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A Warning to Others

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You have me to thank for the title.

A pair of purple ears was almost but not totally covered by the bubbles on the other side of the large crystal tub.
“I can see you, you know,” he said as he lowered himself into the wonderfully hot water.
“No you can’t,” said Twilight. “I’m a submarine.”

:heart: :heart: :heart: :heart: :heart:

always like Sparkle family incest goodness. I love the idea of Night Light being Velvet's cousin.


I demand a sequel where Shining gets mounted by his daddy!


*wipes away nosebleed* :rainbowderp:


Great Buridan's Ass reference. Win!

"Deformed incest foals!" LMAO

I gotta stop doin this to myself. Reading clop with people around.



I like the informality and dynamic. they have going here. The fact that Shining still has that doubt in the back of his head makes the fic all the more realistic. It's not as if a switch is flipped, it's a perception change that is going to take time to come to terms with.

7727185 your pic is what i expect to see pinkie like when a stallion drips icecream on his balls infront of her...

Things were going just fine right up until this appeared on the tracks:

Our family tree looks like a cat’s cradle! It’s a miracle any of us even have our eyes on the right side of our heads, at this point.

The derailment was immediate and fatal as I plunged down the side of the ravine and into a wreck of twisted, burning metal and laughter. Dammit, Hairball, I've got a headache from laughing too hard thanks to you. :rainbowlaugh:

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I like this. I can easily imagine the noble unicorn families doing just that to keep the bloodline pure (and full of only unicorns) just like purebloods from Harry Potter. I can also easily imagine Cadance doing something like this. As the pony-goddess of love, I assume she's open to ALL kinds of love.:raritywink:


That was ... whew ... *fans self with a paw* :rainbowwild::raritystarry::pinkiehappy:


Hit some of my fetishes too ... yikes.

This story reminds me of this song

"elephas maximus.” I can't have been the only guy to stop and look that up...


Don't feel bad I had to while I was writing it. :moustache:


I mean if you don't have to look stuff up on Wiki while you're writing Twi's dialogue you're probably doing it wrong. :rainbowlaugh:

I always get displeased when I see the term "Trigger warning",as if this kinda stuff that people can easily leave will make people fly into a rage at the audacity of their being some weird stuff in in a story about incest ....A quick list of of concepts in the story is great but using the the term "Trigger Warning" for it makes it feel condescending. Besides that extremely minor detail unloaded on you because your story just so happened to have it while I was thinking about it,Nice story.


Oh, Glim Glam is not hearing this.


Seriously I'm not sure why I though I needed that? It's not like it' s unclear what the story is about from the description. Or the cover art. Or the title. :trollestia:


Not trying to be insulting or condescending here, but based on your posts I'm not sure if you're familiar with what a "trigger warning" is meant for. Despite popular internet memes painting it as something related to making people angry, triggers really have little to do with sending someone into a rage. A "trigger" is typically something that causes extreme emotional/psychological responses related to past trauma. For an obvious example, seeing or reading a graphic depiction of rape could trigger someone who has experienced rape, causing emotional responses such as panic and depression, and/or physical responses such as nausea, increased heart rate, etc. For a less obvious example, someone who was frequently abused as a child may be triggered by acts of physical violence (such as spanking, whipping, etc), regardless of the context in which it occurs. Anger is certainly a possible reaction to being triggered, so someone might angry or violent, but it's hardly the universal response that memes make it out to be.

It's also not something that a person who has been triggered can simply ignore or forget by just pushing a back button in the way that someone who just doesn't like that particular kink could. If a veteran with PTSD sees someone on television shooting and has a flashback to traumatic experiences during their time in the field, they can't just hit a magical reset button in their brain and go back to being calm and stable by changing the channel. If someone who was abused by their parents as a child sees a mother/father spanking their child in public and gets dragged back into those memories, walking away from it won't just make those memories and thoughts suddenly disappear. People who just don't like a kink can easily leave, even if they decide not to and stick around to complain about it. People who have experienced trauma might be able to easily leave the story/movie/song/whatever by clicking away from it, but it's often far from easy for them to leave the memories, thoughts, emotions, and even physical responses that they experience as a result of having seen it, even if the trigger itself is no longer present. The former is just annoying, but the latter is why people tend to put trigger warnings in story descriptions.

Now obviously it's absurd to expect an author to warn about any and all conceivable triggers. For example, someone could be triggered by red cars under the right circumstances. It would be ridiculous to expect someone to put "features appearances by red cars" in the warning for a story, picture, or film. There are countless potential triggers, and trying to put a warning for all of them would basically require writing a pre-story book. It's not a matter of being considerate or inconsiderate at that point, it's just straight up unfeasible. However, there are some things that are far more likely to serve as triggers such as blackmail, cheating, rape, abuse, bdsm (not because there is anything wrong with BDSM, but because BDSM can include more physically violent fetishes or roleplaying close enough to the real thing). In that case, it's just a courtesy to tell someone who can't deal with it (and I mean genuinely has emotional/psychological issues tied to it - not someone who just thinks it's gross and wants to rant about how gross it is) so that they can make an informed decision to read or ignore something that they might not be able to handle.

In this case, there aren't too many things that I would consider worth putting trigger warnings on. The incest is pretty blatantly indicated through a combination of the title, picture, and summary. Oral, vaginal, lingerie, and things like that are just typical things that you could reasonably expect from any type of erotic material. Swinging might be a little closer, given that people who have been cheated on might feel it comes too close, but as with the incest it's made pretty clear in the description that Cadance is okay with (and even likely encouraging) this, so it's pretty obvious what's going to be happening here. However, the title, image, and summary alone aren't really adequate to indicate that something like restraints or spanking will be in the fic. So with no real indication in any of those, and with physical abuse or forms of restraint/imprisonment being more commonly experienced forms of trauma, it would be reasonable to ask for warnings that the story will contain those themes, even if they aren't performed maliciously in the story itself.

Again, I'm not trying to be insulting, condescending, or anything like that. Your posts just made it seem like you might not be entirely sure what triggers are or what the warnings are for. And I mean what they actually are, and are actually meant to be used for. Not how they're commonly misused both by people who think "I don't like this" is being triggered and people who try to dismiss any talk of "triggers" as if it's just whining and being overly sensitive.

Anyway, sorry for the long and rambling post. This fic was a really fun little read, and it was nice to see that everyone involved didn't just jump right into things without a second thought. Granted, it was still mostly leading up to the clop, but it always feels far more plausible than with stories where even characters who have never been involved in this kind of relationship or these kind of kinks don't even hesitate to start mounting each other despite the fact that it would, at the very least, probably be a bit awkward for the new guy/girl. A very enjoyable read with some good humor and a fun setup. Well done.

Buck I have no clue what to say. But that has never stopped me before . Anywho. Anyone that like stories like this should be culled from the herd.


Couragous keyboard warrior strikes again!

Not to mention, a very hypocritical keyboard warrior, pretending to be for "the purity of the herd".

Just take a look at the only story he wrote, in his profile. XD

From the moral point of view, that story has even worse things, than this one.

7730059 Keyboard Warrior? Cool I like that!:raritywink:

7730080 Really? Making a rapist pay is equal to bucking your mom and sister?

Well, you were talking about it being wrong to like this fanfic...

Firstly, you should take into concideration the fact, that majority of people liking fictional stories/arts of different fetishes, wouldn't actually like those things in real life. There's a difference between liking a fantasy about forbidden stuff (which is a "taboo effect") and liking/supporting the same thing in a real life.

Secondly, if you talk about comparisons, let's see what we have: two fictional stories, which both don't represent real life events.
So, we should look at both stories as just concepts, which exist only in imagination.
Nobody actually gets hurt by the fact of someone writing/reading/liking any of them.

Now, let's compare them:

1st story is about love and having fun, (and even incest theoretical problems are addressed by protection spells).

2nd story is about taking someone's life (and even if that was a rapist, it still would be a crime in a real life).

Since both stories are fictional, the question is, which concept is more messed up: the events described in the 1st story which is all about love (even if they do happen to be relatives) without any actual bad consequences, or the events of the 2nd story about dismemberment and killing out of revenge. Also, which concept would be worse if it actually happened in real life.

I think it should be obvious. (Of course there also can be some beliefs invloved about "incest being very wrong", but those are just beliefs which are not objective viewes on the concept.)

Again, both stories are fictional, so it's fair that both can be liked/read/written by people, without them being judged just for liking different fictional things.


Firstly, you should take into concideration the fact, that majority of people liking fictional stories/arts of different fetishes, wouldn't actually like those things in real life. There's a difference between liking a fantasy about forbidden stuff (which is a "taboo effect") and liking/supporting the same thing in a real life.

Seriously kids. Do not fuck your real mom, your sister, or even your aunt. It makes the holidays hella awkward.

Cousins are fair game though.

7729501 I have a story that follows this thinking that I'm working on. Teenage Pumpkin Cake gets into Celestia's school, but every other unicorn (all being from pureblood unicorn families) call her mud pony because of her earth pony parents. It's clop and eventually Cadance comes to her rescue by telling all the "pureblood" unicorns that she herself, a princess, was not born a unicorn and asks if they would make fun of her too, and by default, Flurry Heart (not in the school, because Sunburst teaches her) isn't a pureblood unicorn either, being the daughter of a born pegasus. Sex between Pumpkin and Cadance happens somewhere in there. Haven't got that far yet, but I've always thought the unicorn nobles were like the purebloods in Harry Potter.

7730280 You put a lot of thought in that reply. I like that. Now If I told you I forgot the add this(:pinkiehappy:) to my first post. Would it have shown my true intent? Now can you say "TROLLED" Anywho I do like you and I will be watching you, always watching.. watching.. watching. :pinkiecrazy:

7730297 "Cousins are fair game though." Dam right!! No redneck would get laid other wise!


Well... okay then :rainbowderp:

P.S. Don't look at my story though. It's barely decent writing. Not to mention, very weird stuff I did as an experiment XD (although, at least nopony dies there lol)

7730345 Too late I have it in my to read list. Oh the comments the comments! So we cool?

7730376 Good. I was told I have to be nicer/be nice. I still need work on that LOL

7729341 Honestly as I read the sentence my brain put 'elephant' in there instead so I had to go back and re-read the word haha

If someone ever called me "BBBFF" more often than something with fewer syllables, I would strangle them solely because being referred to as "BBBFF" so often would be annoying as hell...even if I wasn't the one it was directed to. XD

Using the "I forgot to put an emoji which indicates I'm trolling" argument, I see.

Terrible back pedal.


Making a rapist pay is equal to bucking your mom and sister?

I'd say it's worse. One actually hurts someone; the other is just wrong because society says it's wrong.

But still, it's a story. Reading fiction isn't the same as liking something in the real world.

(If we were talking about real incest; I see a problem with incestuous relationships producing children, because of the increased risk of birth defects after 3 or 4 generations. And I imagine that most cases of parent/child incest involve situations where a lifetime of guidance makes consent a thorny issue; and siblings who've grown up together might do stupid things just because proximity and hormones. But for two people/ponies who've grown up, had experiences in the real world, lived apart, had other partners, and still decide that's what they want to do… I don't see why that's so wrong. Who does it hurt?)


Thanks :D
You put that so much better than I could have. (Thankfully, my own triggers are obscure enough that I've never seen them on this site; but would probably be mentioned if they were there)

I think it would be interesting to have a separate field to enter trigger warnings; so people who have real issues could set it up to never see stories with a certain thing in (maybe even exclude them from the recent/hot listings). Or so people can search or filter on them like tags; because I suspect that for certain fetishes, having the list of trigger warnings in a story's description makes it more easily searchable for people who are looking for specific things.


I rather like moral ambiguity. I'm not really drawn to writing stories where characters suffer a lot, but I do like putting them in situations where they don't have a lot of good choices. I mean, I pretty much stacked the deck against Shiny in this one: if I'd made him strong enough to resist this bizarre sexual adventure then it would have been a much shorter (and probably, ironically, much sadder) story. Still, I like that he has to either shame his mother, sister and wife or do something that most people/ponies would view as unnatural.

Anyway, as with so many things, I write about incest because it makes me (and my characters) uncomfortable. I'm weird that way. :raritywink:

7731073 I don't back pedal but I do troll from time to time. :rainbowkiss:

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LUL xD :rainbowkiss: :twilightsmile: :derpytongue2: :pinkiecrazy:

Adding emojis and saying you are trolling is not trolling.

That's just being stupid.

7732460 Sorry I offended you I did not mean to.


You two can it or I'll start deleting comments so help me. I got better things to do with my time than watch you bicker over nothing.

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Comment deleted because...?

[That's totally abuse.]

We did stop, as I stated in my comment. You're totally abusing blocking privileges.


Because I told you if you didn't stop bickering I'd delete comments. Now go away or I'll report you.

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