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Equestria Girls: Digital Destiny - EquestrianTwist

When the girls of Canterlot High are pulled into a strange new world, what awaits them on the other side? Are these new children the heroes this world seeks? Do they have what its takes to save the Digital World?

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Somebody Order Eggs

"Twilight, darling... are you entirely sure about this?" Rarity asked in trepidation. The other girls that made up the Rainbooms, were all standing around her, each carrying a similarly worried expression to the one she was currently convaying.

Before the group was another girl in a lab coat. She was placing seven multicolored necklaces, each with different engravings, into little stands inside a small compartment of a larger futuristic-looking machine. She had light purple skin and darker purple hair done up in bun-like hairstyle. She turned back towards her friends with a smile as she adjusted the pointed thick-rimmed glasses that sat on her nose.

"I am most excitedly sure about this Rarity!" Twilight answered giddily. "These necklaces we got from Camp Everfree are the first physical forms of Equestrian magic I've been able to study in a long time." She danced happily in place as she imagined all the data she would be collecting from this experiment alone. "Just imagine what they could teach us!"

The girls looked warily glanced towards each other and watched their friend uneasily as Twilight performed some extra minor calibrations to machine at large. They watched as Twilight pushed buttons, turned dials, plugged in wires, and generally did all that other sciencey-looking stuff that they did not fully understand. Suffice it to say, it didn't take long for one of the girls to start voicing concern.

"Yeah... What it could teach us..." Applejack repeated uncertainly. "But are ya sure this here experiment is safe?" Twilight looked back towards her stetson wearing friend after hearing the sounds of concern in her voice. She quickly stifled a giggle before returning to her adjustments.

"Of course it is Applejack. I personally went over this procedure multiple times on paper, and studied for every possible variable." She stated proudly. "I also made sure to check that every apparatus on this machine was working properly and at top condition. I even had our own resident magic expert check for me to see what kind of effects magical items like these might have on this kind of machinery." She pointed her thumb over her shoulder towards Sunset Shimmer who was sitting in front of them, at one of the school's old box computers. The two girls had borrowed the device and had wired it up to the strange machine. The fiery haired girl, also in a lab coat, turned back towards her friends and gave them an affirming nod.

"I can guarantee you all that nothing bad is going to happen." Sunset said with sincere smile. "This machine is simply going to scan the necklaces and tell us about their physical makeup." She tapped the printer sitting next to the computer with her hand, confirming where said information was going to be produced from. "I swear to you, this time, nothing is going explode... or catch fire... or suddenly implode on itself like the start of black hole... again." She mumbled her next words quietly so the other girls wouldn't hear her completely. "At least we're 90% sure..."

Applejack raised an eyebrow in casual disbelief. She had spent enough time on the farm to know cow dung when she smelt it. "What was that?" She asked her ex-Equestrian friend incredulously. The others narrowed their own gazes along side the farm girl's.

Sunset giggled timidly. Her eyes darted between her friends' hardened gazes with nervous tension. "All I was saying was... that this process is 90% similar to how a 3-D printer works!" She stated proudly finding an excuse. "I thought it'd be an easier way of explaining how the machine works rather then going through all the complicated science. Hehehe... It is completely safe I assure you."

"It better be." Rainbow Dash said as she folded her arms. "Because if I have to wear that stupid wig again, so help me!"

Pinkie Pie suddenly shot her hands up to cover her own mouth. She could barely contain her own laughter. "Oh yeah, I remember." She chuckled. "That time their last experiment burnt your hair off and you had to wear a circus clown wig for a month straight?" The others too snickered at the memory. Rainbow glared deathly at her pink poofy-haired friend.

"Pinkie Pie I swear to god, if you don't shut up right now, you will find a very heavy basketball flying directly in your face." Her words were eerily calm, frighteningly so some might say.

Pinkie gasped dramatically. "But I've forgotten the five D's, Dashie!"

"Alright that should do it!" Twilight stated happily as she backed up from the large supercomputer-like device. She ran back behind the desk where her friends were standing. She called out to Sunset. "Run the program!" Sunset nodded.

"Ah'm just gonna go and stand back here, if no one else minds?" Applejack expressed flatly as sauntered back and behind the rest of her friends. Wary looks from the rest of the Rainbooms indicated to her that they might just do the same.

Sunset began typing a long and intrinsic code noisily into the keyboard of the computer. She struck a triumphant seated pose in her chair like an overconfident hacker in a TV drama, as she finally hit the enter key.

The machine that Twilight had set up in the new Canterlot High School lab suddenly sputtered to life, it whirring, beeping, and clicking in that way that only scientific equipment could do. The compartment that held the necklaces suddenly began to light up, like a microwave oven when in use.

The two young scientists smiled eagerly at their computer screen. They watched in anticipation as scanned information was downloaded and processed onto the computer's hardware. They could hear the sounds of paper being formatted and printed besides them. The scanning of their group's necklaces was going better then either of the scholarly youths could have ever expected.

But then suddenly, there was a loud *CLUNK*. The girls all turned their eyes towards the large machine.

The machine's clicking was suddenly becoming more violent; Multiple blinking and non-blinking lights on the machine dimmed and popped from overuse; and a fire suddenly burst from the side of the device causing the girls to let out a terrified shriek.

"Quick, shut it off!" Twilight shouted. Sunset was quick to agree, and began violently punching in the program's kill-code.

The compartment that held the necklaces began to glow brighter. The girls were forced to cover their eyes as multicolored strobe-like lights shout from where the necklaces were placed. A high pitched whine sounded from the device, and the machine began to shake violently.

Applejack's eyes widen in realization. She jumped at her friends with her arms spread out wide and tackled them all to ground.

"Get down!" She shouted.

The scanning machine exploded in a small, but violent way, sending pieces of metal and wire in all directions. The girls were forced to duck and cover under the relent of the explosion, and only raised to their knees when everything had returned to silence.

"Is everybody okay?" Fluttershy asked nervously. The other girls nodded, Fluttershy signed in relief.

"Ouchie, could you be a little more gentle next time you save our lives Applejack." Pinkie moaned achingly. "Oh! And thank you for saving my life, by the way!"

Applejack was the first to get back to her feet. "Twilight... Sunset..." Applejack spoke calmly. "As your friend, Ah ask you this with upmost respect." A familiar fire soon blazed in the young girl's eyes. "BUT ARE Y'ALL TRYIN' TA KILL US!"

The rest of the girls rose to their feet around Applejack. Twilight placed her hand on her head. "I-I'm sorry, I-I don't understand what could of happened?!" She began raking her fingers through her hair. "We went through every possible scenario, we implemented every possible precaution, this experiment should have gone off without a hitch!" Twilight looked about ready to have an aneurysm, earning her a few worried looks from her surrounding friends. Sunset quickly placed her hand upon the younger girl's shoulder, giving her an equally concerned expression.

She looked toward the burnt and melted bombshell of a device that was now scattered over half the room. "I just don't know what went wrong!" Twilight shouted anxiously, her friends drew closer to comfort her.

Sunset removed her hand from Twilight's shoulder and strode closer towards the wreckage that was once a vastly expensive scanning computer. Interestingly enough, she found the closer she got the colder the debris was, even despite it recently being part of an explosion. She looked into the wreckage and noticed that the necklaces. They were sitting on the floor tiles in a circle of surrounding debris. They and tiles beneath them were completely untouched by the damage.

She turned back towards her friends with a look of confusion. "I guess the necklaces didn't like what we were doing to them." She bent down and retrieved the magical jewelry before walking back towards her friends. "So they decided to stop our experiment." She handed each of friends their respective necklace.

Twilight turned towards the destroyed machine, then towards the computer and printer (both had been run through by large shape chunks of debris). She groaned worriedly. "Principal Celestia is going to kill me." Her tone made her sound defeated.

"Us." Sunset resounded. Twilight looked up towards her friend confusedly. Sunset continued. "We both decided to run these tests. So it was both our faults that the machine went ka-boom. That means, we both have to share the wrath of Celestia too." Twilight smiled back at her friend appreciatively.

The rubble suddenly shifted with a couple resounding *CLANGS*. The girls all turned towards the noise. They noticed a large rounded piece of azure debris had rolled out of one the larger piles of scrap and was currently sitting where the necklaces once were. Sunset raised an eyebrow in confusion before walking back over towards the wreckage. She knelt down and pick up the new oddity.

"What is it Sunset?" Fluttershy asked. Sunset turned back towards her friends, she was holding the strange piece of rubble like one would hold a baby.

"Oh! Oh! I know! I know!" Pinkie Pie shouted excitedly. "Its an egg!" She promptly high-fived herself and smirked confidently. "One point, Pinkie Pie!"

The girls shot their hyperactive friend a few deadpanned expressions before looking back towards Sunset. "What is it really, sugarcube?" Applejack asked curiously. She glanced back towards Pinkie Pie. "Ya know, besides the obvious."

Sunset's expression was wary and uncertain. She did have an idea of what the thing she currently held was, but that idea was also just as unlikely. Still, the seven of them have faced weirder situations together, and it didn't hurt to at least voice assumptions. She took a breath then stated matter-of-factly: "I think this is a dragon egg."

"Eeep!" Fluttershy squeaked at her friend's declaration and hid behind Rainbow Dash. The other girls expressions, likewise, varied from shock, to terror, to vague feelings of excitement.

"Wait, so your telling us that there's a baby Godzilla in there?!" Rainbow asked quizzically. Of the all the girls present, she looked the most excited. "Like a literal dragon we could hatch and tame for our own?" Rainbow's eyes began to sparkle as she began entertaining a few of her own fantasies.

"We can't keep it Rainbow Dash." Sunset stated flatly. "I don't even know if this really is a dragon egg for certain."

Twilight scratched at her chin curiously. "It is really that hard to tell?"

Sunset gave her friend a so-so look to answer her question. "I've only ever seen depictions of dragon eggs in books and scripture, let alone held one. Princess Twilight was the one who hatched a dragon for her entrance exam, not me."

"Then perhaps she might know more about the little darling?" Rarity stated.

"Rarity's got a point." Applejack continued. "If we really want answers, she's gonna be our best bet. Heck, Princess Twilight might even be able to take the little critter back home where it belongs. Wherever that is?"

Sunset nodded in agreement. "I'll send her a message as soon as I get back to my apartment. We can work out what to do from there once I get her reply." She looked down at the purplish-blue shell she held in her arms. A faint smile crossed her lips. "Till then, we need to figure out where we're going to keep it."

"Ooh! Ooh! Move in with me! Let it move in with me!" Pinkie exclaimed excitedly while raising her hand and bouncing. "It'll the perfect playmate for Gummy!" She explained. "He's been feeling super-duper lonely with me being gone all the time, but he won't be anymore if he becomes a mommy to his own egg!"

Fluttershy placed her hands on her cheeks. "Awww, Gummy being a mommy sounds adorable." She blushed happily, imagining Pinkie's baby alligator wrapped protectively around the larger blue egg.

"I know right!" Pinkie agreed.

"Be that as it may..." Twilight interjected while she adjusted her spectacles. "I think it would be best if Sunset took care of the egg."

Sunset blanched. "W-what m-m-me!?"

"You do have the most experience with these kind of endeavors, Sunset." Rarity stated. "Besides you would know more about Equestrian dragons then the rest of us." The young fashionista darted her gaze towards Rainbow Dash and Pinkie Pie, causing Sunset's gaze to follow. "Plus, I would personally feel a lot safer knowing you won't try and hatch this beast... unlike some people."

Rainbow Dash shouted. "Hey!"

Pinkie Pie simply shrugged. "That's fair."

"But I don't even know how to take care of an egg! I barely know how to take care of a hamster!" Sunset exclaimed in panic. Her friends noticed a few stray hairs falling out of place on her fiery head. "An egg's embryo requires constant amounts of heat and warmth to ensure the yolk inside doesn't go sterile! We'd need to build an incubator, but we neither have the time nor the materials for that!" A sudden look of terror appeared on Sunset's face, and she shouted, "WHAT TIME OF THE MONTH IS IT?!"

"Uh... we're about halfway through November." Rainbow answered disconcertedly.

"THE COLD WEATHER HAS ALREADY SET IN!" The other girls winced worriedly as Sunset clasped the egg tighter in her arms like it was her security blanket. They feared she might shatter it open out of sheer anxiety.

Suddenly, Fluttershy stepped up and slapped her hands onto her worried friend's shoulders. She gave her a stare that she normally only gIve her misbehaving animals, and Sunset almost immediately calmed down. She spoke in a appeasing voice, "Sunset Shimmer, please calm down."

"Okay." Sunset answered in a calmer, near trace-like tone.

"You do not need to feel overwhelmed. Your friends are going to help you, okay?" Sunset nodded.

"Good. Now here's what your going to do: your going to take the baby dragon egg home with you; when you get there you are going to turn up your heater to a higher degree; and then you will wrap the egg's shell in the warmest clothes you can find. Do you understand?"

Sunset nodded again.

Fluttershy raised her hands from Sunset's shoulders and slowly back away towards the rest of her friends, whom all were carrying expressions of discomfort. Twilight silently leaned over towards Rarity and quickly whispered in her ear. "She scares me when she does that." Rarity nodded in agreement.

Sunset shook her head to clear it of dizziness. "I really wish you wouldn't do that Fluttershy." She stated groggily.

Fluttershy blushed in embarrassment. "I'm sorry."

"Don't be, in truth, I should be thanking you." Sunset said forgivingly. "I mean... at least now we have the start to a plan." She gave her friends a genuine half smile.

"And we're going to help you every step of the way, until we come up with a full plan." Twilight stated happily as she pulled her friend into a hug.

"Indeed, you have our total undying support and aid." Rarity stated as she joined the hug.

The rest of their friends nodded in agreement before joining the three in a much bigger group hug. Sunset smiled happily. She very much appreciated their love and support, but maybe now was not the best time for a tender embrace.

"Girls... your kind of crushing the egg." The group quickly backed away from each other in swift realization. They soon all began laughing.

The lock to Sunset's apartment echoed with a loud *CLICK*, as she gently pushed her way into her home. She quickly flicked on the lights to the apartment and smiled. It looked just as she had left it.

The three main rooms that made up her small living-space were still relatively clean, with only a handful of her dirty clothing laid strewn about her living room floor; The cushions on her living room's couch were still incredibly uneven; A few of her dirty dishes still sat untouched in the kitchen sink across the room from the front door, and some were even still caked in hardened oatmeal from her past breakfasts. Sunset looked towards her bedroom door, it was closed, but she somehow knew her bed sheets and comforter were waded into a ball from the way she threw them around in her usual morning rush.

Sunset made a mental note to start waking up earlier in the morning. She really needed to stop rushing around, essential things were not getting done when she only gave herself an hour of preparation before school.

Sunset sauntered over to her couch and gently placed her backpack on the cushions. She straightened and stretched her back and vertebra with a couple refreshing pops. The egg in her backpack may not have been heavy, but its round shape defiantly was murder on her spine. She unzipped her backpack, grabbed the egg taking up the entirety of its insides and laid it down on the coffee table in front of the couch.

Sunset quickly walked over towards her thermostat and turned the nob up to a much higher degree. "Okay... turned up the heater." She said as she recited her mental list of egg care directions. She walked over to her closet and scanned through her winter clothing. She grabbed her extra winter jacket, her scarf, and her woolen winter hat with the fuzzy ball on top. She waded up the jacket and placed it under the egg's base like a nest, she then wrapped the scarf around the egg's body before placing the hat atop its smaller point like she was putting the hat on a toddler's head.

"And wrap the egg's shell in the warmest clothes I can find." She continued to recite.

She flopped unceremoniously onto her couch, unintentionally straightening its cushions. She smirked at the egg calmly, her anxiety from before mostly gone thanks to Fluttershy's advice. She chuckled softly before turning over to look at her ceiling.

"If you could only see me now, aye Celestia?" She voiced thoughtfully. "First, I'm your personal student at the most prestigious magic school in the kingdom; Then, I become the world's first 'quote-on-quote' immigrant from an entirely different dimension; Now..." She chuckled again. "Just call me Sunset Shimmer, professional egg-sitter." She folded her arms behind her head lazily. She told her friends she would send a message to Princess Twilight Sparkle as soon as she got home, but right now, all she wanted to do was lay down and decompress.

An abrupt knocking suddenly began rapping at her door. Sunset sat up stoically. The words "of course" clearly wanted to escape her lips, but she decided to remain silent as she stared at her doorway. The knocking soon began a new. "Yeah?" She asked the door unenthusiastically.

"I've got pizza and a two-liter." Sunset's stoic expression suddenly changed into smile of mild enjoyment. Either she was now stuck in the middle of the weirdest robbery known to date, or more likely...

"Give me a minute, I just need to pick a few panties I left lying around." Sunset quickly got up from the couch and began picking her loose items of clothing that were scattered over her living room floor, none of which were undergarments.

"Whatever, just hurry up okay? Its cold out here." Sunset smiled as she dropped her discarded clothes in her hamper in the corner of the room. She quickly walked back over towards the door and unlocked it. As she opened the door, she smiled at the blue haired high-schooler who was carrying the items she was promised.

"Hey Flash." Sunset greeted in a friendly tone. Flash Sentry nodded in response. He walked passed the girl as soon as she moved out of the doorway and placed the pizza box and two-liter soda on the table in Sunset's kitchen.

"You do know we aren't dating anymore, right Sunset?" He asked jokingly as he dug through her kitchen's cabinets for cups.

Sunset noted the slight blush on her ex's cheeks, and snickered to herself knowingly. "Is it really my fault your so easy to tease." Flash chuckled good-heartedly.

"Guess not. I just wouldn't go around talking like that in public... or through doorways... where other people may get the wrong idea." Sunset's eyes widened at Flash's choice of words.

"Was there somebody else out there?" She asked worriedly. Flash gave her is own patented smirk.

"Your creepy looking neighbor was defiantly giving me some encouraging looks as he walked by, but I honestly doubt he talks to other people that often." Flash couldn't help but laugh at the pouting look Sunset was giving him. Her expression quickly changed however, keeping her furrowed brows but exchanging her pout for a smile.

"Jerk... I though you meant someone from school. You really scared me there."

"Right, now who's easy to tease." The two's expressions quickly began to lighten, and soon they found themselves laughing.

Sunset flopped back down onto the couch as Flash began pouring a pair of drinks. "So what brings you over here?" Sunset asked curiously. Flash looked up from the cups he was pouring to look at her.

He smiled. "My parents are working a late shift tonight at their job, and Scootaloo is having a sleepover with her friends at Applejack's place." He opened the pizza box and grab a pair of paper plates from inside. He deposited two slices of pizza on each plates before heading over towards the couch.

"I had nothing better going on tonight." He continued as he handed Sunset her pizza and drink. "So I though, why not surprise one of my friends with a veggie pizza and two liters of Dr. Pepper." Sunset smiled sweetly.

"Aww, you remembered I'm a vegetarian." Flash smirked back.

"Kind of hard to forget. It's not everyday your ex-girlfriend tell you she's a magical talking horse from another dimension."

"Pony. Not horse. There's a big difference." Flash nodded and took a sip of his soda. His vision soon caught sight of the giant egg sitting on the coffee table before him. He blinked a few times before calmly putting down his drink.

"What's that?" He asked, quizzically pointing towards the egg.

Without even batting an eye, Sunset answered. "An egg the girls and I found after an experiment with our necklaces went wrong." Flash blinked in confusion.

"So... it's a magical pony thing?" He asked.

"We think its a dragon egg." Sunset continued saying bluntly. "But don't worry, we plan to send it back Equestria before it has a chance of hatching."

Flash felt somewhat relived. "Guess that explains why its so festively dressed." He hooked two of his fingers around the collar of his shirt and stretched it open. "And why its so ungodly hot in here."

Flash suddenly felt a tug on his jacket sleeve. Sunset was hanging on his arm like only a flirtatious ex-girlfriend, who knew all the right buttons to push, could do. She fluttered her eye lashes at him and said in a sultry voice: "You mean, it isn't just me stoking your inner fire." Flash deadpanned as he stared at girl cuddled up on his arm.

"Just tell me the truth, you turned up the thermostat for the egg, right?" His voice was as flat as his expression could purvey.

"Yes I did." She stated playfully.

"Alright then." Flash pulled his arm out of Sunset's embrace and dug it into the one place the TV remote always seemed to be, in between the couch cushions right between where the two sitting. "Lets see what's on TV." He stated, again, flatly.

Sunset quickly snickered at the boy's behavior before reclining back on the couch. "Check to see if there's any good movies on."

The two spent most of the rest of the night eating pizza, talking, and watching bad movies on Syfy. It wasn't until a couple hours later that Flash finally looked at the clock. It was a quarter passed 10:00, and getting quite late.

Flash silently rose from the couch and stretched out his back. "I think it's about time I head home Sunset." Flash grabbed his jacket off the floor, picked the trash from dinner and headed towards the door. Sunset followed close behind.

The two felt sweaty and exhausted with the heat turned up as high as it was. They had opted to remove their jackets for relief, but refrained from removing anything else due to respect for the other. At the door the two avoided giving each other a hug goodbye because of how gross each other felt. They instead went for a handshake, and even then the gesture still felt slimy.

"I'll see you at school on Monday. Tell me how this egg thing works out." She nodded in response, earning a smile from the boy.

Flash quickly opened the door, and was met with a sprinkle of water in his face. The outside world was currently being drenched by an unexpected shower. Flash blinked. "Huh?" He stated unenthusiastically. "Guess I'm walking home in the rain."

"Nope!" The door to the apartment suddenly closed in front of him. Flash turned to Sunset, who had her arms crossed over her chest. "You are going to stay here tonight. You can go home when the rain dries up in the morning." She stated with authority.

Flash decided to think about his situation. On one hand, he did not want to walk home at 10:30 at night in the pouring rain. On the other hand, he would be spending the night at his ex-girlfriend's house, which could become awkward, and even frustrating, very quickly. He began to way his options. He looked towards the door, then back to Sunset, towards the door, and back to scolding look of Sunset Shimmer. He knew his answer. "Alright you've convinced me." He stated with a sigh. "You got some extra blankets for the couch. Doubt I'll need them, but..."

"Top shelf of the closet where I keep my winter clothes." She stated with a point towards her living room closet. Sunset began to saunter passed him and towards her room. "Feel free to stay up as long as you want, but I'm going to bed." She opened the door to her bedroom and sighed upon seeing the state of her sleeping space; she had waded up her sheets.

Sunset continued talking. "And if you need me please knock first. It is really hot in here and I really need to cool off. I'll be sleeping in the buff and I'm not even kidding." As one would expect, Flash began blushing wildly.

"N-noted." He stated embarrassedly. He quickly cleared his throat regaining Sunset's attention. "Before you go could you at least tell me were the bathroom is?"

"Its connected to the bedroom, so use it quick." Flash nodded before quickly walking past. "And I don't want any guy stank in there Flash Sentry, so keep your waste purely liquid!" She walked into the bedroom as she shouted out threats.

As they left the room, Sunset failed notice the egg in her care twitch, then slightly jostle. Suddenly, as soon as it had started, it stopped. The egg become stagnant and motionless again, and yet still, a strange new warmth could be felt resonating off of its shell.

Author's Note:

(Slightly revised due to grammatical errors. There were no major changes done to the narrative except a change in the egg's color, hope you still enjoy)

Here it is, the first chapter of my newest project. This one I really loved working on because it blends together two series I've grown to love as a part of my life style.

I'm trying a quicker introduction style with this one, as compared to the one I'm using for Ni No Pony. I also feel the need to give credit to Jay-The-Brony and his fanfic: New Magic , which was a major form of inspiration for the opening scene of this chapter. Please tell me what you think, and as always feel free to comment and critique my work.

Also for those of you more well-versed in Digimon lore then other, I must ask that you don't spoil anything that may happen in this story. For instance, what Digimon line might be coming out of the egg the girls have found. All comments that spoil events of the story will be deleted.

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