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Regidar #1 · Nov 10th, 2016 · · 42 ·

Leave an upvote on this comment if you want me to kill myself, or a downvote to send love to Daddy Trump :heart:

This is the second worst Trump in Equestria fics I've seen. Keep it up Regi

7711999 what was the first
I need to beat it

7711986 Build a wall on the border with Yakyakistan and make them pay for it.

This is beautiful satire.

7712004 Basically, Trump, God-Emperor of Mankind, kills Donald Trump, er Ted Cruze, ends up in Equestria, then tries to kill all the Jews for their magical Jew blood to build a wall strong enough to keep out all Mexicans until the end of time, especially Mexican ponies

7712009 that sounds like the poor man's version of this one

I like to call this story "/pol/ writes Fan Fiction."

"Lying Bitch Schlonged by Long Dong Don"


So this is what you've been up to.


This isn't even fanfiction. This is just a bunch of memes thrown on a page.

Cringworthy mangaco, baka desu sempai

7712106 for the past two days
7712107 ;-;

7712122 the answer is mundane and easily guessed

7712125 Well I'm stupid and lazy, so enlighten me

7712127 because I thought it was funny, and it is relevant to current political issues

7712128 Well at least you're finding something to laugh about in all this

7712143 first republican president to ever do that btw

7712144 You know he's anti-marriage equality, right? And anti-nondiscrimination ordnance. And he and his VP both support electroshock conversion therapy.


this was nice

7712009 Jew Blood? Pfft. Casul. You don't go for the blood! You go for their Jew Gold!

7712155 Pence is evil, no denying it
but the bad thing with Trump is that you cannot tell how much of what he said was legit, and how much was used to swing votes in his favor from bigoted masses


Needs more Aryanne, then.

7712160 Very true, consistency is not his forte.

7712169 that said, thanks for not flying off the handle, you are officially better than 100 percent of my irl friends and family

Top Kek, definitely lifted my tendies from the floor.

7712175 Honestly I'm too depressed to fly off the handle, but you're welcome anyway.

7711986 Like the election, I abstain from voting.


This was beautiful. :trollestia:

7712168 Along with more pepes.

Random, amusing, and perfectly describes what most of our nation currently looks like to someone with no connection to it. Probably going to get a lot of down votes for saying this but I applaud your bluntness. Things are going to be bad until people get over all the slander campaigns during the election but I think things will work out in the end.

Jesus fuck Rickey I loved it


Heil! The Trumpenreich draws near!
It seeps and sweeps with all our fears~
The Men, armed with guns and bombs, Tanks and Shells!~
They wear the crimson red to hide the blood so spilled!!!~
So stay in the shadows my little one, as your father and mother fight for a future so denied to you!~
Heil to the Trumpenreich!
The evil ones draw near!
We scream and fight, to the sounds of Liberty's End!
Heil to the Trumpenreich!
Heil to the Trumpenreich!
Heil to the Trumpenreich!~
Hail to the enemy within.



When a nigga wanna kill himself, so u smash dat mf like button :pinkiehappy::raritywink::ajsmug:

It did have a frog on a (cross shaped) post.


Why'd you type griffon like that?


Alas, you only got singles. But praise Him.


BURN IN A PIT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

7712453 i want to die

I can't believe you've done this

7712509 can you really not, though
can you

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