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Equestria Girls: Digital Destiny - EquestrianTwist

When the girls of Canterlot High are pulled into a strange new world, what awaits them on the other side? Are these new children the heroes this world seeks? Do they have what its takes to save the Digital World?

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Living Life with Dorumon

The teens were lead back into Sunset's apartment as soon as the crushed garbage cans were taken off the street and place back where they once sat. Dorumon lead the them through the door back into the destroyed apartment, but at the moment not one of them gave a single iota about that.

Dorumon noticed their uneasy expressions, and quickly turned around to address them. "I'd assume, now that we're no longer in mortal danger, you all will want me to explain what is going on and who exactly I am. Am I not correct?" He said stoically.

The teens timidly glanced at each other for a moment, before turning back to give him their answer. "I mean... it would be nice." Sunset stated jokingly. Her friends gave a few nods in agreement.

Dorumon stared at them contemplatively for a moment, before releasing a quick irrated sigh. "I suppose it would be for the best. You do deserve an explanation after what you've all been through. Though, I do wish you hadn't needed to get involved."

Rainbow Dash cocked an eyebrow in confusion. "What are you talking about?"

"Come." He commanded, then began leading the girls, Flash and Spike over to the living room couch. Once they arrived, Flash and Applejack went about placing the cushions back on the coach's frame. They swept off most of the sharp debris that had been left behind after their earlier skirmish, before allowed Fluttershy, Twilight and Rarity to take their seats. They themselves decided to sit on the floor along with the rest of their friends.

Dorumon hopped off the floor and onto Sunset's coffee table, before turning around to look at the teens who had gathered beneath him. "I do not recall much, but I think I can tell you enough to explain the events that have taken place tonight." He stated reticently. "As you can probably tell, I am not a creature of your world. I am what is called, a Digimon... though I am unsure what this title fully means."

Pinkie Pie smiled. "You know, Digimon would make a great name from a neat-o video game series or an awesome TV show!" She stated giddily. "I can hear the theme song now! Hey Digimon, Hey Digimon, monster friends to the boys and girls~" She sang.

Deciding to ignore Pinkie Pie's nonsensical ramblings, Sunset was the first to voice a question. "And that thing we fought outside, was that also..?"

"Yes." Dorumon replied without hesitation. "His name is Devimon, and he is extremely dangerous, as you have seen. I believe he has come to eliminate me for something I did in the past. I am not completely certain why, but I believe I may have been some form of protector before I met all of you."

"Past?" Applejack said ruefully. "How's that possible? Sunset and Flash only saw you hatch more then an hour ago."

"I'll admit I don't understand the science of the situation either. But I clearly have some form of memory telling me all that I know now." He glanced down at the coffee table curiously. "Yet interestingly this knowledge didn't start returning to me in such volume until after my digivolution."

"Digivoultion?" Fluttershy asked.

"It's the process that you witnessed when I transformed from Dodomon..." Pinkie giggled at the silly sounding name. "...To the form you currently see now. It is what resurfaced all these memories of my past life, as well as reminded me of my name and the name of my prior form."

"Fascinating!" Twilight said excitedly. She clutched Spike closer to her chest. "A rapid evolutionary chain directly connected to an interlocking memory bank! Instantaneous maturing and metamorphosis! If I didn't see you standing before me right now, I would say that would only be possible in computer modeling programs."

Dorumon started at her blankly, following her comment. "I must apologize madam, but I do not understand this comparison your making? What is this 'computer program' you speak of?"

A long swath of awkward silence filled the room for a few minutes, before anyone else was brave enough to continue talking. Flash cleared his throat.

"You say your from another world. It wouldn't happen to be one we be familiar with would it?" He shot a brief glance towards Sunset, who shot him a sly knowing smirk back. Dorumon only blinked at this exchange.

"I do not believe so." He explained dourly. "Truthfully, I don't even recall the name of my homeworld. All I know is that it is populated by creatures similar to me and Devimon."

Sunset grimaced. "I guess that means you're not from Equestria. Nothing we have there even matches Devimon's appearance."

"I wouldn't say that." Rainbow Dash stated confidently as she rubbed her knuckle against her shirt. "After dragging his face against asphalt, I'd think he'd looks more like roadkill then anything." She smirked at Sunset. "You have that back in Equestria, right?" The teens all giggle slightly at Rainbow Dash's joke. Dorumon however, didn't seem to understand.

"But even after you dragged him across multiple miles of rough ground, he still resembled how he usually appears? He didn't look anything like a killed road?" Dorumon's ears suddenly perked up curiously. "What would a dead road even resemble anyways? I do not believe it is possible to kill the ground."

Rainbow Dash chuckling slowly turned awkward. "Don't worry about it man, it isn't important. The joke just went over your head, okay?"

Dorumon looked even more confused. "But I am not a man, I am a digimon like I just told you. And nothing can go over my head, because I would catch it before it did so!" He exclaimed heatedly.

Another awkward silence filled the room. The group of tfriends didn't know how to respond... well, except for Pinkie Pie.

"Oh yeah, what if an airplane was up really high in the air, higher then you could jump, then it would go over your head." She smirked, feeling proud of the argument she had against the digimon's previous comment.

Dorumon was beginning to feel challenged. He didn't like it. "I don't know what an airplane is, but I wouldn't simply allow it to fly over my head! I would move away from it before it had the chance, and then I would climb up to a high enough point to catch it!"

The two continued to argue as the rest of the group slowly melted into their own conversation.

"Yeah, I don't think he understands metaphors..." Flash whispered bluntly.

"It could just be a result of his memory loss." Twilight explained. "Maybe that information will come along with rest of his memory after his next evolutionary cycle."

"Sure... and how long exactly will that take, Dr. Egghead?" Rainbow Dash said sarcastically. Twilight furrowed her brows in an angry pout. "I'm just saying, the sooner he gets back his memory the sooner we can figure out how to send him home.

"I think we should try to help him adjust for the time he's going to be staying in our world." Fluttershy said, voicing her own opinion. "He may look different now, but he's still technically a baby, we should offer him a place to stay until he remembers how to get himself home."

Applejack nodded in agreement. "Doin' that probably will help us keep track of that flyin' devil thing too. Considerin' he's more then likely goin' to try an' attack us again. The little fella's going to need all the help he can get!"

Sunset nodded as well. "He can stay with me until we can figure all this out. I'm the only one who lives here, and no one besides you guys normally stops by, which will make him a lot easier to hide. I'll text the rest of you if he tells me anything new he remembers." The others nodded in agreement.

Rarity smiled. "Well I guess everything is settled then. Well... mostly everything." She stood up and turned her attention towards Pinkie and Dorumon. "Pinkie dear, would you mind halting your conversation for the moment? We need your's and Dorumon's help to get Sunset apartment picked up before we leave."

Pinkie only smiled cheerfully back. "Oki-Doki-Loki!!!~"

"...But are you absolutely sure this is the best course of action? We can't monitor Alphamon's digivolution properly while he's being absconded to this alien world. We don't even have visual on his whereabouts!" A blue screen with a blurred silhouette flickered dimly in the shade of a darkened room comprised of stone and ruin.

"It's a calculated risk to be sure, but if Wisemon's theory proves to be true, then Alphamon's Digi-Egg should have landed in the same place the power that's affecting the Digital World came from. With any luck that same power, might incite a faster digivolution then is expected here!" Voiced a second screen with an equally blurred visage.

The room was hexagonal in shape, with six screen adorning each wall. A large stone table sat in it's center with six large wooden thrones surrounding it, of which only one was in use. Five screens barely flickered with enough electricity to remain powered, while the room's single occupant contemplated the first screen's worlds.

"But we haven't fully tested this theory! Nor have we actually explored this other world!" The first screen shouted again. "We don't know what dangers exist there, and in Alphamon's current state he is in no place to protect himself."

"Enough!" The room's occupant exclaimed. "We all unanimously made the decision to have Jijimon open the gateway, because we all agreed we had no other options left. I understand your concern, but we need to stay hopeful and at least have some faith in the legends of old. If for nothing else, then to at least have our friend return to us safely."

"I agree with the boss." A third screen voiced. "The Digital World is a mess right now, and it's only going to get messier if we don't find some help fast! Besides, I already sense Alphamon's presence, even despite the dimensional gap. He's alive, but I don't know for how much longer..."

"Master..?" A fourth screen, this one directly in front of the occupant, asked with a concerned tone.

The third screen continued. "There's another presence there, a champion-level I think... I could be wrong, but Demon Lords might be getting wise to our intentions."

"The Devimon from before..?" A fifth screen asked.

"Possibly... I can't really make anything out besides power-levels and vital signs."

"We need to incite an extraction and forgo this experiment! Whatever knowledge we can obtain means nothing if Alphamon can't be returned to us! The first screen demanded.

"I agree. I'll set out immediately..." The second screen replied.

"Now hold on a minute, the situation might not be as bad as you guys think. He's surrounded by other vital signs. They're faint, like really really faint, but they're definitely there. Oh, and he's a rookie-level now... so that's a thing too." The third screen chuckled slightly at the serendipity of the situation.

"You didn't think to tell us this earlier!" The first screen fumed. "How long have you been withholding this information?!"

"First off, you didn't ask, and secondly, about twenty minutes..." The third screen joked. The first screen noticeably growled.

"In any case, I believe we should continue with the extraction... if he is a rookie-level digimon as you say, then he may already remember some information that could prove useful. If not, then we can still begin his training and bring him backs into our ranks again." The occupant turned towards the second screen. "You are to be as discreet as possible, and no one is to be harmed. Is that understood?"

"Perfectly my lord..." The image was still fuzzy, but the occupant could tell the creature in the screen was giving him a respectful bow.

"Good... you are all dismissed." The screens all flashed a bright white before vanishing a millisecond later. The room returned to a notably darker state as the occupant was left alone with his thoughts.

Working together, Sunset and her friends were able to clean up the apartment in almost record time. Trash was picked up and placed in bags, the gunk was clean up off the walls, and generally everything was just put back in its proper place... though the carpet was still going to require a good shampooing.

With most of the work done, the girls hastily said their goodbyes and piled back into Applejack's truck, each of them adamant on getting back to their respective homes quickly before the rest of their families woke up. Sunset waved to her friends as they drove away and as Flash wandered down the street back to his own house. Beside her, Dorumon stood with a pleasant smile strewn across his muzzle.

"They are good people. I can see why you like them so much." He said happily as he led her back inside.

"They're my best friends, and we've been through a lot together. I don't like to imagine what my life would be like if I didn't have them." Sunset crossed the living room and into her kitchen. She opened her refrigerator looking for something to eat.

"You want something for breakfast?" She asked pulling out a carton of eggs, ironically one of the few things that survived her and Dorumon's initial meeting. "We don't have a lot, but I'd assume your hungry after the morning we've had."

Dorumon seemed to perk up at her question. "You wouldn't happen to have more of that foodstuff you fed me earlier, would you? Try as I might, I can't get that substance's intoxicating flavor out of my mind."

Sunset chuckled slightly. "Sorry, but I don't own a dog. You're going to need to ask Twilight if you want more. But don't worry I can make you something else." She placed a frying pan on the top of her stove, and turned it's settings to high. She dabbed a pat of butter in the pan's center then allowed it time to melt.

Dorumon wandered curiously around Sunset apartment as she began to cook. He found it oddly charming now that it didn't look like the aftermath of a hurricane. The memory however still made him wince with guilt. "I feel I must apologize to you again, concerning my previous behavior. You really do have a lovely abode, it's a shame I so thoroughly destroyed it before."

Sunset found herself laughing again, this time more genuinely. "It's alright, really." She said between giggles. "You don't have to be so formal." She began scooping some scrambled eggs onto two separate plates. "After all, for the time being, we are going to be living together."

"Something else I feel I should thank you for. I'm not certain, but I'd assume not many would do this for an alien creature they just met."

"Don't sweat it." Sunset said as she placed Dorumon's plate on the floor, before taking a seat on her couch.

"Actually, I think it feels quite chilly at this moment." He replied honestly.

Sunset stopped the small bit of egg on the end of her fork from entering her mouth as she remembered the digimon's understanding of metaphors. Quickly, she rethought her previous statement. "What I mean is, it's not a problem. You can stay here as long as you need to."

Dorumon nodded, then looked at the whitish-yellow substance that sat before him. He sniffed it slightly, "What do you call this delicacy?" He asked absent-mindedly as he lap up some eggs with his tongue.

"Scrambled egg—" Sunset held her fork in her mouth as a realization suddenly struck her. She looked over her shoulder to see Dorumon giving her an incredulous look.

"You do recall I came from an egg, don't you Ms. Shimmer?" He asked her bluntly.

She giggled awkwardly. "Sorry, it must have slipped my mind..."

Dorumon only continued his deadpanned stare. "Your lubricated cranial lobes aside... this is still quite delicious, and I appreciate the kindness." He said lapping up the rest of his eggs. "I would ask you think more before you cook again however, to avoid anymore insults against my honor."

Sunset nodded. "Yeah... I' ll do that." She quickly went back to her plate of eggs, when she suddenly felt a pressure being placed down on her lap. She looked down to see Dorumon laying his head on her legs, like an affectionate puppy looking for attention. "Uh... what are you doing?" If it wasn't for Dorumon's thick fur, then she would have noticed the digimon was blushing.

"Like I said earlier... the room feels quite chilly to me, and as also previously stated, you are doing a lot for me in giving me shelter and meals. I feel I need to reciprocate this kindness. My body heat should help you keep warm."

At first surprised, Sunset now found herself smiling. She placed her eggs on the coffee table before her, and began to scratch Dorumon behind the ear, like she knew Spike enjoyed her doing. She found humor in the fact that the digimon's tail was waging slightly at the scratches she was giving him. "That is very nice of you, Dorumon."

"It is my pleasure, Ms. Shimmer."

"You can just call me, Sunset."

"Very well, I will try to make a habit of it."

A couple hours later, Sunset found herself waking up from a nap, and noticed Dorumon curled up beside her on the couch. She looked towards her TV and saw a large "Game Over" screen on it with Tirek's laughing face taunting her. She noticed that her game controller had fallen to floor while she was asleep, and the controller she had given to Dorumon was still resting in the same place on the couch where he had last dropped it. She couldn't help but giggle when she remembered what he said to her when the two of them tried to play multiplayer earlier in the day:

"I'm sorry Sunset, but I don't appear to have the appendages necessary to play this game with you."

Yet even despite his embarrassing lack of thumbs, the digimon found he greatly enjoyed watching Sunset play her game, and cheered her on every step of the way as she trounced her way through the unholy armies of the Dark Lord Tirek in her favorite game series. Surprisingly, she found it quite easy to live with her new roommate, even despite only knowing him for a few short hours. He was extremely polite and courteous, and interestingly found enjoyment in a lot of the same activities she found fun.

Sunset looked to her side and watched Dorumon's chest rise and fall as he slumbered, his position reminding her of a dog curled up before the fireplace at Christmas time. She couldn't help but admit, "You really are the cutest thing." She whispered, as she scratched Dorumon behind his ear again, earning a pleased groan from the sleeping digimon.

Her phone suddenly began to ring with a familiar ringtone, and she quickly rushed to her room to pick it up.

"Rainbow Dash?" The person on the other end of the line replied. "Oh hey.."


"Yeah me and Dorumon have just been hanging out since you guys left. He's been pretty cool, he really enjoys watching me play video games. How have you been doing?"


"Drills? Like what?"


"100 push-ups, 100 sit-ups, 100 squats, and a 10km run?"


"Well I've never met your dad, so I don't know what a usual Dash family punishment would be like."


"Because you refuse to introduce me, nor the rest of our friends for that matter. In fact, I don't think I've ever even been over to your house."


"The mall? I don't know Rainbow. I'd have to leave Dorumon home alone, and I don't feel comfortable doing that just yet."


"We'll maybe I am like his mom! Lets not forget who's house he hatched at."


"Flash is not my husband, Rainbow Dash! Why don't you and the girls just come over here!"


"You want to go shopping to help me replace what's been broken?"


"Alright fine, but for no more then a couple hours. I don't want to leave Dorumon alone with Devimon still out and about, okay?"


"Yeah, I'll see you at three. Bye."

Sunset sighed as she placed down her phone, and walked towards her closet to pick out some cloths for later. Her PJs might have been fine for lying around the house, but they weren't anywhere suited for a day at the mall. Whatever she pulled out of the closet would probably work fine, she thought. Sunset suddenly heard claws scratching against the carpet.

"Sunset, is something the matter?" Sunset looked to see Dorumon standing in her bedroom doorway, a more then perplexed look on his face. "I heard bits of your conversation, and grew concerned."

Sunset smiled at him warmly. "It's nothing. I was just going to the mall to do some shopping, I'll be back in a couple hours alright?"

Dorumon looked even more concerned. "But Devimon is still out there! Aren't you the least bit concerned about his whereabouts?"

Sunset knelt down, and rubbed her hand atop his head. "As long as you stay inside, I don't think he'll try to attack. There are too many people around to see him at this time of day. If he's smart, he wouldn't want to cause a panic."

"It isn't me I'm worried about." He stated clearly. "You and your friends bested him before. There isn't a doubt in my mind that he may hold a grudge against you because of it. At least allow me to come with you."

Sunset stifled some laughter. "Yeah, I can see that going down without a panic." She stated sarcastically. She began to mimic some fake passerby's reaction. "Hey Sunset, cute dog you got there. Oh wait, that's not a dog! It's a dinosaur with fur! Everybody run for your lives, it's Jurrassic Park, but real this time!" Dorumon was unamused by her joke.

"Regardless of this other person's opinion, I still feel it would be safer if I accompanied you." He stated sternly. "I remember more about Devimon, then you have experienced when facing him the first time. He could easily surprise you with a new tactic you haven't seen, then just as quickly end you on the spot!" Sunset didn't like the fact that Dorumon's warning was making her feel uneasy. It truth, she hadn't face anything like Devimon before. He wasn't something magically created, he was something completely alien, and simply trying to befriend him like she did so many other villains before didn't seem like a liable option here, given their group's first encounter with him.

Sunset shook her head, clearing her mind of worry as she turned her attention back to Dorumon. The little digimon seemed to be pouting as he turned away from her, his bushy tail wrapping around his legs. He clearly didn't want her to go.

Concernedly, Sunset lifted her hand and slowly began to rub Dorumon's back. She spoke calmly, "Listen Dorumon, it not that I don't want you to come with me, or that I'm not worried enough about Devimon. I don't know if you understand this, but I can't just let you wander around outside with me. Your like nothing this world has ever seen, and if people see you they might try to take you away." Upon hearing this Dorumon turned to look Sunset in the eyes. Sunset continued, "If that happens, I don't know if I'll be able to follow you... and what's worse is that we won't be able to get you back home." Dorumon could clearly note the sounds of sadness present in her voice, and it made him frustrated that he was the one causing her to sound this way. Even still, he wasn't going to just let her walk away because she said a few touching words.

"You are a very caring and logic person, Sunset Shimmer, and you have my appreciation for the words of concern. But I will not simply stand idly by while a threat on your life, as well as the lives your friends, still exists out there!" He narrowed his gaze at Sunset. "I am going with you to act as protection, and their is nothing you can say or do that is going to stop me!"

Sunset blinked at the digimon in surprise. No where in the amount of time they had spent with each other had he ever spoken to her so harshly. She supposed this was more his past self revealing itself, and she wasn't going to lie, his wanting need to protect her and her friends' well-being was incredibly sweet, if only somewhat scary. She wanted to argue with him more, but truthfully she knew that it wouldn't do any good. He was dead set on coming with her, and nothing short of the apocalypse was going to stop him.

Reluctantly, she sighed. "Alright, clearly I'm not gonna be able to talk you out of this. And simply locking you in the house isn't an option, because you'll just knock down my door."

"Or jump through your window. Whichever will conserve more of my energy if we manage to get into combat on this venture." Dorumon stated bluntly.

"Right..." Sunset sighed again. "I guess, I'll have to figure out something to make it so you can go around unseen." She looked at her clock. "...and it's nearly half an hour to three already—wonderful." She groaned.

"That seem like a poor choice of words actually, considering your apparent mood."

Sunset facepalmed. "Dorumon..." She paused exasperatedly. "...would mind leaving the room for a minute. I need to get changed."

Dorumon nodded. "Of course, Sunset." He left the room through Sunset's doorway, before she gently closed it behind him.

She turned back to her bed and once again noticed the clothes she had chosen from her mall trip. With another groan she began to strip off her pajamas and walk towards the bed. "...And here I thought he was going to be easy to live with."

"This is degrading..." Dorumon grumbled as Sunset carried him down the sidewalk. Her right hand was holding his bottom and the other was gently placed on his back. For all intents and purposes, he perfectly resembled an infant being carried by its mother.

"Stop complaining. You think this is any better for me?" Sunset replied. She groaned as she lugged the surprisingly heavy digimon towards their destination. "I'm a seventeen-year-old girl carrying around what looks like an oversized plush toy down the street. People are looking at me right now either thinking I'm immature or I'm crazy... neither of which I going live down anytime soon." She didn't look at him directly, but he could tell her cold frustrated gaze was now on him. "So the least you could do is be quite and act like a doll, okay?"

Dorumon didn't move, but he did whisper in reply. "Understood, my apologizes Sunset."

Sunset and Dorumon and soon stopped at a crosswalk just a few blocks away from the Canterlot mall. Luckily, Sunset didn't happen to live to far from the mall, so a walk there was never usually out of the question. Having to carry a creature the size of your average Germane Shepard however made the experience somewhat more unbearable, as the growing ache in her lower back would gladly attest to.

Dorumon continued to remain motionless, feeling quite bored with his role in the situation, when suddenly he felt something tugging at his tail. It was a wet, greasy something with multiple fingers, from what he could tell, roughly five. The sensation made his skin crawl in discomfort, he quickly darted eyes his over Sunset's back until he caught the sight of a tiny humon pulling at the tip of his appendage.

She was little, very little, he'd assume a toddler if his blurry memory of what toddler's look like severed him correctly. She was wearing little blue jeans with a white t-shirt that was covered in drool marks and colorful stains. On her head, a large amount of curly orange hair that climbed upwards until it reached a peak like a mountain, a little blue bow situated at the top to identify where it ended. She absent-mindedly sucked on the fingers of her other hand as she played with his fur.

"Sunset... Um, Sunset..." He whispered in her ear.

She glanced towards him. "Yeah?"

"We have a stranger in our midst." He voiced concernedly. "She's right by your leg."

Staring at him in confusion for a minute, Sunset then turned her head towards the sidewalk and saw a tiny baby pulling at Dorumon's tail. She immediately began to smile. "Pumpkin Cake? What are you doing here sweetie?" She cued in delight.

The second youngest of the Cakes looked up at her for a minute before going back to pulling on Dorumon's tail. "Where's your mommy and daddy, Pumpkin? Are they somewhere nearby?"

Pumpkin only replied with some incoherent babbling before she placed the tip of Dorumon's tail in her mouth and began to suck. Sunset actually felt Dorumon shiver in disgust, at the sudden sensation.

A sudden cry soon rang out from up the road. "Pumpkin, there you are!" Sunset turned her attention to her left, down road opposite to the one she was following. She saw a heavyset, blue-skinned woman running towards her. Her breath was clearly labored after the brief amount of exercise she had just experienced.

"Thank goodness I found you." She said through several wheezes. She bent down and picked up her second born twin and cradled her affectionately. "Don't you ever wonder away from mommy again, do you understand me?" Pumpkin didn't reply, and only seemed to reach out for Dorumon with want in her eyes.

It was at this point that Mrs. Cake recognized the teenager currently staring at her, and immediately blushed in embarrassment. "Sunset, Hi!" She replied awkwardly. "I'm sorry I didn't recognize you for a minute there. I was sort of stuck in mom-mode."

Sunset only chuckled in reply. "It's alright. It gives me more time to enjoy having my favorite little friend around." She lifted her hand off Dorumon's back and gently ran it through Pumpkin Cake's hair. "Isn't that right Pumpkin?~" The baby giggled happily in reply.

Sunset looked back up at Mrs. Cake. "What's she doing all the way out here anyway?" Sunset asked. "By the looks of it, you've been running a mile just to catch her?" Mrs. Cake blushed slightly.

"It was only a few blocks actually." She explained. "I really need to start cutting out the sweets, and get some more exercise." She then turned her attention to Pumpkin. "This one however has energy to spare." She stated happily. "She and her brother must be picking something up from Pinkie Pie, because I keep tending to find them in the darndest of places."

A joking grin grew on Sunset's face. "There growing to be just like Pinkie? Jeez, now that's a scary thought."

"Your telling me." Mrs. Cake agreed. "Your not the one watching them on a daily basis." Her attention was soon pulled to the large thing Sunset was holding in her arms. "My word Sunset, what is that your carrying? Some kind of stuffed animal?"

Sunset blinked, suddenly realizing she was still holding Dorumon, quickly she replied. "Uh, yeah! It's my new stuffed animal, I won it in a contest!" She said clearly lying through her teeth. Luckily, Mrs. Cake seemed to buy it.

"Really? What kind of contest? Because Pumpkin seems to be quiet smitten with it." The baby continued to stretch her arms out in an attempt to grab Dorumon again, and much to the digimon's relief, she was not succeeding.

"It was a one time offer... a radio contest from... Neighpon." Sunset groaned inwardly, knowing for sure that her awkward pauses would no doubt give her away.

Again luckily, Mrs. Cake didn't seem to notice. "That's to bad. Well then maybe you could let me borrow it sometime, I'm sure Pound would appreciate it just as much Pumpkin seems to."

Sunset felt Dorumon's front claws dig into her shoulder, making her wince slightly. "Actually, I've become quiet attached to it myself recently. It's one of a kind, nothing else like it, I don't know if I could ever part with it?" Dorumon seemed to become less tense as his claws retracted from her body.

"Well alright then, I don't want to push you to do anything you don't want." There was a brief 'ding', they heard coming from off to their sides and upon turning they noticed the crosswalk sign had just changed.

Sunset sighed contently. "Thank Celestia, I thought I'd never be able to leave." She whispered silently to herself. She turned towards Mrs. Cake. "I'm sorry Mrs. Cake, but I'm going to have to cut this conversation short. I'm meeting the girls at the mall, and I don't want to keep them waiting."

Mrs. Cake only smiled in reply. "I understand completely. Run along, go have fun!"

Sunset nodded before bolting across the street to her next destination, Mrs. Cake waving at her all the while. Dorumon whispered testily in her ear. "You are never to give me over to that child again!" He demanded.

Sunset smirked knowingly. "What's the matter? She really seemed to like you. Don't you like her back?" Dorumon only glowered at her in response.

"There is a difference between 'liking something' and 'wanting to violate something'! If I am not allowed to move while in public, you are not allowed to leave me in situations where things like what happened that can occur! Is that understood?!" He growled at her, he clearly was trying to make this a point.

Sunset giggled goodheartedly. "Alright, alright, I get it. I promise I won't ever leave you around children again. Ya happy?"

He only continued to glower. "Get me some more of that food Ms. Twilight fed me, and then we can negotiate." He stated seriously. Sunset couldn't help but break out into full blown laughter.

It didn't take long for Sunset to arrive at the mall after her brief conversation with the Cakes. She ran across the mall parking lot until she noticed her friends standing near the entrance. Like her, they appeared to be dressed in outfits comparatively different to the ones she usually saw them wear.

Rainbow Dash was dressed in a sky blue sleeved vest and skirt with a brown studded belt cinched around her waist. She wore a thick collared blue shirt under her vest that was an almost similar tone to her skin, and under her skirt was a pair of leggings that resembled the color of a dark pair of blue jeans. For some reason, she also had a pair of brown leather straps wrapped around her left thigh, and she seemed to stand more confidently once she noticed Sunset had saw them.

Pinkie Pie was dressed in a pair of higher-then-knee-high white socks and a pair of fashionable hot pink boots. She wore a large light blue hoop skirt with a small red T-shirt that had a large star on it and white collar. Sunset remembered the shirt as merchandise from a TV show Pinkie like watching... something about gemstones? Anyway, she wore darker pink thin jacket over her top with a similarly colored pair of fingerless gloves. She looked rather excited to see her, more so then usual. Sunset assumed if must have been because she carrying Dorumon.

Rarity, as fashionable as ever, was dressed in a fetching icy blue blouse and royal purple skirt and boots to match her hair. Like Pinkie, she wore a thin lighter purple jacket with a hood over her blouse. Unlike Pinkie and Rainbow Dash however, she was eyeing Sunset more concernedly then invitingly, probably for the same reason Pinkie was excited.

Applejack was dressed more western then Sunset had ever seen her been dressed before. Everything she wore, from her shirt to her skirt to her cowboy boots, was a different shade of thick earthy brown. If what she learned from Rarity was to be believed, then these were good strong colors that really looked attractive the farm girl. But what really caught her attention was the strange poncho-like thing around her neck, and the fringes on it and her skirt. Sunset didn't know what it was called but she assumed Rarity did, and if it wasn't openly explained to her once she met up with her friends, then she would make it her mission to ask later. Like Rarity, Applejack looked confused and was raising an eyebrow.

Fluttershy was dressed much less extravagantly, and of everyone, looked the most similar to her usual attire. She wore a simple pink top with a green skirt that was similar to the one she usually wore. Her boots and socks looked the same as any other day, and like usual old Fluttershy, her expression showed no overexcitement or major concern. She just looked complacent and happy to see her friend finally arriving.

Twilight wore a long purple vest that stretched down to her hips with a pristine white long-sleeve underneath. Above it and under her vest, was some kind of grape colored corset that didn't look too cinch up against her body, like Sunset would image corset's did, but instead hugged her figure comfortably. Below it she wore a large dark purple skirt with an image of Princess Twilight Sparkle's cutie mark placed over it's majority. Upon seeing it, Sunset momentarily began to wonder what the other Twilight would look like in the same outfit, and the thought made Sunset momentarily debate asking the human Twilight to start wearing contacts and leave her hair down. Like her other friends, Twilight was also giving her a look of concern.

Sunset stopped running when she had reached her friends. She was breathing heavily and was gasping greedily for air. She leaned forward slightly as she held Dorumon, "Hey girls... sorry... I'm... late." She wheezed.

Before anyone could reply, Pinkie broke out from the group and shot towards Sunset. "DORUMON!" She exclaimed making Sunset jump back in surprise.

"Greetings Pinkie." The admirably motionless digimon exclaimed. "I am sorry, but I cannot turn to address you right now. Sunset has asked me to remain motionless and quite while we are moving about outside. A task I believe I am currently failing, so I will only continue to converse in whispers from here on forward." His volume significantly lowered as he began to whisper. "I hope this doesn't become of any inconvenience to you."

If Applejack could raise more then one eyebrow and still looked confused, she would have. "Uh... Sunset? Ya care to explain what's goin' on here?"

Sunset sighed. "Dorumon refused to let me leave the house because he was afraid that Devimon was going to attack us again."

Dorumon began to whisper heatedly. "I am trying to be cautious! I am not afraid! If I am to protect you all properly, then we need to be on guard at all times!"

Sunset furrowed her brows in annoyance. "This was basically the argument we had back at my place." She stated gruffly.

"So you decided to carry him with you because you couldn't leave him at home?" Rarity asked curiously.

"We agreed that if he could hold still and act like a doll, then I would take him with me." Sunset began to groan. "A decision I am really beginning to regret, because my back is killing me."

"Sacrifices must be made in order to make sure you and your friends are under the upmost protection." Dorumon explained.

Sunset shot him a frustrated look over her shoulder before looking back at Pinkie Pie with a smirk. "Pinkie would you care to hold him for a little while?~" She asked ruefully.

Pinkie gasped. "Would I?!" She exclaimed happily.

Sunset felt Dorumon sinking his claws into her shoulder, probably out of an immediate sense of danger. "I must ask you refrain from this course of action!" He bellowed at her pleadingly.

She whispered back. "Consider it your way of making it up to me for braking my things..." Without a second though she lifted Dorumon off her shoulder and placed him Pinkie's hands, like one would carefully hand off a baby.

Immediately after being handed to Pinkie, Dorumon found his midsection being squeezed by the party girl in an excited bone-crushing hug. "Huggies!!!~" She sang in delight.

Dorumon could swear he felt his eyes beginning to pop out of his head. He gasped for air. "I think... I'm internally bleeding..." He whispered, this time not out of his own volition.

Sunset clapped her hands together drawing everyone's attention away from the poor struggling digimon. "Anyways, now that I'm here. Let's get to shopping, shall we?" The others looked at each other warily for a moment before nodding at Sunset in agreement. They had not been part of the arguments Sunset and Dorumon may have had earlier in the day, so they had no place to judge the punishment she deemed worthy for his actions... no matter how severe it seemed.

Sunset lead her friends into the mall with Pinkie trailing behind them, her grip on the small digimon never faltering as they made their inside.

Little did they know, above from the mall's rooftop edge, a dark figure watched them. He had been following them for a while now, ever since the pink-skinned one was dropped off at her home. He knew they'd reconvene, he knew he'd have a second chance of eliminating the knight before his masters learned of his failure. All he needed to do now was wait, and look for his chance when they were separated. He swore he would not fail in his mission a second time... and he was a digimon that always kept his word.

He bolted from the malls edge and began to peer through the skylights for the group of humons he had been tagging. He saw them walking his direction, and silently he whispered his intentions clearly. "Soon... I will slaughter the knight."

"So the outfits you're all wearing are all designs Rarity made?" Sunset asked curiously as she and her friends left yet another store, this one a home and supply shop where they had just bought plates.

"Well... mostly made by me." The fashionista explained. "The girls did add a few of their own personal touches to the designs to make them a tad more unique, but no less magnifique~"

Sunset looked to both Rainbow Dash and Pinkie Pie. Rainbow was carrying plastic bags filled with bought items like the rest of her friends, while Pinkie still had her arms tightly wrapped around Dorumon's midsection. She politely asked them her next question, "...And I'm assuming by personal touches, she means your shirt and that strap around your leg, right?" Both smiled and nodded. Sunset turned to Rainbow Dash specifically. "What is that thing anyways?"

Rainbow Dash began to smirk. "It's about time you asked!" She stated confidently. She pointed to the strap wrapped around her thigh. "This is a little trophy I plucked off Devimon after I finished dragging him across the pavement. When we tangle with him next time, I want that jerk to remember who in particular kicked his ass!"

Sunset gave the cocky girl a somewhat worried look before shaking the expression off. She didn't say it out loud, but the idea of running into Devimon again frightened her immensely. Dorumon said he had different tactics he could use on them, tactics that he could probably use to ambush them now that he had seen what they could do. She didn't like that Rainbow wanted to taunt the creature that almost killed both them and Dorumon. However, now was not the time for worry, now was the time to relax and forget about the worry they experienced just this morning. So to help her forget, she decided to focus on other matters, specifically the matters she had been wondering about prior.

"So you just decided to give out these brand new outfits? Just like that? Without any reason?" Sunset continued her questioning of Rarity with a smirk. "You're very generous Rarity, but even you wouldn't do something so out-of-the-blue as this without an excuse."

Rarity huffed indignantly, and gave a rather frustrated pout. "If you must know, as punishment for sneaking out earlier this morning, my parents forced me to give out some of latest creations out for free." Rarity smirked cattily. "Of course, they never said of whom I was supposed to give them too, and what designs to give out."

Sunset addressed her high-class friend with a hint of skepticism. "That doesn't seem like a very effective punishment? Forcing their daughter to give out gifts, like she would normally do?"

Rarity suddenly began to blush. "Well... I may have goaded them into believing it was the worst possible thing with some method acting, but this was merely out of sheer necessity, I assure you. Mother and Father's punishments can be quite severe, I'll have you know."

Rainbow Dash cocked a brow. "Yeah right, what do they do usually? Take your needles and sewing machine away?~" She laughed, causing some of her other friends to laugh.

Rarity began to grow a bit more frustrated. "Those needles and that sewing machine are paramount to my work as a fashionista, Rainbow Dash! If I don't constantly practice my craft and create stunning designs on the daily, then I may begin to lose my touch, and if that were to happen, I wouldn't be able to create any fabulous outfits for the community anymore! All my dreams of become the world's next top fashion icon would be in shambles, and I, the always fashion forward Rarity, would fade into obscurity before I even began my career!" Everyone paused as she fell melodramatically backwards into Sunset's arms acting out a faint. "Now that truly would be, The! Worst! Possible! Thing!"

She brought the back of her hand to forehead and released a forlorn sigh like actress during her death scene as rested her head against Sunset's shoulder. Everybody stared at her perplexedly. Sunset wanted to clap her hands together slowly, but with her hands currently holding bags, as well as Rarity, she decided her sarcastic comments would have to do without. "And the academy award for most hammy in an independent piece goes to..."

Her friends started to laugh out loud again as Rarity picked herself up, another slight blush warming her cheeks.

"Sunset!" A new voiced called out to the group, gaining their attention. The group turned and noticed Flash Sentry walking towards them. Unlike his usual attire, the teen was dressed in a black collared work shirt with a white beater underneath. The shirt had a horizontal red stripe running down it's side and a two small stitched-in words near the left shoulder that read: "Nightjar Guitars". Flash sauntered up to the girls and greeted them with a pleasent smile.

"Hey Sunset," Flash turned his attention to the other girls in her group. "Ladies..." He greeted them as well. "What are you all doing here today?" He asked while casually folding his arms.

"We're helping Sunset pick out some new supplies to redecorate her home with." Fluttershy stated joyfully. "We thought it would be the least we could do after what happened this morning."

Flash nodded in agreement. "Fair enough. Kinda makes me wish you called me over as well. I could have called in sick for this sucky shift I been having at work. Would've been there in a flash." Sudden realization hit him seconds later, and he groaned in embarrassment.

"Pardon the pun."

The girls giggled goodheartedly. "It's cool dude." Rainbow replied.

Flash nodded in thanks before turning his attention back to Sunset. He looked her over for a brief moment, then asked, "That a new outfit? Looks good."

Sunset blushed slightly at the compliment before looking herself over again. She recognized her usual orange, yellow, and magenta skirt and the purple top she didn't usually wear over it. She also wore a thin black jacket, similar to the leather one she used to wear, but different enough that she thought it wouldn't bring back too many bad memories. Underneath her skirt were her blue leggings and black boots that her new look was known for. She knew she didn't look to different from the way she usually dressed, so she answered him back just as casually. "Nah, this is just something I threw together from the clothes I had in my closet."

Again, Flash nodded. "Even still, you look good." She blushed again.

Rarity cleared her throat, gaining Flash's attention. He soon noticed they all had new outfits on, causing the teen stutter in embarrassment. "O-oh! Sorry, y-you all look good today..." He whispered his few words so no one else would hear. "...I guess."

Rarity huffed and turned her back towards Flash. "Figures you would notice something your girlfriend pulled out of the closet, and completely ignore six new strokes of genius placed right before your eyes."

Flash groaned and cupped his face in his hands. "We aren't dating anymore Rarity..."

Applejack chuckled. "Could've fooled me, partner."

A loud grumble echoed loudly from within Pinkie Pie's arms, causing everyone to turn their attention towards Dorumon. He blinked slightly in embarrassed, then turned his head slightly and whispered in Pinkie Pie's ear. "I believe those meals from before have finally caught up with me. Could you please escort me to the nearest facility where I can... relieve myself."

Flash meanwhile whispered at Sunset. "Is that Dorumon?"

She nodded. "It's a long story. I'll tell you later." Flash nodded in return.

Pinkie pie smiled at Dorumon's request, and quickly went about addressing his issue to her friends. "Dorumon has to go potty!" She stated bluntly, before skipping away.

Everyone was struck silent, except for Rainbow Dash who was laughing. Underneath his fur, Dorumon blushed.

"Should... should we follow her?" Twilight asked hesitantly, she not really wanting to hear 'yes' as an answer.

"I think we can let Pinkie handle this one." Sunset said without hesitation. "Let's just wait here until she gets back." The others nodded in agreement.

A shadow suddenly crossed over the skylight above them, blanking out the sunlight for a brief few seconds. The teens looked up, but saw nothing but open sky above them. Sunset blinked, she didn't want to believe her suspicions, but she knew what had just passed by was all to real. She looked towards her friends, based on their expressions they were thinking the same thing.

"May-Maybe it was a bird?" Fluttershy squeaked nervously.

"There ain't no bird that big in Canterlot!" Applejack shouted. "Come on we need to find Pinkie Pie and fast!"

The group began to rush towards the nearest restroom exit, hoping to all higher powers above that where they were going wouldn't be the last place they'd ever see Pinkie Pie again.

Author's Note:

Here and back again after a too long hiatus! Hope you guy and girls enjoy the newest chapter, and I hope to have more out as soon as I can.

The designs used for the Humane 7 do not belong to me, and are based off the artworks created by Pyrus-Leonidas. Look him up, his work is pretty good.

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