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Equestria Girls: Digital Destiny - EquestrianTwist

When the girls of Canterlot High are pulled into a strange new world, what awaits them on the other side? Are these new children the heroes this world seeks? Do they have what its takes to save the Digital World?

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Eight Teens and a "Fresh" Baby

Bolts of lightning lite up the sky and thunder rumbled like a cannon in the distance. The downpour that had been drenching Canterlot was moving away, leaving the small town sopping wet, but otherwise unchanged.

A broken computer monitor with a crack in its screen flickered to life, illuminating the muddy ground it sat upon. Its screen was covered in static, like that of a broken television, and a tall menacing silhouette was vanishing and reappearing on the screen in-between larges gapes in the electronic noise. Each time it reappeared, it grew closer to the screen. It eventfully grew so close its entire chest took up the monitor. It reached outwards towards the screen, like a digital effect in a 3-D movie.

The monitor's screen began to glow with a blinding white light. Two massive claws attached to long gangling arms reached out of the computer monitor like an open window, and dug their fingers the mud in front of the screen. The arms began to pull the rest of the body out through the monitor. The silhouette, now a tall thin humanoid creature, slide out of the screen like a snake leaving its burrow. The creature got to his knees after exiting the computer, and quickly stood to his full height.

The creature was roughly eight feet tall, with deep crimson eyes that scanned its surroundings like the search lights on a prison tower. The creature noticed it was surrounded by garbage and large discarded machinery.

"A junkyard..." The creature quipped in young man's voice that didn't seem to fit its appearance in slightest. This was not the destination the creature had intended, but this was also a world of which it's kind weren't familiar, so some mistakes were to be expected. The digimon turned his attention towards a wire fence that seemed to encompass the entirety of the junkyard. Through the fence he could see a small city in the distance, connected to the junkyard by a long winding road.

The creature smirked knowingly to himself. If his quarry was going to be anywhere, he knew it would be in a settlement. The knights, despite their ranging personalities, were always known for their stance on companionship. They believed it gave them something bigger than themselves to fight for...

The creature chuckled. "...Utter rubbish." A bright flash of lighting covered the sky, engulfing the creature completely in blinding light. When the lightning vanished, so to did the creature. Silence returned to the junkyard.

Sunset awoke with a start and shot straight up in her bed. "What a nightmare..." She voiced to no one in particular.

It was currently early morning, and to say the ex-unicorn was feeling sweaty and disgusting was vastly an understatement. She had barely slept at all last night, the blasting heat from her apartment's furnace having been just too much to bare. She had been tossing and turning uncomfortably on her sweat-drenched mattress all of last night, and her comforter and sheets had been discarded a long time ago and had been left to rest thrown in a misshapen pile in the corner of the room.

Sunset wiped the majority of sweat off her brow and began to cast her tired eyes around the room. She suddenly stopping to stare when her gaze caught sight a full-body mirror she had hanging just to right of her bed. Her appearance was disheveled, her hair was a mangled mess of its former self and her eyes were crusted over with huge ugly black bags hanging under them

She groaned inwardly upon seeing this monster in her mirror, before turning her gaze towards her bedside table. The alarm clock next to her lamp read 4:30 AM. Sunset groaned louder and cupped her face in her hands. She then flopped back onto her bed offhandedly and without care.

"What was it that podcast that Rainbow Dash showed me said?" She mumbled to herself irately. "This is my journey, this how it changed my life. Come with me on my stupid fucking journey." Sunset sat upright in her bed again, and began stretching out a few kinks and cramps left over from last night’s dreadful attempt at sleep. She stretched forward to reach for her toes, lowering her head forward to looked over her body as she did so.

Despite what she had told Flash yesterday, she was clothed in a pair of opaque black panties and a bra. She had worn these as a precaution, just in case Flash somehow did stubble into her room during the night. The undergarments gave her just enough cover so her body could breath while she slept, while at the same time made it so she didn't need to feel too embarrassed if her ex did manage to catch her while undressed. Even still, her clothing was skimpy enough to warrant her slapping him across the face if he dared try to sneak a peek.

She twisted her neck slightly, producing a noticeably loud popping noise from her stiffened joints. From her new perspective, she soon noticed something seated just off the foot of her bed. From where she was sitting, she could clearly make out the tip of a large purplish-blue egg shell. Sunset furrowed her brows in clear annoyance. "That boy is definitely getting his ass kicked."

Sunset quickly flipped over and onto her hands and knees and began crawling towards the edge of her bed. She leaned over the banister to pick up the egg.

"As for you..." She spoke to the egg as if talking to a toddler. "Let's dress you back up in your nice warm clothes." She grabbed the egg, and was surprised to find it felt much lighter then when she had last held it. Upon raising it to eye-level however, sent a chill down her spine. The egg had been broken, almost completely in half.

Sunset's eyes widened in shock. She stared vacantly at the empty shell before her. "W-wha...?" She found herself unable to form words.

A sudden clatter of a shattering lamp and a falling clock, followed by a sharp animalistic snort, rang out behind the teen from her bedside table. Sunset shot up on her knees in surprise, then slowly turned her head to address the noise.

What she saw next nearly made her faint, as a creature she could barely describe jumped off her nightstand and straight towards her face.

Flash was laying uncomfortably on Sunset's couch in his white t-shirt and jeans. His arm was lazily draped over his face, and the strange sleeping position he was forced to take during the night was causing him to snore obnoxiously loud. Despite this, he had managed to remain asleep through most of last night, and probably would have stay that way for a couple more hours, if not for...


"Jesus!" Flash shot up from his not-so peaceful slumber and fell to the floor in a not-so graceful heap. He quickly sat up, and shot his gaze towards Sunset's closed bedroom door in confusion.

"Sunset..?" He mumbled groggily. His eyes listlessly fell to the floor in a tired haze and he soon noticed a scarf and winter hat trailing towards her bedroom. The same winter hat and scarf that Sunset had put on the...

Flash's eyes shot open and the teen quickly turned his head towards the coffee table. Sitting on top next to him was the jagged bottom half of a purplish-blue egg shell, resting alone and undisturbed in its makeshift winter jacket nest.

Loud banging soon erupted from behind Sunset's bedroom door, and the puzzle pieces slowly began falling into place. Flash quickly glanced between the piece of egg shell, the scattered winter clothing, and the bedroom door. It all soon clicked, and Flash found he had only two words to say in response to the situation he now found himself in.

"Holy shit."

The door to Sunset's bedroom suddenly, and violently, busted open...

On the other side of town—in a purple bedroom that was filled to the brim with books and other intelligent person things—in a bed tucked in tightly by her astronomy comforter (a blanket that depicted all the major constellations in their exact locations in the night sky), Twilight Sparkle was sleeping. Beside her, Spike, her dog, was cozily curled up in a ball and was peacefully enjoying both the bed's and his best friend's warmth.

The two were enjoying their peaceful night's slumber, but then Twilight's phone suddenly began to ring with a all too familiar ringtone.

"Ugghh..." She groaned loudly as she begrudgingly lifted herself off her bed. She looked at the clock on her smart phone. "Why's she calling me this early in the morning?" Twilight grabbed her glasses from her bedside table and shifted into a seated position on the side of her mattress.

A loud groan and the feeling of movement near her stomach reminded her that Spike was still sleeping right next to her. “Twilight, please go back to sleep.” Spike grumbled, keeping his eyes closed as he pressed tighter into his ball.

Twilight chuckled lightly at her sleepy puppy. "I've got a call, you goof." She turned back towards the purple-cased smartphone buzzing on her table, it was now about half through its song. "...And it's from Sunset, so it could be something important."

Begrudgingly, Spike lifted himself from the bed's tender embrace and began to stretch. "So answer it..." He said with a groan. "It's not like were going to get anymore sleep tonight anyways with your playlist going on repeat."

Twilight nodded in agreement before reaching for her phone. She swiped it before answering. "Hello?"

"Twilight! Oh thank Celestia you picked up!" The girl on the other end of the line sounded frantic and winded. It made Twilight feel uneasy.

"Sunset, are you okay? You sound exhausted." Twilight asked out of concern.

"You could say that." Sunset admitted. "But that isn't important right now. Listen, I need you and the other girls to get over here!"

Twilight pinched the bridge of her nose between fingers in tired annoyance. "Sunset it's 5:00 in the morning on a Saturday, I'm sure whatever's going on can wait a couple more hours." She expressed in her groggy tone of voice.

Sunset's voice began turning frantic again. "But Twilight, you have to listen to me!"

"I'm hanging up now Sunset." Twilight moved her finger to push the end call button on her touch screen.

"Twilight wait!" Twilight paused upon hearing the severity in the young girl's voice. "Twilight...the egg hatched."

Twilight's eyes widened in shock. She practically yelled at her phone. "What?! You actually hatched the dragon egg!!!"

Spike, upon hearing this, stared up at her in confusion. "...Dragon egg?" He mumbled to himself concernedly.

"It wasn't on purpose, okay!" Sunset exclaimed defensively. "Look, just get over here as soon as you can. We have the creature currently trapped, but I don't know how long we'll be able to keep it that way."

Twilight pursed her lips quizzically. "Who's we?" She asked nonchalantly.


"Sorry! I'll start making calls!" Twilight exclaimed. "We'll be at your apartment as soon as we can."

"Thank you."

With a flick of her wrist Twilight ended the call. Then with a swipe of her finger, Twilight opened the conference call option on her phone. "I'd better ask Applejack to pick us all up. We'll get to Sunset's faster if we all take the same car." Twilight mumbled to herself as she left her bed and rushed out the door.

Spike too jumped off her bedside. "Wait a minute, I'm coming with you!" He exclaimed as he ran on her heels. "There's no way I'm letting you girls face a dragon alone! Those things are wild ugly beasts, haven't you seen the movies!"

The sound of the dial tone rang loudly in Twilight's ear for a few minutes before someone actually picked up. Spike could hear her quietly talking to someone else on the line as they both silently rushed through the house, neither of them wanting to wake up the rest of Twilight's sleeping family.

"Applejack?" Twilight said in a whisper.


"Yes, it's me Twilight."


"Yes, I'm aware what time it is. But listen, I need you to get your family's truck and pick me and other girls up, okay?"


"Sunset's dragon egg hatched!"


"Yes, I know... holy shit."

A high-pitched snarling could be heard bellowing out from under Sunset's bed. The creature she had originally thought was a dragon had been using the area under her matress as a hiding place since before she had made her phone call to Twilight.

She had been watching the creature nonstop for what felt like twenty minutes now, and Flash had been watching it for even longer. Sunset had been the only one of the two to have had taken a break, using it as a time to put on a pair of modest pajamas and slather on some makeup to make herself look more presentable.

Thankfully, the creature itself hadn't yet tried to escape, and for the most part, had been remaining relatively calm since it started hiding. But that doesn't mean it didn't cause its far share of damage back when the three first met. Literally anything and everything that could of been knocked over or broken in Sunset's apartment was now lying on the floor. Broken picture frames, cushions from the couch, shatter dishes, ripped clothing, and even the contents of Sunset's refrigerator decorated the floor and walls of the apartment like the aftermath of a crazy frat party. All that was missing was the rowdy chicks...

A sudden knocking came from Sunset's front door.

"That must be the girls." Sunset said turning towards Flash. "Watch that thing and make sure it doesn't go anywhere."

With a fake salute, Flash replied. "Roger."

Sunset quickly made her way towards the front door to greet her friends, taking care with every step as to avoid any sharp or dangerous shards of glass that may have been lying on the floor. She opened the door...

"I'm glad you girls could get here on su–Oof!"

...Only to be tackled from the other side of the doorway by a girl in pink pajamas.

"SUNSET ARE YOU OKAY?! DID THE DRAGON HURT YOU?! DOES IT LOOK COOL?! ARE YOU ALRIGHT?!! SPEAK TO ME!" Pinkie Pie shouted frantically as she shook her grounded friend like a broken rag doll.

"Sunset we came as soon as we–" Rainbow immediately paused in what she was saying to stare perplexedly into Sunset's apartment. The other girls in her party soon joined up behind her and began sharing similar expressions.

"My word Sunset, what happened?" Rarity exclaimed.

"Yeah dude, it looks like you threw a kegger in here?" Rainbow Dash said staring at the destruction in amazement (quite frankly she was impressed). "Because this place is reaching rock star levels of thrashing."

Sunset pushed Pinkie Pie off of her stomach, and sat up strait. She noticed her friends, like Pinkie, were all still in their pajamas. She assumed that they had all rushed over as quickly as they could. She began rubbing the sides of her head sorely, she was getting a migraine (apparently magical beasts and vigorous shaking did that to a person).

"Yeah I know." She stated lividly. "Apparently, whatever was in that egg really didn't approve of my choices in décor."

"That's weird?" Pinkie stated perplexedly. "I'll admit your not the most fashion forward person I know, being a unicorn from another dimension and all. But I personally never thought you had bad taste?"

Pinkie's honest comment was met with a cluster flat expressions. Even Flash, who was sitting away from the girls at the moment, was groaning quietly with his face cupped in his hands.

"So where is it now?" Twilight asked after the lengthy awkward silence subsided. "The dragon I mean."

"Still under my bed. Flash is watching him."

The girls looked at their friend in confusion. "Flash?" They asked in unison.


"He was spending the night here before the egg hatched." Sunset explained as she started leading her friends towards the bedroom. Thankfully they were wearing shoes, so navigating the room was much less of a hassle.

Rarity began smirking cattily. "Was he now~?"

Sunset flinched at her friend's assuming tone. "Platonically!" She shouted. "We were sharing a pizza before it started raining earlier. I said he could spend the night instead of drenching himself walking home."

It was Flash's turn to smirk, he had a terrible idea. "As opposed to getting myself drenched here with you." He voiced chidingly. Sunset blushed brightly and the girls began to giggle.

"Flash!" Sunset shouted indignantly.

"What?" He shouted back mockingly. "I would have expected by now, you'd have admitted to your best friends that we have had sex before."

Sunset began to blush madly as her friends politely stifled more of their laughter. If Flash didn't diverse the slap she had given him earlier, she thought he defiantly deserved it now.

Back by the front doorway, Fluttershy heard what sounded like whimpering. She immediately stopped giggling and turned to see Spike was still outside, currently shivering and with his tail between his legs.

Fluttershy quickly became concerned. She walked back through front door and quickly knelt down next to the frightened puppy. "Is everything okay Spike?" She asked warmly.

Spike quickly noticed she was next to him. He then spoke loudly, in hopes of hiding his nerves from the girl. "Y-yeah I'm g-g-good." He lied. "I'm just giving y-you girls a h-headstart. I'm not afraid of any d-dr-dragons." The tremble in his voice and body denoted otherwise.

Fluttershy smiled sympathetically. She moved hands around the little dog's sides in order to carefully pick him up. "I know your not." She said soothingly. "Your our big strong guard dog, after all. Your here to protect us, in case me or the others gets scared, right?" Spike looked up from Fluttershy's arms and noticed she was smiling down at him. He smiled back.

"Y-yeah... Of course!" He stated more proudly. "Don't you worry Fluttershy, I'll protect you!"

She giggled lightly. "Glad to hear it Spike. I feel safer already." She walked back over towards her friends with the happily yipping puppy brave guard dog still nestled tightly in her arms.

Once everyone was back together, Flash pointed towards the area underneath Sunset's bed frame. Snarling, seemingly more vicious sounding then before, could be heard escaping out from between the bed's legs.

"He's right under there." Flash explained. "And judging by his increase in volume, he knows that there's more people here then before."

Sunset quickly turned to forewarn her friends. "You each can take a look—but be careful—this thing is incredibly temperamental, and as Flash and I have recently learned, very little can to set him off."

Now sharing some worried expressions, the six teenagers nodded to prove they understood. Flash slowly got up from his seat in the bedroom's doorway in order give the girls some room. Fluttershy placed Spike back down on the floor so he could also take a look. They each laid down on the apartment's carpet, Rarity more hesitantly then the others considering the mess, and explored the under area of the bed with their eyes. They soon caught sight of the creature...

...their supposed baby dragon.

The beast was backed up against the opposite wall like frightened raccoon. It snapped it jaws a few times at them in an attempt to look threatening. It only succeeded in making itself look more adorable by flapping its toothless infant gums.

Taken by surprise, Rainbow Dash suddenly burst into laughter. She rolled onto her back to stared derisively at the boy and girl standing above her, both of whom were wearing the same equally embarrassed blush.

"That's your baby dragon?!" She laughed. "You two really need our help dealing with that knockoff Furrbie?!" The rainbow-haired girl continued to chortle and roll around floor as Flash and Sunset scowled hatefully in response.

"He so cute!!" Pinkie Pie exclaimed reaching out only to receive another snap from the creature. She pulled her arm back, but continued talking as if nothing had happened. "He's like a giant purple puffball, from one of those things Rarity uses to powder her face. Only he has eyes, ears and a mouth."

Rarity grimaced at her friend's ignorance in the field standard beauty tools. "It is called a powderpuff, and they are found in compacts Pinkie. Honestly now, you are a teenage woman, you should already know these things!"

Twilight, for her part, found she could only stare astonishedly at the creature before her. The creature itself soon noticed her gaze was significantly more focused then the others, and it quickly began glaring back at her with added intensity. Twilight began to speak, "This... is..."

The girls, Spike and Flash were pulled from their own thoughts as they looked towards their friend.

"...INCREDIBLE!" The group was then immediately taken back as the normally mousy girl started shouting.

"A creature like this has never been encountered before, its an entirely new species completely alien to this world!" Twilight said excitedly while lifting herself onto her knees. "We need to study it! If it truly is a dragon like you suggest Sunset, then this discovery could have major implications on not only science, but historical mythology as well!"

Twilight suddenly felt someone's hand pat down gently on her left shoulder, surprising her back to reality. "Calm down there, sugarcube. Yer startin' ta drool." Twilight blushed as she wiped her mouth instinctively. "Besides we can't do any sort of studyin' yet. We haven't even figured out how to pull this critter out hidin'." Applejack proclaimed.

The realization soon struck Twilight, and she began rubbing the back of her right hand sheepishly. "Your right." She timidly agreed. "I'm sorry, I shouldn't be getting ahead of myself."

"It's alright Twi, we all know how ya get when yer around these kinda scientific thing-a-ma-jigs." Applejack smiled reassuringly at her friend before turning back to look at Sunset.

"Did ya get any word back yet from Princess Twilight about this critter, Sunset?"

Sunset shook her head. "I sent her a message through my journal earlier, but as of yet she hasn't replied. For now, we're on our own."

A quick, yet sudden, vicious growl from the creature under the bed seemingly worked to confirm Sunset's statement to the rest of the group.

Twilight began to ponder their predicament. "Well... we can't just leave him under there." She stated. "Without our direct supervision there's no telling what he could be doing. But then that bring up the all important question: how do we coax a creature we know nothing about out from under Sunset's bed?"

Rainbow Dash smirked confidently and cracked her knuckles. She started pushing her way forward past her friends. "Out of the way everyone, I've got this." She fell down onto her belly and began army crawling towards the creature, much to its displeasure.

"I wouldn't do that Rainbow, your only going to get him more riled up." Flash warned.

The creature aggressively snarled, warning the rainbow-haired teenage to stay away.

"He's fine." She exclaimed, ignoring the creature's angry protests. "Tank gets like this whenever he hides under the couch back at home. The only way to get him to stop is by grabbing hold of him and pulling him out into the open!"

"But Rainbow, Tank is a Tortoise." Sunset argued. "This thing is an Equestrian dragon... we think."

Rainbow Dash only continued crawling. "They're still both reptiles. Tank and this thing could practically share the same family. Heck, they could be twins."

Sunset blanched in disbelief. "You can't be serious right now. That dragon is purple and furry, Rainbow Dash!"

"Please be careful with him, Rainbow." Fluttershy pleaded. "He looks really fragile."

"Don't worry Fluttershy, I won't hurt him." Rainbow Dash assured.

Rainbow Dash drew closer to the creature snarling in front of her. "Come here ya little hairball." She reached her hands out to pick up the creature, only to hear it shout something back at her in return.

"Chīsana Tetsu Tsubu!!!"

A small iron bead, roughly the size of a marble, shot from the creature's mouth at a speed comparable to a fired airsoft pellet. The metal bead hit Rainbow Dash right under her left eye, stinging her greatly and causing a noticeable welt to form where it had impacted.

"SON OF A–" Rainbow shouted as she crawled out from under the bed. She placed her hand over her eye. "Dammit!!" She cried. Raising to her knees, Rainbow glared furiously at the space underneath the bed. She could hear the creature snickering at her expense.

"Screw you, ya little turd!"

"We tried to warn you." Flash stated smugly. Rainbow glared daggers at the two smirking teens standing behind her.

The rest of the group meanwhile was gaping in disbelief. They all stared underneath the bed in astonishment. "That baby critter... just... talked?" Applejack stated.

"And in Neighponese no less..." Twilight added.

"And to our knowledge, it's the only thing he knows how to say." The group turned towards Sunset, who was speaking rather flatly. "At least, that's all he's ever said to us." Sunset lifted the hem of her purple pajama shirt and Flash rolled up the sleeve of his jacket. Flash's left arm and the side of Sunset's midriff were both covered in randomly placed red welts.

Applejack blinked in disbelief. "Ah think we need to catch this thin' before anyone else gets hurt." The others nodded in agreement. "Anybody got any ideas?"

The teens grew silent as they all began to brainstorm. This silence only lasted for a few minutes, before Fluttershy suddenly spoke up. "Maybe he's hungry."

The others looked towards her in confusion. "What do mean Fluttershy?" Rarity asked.

Fluttershy quickly became nervous, everyone else's eyes where on her. Even still, she continued speaking, albeit more softly. "Normally, when baby lizards hatch, they are already very hungry and very mobile. Sometimes this hunger can make the newborns very cranky and can lead to different kinds of aggressive behavior."

The others nodded. "Maybe if we give him something soft to eat, he'll calm down and I can try talking to him." Fluttershy produced the necklace she gotten from Camp Everfree from the breast pocket of her pajamas.

"You brought your necklace with you?" Sunset asked quizzically.

"We all did." Twilight stated. Sunset looked to the rest of her friends to see they all indeed had their amulets in hand. Though unexpected, she found herself thankful for her friends' proactive behavior.

"Well in that case, I guess it's as good a plan as any." Sunset said reassuringly. "What should we try to feed him?"

"I think I left some wet dog food in the backseat of Applejack's truck. I'll be right back." Twilight bolted from the room and out the apartment's front door. After a few minutes, she returned with a purple backpack she only normally used for school.

"I'll go get you a can opener." Sunset said before quickly dashing from the room and towards her kitchen.

Reaching into her bag, Twilight produced a small can of wet dog food and a small dog bowl with Spike's name printed on it. Rarity cocked her eyebrow in confusion.

"Do you always carry Spike's dog dish around with you, Twilight?" Rarity asked curiously.

"Only when I take him with me outside the house." She explained. "When your dog can talk, and complains as much as mine does..." Spike huffed at Twilight's remark. "...It pays to always be prepared."

Sunset returned with the can-opener and quickly handed it to Twilight. She opened the can and dumped its contents into the dog dish before placing it at the foot the bed. The teens all backed away from the bowl until they had all left the room entirely. They waited in anticipation just outside the bedroom doorway to see if the creature would take the bait.

The room grew silent, nothing could be heard except for the sounds of the creature breathing. Then, there came a sudden thump, like a ball bouncing on the carpeted floor. After a brief moment, another thump came, and soon another and another. The creature bounced out from under Sunset's bed to eye the bowl suspiciously. It glanced towards the teens standing outside the room, and then back towards the bowl. By the way its brows were furrowed, it may have believed the food was poisoned.

It shot one last quick glance in the teens' direction before tentatively taking a bite of its offered meal. It chewed the food contemplatively, studying its texture and taste. It swallowed and quickly licked its lips. The creature liked the dog food, and quickly began scarfing down the rest of it happily until there was nothing was left but a licked-clean bowl...

...which the creature then promptly began to gnaw on.

"Well, what do ya know," Applejack said tipping her hat. "Ya were right, Fluttershy. That was a good plan."

Fluttershy smiled happily at the complement.

"Quick, see if you can talk to him now!" Twilight exclaimed. Fluttershy nodded and started stepping tentatively towards the creature. She grasped her necklace tightly and felt its warm magic glow between her fingers.

"Hello there little guy." She greeted warmly. The creature stared up at her perplexedly, but did not run away. It remained silent as Fluttershy lowered herself onto her knees. "Do you understand me?" She asked.

Her friends leaned deeper into the room through the doorway. For the moment the creature only continued to remain silent. He hopped off the floor onto Sunset's bed. He stared into Fluttershy's eyes blankly, and opened his mouth as if to speak. He said...

"Chīsana Tetsu Tsubu!!!"


Fluttershy ducked as another iron bead was fired from the creature's mouth. The bead soared over her head and into Rainbow Dash's knee, who just so happened to be standing in doorway behind her.

"FUCK!" Rainbow cursed as she grasped her knee. "God damn little twerp!"

Rainbow Dash noticed the creature was snickering at her again. Her anger boiled over. "That does it! I'm gonna make a hat out of you!" She began storming into the room.

"AAAGGGHHH!" But she stopped suddenly when Fluttershy released a terrified shriek. Everyone turned towards their frightened friend.

"Fluttershy, what's the matter?" Sunset asked in concern.

Fluttershy only trembled in response. She slowly lifted her arm and pointed towards the window on the bedroom wall. "T-there's a m-monster in your window..."

The teens blinked in confusion, before turning to look at the window. Their eyes all widen in fear.

A tall ganging figure, cloaked in the early morning darkness, was staring into the room from the other side of Sunset's window. It had long steer-like horns pointing off horizontally from sides of it head, and its eyes glowed a deep crimson like the side of a firetruck. Its gaze was piercing, but it was not seemingly focused the teenagers. Its sights were pointed at the small creature trembling on Sunset's bed.

A young yet sinister sounding voice echoed through the room, despite glass window blocking the monster from the outside.

"I've finally found you."

The creature raised an elongated arm from its side and aimed it at the window.

"Death Claw!!!"

It shot its large clawed hand through the glass and towards the bed, shattering the window entirely.

"AAAGGGHHH!!" The teens screamed. The monster's claw slammed down onto Sunset's bed, nearly missing the infant creature they had been watching, as it leaped from the mattress and back onto the floor. The infant promptly shot back under the bed to hide.

"You can't escape me so easily! Not this time!" The monster lifted its other claw and grasped onto the frame of the windowsill. Using both its long arms, the monster pulled itself halfway into Sunset's bedroom, its lean and gangling form now on full display for the teenagers to see.

The creature was vaguely humanoid in appearance, and its body was covered from head to toe in a skin tight leather suit. Belts, bandages, and skull and bat designs unadorned multiple places around its body, with a big pair holey bat wings pressed tightly against its back given the confined space of the room. Its demonic gaze and appearance sent a chill down everybody's spine.

Rainbow Dash grabbed Fluttershy and pulled her back towards the rest of their friends. "What the hell is that thing!" Rainbow shouted.

"The devil in a gimp suit?" Pinkie unsurely replied.

The evil-looking creature continued paying little attention to the teens, as it continued its pursuit of the smaller creature. With the claw it had sunk into Sunset's bed, the creature lifted both the mattress and bedframe clear off the floor with ease. The smaller creature stared up in shock at the larger, now that it was suddenly out in the open.

"I've got you now." The creature growled maliciously. He moved his claw to grab the infant.

"We've got to help him!" Fluttershy shouted. "I think it wants to hurt him!"

Acting quickly, Sunset glanced down towards the floor. She noticed a sharp piece of a shatter glass plate laying on the floor. Sunset furrowed her brows and steeled her resolve.

Before anyone had a chance to react, Sunset grabbed the sharp piece of debris and charged the monster.

"Sunset!!" Her friends shouted.

"Leave him alone!" She jammed the sharp piece of shatter plate into the upper forearm of the demonic monster. The beast howled in pain, before retracting its arm and grasping the wound in its other claw, noticeable drops of blood could be seen pooling on the carpet. The smaller creature stared in amazement at the event he had just seen.

The monster hissed, and eyed the fiery haired teenager angrily. "DO NOT INTERFERE!" The monster swung its uninjured arm at Sunset, backhanding her back across the room and into the arms of her friends.

The smaller creature's eye widened in shock. He looked towards the teens, they were surrounding their friend checking to see if she was alright. She looked dazed, and a bruise was forming on her cheek from where she was struck, but she didn't look to terribly injured. Even still, he could somehow feel the monster they were facing wasn't going to hold back any longer.

The tiny creature began to growl. If they interfered again, that monster would not hesitate to kill them. A strangely familiar hatred, like the creature had never felt before, filled his mind. That girl had risked her own safety to protect him. He had been nothing but a nuisance since he had hatched, and still she put her own life on the line to protect him.

Memories he couldn't place clouded his mind. Blurry vague images from his own perspective...of him protecting creatures like himself...they called themselves something...digimon...he was protecting fellow digimon.

These children were they..?

The small creature shuddered violently on the floor. He felt more angry now then he may ever feel for rest of his life. The creature grit his gums together and gazed hatefully at the giant demonic figure. The small creature did not know why he had these memories—nor where they came from—what he did know however, was that they gave him a feeling... A determined feeling... A feeling that told him the crimes the demon monster just committed would not stand. That he needed to protect the girl that protected him. He needed to protect them all.

The tiny creature suddenly roared with his tiny high-pitched voice, taking the teens—and even the larger creature—completely off guard. The small creature's body was suddenly enveloped in a blinding white light. Sunset and her friends stared on in amazement, the demonic creature stared on in shock.

Dodomon Warp Digivolve To...

The high pitched voice the teens had been hearing before suddenly began to lower several octaves as the glowing form suddenly began to morph and change. The small creature's body suddenly shifted and grew to a size roughly reaching their waists. Its new body laid horizontal to the floor with two small arms and two powerful looking legs supporting it.


The light exploded off this new form, forcing everyone present to avert their eyes to avoid the blinding flash.

The large creature quickly turned back towards his quarry as soon as the flash had dissipated, only to see a new creature rushing towards him.

"Dino Tooth!"

The new creature bit down forcefully on the demonic creature wounded arm, drawing more blood with his sharp teeth. The monster recoiled backwards as it shouted in pain, dragging itself and the new creature back outside through the destroyed window.

Rainbow Dash was the first to look back at the scene before after the flash. Both creatures were missing from the room. "What the hell just happen?!" She shouted.

"They both went out the window!" The teens looked down at Spike who was pointing towards the shattered window with his paw. Without hesitation, the teens all rushed towards it to look outside.

The devil creature was now standing at its full height and was shaking its arm wildly. It launched the smaller creature off with a powerful flick, sending him flying down the road. The smaller creature, Dorumon they heard him call himself, landed on his feet and skid gracefully to stop a short distance away from his opponent.

Even in the darkness of the early morning, the teens could clearly make out the new form of the creature in front of them.

He resembled a dinosaur with vibrant purple fur covering his entire body. Sharp black claws extended from each of the creature's fingers and toes, and set of sharp white teeth now filled the creature's mouth. Its tail resembled that of a fox, and a deep crimson gem was embedded into the center of its forehead. Dorumon lowered himself in a defensive stance as he stalked closer towards his opponent.

"So, you were able to skip the In-training stage, and jump straight to rookie." The demon creature spoke with mild amusement. "Impressive, but it doesn't matter. You're still no match for me!"

"Demon's Ray!"

Two blasts of dark energy shout out of the demon creature's hands and towards Dorumon. The smaller creature quickly leaped out of the way and began charging the larger, all the while dodging more blasts fired by his opponent.

Sunset's face quickly furrowed with concern. She turned towards her friends, they all carried similar expression. "He needs our help!" She voiced passionately. The other's nodded in agreement.

The teens and dog all rushed towards the front door and down the stair onto the street to witness the battle continuing in front of them. The larger creature fired another beam of dark energy from its claw as Dorumon avoided it. He leaped from the street as soon as he was close enough to the larger creature...

"Dino Tooth!"

... and dug his canines into his left bicep.

The demon monster screamed in pain, then grasped Duromon's body in its right claw. "YOU ARE AN IRRITATING PEST!"

He pulled the smaller creature off his arm violently in a spray of his own blood. The larger creature began to squeeze Dorumon between its palm and fingers, like it was trying to crush an empty soda can. Dorumon screamed in more human sounding voice then he had been using prior.

The teens and dog gasped in fear. The larger creature chuckled evilly...

...then promptly felt a garbage can collide with the side of its head. The creature loosened its grip as it staggered, but didn't let go of his quarry. As soon as it could straighten itself, the demon monster turned to see where the sudden trashcan had been thrown from. It saw a teenage girl wearing a Stetson and blue footy pajamas, hefting another fully-loaded garbage can over her head like it were a baseball. A small necklace she wore around her neck was glowing.

"Now ya probably don't hear this very often but, GO PICK ON SOMEONE YER OWN SIZE!" Applejack chucked the second garbage can like it was the lightest thing in the world. The demon monster caught it in its free hand and crushed it quickly.

It drop the can and open its free claw to point at the girl. "I'll kill you for that!"

The creature suddenly felt itself begin lifted off the ground, almost like it was a lost balloon suddenly taking flight. The creature looked down and noticed its legs were enveloped in a bright glowing purple aura.

The rainbow haired human was suddenly at his feet. The monster's crimson eyes widened, she had appeared faster then he could even blink.

She grasped onto the monster's right ankle tightly with both of her hands. She smirked, "Ya better hold on Stretch, because I'm taking you for a ride!" Rainbow Dash suddenly began sprinting faster then her friends could perceive and pulled the still levitating demon monster along with her like a kite in the wind. With the sudden burst of speed, the monster accidently let go of the Dorumon allowing him to fall gracelessly back to the pavement below.

Twilight suddenly dropped her focus and let go of her levitation spell, a resounding "THUD" could be heard in the distance. She, Sunset, Flash, Rarity and Fluttershy all rushed to the grounded creature's side. They helped him up to sit on his haunches.

"Are you alright?" Sunset asked.

Dorumon looked up at the fiery-haired teenager, his expression was one of pure astonishment. "You all just saved my life." The new creature's voice was child-like, but carried a clear sense of intelligence that the teens found odd.

Loud screaming could be heard coming back down the street. The teens and Dorumon turned to see Rainbow Dash running back towards them with the tall creature dragging painfully against the asphalt behind her.

Rainbow let go of the monster's ankle and let him skid to halt a few feet away as she rejoined her friends. Behind the group of teens and Dorumon, Applejack hefted another garbage can over her head. Meanwhile, Pinkie Pie dug through one of the open trash bins.

The demon monster slowly rose from his back and onto his feet. "REPUGNANT, IRRITATING, HORRID LITTLE HUMONS! I'LL SLAUGHTER YOU ALL!"

A rotten egg suddenly splatter across the demon monster's face. The teens and Dorumon turned as the large creature began rubbing the gunk clear of his eyes. Pinkie Pie was holding an open carton of rotten eggs she apparently found in the trash in the crook of her arm.

Pinkie began hucking the eggs one by one at the creature as she shouted. "Get out of here Stinky McLeather-Pants, nobody wants you here!" Once the final egg was lobbed, Pinkie Pie threw the egg carton of her shoulder in a sassy "that's all I have to say about that" motion.

The tall demon monster rubbed a small amount of the egg gunk off his closed eyes, allowing him to once again see. The creature growled angrily and raised his claw at the teenagers.

"Death Cl-"

The monster paused. His face was suddenly beginning to feel hot. It looked down over is mouth and chin, the rotten egg gunk was beginning to glow and was releasing a high-pitched ring that was quickly growing louder. Before anyone—besides Pinkie—knew what was going on, the egg gunk suddenly exploded like colorful fireworks in the sky. The blast sent the monster flying backwards and onto his back again.

Rainbow Dash began laughing. She rushed over to Pinkie's side and quickly high-fived her. "Pinkie Pie, you are amazing!"

For the moment, the large imposing creature only laid motionless on the pavement. It contemplated the situation it found itself in. Humons were never reported to be this strong in the Digital World's records. History always said they had the power to incite digivolution, but it never stated that they'd have abilities like digimon did. These weren't normal humons, the demon monster decided.

He had been careless, and didn't consider the possibility. He needed to regroup and formulate a new strategy with the information he had learned. He would make sure not to fail his masters again.

The ganging monster quickly returned to its feet and flapped its holey wings to get into the air. He stared down at the eight teens, their dog, and the knight he was forced to let get away for the time begin.

The creature shouted, "This isn't over! I will slay that knight, even if I have to gut everyone of you meddling humons to do so!"

The demon flapped his wings quickly and rose higher into the air. He began flying into the dark morning's horizon until the teens could no longer see its body in the distance.

"Well, if nothing else, you can definitely say the guy's goal-oriented?" Flash joked.

The teens that had been crouched around Dorumon rose back to their feet and began looking amogst each other. "Is everybody alright?" Sunset asked. She received a smile and a nod from each of her surrounding friends.

She turned to Rainbow Dash. "Rainbow?"

Rainbow Dash smirked. "Gimpy didn't even touch me." she stated proudly.

"Twilight!" Twilight turned to see a rather frightened puppy rushing towards her. He leaped off the street up into her arms.

"I'm so glad your okay!" He nuzzled her face. Twilight smiled and nuzzled him back.

Pinkie Pie smiled the widest of all and inexplicably pulled all her friends into a group hug, despite them all standing a good distance away from each other.

"Yaaay friendship!!" She shouted. The other teens and dog all shook their heads unquestioningly and returned their pink friend's hug.

"Umm... Excuse me..." The teens eyes all widened in surprise. They all turned as a clumsy unit and stared at the purple-haired saurian creature standing roughly at their waste height. He looked up at all them, and continued to speak.

"Thank you for giving me your attention." He stated with a bow. "Firstly, I would like to apologize for my actions while in my fresh stage. I am now aware that the way I was acting was both rude and brash, and I hope that you will all forgive me. Second, I would like to thank you all for the assistance you have provided me today. You can all rest assured that I will be providing you the same kindness, and that I will be ready should our enemy ever choose to attack us again."

The street suddenly became silent as Dorumon waited for a response. The teens only stared wide-eyed at him, they had been so caught up in all the excitement that they completely forgotten that small creature could talk. Dorumon cocked his eyebrow in slight irritation. "Are you not going to respond to me? Do you all really have nothing to say?"

The teens and dog all spoke quickly and concisely exactly how they felt about the situation they all found themselves in.

"Holy shit."

Author's Note:

Well here it is, after a long hiatus and several rewrites the second chapter of Equestria Girls: Digital Destiny is finally finished. Sorry it took so long. Please feel free to comment and critic the chapter, and please suggest any improvements you think can be made, its the only way these chapters will improve.

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