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A dragon. A draconequus. And a.......a dude.

The Mane Six and Starlight Glimmer have suddenly gone missing. As a matter of fact, all the ponies are starting to disappear.

With monsters wreaking havoc, criminals on the loose, and ponies disappearing, Equestria is in desperate need of heroes.

Spike, Big Mac, and Discord, all answered the call as they travel all over Equestria, fight monsters, send criminals to jail, to find their missing friends.

Thanks to Rated-Ponystar for helping me with this story.

Rated Romance for some Fluttercord moments on Discord's part.

Rated Drama for Discord's antic.

Co-Author: Needed
Editor: Needed

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Comments ( 23 )

The Three Ds.

No! Bad mind, bad!

Ha! The "My cabbages!" guy! Nice! Also, I hope you continue on with the story. Also, will Discord act like he did in s06 finale when Fluttershy disappears?

Keep it up! I wonder who is behind all this and what their plan is.

Ha! Ha! I like it! More please.

Nice battle scenes. Now onward to Appleoosa!

i like how make everything bugs bunny style XDXDXDXDXD

It's good to see a new chapter. I hope you update soon.

I love the little escapades, but I hope the guys are able to get to the bottom of what's going on.

This is amazing! I love the set up and the characters chosen. There's so much potential for comedy and plot points. The oc seems interesting as well. I can't wait to see where to take this!

Poor Discord. I hope they'll be able to find everyone soon.

What i see are a trio version of Tenacious D! I hope the final battle with the Big Bad will be a parody of Beelzeboss!

Little did the boys know, trouble is indeed brewing, beneath their noses.

It's be pretty funny if it were literally beneath their noses!

I'm kinda conflicted here, If twilight can just take his powers. Then why was reforming him so important? That aside I'm glad discord's powers are grounded.

It was Rated-Ponystar's suggestion. It's his solution as to how the boys would fill in the roles as heroes without it being too easy with Discord's magics.

"My cabbages!"

"I'M ON A WHEEL!!" Trixie screamed, having been kidnapped by Discord and tied to the Dizz-a-tron that Discord had stolen from the Wonderbolts.

"I'M STUCK IN A CHIMNEY!!" Whoa Nelly shouted.


Is that Teen Titans and Tangled I see? :ajsmug:

Dan and Pinhead? Now, where have I heard those names before? :ajsmug::raritywink:

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