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Things haven't gone well for Mrs. Cake since she graduated from culinary school. After being laid off from a series of jobs she and her husband have had to take odd jobs back in their hometown of Ponyville.

Late one night a visitor arrives with an odd request from an unexpected guest.

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A bloodthirsty, axe yielding Griffin comes inside a bakery, and the next thing you know, it was the best day of her life.
:rainbowderp:... :rainbowkiss:...
:rainbowlaugh:I LOVE IT!!
You got a fave sir.

Yeah, this was well and truly demented. Really good job! Not often you see origin stories for the cakes of all ponies.

Pfffahahaha! When I read the description I thought this was just going to be a gore fest (nothing wrong with that, just not my kind of thing), but I'm glad I gave it a chance! This made my night, thank you.

That was...okay I'm really not certain what it was, but it, uh, certainly was it.

Great story. Loved it.

I always like stories that give class and depth to serial killers. Axe-wielding psychopaths have feelings too, you know.

:pinkiecrazy: this is already getting intense :pinkiegasp:


Thank you all for taking the time to read my story! I truly appreciate it!

7734180 Twaz good... You are welcome....

This dude is pretty hardcore crazy, but this is some pretty interesting headcanon. Kind of a thematic riff on Cupcakes without going all the way. I dig it!

7740212 Cupcakes... heh... cupcakes... Heh Heh. Heh heh heh. Mwa ha ha! MWA HAHAHAHAHAHA!

Well, he seems like a well adjusted gentleman. I like him.

7747268 Oh yes! I mean once you get to know yourself and what you like everything does tend to find it's place!

7748458 Ah, sadly I don't think this world is kind enough to offer us such a reward.

That was... something.

I like the something!

7772870 Well, I'm glad you enjoyed it!

A delightful black comedy. I approve! :ajsmug:

7876824 Thanks! I'm glad you enjoyed it!

Interesting. I like it. Good conversation with the two. You haven't truly experienced life until you've had a polite conversation with a bloody, yet oddly charming axe murderer.

7886627 I had fun writing this one; glad you liked it. A charming axe murderer that you like? Would you say he's a ... cut above the rest? ... I'll see myself out.

What a sharp young lad with a promising future. After all, twenty is Scythe level.

8154005 Ah yes met the fellow in line at the bank once don't you know... asked him if he could break a ten... Hamilton never saw it coming...

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