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And thou camith down Krass who holdth the commandments, he pointed out thou sinners who had broketh thy rule and he broughth down his ban hammer to bare. and all was good. -ArchangelDoom


Imagine a world where species is a paper thin veil.

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Comments ( 97 )

This story quite literally blows my entire headcanon for the CB universe out of the water, and yet I can't hate this.
Following, because I want to see what happens next.

This is shit. It has misanthropy and it wants to shove potion down my throat... and it doesn't have the things I like in it. Thumbs down and no spike mustaches.

This is a very, very, very interesting premise. Can't wait to see where this heads. Keep up the good work, McWriter! :twilightsmile:

A comedic TCB fic?
You have my full and undevided attention.

BTW, I sincerely hope a "Cheerilie's Class" story is on the horizon, going by your intro...

Ok, now this is looking to be funny as hell. Now are humans the only ones that do this or do all the races do so? I wonder what Celestia thinks of her gift to humanity now.

Bro. You dont understand. All I have uploaded here is comedy with the execption of the bed time stories. Yes, other races do this shit. I am going to explore this universe through one-shots. Yes cheerielees class will happen be eventually, next however, I plan a 'purist' one. Basically a guy that sticks to his birth race.

ok..... this is THE most unique TCB story I've read...... not even sure we can call it a TCB actually...... it looks much more like "Nanochange" but with nice grammar and standard potion system

and even though I gotta give the fic only 7.8/10 right now, I'm giving the comment section a 8.8/10

Oh, this IS good. The only thing better than not having to be human, is to get to be EVERYTHING. Shine on you crazy star!


Mayhaps you would like to do some cover art for it?

Will there be a gryphon-ified Celestia? :rainbowhuh:

My phone keeps eating these comments, so all I can say is that this is clearly going to be ridiculous, in the best way possible too.

We already know your the alpha of the TCBverse Krass. Doing things like this just reinforces that stance.

There are not enough image macros in creation to properly say how awesome this story is, so I'll just track it and leave macros to the other people.


Let the chips fall where they may.

oh boy.... this is gonna be epic..... unless Alex doesn't convert back to Male and is tricked into drinking his own trap....


Not to get technical about this, but "hooves".

837259 We meet again Dafaddah.

Take your complaints to the guy/girl who made it, aint krass' fault. I know i sound like a dick but i just got through reading a few pages of 'my little dungeon.' I think I'm allowed to be a bit of an asshole.


Saturday nights were made for nitpickin, or something like that...


Dear 834078,

What absolutely amazing covert art! The three-D effect with all the races is simply awe inspriring!

No use 9mm handguns and balistic vests... or tazer tag.

Kamakaze Kitana. Base jumping with a blade. No parachute. Just a big-ass potion patch glued to your ass. Goal? Try to stab yourself in the abdomen, as close as possible to the ground, but not actually touching the ground. Photo determines the winner, thanks to a calibrated grid near the impact point. 20 minutes later, you are alright, repaired, and ready to argue with the indisputable photographic proof.

Of course we would. I mean, the only reason we use light guns and paintballs is because of the lack of lasting "Side Effects."
Take that away, and the only reason not to do it would be because of money issues.

How about epic sword battles with real sharp edged swords? Jousting with sharpened lances? Walking through Bedford/Sty alone? The list is endless.

I hope these guys will show up in a future chapter; I can only imagine what would happen if they got their hands on Griffin-izaton Potion before a match...

Downvote for letting Crazeoyance come anywhere near this formerly good thing.


Anyone who self-interviews is a complete nut. Along with her own raging self-hate, and a host of other issues.

I guess turnabout is fair play. One writes in another's universe, the other responds by writing in theirs.:eeyup:


Did you even READ it? Or did you jusy go 'ewww, chay wrote something! DOWNVOTE!'? I know the awnser.

I did to make sure it was what this universe was about. I do preform checks. Give it a chance for fucks sake.

Is down voting without reading any different than all the people who assume bronies are all perverts for liking a little girls show without at least watching it a bit for themselves?:duck:

847569 I read it. thought it was meh at best.

The whole anthro thing was slightly creepy. I thought we were supposed to show why we weren't furries, not prove that we are. I never could understand what the attraction is to a mutated half human hybrid that looks like it was designed by the doctor from "human centipede."

plus richardson does have a point about the self-hate thing. although he could have been less of a dick about it*.

but You haven't steered us wrong before krass, so if their is truly some eldritch-reason-that-only-the-outer-gods-know for why you let her writing anywhere near this fic, then I'll trust your judgement and go along with it. i wont like it, but I'll go along and keep my thumb up.

*the irony of this statement is completely lost on me.

Okay, as a TCB fic goes..

This made me laugh my fucking head off. I don't have any image macros to share, so just have a laughing Rainbow Dash instead. :rainbowlaugh:

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