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A dragon. A draconequus. And a.......a dude.

The Mane Six and Starlight Glimmer have suddenly gone missing. As a matter of fact, all the ponies are starting to disappear.

With monsters wreaking havoc, criminals on the loose, and ponies disappearing, Equestria is in desperate need of heroes.

Spike, Big Mac, and Discord, all answered the call as they travel all over Equestria, fight monsters, send criminals to jail, to find their missing friends.

Thanks to Rated-Ponystar for helping me with this story.

First Published
28th Dec 2016
Last Modified
4th Jan 2017

The Three Ds.

No! Bad mind, bad!

Ha! The "My cabbages!" guy! Nice! Also, I hope you continue on with the story. Also, will Discord act like he did in s06 finale when Fluttershy disappears?

Keep it up! I wonder who is behind all this and what their plan is.

Ha! Ha! I like it! More please.

Nice battle scenes. Now onward to Appleoosa!

MOAR! PLZ... Plus can I turn this into an rpg game.

i like how make everything bugs bunny style XDXDXDXDXD

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