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Don't expect any story updates, at least not for awhile


This story is a sequel to Sombra's Little Brother Comes To Visit

After his annoying little brother caused him to lose focus, allowing the mane six to defeat him, Sombra has been focusing on not losing his sanity while trapped under the ice with his obnoxious sibling.

However, when another member of his family shows up out of nowhere, he'll wish he'd been blown to pieces by the Crystal Heart.

A story made for fun

Chapters (1)
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Umbra blew another bubble before answering. "Mom and dad are like, really mad at you two for gettujg into this, like. ice prison and everything." She spoke with her stereotypical teenaged girls voice.

"Gettujg" should be "getting." Other than that, I didn't see anything wrong; and this one also made me laugh out loud.

until they tried to drown her


7705113 I was waiting for someone to do it! XD

A 3rd one should be amusing.

Sombraaa's older sis should come XD

Ya know, now that I have read this I am thinking to my self; what are his parents like? Please do a sequel. Also I thought this was a great story.

So, this is Sombra's parents fault. :rainbowlaugh:

Now we need annoying cousins!

Sombrad struggled to keep his laughter in while Sombra gritted his teeth. "You two are the reason I am insane..."

Just the usual, loving family...
(Inspired by personal experience?)

Thanks for reading! If you'd like to see a third instalment with their parents let me know.

If you have any good ideas feel free to use them!

7705118 Hey, make a sequel where Sombra goes up to the princesses and begs to let him live in the castle so he can escape his annoying family.


Now for a third sequel involving their parents showing up themselves :pinkiecrazy:

This story.. totally need like more chapters, bro. :pinkiegasp:

7707237 "Please Celestia, I can even get reformed like that stupid Discord, just let me kill my family first!"

Sombra ignored the fact that his brother had just said 'bogus' and shook his head. "Because if we let them go free they could tell someone we escaped or would still be lost down here and would due a cold lonely death anyway."

Gonna assume that should be 'die'

7709661 thank you for pointing that out

The story would benefit if you rephrased the ending.

Would love an third one!

7707239 Hey, it's been a while and I was wondering when the next story in this series was going to be uploaded?

I can see Sombra throwing himself at the hooves of the Mane6 begging to be saved from his family.

Oh yes this must continue.

Huh. This was uploaded on my birthday last year.

I laughed when i saw the sister's name mostly because of well mine

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