• Published 18th Jul 2012
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Soul Eater: Soul Goes to Equestria? - Shadowflash

Soul goes to Equestria. The fun ensues!

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Soul and Maka: A Break Between Dimensions?

Soul and Maka: A Break Between Dimensions?

"God, can it get any colder? Jesus Christ" Soul announced as the duo walked through the heavy forest, winds as cold as the Arctic.

Maka just laughed, and then her teeth started chattering; a common response to let her body know it was trying to warm up. Soul and Maka were just making their way through a thick forest where the sky is barely visible through the large amount of black leaves and branches. The ground mushed with water and mud as their feet proceeded across it.

"Uhg... Let's just hope the Witch is close. I'm hungry and tired and cold. That's not a good combination for a guy." Soul put his hands behind his head, yawning loudly.

"What? I get the hungry and tired and cold thing by themselves, but why isn't it a good combination?" Maka looked at Soul as she placed her hands in her armpits; right in the left, left in the right.

"Well, if you had a dick and balls, you'd know" Soul smirked, and Maka's face went beet red.

"W-what does that have to do with anything?!" she bellowed.

"Well, when it's cold your ba--"

"I don't want to know! That's disgusting!" Maka flailed her arms in anger and disgust as Soul just laughed.

"You have a vagina. You wouldn't know what it's like." Maka's face heated up from heavy embarrassment on the subject.

"Soul! That's something we never talk about! You promised that! It's gross beyon--"

"Shh." Soul placed his hand in front of Maka's face, interrupting her.

"Don't interru--"

"Shhh! I hear something..." Maka calmed down and closed her mouth, looking around.

Soul's ears perked a bit as a cracking sound was heard in the distance. Soul and Maka glared at each other as they walked forward, and found that the cracking sound was coming from a large building up ahead. The building was shaped like an upright rectangle, with only a few windows surrounding its sides. The machine making the cracking sound was actually a small generator that had a thick cable wrapped in a coil and then sliding into the darkness somewhere. A few lights were also scattered amongst this building, making a bit of it more visible, but nothing of big detail.

"That's the place Soul. Jigen's Manor. I can't believe a witch harbored herself so close to Death City, yet so far." Maka quickly ran through the trees into the open area.

Soul quickly followed, and was next to Maka as they made their way across the wet grounds of the expanse. After a few seconds of running, they were at the building's entrance. Or in this case, Jigen's Manor.

The door was crested with a large symbol, much like the symbol for air: a spiral that warps into a middle point. Maybe this was to represent something else? Who knows?

"So, we run in and kill her?" Soul looked at Maka, grinning lightly.

"Might as well. Seeing as she probably knows we're here anyways. I swear, most Witches can be a real b--"

"Maka, language?", Soul joked as he interrupted Maka.

His body turned blue, and he immediately turned into the scythe that he was two nights ago. Maka grabbed the scythe, and held it over her shoulder as she gripped the handle of the door and opened it outwardly; displaying the insides.

She walked in to be greeted by a large room, bigger than the actual manor itself. There were multiple glowing tiles on the ground, emitting different colours every few seconds. Around these tiles were just a plain, oxidized, green colour of tiles; making the place look like it has been sitting here for far too long.

The walls of the room though, seemed to be bent, and moving inward, and then outward, as if the building was breathing. It was a massive headache for Maka, seeing all the movement and colours, but she had to press on. She walked forward and as she did so, saw a person.

The person was sitting on the floor, wearing a black hooded cloak. It had the same spiral-air symbol as the door behind Maka did, and it seemed to glow from unknown magic. The person stood up, and it could be seen that it was a woman due to the slender body, small hands, small feet and --

"Hey nice ass, Jigen."The voice of Soul boomed out of the scythe Maka held, and Maka smacked it against the ground.

"Soul, stop being a perv!"Maka yelled.

"Stop being a bitch. Jesus, don't hit me like that" Soul laughed, and then Maka focused back on the woman, who is assumed to be Jigen.

"Ah... So you're Soul and Maka. I've been waiting for you. Mmm... For quiet a while now..." The woman turned around and revealed a partial bit of her face... Or what was on it, anyways.

She wore a white mask that only had an eye-hole for the left eye, and covered the mouth completely. Her hair was drooping out of her hood, and could be seen as a blackish-blue colour, much like oil when it reflects in sunlight. Her cloak was tightly tied around her neck, and hung over a white blouse and brown leggings. She wore no shoes, and didn't seem to have any weapons on her.

"She's a threat? She looks harmless", Soul spoke, chuckling softly.

"She's a Witch, Soul. She may look harmless, but she has a lot of power. You know that." Maka placed the scythe in both her hands, sliding her right foot forward, and left foot back; in a aggressive stance.

"Witch Jigen, the Witch of Dimensions, you are hereby declared a threat to the D.W.M.A. You're days of evil are over, and we're here t--"

"I am of no threat, and I will surrender as so.", Jigen removed her cloak as she interrupted Maka, revealing more of her hair.

"You win, you got me. C'mon, kill me. Take my Soul."Jigen could be heard chuckling, as her cloak dropped underneath her.

"It's probably a trap, Maka” Soul said, as a reflection of himself was displayed in the scythe.

"It's not a trap. I truly give in. Kill me." Jigen fell to the ground on her knees, placing her hands behind her back.

"Take my life, Soul and Maka. Take my soul." Jigen sat there as Maka glared at her.

"Screw this. Maka, let's ju--"

Maka swung the scythe forward, and then behind her, holding it in both her hands still. Jigen was just chuckling, until blood started pouring out of her mouth. It then shot out of her face, her arms, and, eventually, her body tore up. It warped into a black spiral, spinning around a purple soul. As the spiral finished, the soul floated there in a little ball of purple, with a small, hat like, shape on top.

Soul left his Scythe form and picked up the soul, gripping it tightly in his hand, and then opening his mouth. He pushed the soul into his mouth, chewed for a moment, and then swallowed, burping lightly as he finished.

"Delicious" Soul said, as he bellowed another burp.

"Indeed. Now enjoy your time in a new dimension, Soul!" a voice called out, much like Jigen's crossed with Death's.

"What?!" Soul yelled, as he stepped near Maka, but was then pulled away from her by an unknown force.

"Maka! What's happening?!" He was slammed against a wall and landed on the floor with a thud.

"Soul! Are you okay?!"

But Maka was interrupted as a black circle appeared with a white hue on the outside of it. It expanded and started spiraling inwards, moving closer to Soul.

"Tell Medusa I said 'Hello', won't you?! Gahahahahahaha!" Jigen's crossed voice left the room as the black circle engulfed Soul.

"SOUL!!!", Maka yelled as she moved close to the portal.

"M-Maka!" Soul's arms flailed as it engulfed him fully, and then disappeared.

"SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOUL!" she yelled as she fell to her knees.

She glared at the spot he once was, imagining his outline. What exactly happened? It was a trap... It's all her fault...

"Soul...", she cried.


Darkness. That's all there was. He couldn't see anything and could barely hear. The sound of ringing was in his ears, mostly. He smacked his ears for a moment, and the ringing stopped, replaced by a clapping sound against his ears. He stopped smacking his ears, and then could hear steps.

Steps... Not footsteps... I've heard those steps before... But... They don't sound human..., He thought to himself.

The sound got closer. It smacked against the ground like bone against stone. It did feel like he was lying down on stone though. In fact, he wasn't even standing. The sound was starting to frighten him though as it hung over his head.

God dammit, eyes, open!, he yelled in his mind, as his eyes open to see a cyan face in his, staring at him.

The face had magenta coloured eyes, and a rainbow-colour hair-style with red, orange and yellow in the front, and other colours hanging down the back. The magenta eyes glared at him for a moment, and then he could see that it wasn't human. This made him jump back.

"Guuuuugh! What the hell?!" He was sitting upright as he glared at a... Pegasus?

Its wings were at its side, as it glared at him with an even more confused look.

"What? Scared of me?" it laughed with a female voice.

"Gah! You can talk?!" He backed up further, only to be stopped by a rock.

"Of course! All ponies can talk. But you're not a pony, are you?" The... Female pegasus walked forward, looking over his body, mostly at the bipedal legs.

"Who are you, or... What are you?" the pegasus asked.

"You tell me first..." he said, shaking nervously.

The pegasus smiled, and shot up yelling:

"I'm Rainbow Dash! Best pegasus flier in all of Equestria! No one can beat me at anything!" 'Rainbow Dash' was grinning wildly, standing on her hind legs, and after a second or two she stood on her four legs again.

"Now who and what are you?" she asked.

"I'm Soul. I'm a human with Weapon blood" Soul said as he frowned at the pegasus.

"Human? Weapon blood? Slow down, I can only compute one thing at a time... Explain the 'human' part to me?" Rainbow Dash asked as she sat on her rump.

Soul sighed and readied himself for an explanation. He was confused as it is on how he got here, but he might as well cope with what he has, for now.

"A human is ... Uhm... A mammal?" Soul looked at the pegasus for a moment, then resorted to thoughts.

What the hell did those lessons teach again... God... Oh!, Soul then struck a memory, and spoke again.

"A human is a bipedal mammal that is an ... Omnivore? I think that's the word. I don't know. But that's what I am." Soul then grinned and Rainbow Dash still looked confused as hell.

"Okay, I see. Well if you're a ... Bipedal... Mammal... You're like... A monkey thing?", Rainbow Dash questioned.

"Yeah, just with less fur, I guess. Pretty cool, right?" Soul smiled and Rainbow Dash laughed softly.

"Yeah, kinda. But, what's ... 'Weapon blood'?" she inquired Soul on this, and this was something Soul definitely knew.

"Weapon blood is something I was born with. My dad had Weapon blood in him, and my dad's dad, et cetera. It means I can transform into a weapon as long as I have my Meister, a person to control me. But I don't. So I'm kind of useless." Soul then sighed, looking at his hands for a moment.

His hands were a bit rough to the touch, and had a bit of dirt on them. He didn't know where he was, but he wanted to find Maka immediately. He's useless without her.

"So, can you show me?", Rainbow Dash asked smiling a little.

"I... Can try, but, no one can use me as a weapon without my Meister." Soul's saddened frown changed to a neutral look, and Rainbow Dash nodded.

"It's cool, I just want to see!" Rainbow Dash's tail seemed to wag like a dog, and Soul just chuckled.

Even if she's a... Pony, I guess, she's pretty cool, Soul then made his body glow blue as he morphed into his scythe form.

The blade edged into the ground, and it jutted upwards, and Rainbow Dash just gasped in awe. She walked around it, glaring at its intricate design. The structure of the pole, the blade, how sharp the entire thing was. It was elegant; much like Blair, for no better comparison.

"Wow. This is really cool!" Rainbow Dash smiled, and sat on her rump as Soul morphed out of the form, standing on two legs.

He could see that he was quite a bit taller than the pegasus, by about two feet. It didn't make her feel afraid though, she was pretty comfortable in fact.

"So... Where exactly am I?... I wasn't here originally... I don't even remember what happened to get me here. Uhg... Now I have a headache. So not cool." Soul sighed, as he brushed his hair.

"You're in Ponyville. Just outside of it at least. Over there is Ponyville." Rainbow Dash's hoof pointed over to a town in the distance.

No details could really be made just yet. Except that they were in a massive field of grass with a few trees here and there, along with a park off to the left that seemed to stretch itself to 'Ponyville'.

"Hmm. Guess that's where you can lead me to, then?" Soul asked, and Rainbow Dash nodded.

"Not a problem! I am the best mare in Equestria anyways!" She gloated and Soul just chuckled.

"What's so funny?" Dash asked as she flew up to his eye level.

"Nothing. You remind me of a good friend of mine. He always claims how he will surpass God, and how awesome he is." Soul said, with a bit of a smirk.

"I am awesome! But... Who's God?", Rainbow Dash questioned.

Dear Lord..., Soul sighed, and gave a quick explaination.

"God is some being some people speculate to be a higher being. I don't know if he is real, but I don't deny him either. I just try to stay away from religion." Soul said as Dash flew down to the ground, walking at his side a few feet in front of him.

"Oh, just like Celestia! Except she's real" Dash giggled lightly, and Soul rolled his eyes.

"Man, I need to know a lot more about where I am... Who's Celestia?" Soul asked, and Dash started to explain as they continued walking down the grassy fields.


And so it begins, Soul. You'll be mine soon. And I will be back in the original Dimension, destroying everyone there can be. Including that pesky Lord Death. Seeing that my powers have grown beyond your comprehension now.

How can you be so sure?

Because I am Medusa, Queen of The Snakes.