• Published 5th Nov 2016
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Great, I'm the New Bad Guy... - Lichlord18

One day, at random, I woke up as the Overlord from the games. This is the chronicle of what happened after that.

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I wonder if Gnarl is into Total Planetary and Total Realm Kills? or at least can handle them?

Easy alliance between the ponies and Fifths forces, or King or Chronenberg full collapse into horror and hell? :pinkiesick:

Ah..Helmet plus necromancy ritual equals returning overlord.

Annnd just like that story has lost me for know

I should have caught it with the count of which overlords were who... But damn... What will the little know do now though? Will they follow The First or... The Fifth?

Welp off with the story's titel, the real badguy have appeared.

Nice use of the Gnarl is an overlord theory.

...this isn’t the kind of twist I expected, I knew gnarl would betray him but him being the first overlord... ehhh, considering I’ve played the wii version of overlord and know that you play as the First Overlord... this is kinda giving weird vibes. I feel another role for gnarl instead of first overlord could of been given but oh well

Really? Just like that? *sigh* Ok......

Only one more chapter, or is there to be a sequel? I so hope for a sequel.

TF2 Heavy voice
"What just happened?"

I have to admit this plot twist is beyond my imagination. I just hope this kind of twist won't throw off the momentum of the story has built so far.

Actually, in the wii version you play as the second, just when he first started out.

Wait really? I thought canonically he was the first Overlord, the Second Overlord was the Wizard (in the game, we're not certain if he is the second) and the third is your character in Overlord 1 and the fourth is his son for Overlord 2... oh and then there is the reject Overlords from the Diablo-esque game. To be honest, I think the Dark Baron is kinda the predecessor of all Overlords for the Gromgard and any future bloodlines under the Overlord name... Though this my own personal information from the internet and having played the games

Edit: And while I don't want to be one of those people, there is even a wiki saying he is indeed the first (in the games) https://overlord.fandom.com/wiki/First_Overlord

well it's too late now... learn something new everyday.

Ok, you are both kind of right... sort of.
it says that that guy is called the first overlord but it also says he inherited the title from his uncle so he is not the "First" overlord. Also, you mentioned the Black Baron but they never actually say he is the first or that he created any of the magic items. In fact, the minion master Gnarl is still old in that game suggesting that he has been around for a long time before that. If you want to justify the whole "First overlord" thing we know that before him the chosen didn't go by overlord so there could be hundreds of older overlords that just went by diffrent names. I personally don't like him being the first overlord in disguise but it does make sense if we go by this logic.

Just for fun, I want to say what I thought was going on and how I would have handled his betrayal. Gnaral could have just been that strong I mean they say he is old but they also say that giblet (the forger/ one of the third overlord's first minions) is almost as old as him and he has no problem attacking and moving. So his old age must is caused by more than just time. My idea was that Gnaral kept absorbing those life force crystals he keeps above his head, making him smarter and giving him more magical power. What if he has so much magic at this point that he has to hide it and that is why he looks so weak when minions don't age he is holding back his magic thus weakening his magical body. Mix those life force orbs with functionally immortal and his connection to the tower heart I would totally buy him being magickly strong enough to teleport the overlord and snap unicorn horns. Heck if you want you could have even had him transform fully into something similar to those super minions from the second game you know the mutated minions who touched the magic goo.
Mix that with the glowing markings of the second overlord's more magickly charged minions and you have a truly terrifying minion.

I agree with you on these points but funny tidbit, Giblet is actually been around Lord Gromgard - the overlord from the wii - he even has own overlord based game from the day with three other minions known as an elite minion task force. Basically back then Giblet was the muscle until he was promoted as forgemaster during the third overlord’s reign

oh I know I think I mentioned that game in a past chapter suggesting an elite force of minions, though I don't get why the blues have such weirdly changing powers. I mean in the first game they can just heal in the second they are suddenly immune to magic and can phase through other minions like a ghost, and in that game, they can shoot electricity. At a certain point, they should have just given an upgrade system with new powers added in like you could choose to modify the minions to give one new power each out of a list. I mean each hive all the minions of that type would share that power.

Well knarl. I got a boot with your asses name on it.

.....So I have to ask. How badly is Gnarl going to get FUCKED UP?

Shits going down

I prefer the idea that he is weak, he is just a really really good schemer, it's always more fun to watch a schemer manipulate events and beat stronger foes with their minds then it is to watch a super-strong guy beat weaker people

the wii version?
well now...i need to get a wii

" Of the four of you, only the second came close to meeting my expectations... if only he didn't lack imagination. I mean honestly, how was that little plan of his supposed to stop the third? Bleah! Just mentioning that overbearing villain wannabe leaves a bad taste in my mouth! The fourth had potential but his damnible mother left him in a nordling village for his formative years and while prejudice is a good start, nothing beats a proper evil upbringing. "

Dunno how canon it is, but Dark Legend suggests the first Overlord was the Black Baron and the second one was the teen.
I also think the First deserved some more descriptors, or at least some evidencing the dread he inspired in everyone around him with his sheer presence.
That said, awesome chapter.

Yeah, there's five Overlord games - two playable only on the Wii and a DS, the other three Overlord games playable on PC and I believe console. From order of release they're: Overlord 1, Overlord 2, Overlord Dark Legend, Overlord Minions, & finally Overlord Fellowship of Evil

thanks. i love overlord, guess i got my wishing list set

I dunno. Batman and the Joker, Alice and the Red Queen. I think the Overlord and Gnarl the First Overlord is a perfect fit.
Though I suppose some build-up wouldn't have been out of order.

Why is the story on hiatus? :fluttercry:

Should I be concerned about how many drowning people are in your comment?

Well this just feels like you writing yourself into a corner.
Either that or a shoddy try at ending the story.

Just came back to this for the first time in a long while. Wow. That uh, that took a turn to the troublesome.

Thank you for marking this a being on hiatus instead of leaving it on the indefinite incomplete list. Still, it is a great story, I hope you return someday

Here is a loop that you could use to bring the overlord back remember the necromancy that was legalized in the his well country yeah he could have a hidden rune on the back of his chest plate or another piece of armor and he could come back fully healed but with no magic as a way to bring him back but not to over power after all why would he legalize of necromancy in his country if he was in going to use it.

So, go ahead and change the story to a simple tragedy but you can't end the story in the next chapter unless you make it a lot longer than usual since there are too many loose ends. But at this point, you backed yourself into a corner where getting out of it is impossible unless you scrap this chapter.

Reviving him in any way or showing how he actually saved himself is just boring but without him, this story doesn't look right. I don't know what kind of plan you had but this doesn't work that well and can be a lot better without the direction this chapter forced you into. Yes, I get the betrayal was going to happen one way or the other since it was pretty obvious but because of that Nobody should have seen this coming and prepared which leaves him with surviving but it looks more like you made him conveniently dumb for the plot.

So, are you going to take the lazy way out and never come back to this story or will you actually try to do something with this?

Edit: After going over your blogs I see that you are probably not coming back. It's not that I don't trust your words but it's the fact that I have seen this happen quite a few times now. I've been here for longer than I wished and over that time when an author says he is going to make a 3 part story as his first, it doesn't end up well. I get that you want the next story to be about the new enemy and the constant struggle and after that, the aftermath can be the final story or just something on the side. However, I don't think this is what you should do as a first. 68k words for your first is a lot and I think you should finish this up and start on something new. Something that appeals to you as the first 24.5 chapters of this story did. This does mean that you probably won't get all the loose ends tidied up but it will mean that you can head off into something new, guilt-free.

And so, summoning the elements of harmony and channeling them through the helmet of the redeemed Overlord, they spread across the land. Destroying all the corruption brought by the dimensional incursion, restoring peace once more. All that remains of this great event is a tower turned to crystal, with an image of the sleeping lord wrapped in a blanket of rainbows.

The End

Lol, probably not. But the point is not to worry too much. Tell the story in a way you love. The longer you twist and turn trying to make it perfect... Well the less likely you’ll be completely content. There is always something, hope you are doing well. :twilightsmile:

O shit... Now i have to wait for a update to that amazing story :raritydespair: Well that one brutal cliffhanger :twilightangry2:

Gnarl... Fucking hell... What a twist! The first Overlord?
Clever... So the 'the devil make everyone belive he do no exist' line was forshadowing this?!
What magnificent twist!!!

Sooo... One more chapter to end this story and start a sequel? My recommendations is to release at least the first chapter of the sequel so we can put it in our
'read later' and 'update noticed' areas.

Do the helm by any chance act like a soul container? Perhaps the pregnant Queen can use the Overlords child as a new vessel? Kinda like possesion in
Overlord 2 .
Can he turn this desaster around? No matter how fast a Changelings needs to from from Larve to Nymph to adult...
Unless he can use willing medium as long they wear his Helmet?

So Equestria, Griffonia, Zebrica , Minatouria , the Dragon lands and more ally against the first Overlord?

Or perhaps the villain like Tirek and Discord might clash with him?

Perhaps the Storm King see for the first time a good challange and tries to invade the Domain when he hears the Overlord was defeated and replaced. Striking when the oron is hot and that stuff...

Any update soon? It has been over two years since the last chapter

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