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Ahh... What a beautiful start to a relationship.

This is my fetish~

7722036 I'm glad you liked it!

I must admit this is my fetish as well.

Back in the saddle.


~Skeeter The Lurker

Comment posted by ReformedNightmare deleted Aug 17th, 2017

7722100 I'm sorry? I'm not quite sure what you're attempting to say. As far as porn goes, this is rather... tame? So please excuse me if I don't understand your... overreaction.

I can't help but say that I enjoyed this immensely, and more of a similar theme would be quite good!

*thought cover pic was two stallions
*reads description
*hmmmm intensifies
*sees likes and already in featured box


Congrats on getting into the Featured Box this early~!!

A Thestral and these fetishes?

I like where this is going.

This is going in The Fappin' Folder™.

7722547 ...who's a jerk?

haven't read yet but i think its gonna be hilarious

i thought he was gonna be a huge pony with a small penis......

7722571 The big guy reminds me too much to Trixie sans third pony speak.

7722697 I'm sorry, but I don't have any idea who that is.

But yeah, Lance is a bit of a jerk.

7722702 Trixie? The annoying magician with an oversized ego? FROM Season 1!?

Holy fuck that Lance character, I just want to shove a pringles can down his throat then pull it out through his jugular and eat the delicious pringles while drinking his blood. Good story.

Well that was hot.

So the guy is a complete asshole and the girl is a total flake... what am I supposed to be getting out of this again? It's kind of hard to get invested in the story when neither character is inherently likable.

7722826 I actually appreciate your comment a lot, because that was partially my intention. Though because I'm curious, may I ask why you consider Silver a flake? I'm wondering what brought that feeling on.

7722761 Yeah I like him too! :D

The story is functionally sound, I just can't get into it. Lance, and his attitude killed any stirrings I might have gotten.

Instead of being hot, I just want to murder that fucking rapist.

Comment posted by Zyrian deleted Nov 15th, 2016

7722890 Eesh. Take it easy. No need to be so hostile.

Also, I would definitely call Lance a degenerate, but I wouldn't go so far as to say he's a rapist. He knew and hinted that he had known she was interested in him, and even went so far as to let Silver make the first move.

Nonetheless I'm kind of proud I could upset a person so much with a character.

wtf even are these comments

ppl b tripen


Of course you're proud. Why should I have ever thought otherwise?

And yes, he did let Silver take the first move, after pressing the point and being a dick about it. He forces her down while she's blowing him, and then turns it on her after she brings it up, and refuses nearly all requests made of him to slow the pace, or to not do a particular thing.

Whatever he wanted to do, he did it, whether she wanted it or not. That's dubious at best. The way it reads, if she wanted a way out, she wasn't going to get it.

As it's written, there is nothing redeemable about Lance whatsoever. He doesn't give a shit about her outside of what she can provide him, and yet she's still going to go back to that waste of DNA in the end.

This story leaves the worst fucking taste in my mouth.

Sorren #29 · Nov 15th, 2016 · · 2 ·

7722938 I really do respect your opinion. I enjoy any outlook on my stories. And I totally agree with you that if she had wanted a way out, she wouldn't have been able to. But she didn't want to get out, so, eh.

I aimed to write a story with non-romatic sex that was consensual and I feel that I achieved that very well. I didn't write Lancer to be a likeable character specifically to break the horrendous cliche of charming stallions getting the easily-charmed mare that is so rampant on fimfiction.

I achieved what I wanted to, regardless of whether or not you liked the story, and to that I can only say, to each thier own. Thank you for reading and sharing your opinion.


Seems a certain self-rightous SJW was triggered by a short story. That's rather humorous yet pathetic at the same time.

Get off your high horse.


I have no high horse.

Apparently any emotional response to something online equals SJW nonsense. Not every comment on every story is going to be positive, and I admit I did go a bit far with my second comment.

I've made my peace with the author in PM's.

Honestly...? I loved it even though I kinda hate the whole dominance thing. But that was well written, you stuck with the OC's characters well and have a good sense of emotions. I'd say this was a success! Well done! Keep it up and keep me posted!

Well, Silver was sent to the proverbial 'cabin in the woods' as punishment duty for slacking off. She then proceeds to spend all her time fantasizing about stallions and not doing her job. Yeah, I get it, the place is boring, miserable, and in the middle of nowhere, but if I was her CO I'd periodically pop up unannounced just to see if she was actually taking her new job seriously and then punish her when I found her inside, naked, and doing fuck all with her post.

Then there's the fact that she lied about her natural hair-color, who even does stuff like that? Now she has to dye her hair periodically or get busted for it, which will probably see her sent on yet another punishment duty. But the real icing on the cake was when she fucked Lance, a guy she barely knew, on his shift. He sexually harasses mares? Apparently Silver doesn't give a shit. He insults her, her company, her race, and then says should get on her knees and suck his cock? Yeah, apparently she's down for that too.

If I were in charge of those two I'd bump them down to the lowest rank in the guard and have them on shit duty for months. And that's only because I couldn't legally slap them with a dishonorable discharge. Honestly, the very least Silver could have done is gone 'Yeah, no, I'm not that stupid, let's meet up when we're both off duty,' but she fails to even accomplish that much. It's very frustrating watching these two bumble through a... what the hell do you even call that, because I sure in the hell wouldn't call it a romantic encounter, when all I want to do is reach through the screen and smack some sense into both of them.

7723141 *shrugs*

I never said they were responsible or smart.


I guess the main thing is: it's hard to enjoy a story if there's no way to connect to the characters on any level. It just feels hollow.

7723288 Different strokes for different folks.

Yeah I can really see why this guy would be unlikeable. But hey, the author clearly warns that it's not a romantic story and it's pretty clear the character Lance is just meant to be asshole to the point where it almost seems like he's trying too hard to let everyone know it, but it's offset by the fact that he gets paired with a mare that isn't really putting up any rebuttals. Had this been a story where he's being... himself to some poor mare who gets flustered and insulted at his attitude it'd be a very unlikeable situation to read (well, for me anyway) to see a guy like that get his way. But Silver is pretty much all for it so all is well, more or less. It's a fine read for the smut, but don't get hung up on the actual characters.


I get it, and I do understand. It is decently written porn. I do have a habit of looking too deeply into characters.

I guess when reading the description, I didn't expect "A guy who's too smug for his own good" to mean Absolute Dickhead™, and for Silver to not be much better.

At the beginning I liked Lance. It reminded me a lot of my fav character in all eroge's Rance, from the Rance series.
But then...he lost its luster. It reminded me a lot more of prince Blueblood, and I freaking hate Blueblood. Still, it was a good read.

Good fic. Maybe next story you could do with large female and smaller male. Amazon pony style.

7723440 Large female and small male seriously just creeps me out.

Like seriously, the one with the dick needs to be bigger. Rules of fucking 101.

Eh. Good read, but not my thing.

Not enough.... well, let's just say I have different tastes.

7723441 True. But the dick is not the only tool a man can use to please his woman. But I understand, it's not everyones cup of tea

7723441 The bigger the women the easier to fist? :rainbowwild::applejackunsure::pinkiesick: *varying levels of want*


Like seriously, the one with the dick needs to be bigger. Rules of fucking 101.


7723441 I agree 100%. Silver was adorably hot in this story, so that's enough proof the dick always has to be biggest.

7723588 I'll pass on that.


Smol doms are best doms.

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