden impetuous tone. Applejack wasn't the type of person to want to shoot off running without having a plan, and she certainly was not the type of person to scream at her friends even when frustrated. "Applejack, please calm yourself." She asked politely. "We are going to find Pinkie Pie and Dorumon, I assure you. But we won't find them any quicker it we continue to run about in random directions. We need to have an idea of where that beast took our friends."

"That thing took ma cousin, and is doin' god knows what to her right now, and you expect me to just stand around here while the rest of ya come up with a plan?! Ain't happenin'!"

"Um... Excuse me."

Rarity furrowed her brows after hearing the farm girl blatantly rude outburst. "Don't you dare raise your voice at me, Apple-Jacklyn!" Rarity roared back. "Pinkie Pie's safety is just as important to rest of us as it is you! But if we just rush off blindly, then it just raises the possibility that we won't find her in time!"

"Excuse me... everbody?"

"Rarity's right Applejack." Twilight added. "We need to find clues... signs of struggle... anything first that will tell us which way Devimon went with our friends."

Applejack finally snapped, and launched herself over Rainbow Dash's lap to stick her own head out the passenger window. "Yeah?! Well what Ah need right now, is to find that leather-wearin' bastard, so Ah can shove my boot six feet up his-"

"GIRLS!" The surprising volume of Fluttershy's voice cut through the fury of Applejack's tirade like a hot knife through butter, forcing everyone who had heard her to turn towards her and give her their full attention. She looked perturbed and was standing with her arms folded underneath her chest. A rather ratty-looking pigeon was currently perched on her shoulder.

She pointed her finger at the bird. "Mr. Pigeon says that he saw a giant monster carry away two smaller creatures, and was heading due south." The pigeon released a few coos. " He also says that one of them was thrashing a lot in the monster's claw, so he assumes that it wasn't to badly hurt."

A sudden weight soon found itself in Sunset's stomach. "Was the other animal alright?" She wasn't quite sure why, but she somehow knew that the one creature who had to been struggling in the monster's grasp had to be Pinkie Pie.

The pigeon released a few more coos into Fluttershy's ear before she replied. "He... He only saw the one moving."

Sunset blinked, then shook her head as if trying to alleviate a fit dizziness affecting her senses. The ex-unicorn suddenly turned towards Applejack's truck, and began to stride towards it with a determined gaunt that reminded everyone of how fiery Applejack had been acting only moments ago. "The only place close to here in that direction is the Canterlot City Landfill." She explained in eerily calm tone of voice.

Her friends were hesitant to comment after hearing her speak, even though a few of them were less then thrilled to have to drive out of city limits and towards the dump. The way she was acting now, reminded them why they used to be afraid of her back when she wanted to takeover the school. Sunset grabbed the door handle to the backseat of the truck and swung the truck door open with enough force that the others were afraid it might fly off its hinges and come crashing down against the sidewalk before them.

"Get in!" She commanded, only to be answered by a few nods and a frightened squeak from Fluttershy, who's pigeon had flown away in fear after hearing the truck door slam open.

The teens didn't hesitate as they all rushed into the backseat of Granny Smith's pickup truck, only Flash stopped. In a brief moment of thought, a matter concerning the truck's speed occurred to him.

"We'll weigh the truck down if we over pack it with people." He stated, pointing out the already full confines of the truck's backseat. His hand suddenly shot into his pocket before pulling out a pair of his own keys. "I'll take my car, and follow behind you. It will make it so we can get there quicker."

Sunset glanced into the back of the truck, before nodding her head in agreement. "I'll go with you." She announced. "It'll be better if we have all are heavy hitters arriving to the fight first anyways."

Rarity slammed the back door of the truck as Applejack nodded. "We'll see you there then, hon." She stated, before slamming her foot down on the gas and rocketing out the aisles of the parking lot and onto the road.

Sunset turned back towards Flash as he jingled his keys in his hand anxiously. "Let's go!" He stated before taking off into the parking lot. Sunset didn't hesitate and shot off right behind him.

Back at Canterlot High, a window had been jimmied open through the use of a plastic ruler and a small whittler's knife. Two students--a skinny bookish-looking boy and his taller friend, a boy with green dreadlocks--had snuck into the school in search of the computer lab. The two had been around to notice a brief black out yesterday, that took out not only every electrical device attached to an outlet, but also every mobile device they had on their collective persons. A not completely unbelievable event to be sure, but when caused before the storm that hit last night, now definitely raised a few eyebrows.

Microchips, master of the programming language as he was, was busily typing away at the keyboard of one of the computer lab's desktops as Sandalwood watched on. "Dude, you sure there's something wrong?"

Microchips didn't look at his friend as he continued to type. "That strange power surge didn't happen on it's own." He explained. "...And I'm not that willing to believe that the fluctuations in the electronic waves that caused it are simply a matter of changing weather conditions before a coming storm." He reached into his pocket and pulled out a flashdrive and plugged it into the tower of the computer. "I think were dealing with something magical yet again."

"Then don't you think we should give Flash a call or something?" Sandalwood asked. "He's got like, a personal connection to the people who usually deal with this stuff."

"No need." He stated, before opening the flashdrive and pulling out the files he was able to salvaged from the destroyed computer they found in the other room. "With these files we should be able to figure out what the Rainbooms were doing yesterday, and why the room they were using for their experiment now looks like the result of failed Haydron collider."

Four files sat before him now on the desktop of the computer. One depicted the processes of the machine the Rainbooms were using. It's energy output; the amount of exhaust it was releasing; the current functionality of all its inner mechanisms before it exploded; It was all placed before Microchips like the open pages of a manual for a furnace similar to the one in his house's basement, and like that oh so despised manual, it had none of the useful information he was looking for.

The second file however, seemed to be much more informative. It held the results taken from the experiment the girls were performing and placed them on an easily readable spreadsheet, well... easy for a person of Micro's or Twilight's intelligence. Reading this file told the young technical savant all he needed to know.

"They were using the school's new scanning computer to determine the physical makeup of the alien geodes they acquired from Camp Everfree." He told Sandalwood. "Apparently, the heat and radiation released from the geodes was too much for the device to handle causing it to irrupt in a contained explosion, releasing in an EMP wave from the school that traveled roughly..." He reached down into the backpack he had placed next to his chair and pulled out a small calculator. He studied the spreadsheet for a few more short minutes before typing in a few calculations. "...16.7 miles."

Sandalwood cocked an eyebrow and starred at the computer screen in confusion. "You got all that from a few lines on paper?"

"Indeed." Microchips confirmed proudly. "Besides that, I don't think any other ill repercussions have occurred in light of their experiment." He quickly glanced at the two other files he hadn't investigated yet. "But these two corrupted files however still intrigue me."

He read them aloud. "Dodo.mon... Devi.mon..."

"Weird sounding files." Sandalwood admitted.

Microchips nodded. "I'm afraid to say it, but I think were only scratching the tip of the iceberg here Sandal." He turned his attention towards the file marked Dodo.mon. "This one seems to be a compressed file..." He paused and scratched at his chin in thought, before leaning in closer to examine the file on screen. "I wonder..."

He moved his cursor over the file with the intent to click, when another file unexpectedly appeared right below it and began to download. Both teens stared at the computer in confusion.

"That's bizarre. I'm not even online right now."

As the new file loaded, a name appeared below it: Chibo.mon. Both the boys blinked as the file finished downloading, and suddenly started to download more data and renamed itself to DemiVee.mon. It finished and started downloading again, this time renaming itself to Vee.mon. A new file soon appeared next to the other one, this one titled Digi.Metal, and upon downloading completely, attached itself to previous file. It was at this point that the screen started glow with a blinding white light.

"Trippy..." Sandalwood exclaimed, himself not fully sure how to react to a situation like this.

The screen became a field of white, as the outline of a bipedal figure appeared and shot towards them. "IN THE NAME OF THE GREAT IMPERIALDRAMON, MAKE WAY!"

The two barely had time to jump out of the way before the figure shot from the screen, flew over their heads and landed on the open tiles covering the floor. Microchips and Sandalwood turned onto their backs to look up at the creature that had just exited the computer, only to have their jaws drop in disbelief at what they saw.

What stood before them was a tall reptilian creature, with blue scales and golden armor that covered several portions of its body.

Several turbine engines seemed to rev and cool down anxiously as the creature turned and stared at the boys with its piercing crimson eyes. Their complexion almost immediately changed a few shades paler.

The creature seemed to notice their fear, and raised its hands near to its head as if mimicking a warrior trying to prove he held no weapon. "Do not be afraid, I am not here to harm you. I am here to help." He explained, speaking to them as one would speak to a frightened animal. "I am in search of furry purple lifeform roughly half your size. It is direly important that I acquire him with up most haste. Have you by chance seen him?"

The two boys said nothing, and only shook their heads in response. The humanoid lizard grumbled in annoyance, before slapping his helmeted face into his claw. "Then it looks like I'm doing this the Gankoomon way." He mumbled. "Let's just hope I can do this aura-sensing thing right."

Without another word, the large armored creature bolted out under the doorway to the room and down the hallway towards where he thought the exit to the building would be. Sandalwood and Microchips could only blink in shock at the events that had just occurred.

"Okay, gonna check that one off to some bad mushrooms." Microchips stared at his friend incredulously.

"You drove us here in your car."

"Bro, just let me have my denial mechanism, okay." Sandalwood pleaded. "I'm freaking out enough as it is."

Microchips got up from the floor and quickly rushed towards his backpack to retrieve his phone. "I've changed my mind. I'm thinking now would be a good time to call Flash." He exclaimed, as he hastily flicked through his contacts in search of his friend.

"You'll hear no arguments from me, dude."

The pleasant scenery of the farmlands outside the suburbs of Canterlot was doing little to quell the anxiety Sunset was feeling as she and Flash followed Applejack's truck to the Canterlot city landfill. Her foot was bumping up and down in an endless motion and her arms had been folded over her chest since they started of the car ride. If Flash didn't have his eyes currently focused on the road, he would have had all his attention solely placed on her.

He chanced a quick glance her way out the corner of his eye, before shifting back towards the road again. He exhaled out his nose before he spoke. "Something's bothering you..."

Sunset turned her head and stared at him like he had just stated 'the sky was blue'. "Our friends have been kidnapped, and that's how you start this conversation?" She stated with a sarcastic air. "Yes Flash, your absolutely right! Something is bothering me."

"You know that's not what I meant." He shot back, somehow keeping the calm tone he had using when they first starting this conversation. "I know you Sunset. I know you don't get stressed out like this unless you feel personally attacked."

Sunset blinked at Flash's accusation, her leg stopped bouncing and her voice seemed to catch in her throat as he continued to speak. "I've seen you stand up to magically enhanced monsters before, and you've barely ever batted an eye when it comes to saving the day. But right now, your acting more like how the old Sunset Shimmer would react if someone stole something from her."

Sunset felt herself shrink back a bit as the memories of her past self were spurred forth by Flash's statement. "Something about all this is making you take it personally, and I don't think it's just because Devimon decided to kidnap Pinkie Pie." He turned his head to give Sunset a brief sympathetic look. "You're afraid of what he may be doing with Dorumon, aren't you?" He turned his head back towards the road so he could continue driving.

Silence filled the car as Sunset rolled over Flash's words for moment. Eventually she replied with her question. "Aren't you?"

"Of course, but I only just met him this morning. Out of all of us, you've been the only one who's had time to spend with him. I'm afraid, because of that, that you may be thinking of doing something reckless to get him back."

Sunset found her brows furrowing again, this time in anger rather than irritation. "So what are you suggesting we do, ditch him? Let Devimon take him away, if it means saving Pinkie Pie?!"

"That's not what I'm saying!" Flash exclaimed, actually shouting this time. "We are going to get them both back. I just don't want you rushing into danger because you fell in love with a strange creature from another world."

Sunset turned her head away and frowned at her reflection in the window. "I don't love him." She grumbled. "I sympathize with him... which makes me want to help him." Curiously, Flash shot her another glance out the corner of his eye. "He's lost and alone in a world he doesn't understand and is forced to walk around in a body he doesn't yet fully know how to control. Out of everybody in the world, I'm probably the only person who knows what that feels like. If he is going to have any chance of getting back to his own world, he's going to need help."

Tears were beginning to stream down her cheeks as she continued to speak. "I want to be that person to help him..." Her voice hitched as she tried to force out the rest of her words. "...I don't want him to die, without getting a chance to see what his actual home looks like."

Flash wasn't sure how to respond. He chanced a few more glances her direction to gauge if placing a reassuring hand on her shoulder would be the wisest action to take. He decided to risk it, and lifted his hand off the wheel to place on Sunset.

Flash's phone suddenly began to buzz in his pocket, cutting the boy off from continuing this action. He looked towards his pocket, his sudden jolt of surprise apparently coaxing Sunset to do the same. He reached into his pocket and retrieved his cell.

After Swiping the touch screen, he handed it to Sunset and asked her to place it on speaker. "Hello?"

"Good, you picked up! Thank the binary code!" The person on the other end exclaimed. He sounded wheezy, as if he had just recently been startled.

"Micro..?" Flash asked.

"Yes, it's me." Microchips explained. "Listen we don't have a lot of time, are you with Sunset Shimmer or the Rainbooms right now?"

Flash shot a quick look towards Sunset. "Uh... yeah. She's right next to me, we put you on speaker."

"Perfect! She will want to hear this..."

Sunset and Flash leaned their heads closer as Microchips and Sandalwood retold the events that happened to them while at the school. They explained that they were investigating some files they pulled from the scanning machine she and her friends had destroyed, and upon examining them, somehow summoned a large reptilian creature out from the computer screen through one of the files they downloaded. What struck Sunset and Flash the most however, was that the creature they summoned said he was searching for another creature that was already in their world... a creature, he described, that had purple fur.

Sunset felt her heart stop and her stomach tighten as Flash thanked his friends. "Thanks for telling us about this guys, we'll go take care of it. You two stay out of trouble." Sunset hung up the phone, before the boys on the line had a chance to reply, then turned towards Flash to share a tentative glance. The two nodded in unison, before facing forward again.

"Step on it." Sunset ordered. Flash obligated and pressed down on the accelerator pedal, launching his car into the opposite lane and around Applejack's truck as they shot down the road like a bat out of hell. Surprised at first, but quickly getting the message, Applejack floored her own gas pedal and gunned it after Flash's car.

Devimon landed within the city... "What a dump!" Pinkie exclaimed. "It's a good thing the contract to clean up this place up was bided on." Devimon groaned in annoyance, before tightening his grip on Pinkie. The girl screamed and fell silent.

"Good Humon." Devimon chuckled as he dropped the unconscious Dorumon to the ground. "Now to find that computer." He muttered. He kept his claw firmly grasped around Pinkie as he began to scrap through one of the trash piles surrounding him. The trash seemed to look a tad different then he last remembered, and Devimon soon surmised that some more garbage must have been dropped off at the dump while he had been away. He grumbled angrily. This could prove irksome if this new garbage somehow managed to cover his only gateway home.

He began to pull large portions of trash out the pile and threw them over his shoulder as he dug deeper into the mound at a much faster pace. He stopped almost abruptly, when he started to hear what sounded like full-throttle turbines cutting through the air, like a supersonic jet suddenly breaking through the sound barrier.

Devimon turned in the direction where he thought the sound was coming from, and a clear look of confusion soon etched itself onto his face due to what he saw. Pinkie Pie had to cover her ears to block out at least some of the high decibel sound currently pounding at her eardrums. But even despite this painful noise, Pinkie still found herself able to look upwards and see something in the distance flying towards them at incredible speed. The thing glinted brightly in the rays of the sun as it quickly grew closer.

Devimon narrowed his eyes and leaned closer towards the oncoming object. "What the... OOF!"

Before the devil digimon could finish his statement, the object then collided with his chest and midsection ramming him backwards and into another pile of rubbish. The force of the impact caused Devimon to relinquish his hold on Pinkie, allowing her to fall safely, if only somewhat sorely, to the ground below.

Pinkie Pie rubbed at her now heated bottom, before turning over onto her knees to see the struggle now taking place before her. A large bipedal lizard man, wearing golden armor, had just slammed Devimon into the face of a large mountain of trash, his gaze full of hatred as he backed away from the now downed digimon.

"In the name of my father, I will not let you harm his heir." The lizard man growled. "For I am Magnamon, the Radiance of Miracles. Remember this name as you return to your masters, demon, for it will forever be linked to your failure this day. Now render unto my custody Dorumon and go back with some dignity."

Devimon chuckled. "You don't have the resolve to best me." He stood up and laughed again. "You Royal Knights don't have the stom-"

Magnamon punched Devimon in the gut cutting him off. "Speaking of stomachs." Magnamon continued to strike Devimon, blow after blow hitting their mark and forcing Devimon back to the ground. "Stay down and you will be sent back to the digital world alive."

Devimon rose back to his feet and spat out some blood. "You have no idea what you are dealing with."

It was Magnamon's turn to chuckle. "I've fought thousands of Devimons before you... as well as Myotismons and NeoDevimons, and that's not counting your old masters, the Demon Lords, at their peak. There is nothing special about you." The two then dove at each other, each grappling at the other's hands. "You think I am pathetic because I cannot evolve on my own, but you younger digimon know not the power of the digimetals."

Back and forth the two pushed against each other, little either of them knowing that Pinkie had just heard everything. "Wait? There are two scary monsters after Dorumon now? Not on my watch!" Pinkie ran over towards the unconscious rookie, before picking up a large piece of garbage and throwing it at the two. "SURPRISE!" She shouted. The large piece of debris soared through the air and crashed into the dirt near the two larger digimons' feet, before promptly exploding. The two were startled out of their holds by the blast as their attention was turned towards their pink assailant.

Pinkie Pie began picking up more smaller objects and started chucking them at the two. "Wait humon... Stop!" Magnamon shouted, blocking some of the smaller explosives with the armor on his wrists. "You need... to listen!" He tried to plea with Pinkie, but to no avail. He lifted his arms in front of his face as he tried to make his way forwards towards his attacker...

"AHH!" ...Only to feel a coiled fist collide with the back of his head while he was distracted. Magnamon was sent to ground from the force of the blow, feeling barely hurt, but dazed nonetheless.

Devimon chuckled, before leaping over his body and taking to air. "Thank you for the assist, Humon." He stated with a sneer as flew towards her. He lifted his claw above his body and pointed it at Pinkie, forcing the pink girl to halt her attacks and grab Dorumon. She bolted in the opposite direction as his claw came down.

"Death Claw!"

Pinkie dove out of the claw's reach before it could make contact with the ground. She landed roughly on her back as Devimon's fingers impaled the dirt. He landed and soon uprooted a good deal soil as he pulled his claw from the ground. He now stood over Pinkie raising the same claw he used for his previous attack to aim a crimson light in her direction.

Devimon narrowed his eyes as he glared at Pinkie. "I am really getting tired of these annoyances..." He stated. "...but on the bright side, this current turn of events gives me a more then adequate excuse to terminate you and the rookie knight right here and now." He snickered evilly. "I would say it was a pleasure knowing you, but that would be lying."

"Magna Blast!"

Before he could attack, a sphere of condensed plasma collided with the center of his back, sending him flying into the chain-link surrounding the landfill. Before Pinkie could fully realize what was going on and roll back to her feet, she looked up to see where the attack had come from, and saw an an angry Magnamon running towards her.

"YOUR FIGHT IS WITH ME!" He shouted, causing Pinkie to squeak. She nestled Dorumon closer to her chest and shut her eyes as the armored digimon grew closer with each charging step. She almost had accepted her fate of being stepped on, only to feel a gust of wind blow past her face rather then a big golden boot impacting it.

She opened her eyes and looked upwards, seeing Magnamon charging for Devimon rather then herself. "He... he saved me?" She whispered. Pinkie was confused, but she chose to not worry about it right now. Dorumon was still in danger, and though she didn't know what Magnamon's motives were yet, she still thought it unwise to let either of the two monsters take him from her. What would her friends say? What Sunset say? No, Pinkie needed to protect Dorumon now, like he had done before for them. No meanies were ever going to lay a hand on her newest friend while she was around!

Pinkie sat herself up on her rump, before quickly lifting herself back onto her feet. She sparred a quick glance at the two fighting digimon and winced slightly when Magnamon delivered another powerful haymaker to Devimon's cheek, which sent the devil digimon skidding through the dirt. Pinkie turned and speed away as fast as her legs could carry her, Dorumon still clutched tightly to her chest like a wounded soldier after battle.

Pinkie saw the gate to the landfill just up ahead. It had been chained shut and it looked too tall to climb in the short amount time she had before Devimon or Magnamon noticed she was missing. "I need to blow it up!" She decided. Pinkie reached down and picked up an empty can, struggling only slightly to keep her balance while trying to keep up her speedy pace. She reeled her arm back and aimed for the gate, the can slowly beginning to glow hotter as the telltale sign of her magic took hold.

She threw the can...

Demon's Ray!

...Only to see it vaporize as a crimson laser shot over her head and into the face of the gate, completely obliterating it in its entirety. In a brief moment of shock, Pinkie turned her head back to see what had just happened. She noticed Magnamon hefting Devimon's arms over his helmet, possibly in order to divert a pointblank attack from striking him in the face. She watched as Magnamon flipped Devimon over his shoulders by the wrists and slammed him against ground, before turning on her heels back towards the open gate. Pinkie Pie actually had to force herself not to giggle as she fully set her focus on escaping.

She was almost there now. All she needed to do was cross the threshold out of the city dump and make her way down the road where her friends could find her. Pinkie smiled at the idea of reuniting with her friends. It was admittedly optimistic thinking to believe such a simple plan would not go awry as soon as one of the two combatants behind her finished their fight, but Pinkie was a champion of optimistic thinking. She knew everything would turn out alright if she could get back together with her friends. They'd hug each other, share some heartfelt words, then hold hands and float into the air before blasting Devimon and this new meanie with all the rainbow harmony lasers they could muster. It'll be just like how they beat all those other bad guys in the past.

Magnamon shot his claw down and clamped it around Devimon's neck, pinning him to the ground. He raised his opposite claw as another orb of bright plasma started to build within his palm. "Submit!" He ordered. "My offer of leniency is still open to you. End this with honor, and I will return you to the Digital World in the form you currently hold."

Devimon groaned in contempt. "You're hesitating. You could have deleted my data at any moment during this fight, yet you continue to attack with only a fraction of your full power." For a brief moment, Devimon felt Magnamon's grip loosen around his throat before squeezing tighter millisecond later. He could tell he struck a nerve, but even more important, he could tell his words were having an effect on his opponent.

Devimon decided to twist the knife while the royal knight was unfocused. "The masters were right, the war has changed you. You have lost your resolve." The devil digimon chocked out a laugh. "I don't think you could delete me if you wanted to." Magnamon tightened his grip even more, making it harder for Devimon to breath. "Threaten... me... all... you... want...." He gasped. "You've... left... yourself... open."

Devimon's cheeks began to blow up as if he were holding his breath. Magnamon blinked in confusion but soon caught onto his enemies intentions as the demon's all too familiar voice past through his closed lips and rasped out the name of an attack.

"Hell Contract."

Devimon blew out a mist of pitch black smoke that enveloped Magnamon's body entirely before he even had a chance to back away. Within the mist, the knight found himself surrounded by strange glowing kanji symbols he recognized as Digimoji, the writing of the Digital World. The symbols seemed to be disorienting him, making it hard for him to walk straight as well as see clearly.

Devimon smirked as he watched his enemy vanish behind his veil the fog and cursed Digimoji. He never had a chance to use this attack on a digimon stronger then himself before, but he found delight in the fact it seemed to be working without fail. Devimon lifted himself back onto his feet and rubbed at his sore throat. He turned his sights towards Pinkie Pie as new wicked idea popped into his head. "Let's see how well the curse works on you, humon."

"Hell Contract!"

A huge intake of air was sucked in by Devimon until his lung's reached their full capacity. He exhaled a larger veil of black smoke out into the open air and watched with glee as nearly blanketed the entire front half of the landfill. Once she was completely covered by the smoke like the royal knight before her, Devimon charged in after the pink humon, fully intent on finally collecting the prize that had so been denied him.

Inside the fog, Pinkie Pie coughed and spit at the rancid taste that was now filling her lungs. It felt like that one time she played spin the bottle at one of her parties, and that gross boy she was forced to kiss ended up burping in her mouth. She gagged at the memory, but decided to keep running, just in case one of the monsters behind her had managed to catch up. She barely got even a few feet farther before she felt a large spindly claw wrapping around her torso.

Pinkie felt her grip loosen around Dorumon as she was violently yanked from the ground and into the air. He fell from her arms once she had gotten a few feet off the ground, his body colliding with the dirt like a limp rag doll. Pinkie gasped at the sight, before shifting her body around to get a full view of Devimon's smirking face.

"Hello again, my favorite little prisoner." Devimon chimed, raking a claw through Pinkie's hair like a toy he had just pulled off the shelf. Pinkie snorted and slapped the Devimon's claw away with more force the he was expecting. She narrowed her eyes at him with a bitter, hateful frown as her hair suddenly deflated with the sound of a unknotted balloon.

She growled at him as she spoke. "Me and my friends are going to kick your ass when they get here." Her words sounded less like a threat, and more like a promise.

Devimon sneered. "This defiant act you've been showing me thus far is beginning to get rather tiresome, girl." He shifted his gaze until he noticed the unconscious rookie laying at his feet. He grinned with clear wicked intent. "Luckily, I know just the way to stamp out this problem behavior for good."

He raised his leg up and into the air and positioned his foot directly over Dorumon's body. Pinkie's eyes widened as she gripped tightly onto Devimon's fingers. He brought his foot down as Pinkie screamed. "NO!"

A bright pair of high beams suddenly cut through the fog before Devimon could completely slam his foot down on Dorumon. The beams of light struck both them in the eyes, sending the devil digimon staggering backwards in confusion. Pinkie squinted through the light as Devimon tried to shield his own eyes with her body. In the distance she could see a fuzzy silhouette riding towards them through the smoke. She kind of thought it looked like the front of Applejack's truck.

Before she could make any further guesses, Devimon felt the full force of the speeding pickup collide with the lower half of his torso and every part of his knees. He lost his grip on Pinkie Pie as he fell forward onto the hood of the rampaging vehicle and was carried away.

To Pinkie's surprise, she now found herself flying through the air unaided. The fog was starting to clear and she could now see the ground from her place in the sky, as well as how far of a drop it was going to be for her until she met it. She closed her eyes, suddenly feeling the air rush past her as she started to descend. She knew this was going to hurt; she knew the fall was going to break something; but she also knew as long as she could walk, she could still somehow get Dorumon to safety. She gulped in anticipation and awaited the inevitable.

"HOLD ON!" She heard a voice call. "I'VE GOT YOU!" She felt a pair of claws wrap around her and hug her close to her savior's body, but unlike before, these claws felt scaly rather then leathery smooth.

Pinkie Pie opened her eyes to see Magnamon clutching her tightly to his chest as they both flew through the air. He landed on his knees, skidding a short distance given his recent jump. He placed Pinkie back on the ground as soon as they halted.

"Apologizes humon. I would have been to your aid sooner, but it has been a long while since I have experienced a Devimon's attack similar to that one." He opened his eyes, expecting to see Pinkie's thankful smile, only to find that she had completely vanished from sight. In confusion, he shot his gaze in several directions in order to find her. He turned around, and saw her hugging Dorumon protectively against her chest. She was hefting a fist-sized rock over her head.

Magnamon was blinked in surprise, he was not expecting so much resistance after being saved. He decided to act appropriately, and raised his hands over his head in his usual appeasing manner. "Calm yourself humon, I just want to talk. I do not wish to cause any harm."

Devimon was slowly beginning to regain his bearings as his hands grasped around side walls the truck's hatchback. He was dazed and confused, but the rushing wind crashing against his back was helping to alleviate that. He soon realized that he was laying atop the front end of a speeding vehicle, and much to his chagrin, could recognize several faces peering at him for the other side of the windshield. Suffice it to say, seeing five more humon women with the intent to fight, did not help him in making his growing headache go away.

"YOU AGAIN!" He shouted. "I AM GETTING SICK OF THESE GAMES!" He lifted his claw and pointed it at the driver's seat. "THIS! ENDS! NOW!"

"Death Cl-AHHH!"

Applejack had pulled the emergency brake before Devimon could finish, and sent him flying off the hood of her truck as it came to a sudden screeching halt. He flew across the junkyard until he collided with a large pile soft malleable trash, which promptly fell over from the force of the collision and buried him alive.

Applejack had to stifle a proud chortle as she and her friends exited the vehicle. "Right into the compost heap." She gloated.

"Serves him right!" Rainbow added. "The guy was a piece of shit anyway."

The Hell Contract's fog was finally starting to clear up. They could finally see landfill for its entirety, rather then just driving towards familiar sounding voices in the mist. With their clearer vision, they could now make out the other larger digimon advancing on Pinkie Pie and Dorumon, as well as Flash and Sunset running towards them from the gate.

"Another one?!" Rainbow Dash shouted.

"...And it looks like he's after Dorumon too." Rarity added.

"Well he can't have him!" Applejack interjected. "We've risked our lives twice now for that little fella, and nearly got my family's truck totaled in the process. He ain't takin' anybody without a fight!" The others nodded in agreement before they all charged in.

"Listen to me, humon, I am not going to hurt you." Magnamon stepped closer, but Pinkie refused to lower her rock. "I saved you from Devimon's attack remember? Would my intent truly be to harm you or your friend if I went to such lengths to keep you safe?" Pinkie's arm slowly began to lower allowing Magnamon to inch closer, but a blue reflective barrier appeared in front of him before he could completely close the distance.

"Step away from her, you glamorously dressed barbarian!" Magnamon turned to see five new humons standing behind him, and two more coming up beside Pinkie. He soon realized things were about to become a lot more complicated.

Sunset and Flash slid to a halt as soon as the had reached Pinkie's side. "Are you alright Pinkie?" Sunset asked. "This guy hurt you, has he?" She glowered at the larger digimon as she chastised him with an accusing tone.

"Not as much as Devimon did when he first showed up." Pinkie explained. "In fact, he hasn't really come near me." She dropped her rock, then wrapped her arms around the rookie digimon laying against her chest. "He's actually been protecting me from Devimon, even though I've done but run away and throw exploding garbage at him." She sniffled as she looked down at Dorumon. "Devimon however..." She handed Dorumon to Sunset, who took him as gently as a infant. "He hurt Dorumon, and now I can't get him to wake up."

An explosion was suddenly heard from the distance as large and small pieces of burning compost were thrown in all directions. "I AM ONE HUNDRED AND TWENTY PERCENT DONE!"

The girls, Flash, and even Magnamon each took up defensive stances as Devimon marched towards them like a raging animal. "I DON'T CARE HOW POWERFUL ANY OF YOU THINK YOU ARE! AS FAR AS I'M CONCERNED..." Two glowing crimson lights flicked to life in his palms as he pointed his arms out in front of his face.

"...EVERYONE DIES!" The two lights grew brighter within his palms.



Taken by surprise, Devimon actually did as requested and shut his mouth. The lights in his hands began to dim as everyone turned towards Pinkie.

The look of pure white hot rage in Pinkie's eyes somehow completely trumped the rage Devimon was expressing just moments ago. She stomped past her friends, who all decided to give her a wide birth as she lashed out, and started to shout at Devimon.


Pinkie knelt down and picked up an abandoned computer monitor from the middle of the scattered field of trash. She lifted it over her head as it began to glow just as hot as her fury. Devimon looked at the monitor and felt his eyes begin to widen. It was the same monitor he had used to get to this world, she had somehow found it.

"You put that down." He ordered, but Pinkie Pie didn't listen.


"PUT THAT DOWN, NOW!" He shouted, almost pleading that she'd listen and do what he's say. But she didn't.

"FUCK OFF!" Pinkie threw the monitor and watched as its sailed through the air in Devimon's direction.

"NO!" The monitor hit it's mark, exploding like a loaded hand grenade and completely enveloping Devimon in a colorful ball of fire and magic confetti.

A large cloud of dirt was kicked up from the explosion as Pinkie turned and walked back towards her friends, Devimon's screams of anguish filling the air as she did so.

Her friends, and even Magnamon, stared at her with looks of equal parts shock and horror. "Jesus Pinkie..." Rainbow Dash stated. "I didn't like the guy either, but you didn't have to atomize him."

Magnamon found that he didn't have words to fully explain how he was feeling. "I've heard of how heated humons could get when placed in the field of battle, but I never expected such power and anger, especially from one so young." Magnamon continued to ponder this for a moment, before he realized something was off. Devimon had stopped screaming and the landfill had turned silent.

He turned towards the large cloud of dust kicked up by Pinkie's explosion. The center of the cloud was beginning to swirl inwards, like water entering a drain from a full sink. The cloud started to swirled faster, as all the dust was suck into a focal point within the center of its mass. Magnamon's eyes widened as powerful winds began to blow by him and the humons towards the cloud, finally gaining all of their attention.

The cloud finally broke and dissipated under the force of its own suction, revealing behind it not to be Devimon, but a large spinning mass of bright colors and whipping gale force winds.

"What the hell is that?!" Flash shouted, as they all felt their bodies being drawn closer by the suction of the portal.

"Your friend must have destroyed Devimon's gateway back to the Digital World!" Magnamon shouted. "The explosion mixed along with Devimon's own personal data, must have caused it to implode! The gateway has now become a portal!"

Pinkie struggled to keep herself balanced and upright as she fought against the winds pulling against her. Upon hearing Magnamon's explanation, she found she had only one thing to say before he feet left the ground entirely. "Oopsy..."

Pinkie flew backwards towards the portal, her friends screaming her name as she drew closer.


"Stay behind me!" Magnamon commanded, and shot for Pinkie before anyone else had a chance to act. He flew towards Pinkie and twisted around her just in time to swat her away from the portal before she could make contact. He on the other hand, was not as lucky.

Pinkie shot through the air like a served volleyball until she landed in the arms of her awaiting friends. They all turned to look at the portal as Magnamon was sucked in. Like a black hole, his body was being stretched and elongated like a spaghetti noodle being pulled towards the center of the portal. Within seconds he vanished leaving only the teens to stare in horror and disbelief as the portal began to grow bigger.

"RUN FOR IT!" Applejack shouted. The others agreed and turned on their heels in order to escape, but the portal's pull had already gotten to strong. Before they could even take their first steps, three of the girls were pulled off their feet and sent hurtling towards the portal. Rainbow Dash, Fluttershy, and Rarity all screamed in terror as they too were absorbed by the vortex.

Soon Applejack flew away, then Pinkie. Only Sunset, Twilight, and Flash were left to fight the portal as they clawed at the ground in a desperate attempt to keep from becoming airborne. Flash wrapped his arm around Sunset's elbow as she clung Dorumon close her chest with all the strength she could muster. She reached out one of her hands to grab for Twilight.

"Twilight!" Sunset shouted regaining her friend's attention. She noticed Sunset's outstretched hand and tried to reach for it, it was then the ground gave way. Flash and Sunset were pulled back, but never left the ground, Twilight however lost her hold and was sent tumbling backwards into the portal.

"NO!" Sunset shouted as she watched her friend vanish from sight.

Anger, regret, sadness, despair, and desperation all flooded through her mind, as Sunset tried to fathom the events that were taking place. Her friends, all of them were gone. Taken away in their prime, in a way none of them ever expected or even understood. It took all of her strength to not let go of Flash's arm right there and join them...

...Then she remembered what Magnamon had said.

"Flash!" She shouted. "I need you to let go of me!"

"WHAT?!" He shouted back. "Are you crazy?!"

"Listen to me! That other digimon said that that portal leads to the Digital World. That's got be were Dorumon comes from and where our friends ended up!"

"Or it could be a spinning mass of death with the intent of crunching you up like a cracker in a garbage disposal! Remember what I said about how I didn't want you doing anything reckless!"

"We have to try!" Sunset pleaded. "If we don't, we may never see Twilight or the others again!"

Flash blinked and began to think over Sunset's request. Over the months that he gotten to know the girls, he had come to see them just as much his friends as they were Sunset's. Even still, it didn't feel right to just let her go in alone.

"I'm coming with you!" He shouted. "You don't know what's on the other side of that thing. You're going to need someone to watch your back!"

"No, I need you here." She explained. "I need you to go back to my house and grab my journal. Let Princess Twilight know what's going on, I know she'll be able to help you find a way to get us back."

Flash only shook his head. "Sunset I don't like this! None of this is sure thinking, you could die! Dorumon could die!"

Sunset, soon realizing that the rookie digimon was still nestled tightly in her arms, thought over Flash's words, but found she could not change her present decision. She turned her head back up so she could look Flash in the eyes, and with a determined glare stated, "Trust me!"

Flash was struck silent, he didn't know how to respond. He thought about their situation, and tried desperately to think of another solution. But he couldn't find any. He looked up at the portal and noticed it was beginning to close. If he was going to act, now was his chance.

Begrudgingly, he snaked his arm out from Sunset's and watched as she and Dorumon flew into the maw of the vortex. It closed completely just before she vanished from his sight.

He was alone now, nothing around him, but scattered trash and two parked vehicles. He picked himself off the ground as he desperately fought the urge to punch something out of frustration. He looked back up towards where the portal was once, before growling something under his breath. "God dammit, Sunset!"

He turned and sprinted back towards his car. His trip back to Canterlot was going to be a long one... he was sure of that at least.

Author's Note:

So here's the latest chapter guys, sorry it took so long. :twilightsheepish: I hope you guys enjoy it.

Also, let me give a special thanks to Foxhelm for editing and helping me write several large portions of this chapter. You are awesome, dude. :rainbowdetermined2:

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