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The Storm King, conqueror of nations, notorious warlord, and the one responsible for the recent attack on Canterlot...is defeated. Turned to stone and shattered.

But is he truly dead?

As it turned out, not exactly. Even in a broken and crystallised state, he’s still alive...and he still dreams like any other being, making it possible for another former conqueror of Equestria to visit him there and see what it truly is he desires.

Is he nothing but a power-hungry tyrant or raider, seeking power and wealth only for the sake of his own ego...or is there something else that drove him to invade and plunder the Southern lands as well as Equestria?

Can a creature as vile as the Storm King ever see the light and come to terms with what he's done...or is he simply a lost cause?

These questions will need to be answered before a very important decision could be made: should the ponies of Equestria bring him back to life...or not?

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You got me interested. :pinkiehappy:

Glad to hear that. Though, to be honest, I have no idea when the next chapter is coming along. We’ll see in due time.

By the way, what is it so far that got you interested? Knowing might help me figure out where to go with this story.

There isn't nearly enough storm king stories on this site, and definitely none so far that explores this premise. You've got my attention, can't wait for the next chapter! :pinkiehappy:

I agree. While there are so many stories about Tempest, I can find only a few good ones about the Storm King...which is a shame, because he needed a bit more of a presence, if not in the movie, then at least in fanfics.

Now, I have literally no idea when the next chapter is coming along, given that I actually haven’t figured the whole story out yet and I’m also writing another one at the same time. This story was meant as a way for me to focus on something other than that story and not go mad whenever I hit a road block there.

From what I've seen in the movie, I think you have his personality down in the bag.

I would love to see more of this.

Really like this one, and I don't give praise on this site lightly. I'm hoping for a continuation to this, especially after the nice setup and themes here. Some things you could build off of: the Storm King's hatred of friendship and need to rule everything around him, a comparison of Storm King and Discord, and Luna's interactions with the Storm King.

You've captured the personalities of both characters very well here. Further, the scenario setup is simple yet works perfectly to give insight into the thoughts of both characters. Let me know if you want some writing help or someone to bounce ideas off of. This has the makings of a more complete story, and I'd really love to see where you can take this!

Thanks for the comment, I'll be sure to continue building off the parts you mentioned. That is...when I get around to it...since I happen to be working on two stories at once right now.

Anyway, I'll finish the second chapter as soon as I am able, and if I ever need your advice, I'll be sure to let you know.

Why was this cancelled?

It is not. I'm just very busy with my other fanfic and haven't gotten around to finishing the next chapter yet. But it will happen I promise you.

Just so you know...I'll probably not start writing the next chapter until I get at least one comment on this chapter. I mean, is that too much to ask?

This story is really awesome!

I love how your able to get the Storm King’s personality and everything.

I also love how in this chapter we got to see what the reasons behind the Storm King’s double-cross were, as well as see some completely alternate takes on the climax.

Please, continue this story.

Thanks for commenting. I was wondering where that commentators went after the last chapter.

Now, the whole double-cross issue was something that I felt had to be addressed given that people seem to use it as an excuse to write off the Storm King as an incompetent idiot when he's been shown to be quite the opposite.

From what I got from him, the Storm King seems to be very pragmatic, and if there was a pragmatic reason to betray Tempest, then that's what he'd do. Also, I got the feeling that the point of having the part where Strife betrays him in the comic was to give him ample reason to be distrustful of his lieutenants.

Whether Tempest really would have betrayed him or not isn't really all that clear. Most likely she wouldn't, but since the Storm King fully expected her to do so and given his hatred of friendship and all that, I think he honestly never expected her not to try to double-cross him sooner or later.

Anyway, glad to see more people enjoy my story. Now, if you or anyone else could provide me with ideas or suggestions as to what could happen from here, then I think the next chapter could be a LOT easier for me to write, because unlike my other story where I have planned out pretty much everything in advance, I am mostly just making this one up as I go along.

You’re welcome.

*salutes* And I will do my best to help, El Capitan.

I could actually see this being canon if it weren't for those few outside references and that honestly out of place murder.

By outside references, you mean to the prequel comic, I assume? Weeell...the show has made references to the comics every now and again (where do you think they got the name 'Ogres and Oubliettes' from for instance?), but maybe not in that detail.

As for the imaginary murder...yeah, that's kinda out of place for an episode even if the Storm King could legally be charged for attempted murder by his actions in the movie...which was against real ponies rather than dream versions of them, mind you.

I may have come up with an idea, but...

Would you like for me to tell you about it through private messaging or here?

Hmmm...you can leave a comment here if you want, but if you think it might be too potentially spoilery, then by all means send me a PM.

Umm...so are you gonna tell me your idea or not?

Oh! Right.

This is only an idea, but, what would happen if Twilight came into the mix? You know, like, help Luna with her mission to reform the Storm King?

I'll put that into consideration. I had thought about introducing other characters to the mix before, but not necessarily Twilight though.

I think it would definitely be a great idea to increase the amount of main characters.

Finally a story with Storm king and a good one, my attention is yours sir

Hey, you've got another reader! Hoping you continue this soon.

Very brutal backstory. I assume that Storm King comes from a very harsh place and culture. Can't wait for Pinkie!

Well, the official map of Equestria did show us this place:

...And judging by the barren cliffs and ominous thunder, it really doesn't look like a nice place to be in...yet it's the place that the Storm King calls home. Also, with his 'survival of the strongest' attitude and complete distrust of everyone that isn't him, it would only make sense for him to have grown up in an environment where you had to be big, tough and fierce to survive.

Also, Pinkie is probably gonna be challenge, but It'd definitively be fun to have her deal with someone like the Storm King.

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