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The Abyss

Thanks for all the memories.

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A bit short, but still amazingly written! Always love seeing you post a new story; they never fail to please.

Short but effective.
My wife will be pleased... :twilightblush:

7781264 so you're saying your wife usually gets pleased by very short things?

7781319 I don't see how this would be a bad thing ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

I'm proud to have a small penis and a very understanding, caring, loving supportive wife.

But yeah, she's easily impressed... She married me, after all.


Ohhh, look at captain Photoshop over here, cropping sinful imagery like it's his job.

7782203 Writing fanfiction actually IS my part-time job.

How did you get away with that coverart? :pinkiegasp:

Scarce #13 · Dec 9th, 2016 · · 38 ·

You are a sick twisted cunt.

Somnophilia is a sexual paraphilia in which sexual arousal is derived from intruding on, caressing, and/or fondling someone (typically a stranger) while they are asleep without force or violence.

So I learn something new every day.

So I read it... I don't know why.
:applejackconfused: I'm not even into mares.
I'm a yaoi kind of person!

I confuse myself so much.

Anyways, have an upvote.

God damn it, Abyss.

7783490 You know you secretly loved it bro.

You know, I'm good at writing details in stories and such. But when it comes to the sex scenes in them, they're not bad, but I wish I could write them as good as this.

7781779 Or she's very small on the inside and the monster that normally get girls off only hurt her and are usually attached to even bigger dicks anyway.


Don't wanna be that SJW who cries rape at what is depicted in a piece of pornography . . . but isn't that rape? Someone unconscious can't consent at any rate.

7784883 Objectively, yes. No point really getting upset when the victim is fine with it after waking up though.

It's porn, the author never implied it was okay to do this IRL.

Well, that was interesting.

7784883 Well the original sleeping beauty doesn't have the princess wake up until the prince has already banged and had a baby with her. She literally wakes up when she feels the child grab a nip of her book milk.

So... I guess if a children's story can get away with it, it'll be fine.
Though to be frank, I think anything is fair game in fiction. I wouldn't be into a rape scenario but people should be allowed to write them all they want.

As for the fetish... I don't know too much about it. I only just learned the name of it. Though I did read about a film a while ago about a woman who was hired for this sort of prostitution gig where all she had to do was press up like a princess and take some sleeping pills. By the time she woke up it would be over.

I think it was a sort of call back to the original ending of sleeping beauty. And a clear representation of this particular fetish.

I can't remember what the film is called... hmm. *Visits google*

Oh, the film is literally called sleeping beauty :twilightblush: It's so subtle, right?
Oh, the men were only allowed to cuddle her naked sedated form.
:twilightoops: I remembered the film all wrong... But it still works with what I was talking about, I guess :rainbowlaugh:

Anyways, before I go too off topic.

The clop fic doesn't exactly hold strictly to the idea of the fetish stated in the description. While Big Mac is asleep when she comes into his room, he clearly wakes up and is instantly into what's going on. Clear consent. He clearly didn't sleep through it all.

I thought it was short.

Are you going to report this on the news?

7783042 don't like, don't read. simple as that.

7786168 thats imposssiblr

7786447 Why's that? You could have simply not clicked on it, or turned the mature content filter on.


I mean you have to turn the filter off in first place, the site automatically has mature content hidden unless you specify otherwise.

Damn! Daryl would love this shit.

7786812 I think that fimfic should have more filters in place. Instead of just getting rid of mature stories, why not get rid of gore? Or foalcon? I think there should be more tags, and character tags of course, that would allow the user to see what they want to see.

7785820 Lol that'd be funny! "Some random guy on the internet writes stories about my little pony porn."

Your finals go okay?

7787855 hey man, some stories do good with that gore tag.

Personally, it's up to the user too decide if they read the description or not. Or even the title. Or the extra tags you put in. Like seriously.

Could have benefitted from spending more time on the moment of orgasm, but going back in afterward was a nice touch.

This was really good, especially the immersion. The details such as her fur and dock, things that I don't see mentioned a lot helped paint the picture.

I did have trouble figuring out what positions they were in from the point where he woke up. Some more details there could have helped. Also it ended quite quickly after only one orgasm. The last scene where they go back to sleep was both cute and arousing though.

Honestly, I would love to read more of this.

The detail! The action. The choice of words. It’s all so arousing. Great job.

I don't know why I read this by you did an amazing job writing this

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