• Published 23rd Nov 2016
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Lab Horse - TheMajorTechie

A filly lives in a lab. She's lived in that lab all her life. The lab just happens to be on Earth. She wants to go home.

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Alternate Ending/Bonus Chapter

Activating electromagnetic field. Please remain seated.

Heheh. More like “Hold on to your butts”.

Wait just a sec, I gotta take the anesthesia. From the looks of it, Delmar’s already got it in him, so I’m not gonna disturb him.

Warning: Thruster 2-3A has detected abnormally high temperatures. Reported temp. is +37° C above permitted operating temperature.

Huh. I’m pretty sure that this thing can handle pretty high temps, so I guess it’ll be fine?

Disabling Thruster 2-3A.

Yup. Failsafes are here for a reason.

I mean, I’ve heard stories of the Challenger disaster before, but surely things have improved after nearly half a century, right?


U̴̜͠s̴̗̀ĕ̸̩r̸̲̈ ̴̱̾h̶̟͘ă̶̭s̵̞̾ ̶͕͘d̷̮̓ï̷̮s̸̨͐č̶̼o̷̟̽n̸̝̎n̸̢͋ë̷͓́c̷̦̚t̶̬͘ḛ̷̏d̷͈̑.̵̱̋

CONSOLE: Dumping user data to backup database...

Author's Note:

Don't forget, this isn't necessarily canon to the fic's main storyline, but instead serves as sort of a jumping point for a possible future spinoff should I ever figure out how to get said spinoff to feature enough ponies to be published.

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What shall become of this?

And yes, a sidestory/AU sequel’s gonna come to build on top of this. :moustache:

Comment posted by TheMajorTechie deleted Jul 23rd, 2017

Uh, I wouldnt call this an alternate ending. It's more of a bonus gag.

Made me nervous seeing this vid 'BEFORE' being put in one.:rainbowlaugh::rainbowderp:

I have reviewed your work. Thank you for the hard work you have put into writing this piece, MajorTechie. :twilightsmile:


ya know black mesa the science facility in the half-life series

you should probably get it during the winter steam sale the game is fun, if not a little wonky but whatever you do don't get the source version that version sucks

What I mean is, I hardly play anything outside of some casual games like Angry Birds and Minecraft. I don't typically have the time or will to go through large adventure games. Even though I recently got the original Fallout game from a Steam giveaway, I haven't exactly touched the game for the past week or two.

Basically, I'm just not all that interested in those kind of games in the first place. :facehoof:

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