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Business is booming for Zephyr Breeze's cosmetic startup. His loyal customers love his unique products.

Applejack hates them.

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Man, Applejack was a real antagonist here. At least she apologized in the end.

Thanks for reading! I just felt that Applejack was the best for this role. I think she would do something like this without meaning to hurt anyone.

I don’t know why, but I love the idea of Twilight just teleporting every rioter into prison all at once.

Nice one shot story! AppleJack was probably the best choice for the role you gave her, so good job.
Sincerely, Guardian Blade.

You know, I don't get Pony stubble. Beards I can understand - goats have them - but how do you get stubble on a face which already has a fuzzy coating? (Unless what we think is fur is actually brightly colored naked skin, and that idea just makes me reach for the brain bleach. :pinkiecrazy: )

8595217 Pass the bleach. Pass it here.

My favourite part?

Fluttershy comforting Zephyr. In the fluttershyest way possible. You almost never see them interact in an affectionate manner in fanfics; I relish every opportunity we get.

I figured that after Flutter Brutter they'd be on better terms. Plus Fluttershy was pretty good at tolerating him even before then.

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