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Equestria Girls: Digital Destiny - EquestrianTwist

When the girls of Canterlot High are pulled into a strange new world, what awaits them on the other side? Are these new children the heroes this world seeks? Do they have what its takes to save the Digital World?

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Leaving the Island

Along the western coast of File Island, Rainbow Dash, Pinkie Pie, Sunset, Dorumon, Veemon, and Guilmon arrived to see a handful of what looked to be red and blue rabbit-like creatures with peacock-like tail feathers on their rears. They were collecting digieggs that had been washed ashore. “Hey, Elecmons.” Veemon shouted at the lot. “Any new eggs?”

One of the Elecmon turned towards the group of visitors. “Actually only three today. Tinkermon is going to be so happy. Say can you deliver these for us, we still need to do a final check to make sure no late arrivals get left behind.”

Before they could answer, another Elecmon scoffed. “You’re gonna trust that Veemon and Guilmon? That dynamite duo is more liable to break the eggs then deliver ‘em.” His comment spurred a few laugh from some of the other Elecmons.

“Leave Guilly alone, you meanies! He's a big lovable softy.” Pinkie countered.

“Oh he’s a softy alright, a really soft skull, especially for such a thick head.” Another Elecmon joked. Said Elecmon was then sent flying into the Net Sea after Veemon delivered a powerful headbutt right into his stomach.

Rainbow Dash was standing right behind her digimon. “Any of you other carrot-suckers got anything else to say?” She asked. The Elecmon clamped their mouths shut upon seeing their friend land in the sea, now swimming awkwardly back to shore, and handed over the eggs without hesitation.

“We know you’ll take good care of them.” The Elecmon then ran as far down the beach as they could while still being able to look for any digieggs washing ashore.

“Yeah, you better run!” Veemon added.

“Not to rain on the parade, but you technically assaulted them.” Dorumon pointed out. “Not the smartest way to collect digieggs.”

“You mess with Guilmon, you mess with me.” Veemon stated, only to be tackled and hugged by Pinkie.

“Cool to see you weren't lying about looking after Guilmon.” Rainbow remarked. “Now let's get these eggs back to the Vill… why are these two shaking?”

“A couple of early bloomers.” Veemon remarked as two of the eggs hatched. One of the babies was red, with a pair of black doll-eyes and ears that resembled elongated versions of Guilmon’s. “Well would ya look at that, a Jyarimon.” Veemon smirked.

“That's my baby form, Pinkie-chan!” Guilmon exclaimed as he clapped his hands in excitement.

“Aw. He's the cutest thing ever!” Pinkie cheered as she dropped Veemon and picked up the baby. It babbled happily at the attention it was receiving. “I could just eat you up. But I won't, you're just so precious.”

As for the other egg, it revealed a blue digimon of similar size and shape, but instead ears it had a strange tail like protrusion growing out of the top of its head. “And that's Big Bro's baby form, Chicomon.” Guilmon informed.

Chicomon stared at all of them silently. Rainbow Dash’s mouth formed a wiry smirk. “He doesn't seem all that bad. I mean, he's definitely not like you, Veemon.”

“I wouldn't be too sure about that, he's been awfully quiet for a newly hatched mon.” Dorumon stated. He stocked closer to inspect the infant digimon. “Be calm little one, I’m not going to hurt you.” He reached down to gently grasp the Chicomon with his mouth, only to have the tiny digimon suddenly bite down on his bottom lip.

“AAAAHHH!” Dorumon screamed and tried to pry the baby digimon off with his hands.

Sunset’s hand shot over her mouth as if she could feel the digimon’s pain, and Pinkie and Guilmon’s faces immediately grew concerned. Rainbow Dash and Veemon on the other hand were laughing their asses off.

“Hah! How’s it feel, furball.” Rainbow Dash mocked. “Karma's a bitch, isn't it!”

“Dashie!” Pinkie exclaimed as she placed her hands over Jyarimon’s ears. “You can’t use that kind of language here, there are children present! How do you expect Jyarimon to grow up into a respectful member of society and find a well-paying job listening to pottymouth like that?!”

Sunset fixed Pinkie with a flat expression. “We’re not taking him off this island, Pinkie. You shouldn’t need to worry.”

“That's no excuse for the use of, as my daddy would put it, ‘vile words’.” Pinkie retorted.

Before Sunset could give a response beyond an expression of shock on her face, Dorumon suddenly threw his head upwards finally freeing himself from Chicomon’s bite. The baby digimon was sent into the air like a fumbled football. All the people and digimon suddenly grew silent as they turned their gazes towards the sky. They all soon realized they had just unintentionally put a newborn child’s life in danger.

“DON’T JUST STAND THERE! CATCH HIM!” Sunset shouted at Rainbow.

“Wha?!” Rainbow responded.

“You’re the fastest and most agile, and I trust you the most to not drop a ball when playing a sport! NOW MOVE!” Rainbow didn’t waste anymore time by asking another question, she bolted towards Chicomon as he got closer to the ground. She dove and placed her hands just below him, catching him mere inches before the baby could impact the dirt.

Rainbow somersaulted forward until she came to a stop on her bum a few feet away. The others ran over to check on her, and were relieved to see that she and Chicomon were alright. Rainbow however wasn’t looking too pleased. “You remember what I said about this guy not being like Veemon… I take it back.”

The others leaned in closer to see Chicomon nuzzling into Rainbow’s chest after being caught and pressed into her body. Rainbow blushed in embarrassment. Veemon meanwhile brushed away a single proud tear.

That’s my boi.” He whispered.

Rainbow stood up and slapped Chicomon into Veemon’s hands. “You carry him.” Chicomon clearly didn’t like this and began to scream in anger. Everyone covered their ears to avoid having to deal with the full brunt of the sound, but that proved to be only a partial fix to the problem.

Veemon stuck one finger in his ear and held Chicomon out towards Rainbow Dash. “TAKE HIM BACK!” He shouted.

“NO WAY! HAND HIM TO SUNSET!” Rainbow shouted back in reply.


“FINE!” Rainbow Dash complied, taking Chicomon out of Veemon’s hand to cradle him in her own. The ear-splitting sound almost immediately stopped upon completing the exchange. “But if this little brat decides he wants to start nursing, I’m going to drop him here and never look back.”

To Chicomon’s credit, he was acting far less crudely then he was a minute again. Right now, he seemed content to just nuzzle into Rainbow’s hand and enjoy her warmth. Rainbow couldn’t help but smile at this. Despite their shaky initial meeting, she had to admit the baby digimon was still very cute.

Sunset walked back over towards the beach and picked up the last unhatched digiegg. It was pink near the top, but slowly grew more purple as her eyes moved down the body. It’s color and the fact she was able to hold it reminded Sunset of how their adventure had started. She foolishly thought she was caring for an unhatched dragon when in actuality she was helping a knight in his latest rebirth. She turned towards Dorumon who was rubbing at his lip to clean the wound left behind by Chicomon’s bite. She chuckled silently. “Come here you big baby.”

“Well technically speaking I did only hatch yesterday.” Dorumon conceded as he showed his face to Sunset.

She knelt down and looked at his lip, she was thankful to find it was just bruised and not bleeding. “You’re going to be just fine. It will heal up soon.” She place her hand on Dorumon’s head and began to pet him, which Dorumon quickly leaned into. “We should had back towards the Vill-”

“AHOY DOWN THERE!” Sunset’s voice was cut off as new voice cried out to them. The girls and digimon turned their gazes upwards to see a large galleon heading towards the shore. Upon the bow, staring back at them was humanoid digimon dressed in a pirate captain’s clothing and was hefting a giant anchor in his left hand. He had silver hair, and a scar and eye patch adorning his face, but his most distinguishing feature was the revolver-like false leg he had replacing his right shin. His gun foot was propped up on the railing of the ship as he stared down at them. “Petermon and Tinkermon said there be humons on File Island that require me help. I didn’t believe it at first, but now that I’m seeing ye with me own eye, I can’t believe I ever doubted ‘em.” Once the ship docked on the shore of the island, the pirate leaped off the railing and onto the beach.

“Allow me to introduce meself, I be Captain James P. Hookmon. But ye lasses and you’re mates can call me Captainhookmon, based on the reason those other two names be fake.”

“Wow! A really real pirate!” Pinkie Pie proclaimed as she appeared at Sunset’s side. “Oh?! Do you spend all day on the high seas swashbuckling, sword fighting, and singing songs about pirate booty?”

“Yes to all three, lass. But the last one tends to not happen so much in the presence of polite company.”

Veemon squinted at the pirate captain until his widen in realization. “Wait, I know you. You’re the guy who ferries the champion digimon to the main land once they get old enough. What are you doing here?”

“Well, I was told me ship would be needed for an evacuation, but that doesn’t seem to be the plan anymore. That being said, me ship is all ready to set sail, but has no heading.” Captainhookmon scratched his chin in thought. He smiled. “You lads and lasses, wouldn’t be needing a vessel to get off the island, would ye?”

“Actually yes, but we need to take these babies and this egg to Tinkermon and Petermon and get our friends first.” Sunset informed.

“Or we could try calling them on our phones.” Rainbow suggested after pulling said phone out of her skirt pocket.

Pinkie blinked and reached her hand into her hair, soon after pulling out her own pink-cased smartphone. “Oopsy, I completely forgot we had these. They sure would have been a major help back when we were looking for each other.” Her pleasant smile suddenly turned into into a annoyed scowl. “*Hint* *Hint* Mr. Authors.”

Sunset pulled her phone out of her own skirt pocket and eyed it skeptically. “Are they even going to work? I mean, we are an entire universe away from the nearest cell tower.”

Rainbow turned on her phone and was amazed to find that not only was the signal strong, but her battery was fully charged. This was odd because her phone was near to dead back in the human world. “Well I’ve got full bars.” She began to move her phone around. “My god, this is the best reception I’ve ever had!”

Sunset turned on her phone and was equally surprised to find it was acting the same. “All my apps have been disabled, except for my contacts list. What about you guys?”

“Same here.” Rainbow replied.

“Samesies.” Pinkie added.

They each opened their contacts, and saw the usual list of names. It seemed, for now at least, that their phones could only remember their most recent calls from earlier today and some of last night. Sunset noticed Flash’s name within her list, causing her to grimace slightly. She decided to file her thought about him away for later when other matters weren’t more pressing.

She heard Rainbow groan and slap her phone hand into her face, a gesture that made the Chicomon in her other hand giggle in amusement. “What’s the matter?” Sunset asked.

“Zephyr is stuck in my contact list.” She complained. “He tried calling me last night, which I obviously decided to ignore.”

Hearing the annoyance in her voice, Veemon furrowed his brows. “What’s a Zephyr?” The digimon asked. “It sounds punchable, and like something you don’t like. Do I need to punch this Zephyr?”

“I’m gonna put a rain check on that.” Rainbow said as she moved her finger across the screen, accidentally calling Zephyr back. She didn’t realize her mistake until the phone started to ring.

“Well, Hello my double Rainbow.” Came Zephyr’s best attempt at being suave. Rainbow hung up on him almost immediately. Her friends began to giggle before she could hide her blushing face.

“Not one word!” She ordered.

Sunset quieted her laughter as she began to dial Applejack’s phone. She could have dialed Twilight's, but AJ was the one more likely to get things done quickly.

Back at the village, Applejack was giving Popomon raspberries on its belly like she did for her little sister when she was a baby. She paused and laughed with the baby digimon. “I haven't done this in so long. Thanks, Sugarcube.” The baby babbled happily and the looked at Liollmon as if wanting to be with it's own ‘big sister’.

“Looks like the little one wants you to hold em.” Applejack then placed Popomon on Liollmon's head. It was so cute she just had to take a picture of it. She took out her cell phone and took a photo of the grumpy cub with the happiest sunflower ever on her head. Just as she was about to put the phone away, it began to chime the ringtone Applejack had programmed for when Sunset called*. “Will Ah'll be.” She said as it dawned on her that her phone could receive calls here. She answered it. “Well, butter my biscuit, our phones work.” she stated.

“Great it went through. Listen Applejack, I need you grab the others, Magnamon too, and get them down to the coast. We’ve found a ship that can get us off the island.” Sunset said.

“Be there lickity-split Sugarcube.” Applejack hung up, then turned to the baby digimon. “Sorry Sugarcube, but we’ve got to get going.” She plucked up the little one and placed it back into its crib. “Now we might be gone for a long while, but we’ll be back.” Just as the baby was about to cry, clearly not wanting Applejack to leave, Applejack began to hum and than sing softly.

“Hush now, little one
You’re loved by all you know
You’ll never lose their friendship
No matter where you go.
There ain’t no call to worry
So don’t you cry or fret
Digivolving won’t change you
Whatever form you get.”

There was a collective yawn from all the baby digimons who heard her as they all fell asleep peacefully. Even the rookies all drifted off a little bit as they listened to her melodious voice.

“You really have quite the way with children, Applejack.” Twilight commented as she placed the sleeping Mokumon back in his crib.

“Looks likes it time to go.” Rarity sighed as she placed Metalkoromon back into its crib. “Sleep well, darling.” She whispered and gave the chrome baby a kiss on its forehead. A brief spark appeared at the end of Metalkoromon’s tail, but the digimon remained undisturbed in its slumber.

Fluttershy placed Pafumon back in her crib in much the same way before walking over towards her friends. “What’s going on?” She noticed Kudamon was beginning to nod on her shoulder, so rubbed her finger under his chin to wake him up.

Kudamon shook his head as his eyes opened. “I beginning to think you girls are Angewomons in disguise, because your singing voices are nothing less than heavenly.”

Applejack took off her hat and gave a mock bow. “Thank ya kindly.” She boasted. “Sunset just gave me a call, she said she and the others found a boat, and that we should grab Magnamon and meet them at the coast.” The girls and their digimon turned towards the Royal Knight. Tinkermon seemed to be wrapping up her rant, but by this point, Magnamon had heard more than enough. He was seated on the ground with his legs crossed and his chin planted firmly in his palm. A listless expression was present in his eyes as he continued to listen to the pixie digimon’s complaints.

“And finally you let them put the babies to sleep without a fuss…” Tinkermon paused as she realized what she just said. The babies were all asleep and were put to bed without a fuss.

Petermon chuckled. “It looks like you might of judged our guests a bit too earlier, Tink. I’ve been trying to tell you they mean no harm.”

Tinkermon frowned at co-caretaker. She folded her arms before puffing her cheeks out in frustration. “Yeah well, he still made us do all that work for nothing.”

“Remind me, who was one that risked his life to make sure Boltboutamon didn’t come after you and the children.” Magnamon stated as rose back to his feet, fully ready to let his inner Veemon sass out in retaliation. But then he remembered a knight was meant to be civil.

“I apologize for giving you false information, but with a Demon Lord on the island, I couldn’t afford to take any chances in case I lost. In fact, I would have if it weren’t for that group of remarkable girls and their digimon. So the least you could do is show them the bare minimum amount of respect, if your not going to show it to me.”

Tinkermon growled. “He’s right, Tink.” Petermon agreed. “We didn’t even need to ask for their help. They just up and faced the danger, without any concern for their own safety I might add. If that isn’t worth at least some praise, I don’t know what is.”

“Fine!” Tinkermon finally admitted. She noticed the girls and the rookie digimon walking towards them. She released a sigh. “You kids did an alright job protecting the babies.” She begrudgingly professed. “And thank you for saving Magnamon. Yggdrasil knows where the digital world would be if we lost another Royal Knight.”

“That’s the best we’re gonna get from her, I think.” Kudamon said with a chuckle. “We might as well head off to the coast, maybe see what new eggs have arrived.”

Petermon stepped up. “I’ll go with you. Leomon, will you keep an eye on Tink?” He asked as they started to head to the coast.

Magnamon held off following them and turned towards Leomon. “I’m afraid it’s time, Leomon.” Magnamon said to the lion digimon. Leomon sighed but seemed to have accepted what the Royal Knight was implying.

“It's been a long time since I’ve seen that face, milord.” Leomon replied. “I”m rusty. I don’t know if SaberLeomon will be awe inspiring behemoth you make him out to be this time around.”

Magnamon smiled under his mask. “You have heart and dedication, more so than any other mon I’ve seen in King Drasil’s army. If anyone is worthy of the praise I bestow, it’s you. Besides...” His gaze motioned towards Liollmon, which Leomon quickly followed. “...You’ve trained a Royal Knight to be one hell of a soldier. If your capable of that, you capable of almost anything.” Magnamon reached into his chest armor and placed something in Leomon’s hand. Upon opening it, Leomon saw a jagged uncut piece of crystal blue digimetal. Unlike others, this one did not have a name, and was simply referred to as digimetal, because it had the ability to allow digivolution regardless of the type of digimon who held it. Leomon starred up at Magnamon as the Royal Knight gave him a wink. “Think it over.”

Magnamon turned and began following the humans and their digimon towards the shore, leaving the old lion to stew in his thoughts. Tinkermon flew over to him. “So what did he give you?” The fairy digimon asked.

Leomon pursed his lips in a contemplative expression. “An inner piece of the server tree.” He looked to the Royal Knight, then back towards the shard of crystal in his hand. After a few moment of thought, he then grasped it tightly in his hand and became enveloped in a glowing flash of white blinding light.

He refused to turn and address the spectacle behind him, but as he walked away, Magnamon smiled.

It didn’t take long for the group to arrive, allowing Petermon to take the increasingly fussy infant from Rainbow and the digiegg from Sunset. Pinkie Pie however was far more reluctant to give up Jyarimon.

“No!” Pinkie shouted before hugging the squishy red blob closer to her chest.

“I told you Pinkie, we can’t take him with us.” Sunset explained. “Now give him back to Petermon so we can get sailing already!”

“NO!” Pinkie shouted again. “He’s my mushy little jellybean and I’m going to call him Squishy!”

“Pinkie…” Sunset started only for Pinkie to cut off.

“And he shall be mine!” She stated defiantly. “Because he is my Squishy.” She brought Jyarimon up to her face and began to rub her nose again his own. “Aren’t you..?~ You’re my little Squishy!~ Yes, my little Squishy!~ My little Squishy Wishy Poo!~” The baby digimon giggled as Pinkie continued to coddle him.

“I think I’m going to be sicky wicky poo…”Veemon muttered, earning a snicker and a fist bump from Rainbow Dash.

“Besides he needs to come with us!” Pinkie whined. She placed Jyarimon on Guilmon’s head before pointing at both of the for emphasis. “How do you expect Jyarimon to survive in this world without a wiser big brother to show him the ropes?!”

Much to her surprise Guilmon walked away from her as she was talking and motioned his head towards Petermon. Jyarimon jumped off Guilmon’s head an into Petermon’s awaiting arms. Guilmon smiled at the baby digimon. “Goodbye little me. You be good, okay?” He waved at the little mon, prompting the baby to wave back with one of it’s ears.


Guilmon walked back over to a rather distraught looking Pinkie Pie. She turned to him with waterfalls gushing down her cheeks. “Guilly… why?”

“It isn’t safe out there Pinkie-chan. Jyarimon could get hurt, and a good big brother makes sure there little brothers don’t get hurt.” He turned his head towards Veemon. “Right, Big Bro?”

Veemon chuckled. “Yeah Guilmon, you’re right.”

Pinkie didn’t like the answer, but she couldn’t argue that Guilmon was right. “I guess there’s nothing I can do about it. It’s probably for the best, I’d be super-duper distracted with two Guillies around.” She knelt down and hugged the red dinosaur. “And I’d never want my Guilly-Wheely to think I love anybody else more than him.”

“But I thought you loved everything, Pinkie-chan?”

“I do love everything, but I especially love you.” She then tapped him Guilmon on nose. “Boop.”

By this point Rainbow Dash had had enough. “Okay I’m about three seconds from throwing up thanks to all this sentiment, so I’m just gonna get on the boat.” Veemon was quick to follow.

“Right behind you, boss lady.” After giving their thanks and good byes to Petermon, the others soon boarded, leaving only Sunset and Dorumon to stare at galleon from the beach. A hesitant expression spread across Dorumon’s muzzle as moved his gaze up the gangplank and towards the deck of the ship.

Sunset was quick to pick up on how he was feeling. “You ok?”

Dorumon shook his head. “I should remember this, I should still be Alphamon.” He stated.

“And somewhere deep down you do remember. You are Alphamon.” Dorumon looked back to see Magnamon standing above him. A caring look was present in his eyes. “Let the memories come as they do, and don’t try to force it. An old friend once told me: Don't go searching for all the answers, they will always manage to find you when your pants are down, all you can do is learn how to pull them back up quickly." Those words sounded familiar and comforting. Dorumon nodded and got on board followed by Sunset and finally Magnamon himself.

Once Magnamon reached the deck he turned back towards the beach. Petermon was calling out to them. “Take care you all, and come back as soon as you can!” Petermon waved before he took the two babies and egg back to the village.

As the boat departed from the shore, Candlemon began to tap his chin in thought. “I wonder who the mon was that gave Magnamon that advice.” Candlemon mused. The other rookies began to scrunch their brows in thought. Liollmon looked on in disbelief.

“Oh for King Drasil’s roots, Alphamon was the one to say that.” Liollmon stated bluntly.

A round of “Ohs” and “That makes sense” came from her fellow digimon, earning an annoyed groan from the young cub. “Guh… boys.”

She heard a soft chuckle from behind her and turned to find Applejack walking in her direction. The farm girl kneeled down and whispered so the other digimon wouldn’t hear. “Don’t let ‘em get to ya none. Ah have a lot of younger and a few older cousins who act the same way. Just give ‘em time, they’ll grow out of it eventually.”

Liollmon turned her gaze back towards the other digimon. They had disbanded within the time she had been talking to Applejack, seemingly to search for their own humans to spend time with while on the voyage to their next destination. Candlemon was more than likely looking for Twilight to start up some kind of long winded conversation; Veemon was going to find Rainbow Dash for some reason to show off; Guilmon was undoubtedly going to play a game with Pinkie; Hagurumon would cater to Rarity’s every whim; and Kudamon would just want to relax alongside Fluttershy; Even Magnamon seemed to be settling down as sat down against the mast of the ship for a nap. Liollmon couldn’t help but smile as she imagined how the others would spend their time.

“No.” She replied. “They are exactly how I remember them right now. They’ll grow up and be knights someday, but for now I just want enjoy them as I knew them, as my friends and allies.”

Applejack grinned and rubbed her knuckle against Liollmon’s cheek. “Sounds ta me like you’ve been doing all the growin' up for the mess of ’em.”

Liollmon smirked. “Well I wasn’t the Strategist of Truth for nothing. It was my job to make sure the other knights remained on task and had a plan to follow.”

Applejack nodded. “Trust me, Ah know the feelin’.”

In the center of a hexagonal room made of stone bricks, a holographic visage appeared over a wooden table placed in between six wooden thrones.

Five of the seats were holding an occupant, each a powerfully large digimon adorned in their own custom armor. As the visage slowly changed to reveal the deck of Captianhookmon’s ship, the figures observing the scene gradually leaned in closer.

“It would appear Magnamon has finally decided to nod off.” A humanoid digimon with crimson hair and a white jacket slung over his shoulders commented. He folded his arms as he took note of what was happening in the scene. “It’s about time, I was beginning to grow curious as to who these humans were.” Applejack and Liollmon walked into the center of the image, before turning towards the stern of the ship. “Oh, she’s cute.” The Royal Knight spoke like he was pointing out a single puppy from a litter. “I like that one.”

“Would it kill you to take the situation seriously for once, Gankoomon?” Another Royal Knight exclaimed. This one was far larger than rest of his companions, and sported the appearance of crimson-scaled dragon rather than a knight in shining armor. “These humans are supposed to be the warriors of legend! Beings who could effortlessly bestow the powers of digivolution on entire armies of digimon! But instead we get this gaggle of rainbow-skinned children… what hope do they have against the might of the Demon Lords.”

“Calm yourself, Examon.” The knight in the largest throne stated. He wore a three horned helmet and a pair of gauntlets that resembled the heads of two other digimon. “Magnamon may have been unable to grant us vision, but his reconnaissance skills are clearly still unmatched. From what we have heard, it is fair to assume that these humans are caring and courageous individuals. Both were important attributes needed by the humans who aided us in the war a thousand years ago.”

“Not to place too fine a point on this issue, Omnimon. But these humans also managed to find our fallen brethren within a matter of hours, where as it took us well over a millennium to even discover the hiding place of Alphamon’s digiegg. The likelihood of such events occurring in the same day as humans arriving in the Digital World is astronomically minuet.” Another draconic knight added.

A knight in pink armor released a dreamy sigh. “Jesmon has a point… but the other hand, the human’s digimon act and sound so much like our friends did all those years ago. This can’t be a coincidence.” Despite her face being covered by the helmet she chose to wear, her eyes still wandered towards Liollmon as she walked away. “It must be fate at work. If one remembers correctly, Leopardmon’s heart used to yearn for an Ulforceveedramon that could reach his fullest potential. Alas, it was not meant to be for the two mons in their previous life.” A single rose appeared in the yellow shielded hand of the pink digimon. “Perhaps this time, Ulforceveedramon will learn how to offer his animus at the altar of Leopardmon's anima, and finally make right on those unknown feelings that had plagued his stalwart companion.”

“Love isn’t the concern here, Crusadermon.” Examon growled. “The concern is us placing our faith in a group of visitors who have never seen the Digital World before! They are not warriors, they are not ever of age to be trained to fight! Again I ask you, what chance do they stand in defeating the Demon Lords and restoring order?!” His clenched claw slammed down against the table, briefly drawing the other Royal Knight’s gaze away from the image.

“You seem to have forgotten a key element of the tales, milord. The humans who arrived before were just children just as lost in our world. If anything these girls are almost too old to help us.” Jesmon countered.

“You shouldn’t believe everything you read, whelp.”

“Then what of my personal experience, Examon? Do you also doubt me and the tales of my cycles?” Omnimon’s brow furrowed, but his voice refused to rise any higher than its current level tone. Examon growled as if being challenged.

“Your memory is nothing to go by. You've split yourself into WarGreymon and MetalGarurumon and reemerged so many times who knows how fragmented your mind has become.”

“And what of my memories, my faithful knight?” Another voice came. This one sounded ancient and yet soft, firm yet fair, like thick roots and new leaves all at the same time.

All the knights got out of their thrones and kneeled, well as best they could given some of their anatomies. “King Drasil, you must under-” Examon started.

“Be still, for I speak!” The voice almost shouted, a brief moment of silence followed soon after. “I already know of your doubts and understand. I too have underestimated humans and viewed them as threats, to my unforgettable shame, but I am not the sapling I was then. These girls are the key to restoring harmony to this world.”

The room fell silent once again as if a great gale just past through. “I think we have had these fruitless debates for long enough, we need to act and bring our brethren into the fold and up to speed. And looking at Magnamon, it's clear these new Demon Lords are deadly serious about taking the mantels of the old.” Omnimon said as they all got back to their feet.

“I shall go to where Captainhookmon docks, and aid Magnamon in getting them here.” Crusadermon offered. The knights however grimaced at her statement.

“You sure you’re up to that?” Gankoomon asked. “A Candlemon is among their party.”

Omnimon stood up, suddenly ending the conversation before it could start. “This meeting has reached the end of its usefulness. We are adjourned.” He stated as he brought up his right fist, which resembled a humanoid dragon’s head with three horns. The other knights nodded and started to leave, no one questioned Omnimon. After most of them left, only Crusadermon and Omnimon remained.

Crusadermon turned her gaze towards Omnimon as she folded her arms. If he could see her face, he’d have known she was shooting him a bemused expression. “I know you’re a knight, but that doesn’t make me some damsel you need to rescue.” She stated bluntly.

“I know.” He stoically replied. “It’s just that I tend to be more tactful than the others in situations like this.” His expression changed slightly into a more protective gaze. “You do know that while he may be the reincarnation of Dynasmon, his life is now very different. He isn’t the same digimon you remember.”

Crusadermon looked at the rose in her hand, and clenched it before speaking. “I am not some floozy homewrecker.” She scoffed at the statement. “The past is the past and it’s best to not dwell on a road that cannot be travel. I owe it to the Dynasmon I loved to see that his reincarnation returns to the arms of the Gatomon that waits for him, or at the least die trying.” As she spoke a single tear trickled down her cheek. For once she was thankful that her helmet concealed her face.

Omnimon sighed. “I trust you. Just don’t let your emotions get the better of you. We can’t risk pushing any of them away in these dire times.” He turned to leave the room, leaving Crusadermon alone to stew in her thoughts.

She stared at her rose again, a last memento of a time long passed. “If only I had been there.” She whispered. "Then we could have been together… in one way or another. But you’re back now, and though it may hurt like a hot iron placed against my heart, I must accept that you have a new life that does not have me playing a major role. Know I will always love you, my Wyvern of Burning Passion, even if we cannot be lovers in this cycle.” She placed the rose against her heart before walking towards the door.

“I wonder if I have time to write that down in my journal before leaving?”** As she left the meeting hall headed down the hallway towards her room, she failed to notice Omnimon was standing not to far away. He was standing alone in the hallway and was staring at a large landscape painting depicting him, his fellow knights, the fallen knights, and even their original leader, Imperialdramon.

His eyes drifted towards the mighty paladin standing behind the rest of his brethren in the center of the image with Omnimon to the paladin’s left and warrior in black armor, Alphamon, on paladin’s right. “I really wish you were still here, old friend. You and Alphamon were a far better leaders than I could ever hope to be. I truly fear for the fate of the Digital World with our numbers so drastically dwindled like this.” His gaze turned to Alphamon. “Hopefully with your return, we finally have a chance of changing that.” He let out a sigh before turning back down the hallway, he had other duties that required his attention.

He wasn’t sure what the future would hold for him and his companions, but as he left he became certain of one thing… a grand new chapter in the Digital World's history was about to unfold.

Back on the ship, Magnamon was soon roused from his slumber when an irritating squeaking sound began to assault his ears. Upon opening his eyes, he found Veemon balancing atop his knee with an uncapped marker in his hand. After glancing at the rookie digimon, his eyes soon turned towards the party of three standing behind him. Rainbow Dash, Pinkie Pie, and Guilmon all looked about as guilty as Veemon did now that they were caught in the act.

His gaze turned back towards Veemon. The rookie gulped anxiously. Magnamon released a quick sigh before deciding to speak. “I warn you, if there is anything more offensive than a mustache drawn on my helmet right now, I am going to chuck you in the ocean.”

Veemon jumped from his leg and Magnamon began to rise to his feet. His current appearance must have been a sight to behold, because the moment he was standing again the other humans and their digimon started walking towards him. Upon reaching, Rarity was the first to voice her opinion.

“Pinkie Pie, Rainbow Dash, honestly?!” She motioned her hand towards Magnamon’s helmet to further denote her disapproval.

“We didn’t do it! Veemon was the one holding the marker!”

Veemon scoffed in disbelief. “What?! You were the one who dared me to do it! I didn’t even know what I was supposed to be drawing till Pinkie gave me the design!”

“You could have said no!”

“You could have not told him to do it.” Applejack asserted.

“She’s right Rainbow, you’re the instigator in the situation.” Rarity added.

“So is Pinkie! Why aren’t you grilling her?”

“I’d prefer not to get in the middle.” Pinkie expressed, trying her best to deflect the blame.

“Stop!” Magnamon shouted, regaining the crowd's attention. “Before we start going at each other with pitchforks and torches, why don’t you let me see what they drew so I can determine if you should be angry or not.” Without thinking, he reached for his helmet and removed it from his head. Everyone gasped upon seeing his face as he turned the helmet over in his hands.

A pair of black ovals with slices taken out of them had been drawn on the helmet’s forehead, and half of an oval outline had been drawn in the center just above hole where Magnamon would see out of. Altogether the drawings and the eye hole created rather cartoony but loveable face. Magnamon actually found himself laughing at the site of it. “You know what, this is actually pretty good… I'm not even-”

He grew silent upon seeing the shocked looks on both the humans’ and digimons’ faces. “What are you… Oh, right. The scar.” He ran his finger over a long diagonal scar that ran from the top of his right brow to the bottom of his left cheek. “Sometimes I forget I have this. Guess you kids now know why I prefer to wear a mask.” He chuckled, but it sounded half-hearted.

For a full minute no one was able to speak, and when one of them finally did, they found the could only ask the most blatant of questions.

Twilight was anxiously wrung her hands together before she spoke. “H-How… How did you get such a defined scar?”

Magnamon turned towards her before simply shrugging his shoulders in response. “It’s not from anything special, if that’s what you're thinking.” He stated in a bored voice. “A Skullknightmon snuck up on me during a battle in the war a thousand years ago. I was young and impetulant, and I wasn’t paying attention. As soon as he got close enough he swatted my helmet clean off my face and slice me with his lance. Now I carry this scar as a memento, a reminder of how foolish I had been in the past and to help me strive to be better.”

Liollmon crinkled her nose before staring at the deck in confusion. “Father always told me battle scars were the pride of a warrior. But after hearing your story, it sounds like that scar holds no particular value to you.”

Again Magnamon shrugged. “Sometimes they don’t. That’s because this is what it actually looks like when you’ve fought in war. It’s not glorious, it’s not beautiful, hell, it’s not even heroic. It’s just doing what’s right, and doing it again and again, even if it means someday you walk away looking like this, assuming you can walk away at all.”

The air once again grew silent as the teens and digimon contemplated Magnamon’s statement. It was at that point, after seeing the concerned and uneasy expressions on the group's faces, that Royal Knight realized the weight of his own words. He didn’t consider it at first, but these humans who were prophesied to save the Digital World, were still just children. They were older then the humans described in the legends, but even still they likely didn’t have any experience in the danger and sacrifice that came with war. Even the digimon, whom he once called friends and considered the greatest warriors he’d ever known, were now only inexperienced rookies with little to no memory of the incredible feats they accomplished within their previous lives.

He regretted dropping such a heavy life lesson on them this earlier in their quest. They didn’t have much longer to enjoy their carefree lives before they reached the Castle of the Royal Knights. He walked over towards the starboard and dunked his helmet into the water to clean it. As he rubbed the face of the helmet with the back of his hand, he turned back to the gaggle of young warriors.

The silence was deafening, but thankfully was drowned out by the sound of their captain calling out from the helm of the ship. “The continent of Folder be on the horizon! The ship’ll be docking in less than an hour.”

Magnamon exhaled out his nostrils before placing the helmet back on his head. He glanced at the teens and their digimon, judging by their turning heads they had also heard their captain’s words. Their faces still looked more than a little dejected, but these were expressions the Royal Knight decided would not last for much longer.

He sat down in front of the others and gave them the most sympathetic expression he could purvey with his helmet still on. “I’m sorry. This is obviously a lot to digest, considering this may be the first trip any of you have taken off File Island. But you don’t need to feel concerned. When the time comes, we will train you and make you strong. So strong that no digimon will be able to hurt you or anyone you care about.” The slightly more hopeful expressions appearing on their faces made Magnamon’s chest grow warm. “Till then, you have a whole new world to see, and I promise to show you all its splendors along the way before we meet with the other Royal Knights.”

No one replied immediately, but the small smiles present on their faces told Magnamon their moods had just brightened considerably. He began to motion them away with his hand. “Now go on, find something on the ship to occupy yourselves. We’ll be docking shortly, and once we do, we can finally begin on our journey.” To his surprise, the teens and digimon actually remained silent despite his request and continued to smile at him.

Dorumon was the first to speak. “We were actually thinking… could you maybe tell us about the others? The other Royal Knights, I mean. As legendary as their names are, some of us are still unfamiliar with the lore behind them.” The teens and digimon all nodded in agreement as if they were little kids lining up for storytime.

Magnamon scratched the back of his head in embarrassment. Not since he first became a Royal Knight had he ever been this popular. He chuckled wholeheartedly. “Well, how can I say no to excited faces like that.” He cupped his chin as he began to think. “Now where should I start? Heh, Probably with the most splendid of them all. Let’s me tell you about Omnimon…”

Author's Note:

*Imagine the same ringtone from the 2nd chapter

**In my headcanon, Crusadermon writes her own heroic monologues to use in battle :derpytongue2:

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