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We can never foresee the true future, but what is certain is that our story and fate will end in a dystopia.


Letters are a simple way of letting someone know you still care. They're always meaningful. Invaluable. Minuette knows this all too well. Which means, they might be exactly what she needs.

Editor: Enigmatic Otaku. Thanks, friend.

WARNING: Comments contain spoilers. Read and proceed with caution.

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Comments ( 11 )

Wow... I, uh.


I'm confused. Is Twilight dead or what?

It was good, but I was a bit confused...

So Twilight died? Was that funeral for her?

And what was that last letter at the end?


The letters are in reverse...chronologically.

7702065 Ohhhh say what?!

Why shoot? That's mighty creative of ya!


I wonder if people will catch onto that.

7702084 Okay, now that you mentioned what you just spoiled, it is making me feel a bit more sad than usual. Damn it how could you do this?

7702065 So? Is she or isn't she? Or has Minuette gone crazy from grief?

7702084 I caught on, but didn't want to spoil. :raritywink:

7702094 If you thought this story made you sad, then don't read his fic 'Left Behind'.

Fucked me up for a whole night...

do read it, though.

7702928 I'm not ready for sad fics darn it!

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