• Published 18th Mar 2017
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Equestrian City - Malcontent

It's been almost a decade since the Battle of the Bands and Sunset Shimmer has been trying to clean up the mess she made. After series of unrelated crimes, Sunset, now known as The Phoenix, may need to finally ask for help.

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Episode 1 "Pilot"

Episode 1
By DarkMalcontent
Co-Author Alisia
Professor of Writing Brawny Buck


Two men crept down the streets of South side Equestrian City, their profiles hidden from most eyes. Between broken street lamps and abandoned cars along the side street, the two had perfect cover as their target came into sight. “There we go. Yuki Laundry and Bank Loans.” The larger of the two men nudged his partner in crime.

“You're sure about this, Louie?” Swirly, a mocha colored and rather smaller of the two, asked shakily as he glanced around.

“What did I tell you, Swirly,” Louie barked back at him, giving him a swap to the back of the head. “No names,” he grumbled as he put his hat ski mask back on. “Even if it is a weird one.”

“Sorry-sorry!” Coffee Swirl, or Swirly as he'd grown up being called, answered back. Mimicking his partners preparation. “My parents came from outside this region. Your name is as messed up to me.” He finished as he yanked his mask down.

“Just follow my lead and we'll be done and out of here with a nice score.” Louie reached into his brown windbreaker and withdrew a modest sized pry bar. He tapped it once on his gloved hands as he peered around for witnesses. “Place ain't got no alarm either.” He chuckled while he sized up the deadbolt. “Wood paneling is pretty but brittle.”

“Yeah. Pretty but brittle.” His cohort mimicked. “Let's just uh, hurry up and get gone. I ain't wanting no trouble creeping up.”

“Who? ECPD won’t be here before we're gone.” The burly man grunted back as he leveraged his tool to the wood. “Just keep an eye out for any looky-loos.”

“I'm looking, I'm looking.” Swirly stammered back, his eyes darting to the rooftops and then back down to the alley, finally scanning the street. “Ain't no cops I'm worried about. It’s..” he paused. “You know...her.”

“Her?” Louie stopped, adjusting his mask and giving his partner a gruff stare. “Oh the Southside Guardian? The one who can't be hit?” he mocked back in a spooky tone. “Shadow Tramp.” He shook his head as he returned to try a different spot on the door.

“They say she can't be shot. Dodges right out of the way.” Swirly continued. “Bristle over on 3rd Avenue ran into her on a roof after he grabbed a wallet. He's still not eating solid food.”

“No crap?” Louie laughed. “Bristle didn't have any good teeth left and sniffed model glue. Probably tripped over his own two feet.” The wood splintered and the door swung open at last. “There we go. Come on. Let's get going, patrols come through in about ten minutes.”

The two thieves scurried into the dimly lit room and began a search of high and low. Pushing aside items of little value from the laundromat side, they found the door to the other side of the business. A silent glance was all they exchanged as the door creaked open, Louie pushing through first and stepping faintly.

Leaping over the counter top, he wiped sweat from his brow and straightened his mask. Scanning quickly and carefully along the underside of the desk, he pressed a button hidden underneath. A wooden panel behind him cracked open, revealing a sturdy looking safe. “Bingo. Payday in a box.” He smiled, pulling a piece of paper from his jacket and fumbling it open. “Get this open and it's our ticket to…” he muttered to himself as his partner turned to glance back into the hallway.

“Five to ten with good behavior,” a confident female voice smoothly hit their ears from a dark corner.

The two thugs turned to the voice and Louie pulled a pistol from his jacket, cocking the hammer and pointing into the darkness the voice came from.

“I…” Swirl clutched his own crowbar while he looked towards the vague shape in the shadows. “I think it’s her Louie,” he shakily whispered as his voice cracked.

“No witnesses.” Louie said just as he fired a round. A frown appeared under his mask as he heard the wall crumble from the shot, having struck nothing vital.

“Ha! You aim like a blind man,” she taunted which drew a growl from Louie. “Tell ya what,” they both looked around as they tried to pinpoint her origin. “Give up now and you and your boyfriend will still be able to eat solid food, promise.”

Swirl’s cheeks flushed as for a split moment he stumbled on his words. “Louie and I aint-!”

“Shut up Swirly,” Louie snapped roughly before he took quick aim and fired. This time the sound of pierced metal rang out as a dryer in the next room had been struck.

“Hey! You said no names!”

“Shut up,” Louie sharply interrupted with a heated snarl. “Listen,” he ordered and looked around while he listened. The female began to giggle before making a dash to another part of the room. As Louie heard this he opened fire in that direction. The two bullets made a low muffled sound which brought him to grin. “Got’er!” he reached around into his jacket and withdrew a sticklight. He turned it on and shot its beam where he’d fired. His smile began to fall as he saw the smoldering upholstery.

Snickering and then laughter came from behind the duo. “Congratulations! You’ve killed a sofa.” She pulled out an item and the sound of metal against metal rang out before a couple items clattered to the ground. Both thugs held their hands while they hissed in pain. She stepped back and hit the ground with her metal

A quick flip of a switch and the room lit up. Both men recoiled and winced as they shielded their eyes. The woman stood unaffected by the sudden brightness and simply stood at the ready. Swirl rubbed his eyes and was the first to get his vision cleared enough while he squinted to view the female. His eyes widened in shock as he stumbled in his attempts to scoot back. “It’s-it’s the,” he shook his head to try to clear it. “She’s,” he gulped to wet his tightening throat. “It’s her!” he finally managed to squeak out.

Louie’s frown drew deeper into a snarl as his vision cleared. “Shadow Strike.”

The woman stood confidently hearing her name with a perfect grin. Her rainbow hair, which was held back by an elastic tie, contrasted with her blue toned skin and with her one piece suit. Black and deep purple composed her attire along with a couple lightning bolts on the athletic material. “Now are ya,” she adjusted her opaque yellow colored goggles. “Going to come peacefully or…” she spun her staff before giving the floor a firm whack as a warning. “Are we doing this the fun way?”

Shadow slid her staff along the ground and saw through her sonar the broad man pull an item from near one of his pockets. “Guess I shouldn’t even have to ask,” she commented as Swirl managed to get to his feet while he drew his knife uneasily. She stood still and observed with her gift while Louie moved one way and Swirl the other. This almost feels bad having such an advantage… she thought as Louie was the first to lunge at her with his blade. Heh, almost.

Shadow swiftly sidestepped the strike and simultaneously smacked the knife out of Louie’s hand. He recoiled while cursing and holding close his throbbing appendage. “You okay Louie,” Swirl asked only to receive a glare. “This is why I tried to tell you but nooo, don’t listen to Coffee.”

“Would you just get’er,” Louie barked with a swing of his injured hand. He hissed and held it close while he took a step then another away from Shadow. He didn’t get back far before Shadow swung her staff into his side then jabbed it into his gut. Swirl was already charging with his knife as Louie fell to the ground, appearing winded.

As this happened, Swirl charged with both anger and fear reflected in his eyes. Shadow turned and twisted out of the way while simultaneously she brought her staff down hard into Swirl’s back. He gave a yelp then a grunt as he struck the ground face first. His blade clattered and scrapped as it slid across the floor. “Sadly, falling for me isn’t going to get your boyfriend to pay attention,” Shadow snarked before she turned her attention to the leader that had gone on the move.

She moved forwards and smacked the knife dropped by Louie with her staff so it was sent into the air. She turned and swung, managing to strike the knife by its hilt. The blade flew through a glass window, setting off a second silent alarm while she ran after Louie. “Leaving so soon? I haven’t seen you two kiss and make up,” Shadow taunted as she bent her arm and slammed it into the back of Louie’s neck before he could get his gun. He hit the floor with a thud, laying motionless. Shadow pushed on his head with her foot to see he was out with her sonar.

She caught the rustling of fabric and took notice of the second man starting to get to his feet. They just don’t know when to quit, Shadow thought and began to follow Swirl who took up his knife. Quickly he threw it behind him at her and made a break for the door. “Where ya going?” she followed but backed off the moment she felt a sting to her face. Her hand whipped up and snagged it.

Shadow frowned and turned as she knocked her staff into a washer. After getting a layout, she suddenly smiled as she swiftly made her way to a table. The vigilante snatched a weighted item and began to calmly follow after Swirl. The tall man stumbled once over his feet in his dash for the exit. She tossed the object up and down to cause a small clink sound before she threw the roll of quarters.

Swirl neared the open door, his eyes wide with hope then dread as the sound of police sirens approached. A sharp pain struck the back of his head as he reached the doorway. The last thing he saw was two cop cars pulling up before collapsing outside the business.

Armed officers, at least four, quickly exited their squad cars with guns drawn. “Freeze! E.C.P.D.,” one officer shouted forcefully while their weapons were aimed on the knocked out man. Shadow Strike stepped over Swirl which caused the cops to turn their guns onto her.

“Ya got another inside who’s out cold too. Make sure to put’em together, ‘kay?”

“What,” a second cop questioned as his face twisted in confusion. “Repeat that,” he ordered but after he blinked once, he found himself searching the area. “Where’d she go?”

“Ugh, stupid vigilanties,” a third officer commented with a moan. “Com’on, let’s book’em.” The second cop nodded and the four approached the duo that was coming around.

From above on top of a building, Shadow Strike watched through her sonar to see the pair be cuffed and taken into the squad cars. She spun her staff while it retracted and put it away onto her belt. She turned and walked away from the ledge while she took note of the windows being opened by the curious residents. Another one bites the dust, she quietly chuckled as she paused at the other end of the roof. Or so they say.

She stretched and sighed while she brought her arms down. Guess it’s time to call it a night, she thought and readied herself to leap off the building. Shadow paused in the strong gust of wind. A noise had caught her heightened hearing. She stayed still before she recognized it as wood cracking. “Or just one more won’t hurt,” she quietly commented with an excited smile as she sent out her sonar. She made her way two blocks over to a payday loan establishment.

Across the peppered landscape of Central Equestrian City, loud sirens in pursuit disturbed the evening peace. Roaring down the quiet street was an armored truck, groaning in protest in the sharp right turn. Closing in and screaming behind it were a pair of police sirens, their tires crying out in complaint. The driver of the armored truck touched an earpiece. “Cops are gaining,” he quickly stated while he attempted to maintain some calm to his voice. A gunshot fired which caused the driver to jump. “What are we gonna do to lose’em?” his tone cracked in the rushed question.

Horns honked as vehicles screeched to a halt when they zoomed through a red light. “Trixie does not know.” She replied quietly. “Why don’t you tell me,” Trixie ordered while she closed her eyes, rubbed her temples and exhaled an annoyed breath.

“I don’t know!” he exclaimed while they passed through another red light.

“Idiot…” Trixie muttered and pulled out a portable GPS. “Turn right and left after two lights.”

“Got it boss.”

The azure skinned woman sighed and shook her head. It didn’t take long before she yelped in surprise as she was tossed to the side during a sharp turn. “Note to Trixie, hire better help,” she grumbled under her breath with her jaw tight. Looking down she quietly uttered a few curse words. “Get self wider GPS.”

“We’re a few miles from the docks. What do you want me to do? Trucks don’t do well on-”

“Silence!” she shouted. “Just drive to the drop off point and let Trixie do her job.” Trixie released the talk button and moved to the back doors, staying crouched. “You know what they always say…” she undid her bag and pulled out a pill-like device, pushing a button on the side. “If you want something done right,” her other hand pushed a button, opening a decent sized slot on the door. “Use someone else's tech.”

The officer of the first cruiser gasped and swerved as an oblong object came flying at speed towards him. Upon striking the corner of his windshield, it exploded in a flash of blinding light. “My eyes!” the skinny officer cried with wild turns left and right of the wheel while he tried to re-obtain his sight. Control was not regained and crates flew, scattering across the street leading to the docks.

“Snails!” the second officer shouted, hitting the breaks and swerving as crates were thrown up to bounce off the hood of his car. Briefly stopping to regain himself, the heavier and shorter man sped after the truck. “EC 27 down! EC 29 still pursuing! Requesting backup,” he called in over the radio.

“Backup in route, EC 29. ETA twenty minutes. Maintain visual.” The male officier’s voice firmly replied.

“I don’t think I have that long, dispatch.”

“Why?” the dispatcher questioned. Snips didn’t answer, making a hard turn down a street he nearly missed with the docks growing ever closer. “Officer Snips, come in. Why do you not have time?”

The turn ended and he jerked to the right and left, trying to avoid the fishing barrels. “Because this one’s got tricks up her sleeves!” he saw an item fly out of the truck and quickly closed his eyes, shielding them as well with one arm. It exploded in a ray of light. When the glare faded away, his arm lowered and eyes opened to realize his foot had slammed on the break. “Dang it!” he picked up the CB. “EC 27 down in route to Horseshoe Bay. EC 29 pursuit resumed.”

On the stone street of the docking area, the window of the door opened and out flew three balls. Just as Snips rose his arm to shield his eyes, they exploded in an array of light before his vision was fully obscured. He rubbed his eyes to clear them. His foot left the gas to hit the break with his vision fuzzy, but it landed in the middle, pushing more on the gas. Snips corrected this when his car began to tip and hit the break, causing it to roll and come to a screeching halt by a fish processing building.

“EC 29 report status. EC 29 report.” Snips moaned and forced his eyes open enough to see double vision of the CB radio. Reaching a hand out, he winced and passed out in his seatbelt with shattered glass scattered around. He tried to reach again, his fingers brushing against the microphone and resulting in it clattering to the ceiling. Snips finally lost consciousness with a dripping echoing quietly in the air from the front of the messed up car.

Inside the stopped truck, Trixie stepped back and sat before she pulled out a handheld radio. “How far?” she tapped the side of the device with a finger before pressing the button again. “Trixie is talking to you.”

“We’re already in position for the transfer. Be sure you are alone,” a woman smoothly replied through static. “Remember-”

“Trixie knows how to keep them distracted,” she hushly snapped. “You just be ready.” Flipping the switch off, she adjusted her thick, form fitting, brown and azure blue leather coat. She checked her stash in her satchel. Gotta restock after this. Trixie zipped it up, pulled out a pair of thick leather gloves from her coat and slipped them on. She touched the earpiece. “Why aren’t we moving?” the azure woman asked while she adjusted her gloves and sat back.

“Sorry was checking her for damage.”

“Get driving like you’re supposed to or Trixie will be late.” She huffed. “Trixie will have more than simple tricks but for now…” her head tilted back. “Trixie will make due with homemade items.”


Meanwhile during the chase, Pinkie returned to her van. She put an arm full of supplies into the back and closed the decorated doors with the colorful words ‘Pinkie’s Positively Perfect Parties and Promotions’ across them. “Whew!” she wiped her brow and stretched her arms above her head. “Another job done, another customer satisfied.” Pinkie praised herself chipperly, put her arms down and walked around to the drivers door. “Good thing too cuz I’m bushed. Huh?”

“All available units, route to Horseshoe Bay docks.” Pinkie stuck her puffy bubblegum pink haired head inside the downed window. “Pursuit in progress. Officers not responding. I repeat-” The man called across the radio until a ‘click’ cut him off.

A lazy smile grew on her face while she pulled her head out. “Oh well,” she shrugged and casually stepped back to the side door. Pinkie put her hand on the handle. “All in a day’s work for a superhero!” she squealed, threw open the door, dashed in and slid it shut. This didn’t last long before it opened and shut swiftly behind a form fitting, friction resistant, elastic one piece, light gray suited Pinkie. She proceeded to stretch standing then crouched down, extending her legs out to either side at opposite times. “Nothing like a good stretch to wake up the muscles!”

Pinkie began to bounce then run in place. This caused her textured, flat, thick based footwear that reached to hug snugly around her calves to blur. Lastly Pinkie shook her head with ease, despite the suit coming up around her head and side of her face. Oddly enough her poofy mess of pink stayed outside the material unhindered. “Docks here I come!” she declared determined while she adjusted with matching gloves, her yellow framed goggles which had a very pale yellow tinted lense.

She took off with a burst of wind, leaving behind a very brief yellow image with eight lightning bolts spread out on the suit. Accompanying this was a long pink trail with white zigzags splitting it down the middle. “There’s no need to fear! SplitSecond is here!”

Moments later she zipped back to her van on the quiet street, pulled out a key fob and pressed a button. “Oopsie, nearly forgot to lock up.” The van chirped, she flashed a grin to the empty street. “See you guys there!” SplitSecond called and was gone in a flash, astoundingly her bouncy hair didn’t slow her down nor was it affected by the air’s friction. “Yeah, cauz otherwise that would be a drag.” She snickered.

On her way to the docks, the world had slowed even though her speed hadn’t. The activity of others increased the closer she grew to the scene of the accidents. Their gasps sang in SplitSecond’s ears as she also took in their expressions at viewing nothing but a blur of wind. Her eyes soon snapped to crashed patrol car, ran up and opened the door, all in less than a blink of an eye. SplitSecond shook her head and unbuckled Officer Snails. “Oh man, you’re lucky your belt didn’t break.”

“Huh?” he croaked in confusion while he was lifted out of the car and sat on a nearby bench. Snails blinked a few times with the world wobbling and split in threes.

“Just stay put and rest up,” SplitSecond politely ordered while she patted his head. His vision began to focus to see the slim gray and pink woman. “Leave the fast chases to the speedsters and you stay with the slower ones, alright?” in a blink she was gone. A few bystanders came up to check on Snails, applying pressure to his head while others kept a watch for help.

Closer on the dock, smoke and small flames caught SplitSecond’s attention from the overturned cop car. “Oh what would they ever do without me?” she pondered aloud to herself. Coming to the door, she began to push and pull on the stuck piece of metal. “Aw it’s so nice your melting for me but I got some others already.” The warping metal finally broke loose with melted hinges and warped handle, being tossed back a distance to splash into the bay. She coughed with smoke pouring out and repeated the quick movement on the belt holding in Snips.

Just as it snapped, a crackling picked up with a popping sound from the engine. “Uh oh!” she pulled Snips out, turned and ran. Barely a moment later the vehicle exploded into a fireball, throwing the pair forwards. Twisting around, SplitSecond took the brunt of the fall and slide. Instantly she was up and setting him down against the wall of the opposite building from the car. “Whew, that was too close.” SplitSecond looked at the damaged fishers building. “Well now he can sell the fish as pre-cooked.”

“Nghn...my head…” Snips groaned with sirens nearing.

“Huh?” carefully she picked him up and set him down under a streetlamp. “Just relax. You’ll be all set soon enough.” SplitSecond adjusted his uniform a bit and stood again. “Now I need to split but your comrades will be here in a second. Gotta catch some bad guys, bye!” and she was gone again without a trace besides the pink trail.

“Ah ha!” SplitSecond exclaimed after a minute, spinning on a light pole. “Oh no you don’t! You can’t escape the fastest feet of the law!”


Trixie inside the truck held a hand sized red gemstone in her gloved hand. “Wonder what’s so special about this rock?” it shimmered, reflecting in her widening pupils eyes. “Maybe...Trixie...could...kee-eek!” Suddenly the headset she wore startling her as the driver paged her again, startling her into nearly dropping the apple sized stone. “What is it you disturb Trixie with?!” she hissed into the mic.

“Almost at the spot.” The man said through the headset after banging the wall dividing them.

She huffed 1and slipped the gem back into a special pocket in her satchel. “Good. Remember your job as the great and powerful no longer require your assistance.” Trixie made her way to the doors and pulled a wrapped, clay rectangle out from the dark left corner. “Trixie is ready.” She shifted, undid the plastic and stuck the clay to the ceiling. She pressed a button and a beep came from her pocket.

“Just remember what I said,” the seductive voice reminded with a small chuckle.

Trixie jumped, pulled it out and turned it off before it was left on the truck’s floor. “Bossy woman,” she grumbled and tightened her coat with its straps around her. As a last touch she threw on an old, tattered wizards hat. One, two, three! In one move the magicless magician threw open the doors, jumped out and rolled across the ground before she came to a rough stop with a crash into crates and mattresses.

Inside the cab he locked the steering wheel, set the accelerator and jumped out of the speeding up vehicle. He rolled to a stop at the edge of one of the docks and stood, brushing himself off. Heh, soon that’s going to make one heck of a blast in the next couple so hundred feet. The man scanned the area and began to run away from the truck. That crazy chick can defend herself. I’m outta here. Upon seeing a closing in blur he ran between buildings and jumped for the water.

“There’s no swimming here silly.” His body was yanked back and he found himself tied, sitting on the ground by some lobster crates. “Now you just hang out here and wait for the nice police men, okay? Bye!” SplitSecond ruffled his hair with both hands and ran after the vehicle, leaving him with a nice hair bow atop his head.

“Never fear! SplitSecond is-huh?!” the heroine announced after ripping open the driver door. She jumped back and checked the backdoors, being greeted by frantic beeping and a flashing red light. “Shoot!” SplitSecond hurried the truck out before being blasted back as it exploded, fiering water up like a huge fountain. The speedster landed in a pile of empty fishing crates, stood and received a free shower. “Brrr!” she shook her head and huffed. “I was going to shower tonight. You could of waited ‘til I was ready,” she huffed and wrung her hair dry. “But now to find that lawbreaker.” Like that she was off again but heading back up the way she had came.

Trixie had worked her way out of the mess and dusted herself off. “How dare these fish people not keep things tidy for Trixie.” She huffed and looked around to get her bearings. Her focus halted and her body responded as if by instinct. One hand opened and drove into the satchel as the other pulled up the fabric of her collar to cover the lower part of her face. Just as SplitSecond grew closer, Trixie threw the three balls down in a line and ran off through the colored, sparkling smokescreen.

“You won’t get away from-hey!” SplitSecond zoomed right into it and started coughing. “Whoa!” she shrieked when she exited the wide spread clouds, landing hard into wooden crates. “Owww…” looking around and standing swiftly, she flailed her arms. “What’s with all these crates?! Doesn’t anyone store anything anymore?!” the heroine looked down and shivered as the cuts to her skin mended up. “Gotta love super speed.” She praised herself and was off again.

The non-magical woman laughed behind her mask, looking behind her. “Serves her right for thinking she could one up the great and powerful-aah!” Trixie tripped over her own feet, stumbled over a barrel and fell backwards into a few large pallets and a few old mattresses. “Ooowww…” she moaned, coughed and grunted as two of the three dirty beddings fell on top of her.

The superhero stopped, looked around and sped off to continue her search for the no gooder. Moments later the pile moved and Trixie gasped, shoving herself free with a stumble upon getting her stuck foot free. “Who leaves so many mattresses out? No matter.” She turned her focus to her surroundings and walked briskly over to the back of a warehouse with a single security light above the door. Trixie retrieved the key from between the barrels, threw it away into a trashcan several feet away and stepped inside.

The room was dimly lit by a single hanging light above a lone desk and tall backed chair, which was turned around to hide the humming occupant. “Trixie is late…” the seductive woman commented with an annoyed voice, and soon resumed her alluring tune.

“Trixie got held up.”

The woman quietly laughed. “I swore that’s what you were hired to do, not the other way around.” Trixie stopped in front of the desk, folded her arms and huffed. “Now…” she held out a faintly light purple toned arm, her palm up. “Do you have the item?”

The azure woman straightened her back and placed a hand on her chest. “Trixie has her end. Do you have what Trixie wants?”

Silence filled the air thickly, broken up only by the occasional notes from the song. “Of course…” she turned and stood from the comfortable chair. “Present your end and I shall present mine.” While she slowly stepped over to a table, swaying her hips in the process, Trixie got into her satchel and produced the sparkling red gemstone. The single ponytailed, humming woman glanced back while she lifted a closed wooden box. “Good and you managed to keep it undamaged. Bravo,” the woman cooed with a pur deep in her throat with the last bit of praise.

“Yes, yes, now where’s mine?”

“You had requested the legendary bracelets of Swirlena the Powerful. That is what you desired to hold?” the woman made her way to the desk, stood in front of the chair and rested her hands on the box between them. Trixie nodded as the woman resumed humming the strange tune and she opened the box. Shining inside was a pair of golden stared bracelets.

Trixie gasped, her eyes widened. “They’re real…” the woman nodded and removed her hands from the smooth wood. “You’ve delivered to Trixie well.” She tossed the gemstone up, her eyes unmoving from her reward.

The humming woman caught the stone. “Thank you.” She stashed the prize away in a bag attached to her belt. “Our business it concluded.” Steadily she walked away, lifting a hand with her back towards the small time criminal. “Enjoy your just deserts…Trixie.” Her voice trailed off along with her heeled footsteps.

“You have Trixie’s...huh?” she looked up to see she was alone. Blinking a couple times and shaking her head, her focus returned to the box. “Oh well. Trixie has gotten what she… What?! This can’t be!” picking up one of the golden bracelets, it was no longer golden. It was a crude accessory made from starfish legs wrapped in cheap twine. “Trixie’s been had! No one crosses Trixie!”

“Ah hah! There you are!”

The magicless woman turned with a gasp. “SplitSecond?! But how did you find me?”

“That’s me and I knew you wouldn’t had gone far. You’re really not very good at magic.” SplitSecond took a few steps closer. “Are we doing this the easy way or the hard way?”

She frowned and reached into her satchel. “Trixie is anything but easy.” With the last word, she threw down a smoke bomb and broke for the nearest exit, an opened window.

SplitSecond shook her head. “Trixie, Trixie, same old Trixie. Don’t you know that doesn’t work?” she ran circles around the smoke, dispersing it into the air. “We both know you have no idea how…” the pink heroine gasped, grabbing her hair. “She’s gone?!” her shock barely lasted a minute before the clattering of trash cans caught her attention. It’s both good and sad she’s never mastered that trick, she thought with a mental sigh. With a shrug the heroine was out the door.

“Ouch. They could at least put soft stuff out here. I mean, everywhere else had something soft,” Trixie complained while she forced herself up and dusted herself off. “Ruining my flawless exit like that.” The meow of a cat caused Trixie to jump, step back, turn and run. Searching her satchel, she pulled out a silver ball and slid to a stop upon footsteps reaching her ears. Turning around, she went to run the other way but stumbled back after her head collided with a blunt object. “Ow! Hey! Ugh…” the ball fell, followed by Trixie whom fell face first into the dirt with the ball exploding into a shower of glitter.

SplitSecond rubbed her right elbow while licking that hand clean. “Mmmm…” she mused and reached up, pulling another slice of plated cake off her head. “Gotta love that Tasty Swirl’s bakery. Always so fresh and made with love!” the slice was devoured in a gulp and the paper plate was tossed into a recycling bin. “Now to get you dressed up. Your date’s coming to pick you up. But what should you wear?” SplitSecond scanned the area, left, returned and had the criminal tied up with a bow using a garden hose.

Shortly after tossing Trixie back in through the window, and entering herself, police cars arrived and the officers entered the warehouse with guns drawn. “Freeze! ECPD!” a gray toned male officer shouted, scanning the area quickly through orange tresses that had fallen into his eyes. His guns laser pointer soon came to rest on the chest of the gray clad speedster, along with his fellow law enforcers.

Her chipper expression slightly fell as her poofy hair began to slightly deflate. “Do you mind?”

“...SplitSecond?” the lead officer questioned while he slowly lowered his firearm.

“Yup,” she answered with a small nod. “Now…” her tone lowered as well as her hair. “Please stop aiming at my chest.” Quickly he waved his hand and the other officers lowered their firearms. “Thanks!” her hair poofed up and her chipper tone returned with a smile. “By the way, got’cha one diamond thief all ready to go.”

He blinked a little stunned. “Uh...thanks. By the way...would yo-”

“I also left you two men safe and sound out of harm’s way. You should have found them on your way here. I think Trixie took’em out with her smoke.”

The orange haired officer nodded. “Thank you again and yes, we did recover them and sent them off to get medical attention.” He approached while two others focused on Trixie. “Don’t suppose you’d mind coming in to make a statement, would you?” he inquired with an offered hand.

She shook her head, adjusted her goggles and dusted the ‘S’ on her chest off. “Pff, nah. You’ve got enough already, what with the other evidence and all.” SplitSecond patted his head. “Thanks though Officer Nightwatch. Always a pleasure to get an offer. Take care!” in a flash she took off, her gust of wind nearly knocking over several of the cops.

Nightwatch heaved and scratched the back of his head. “Didn’t think so.” He adjusted his hat and watched the pair lift the unconscious thief up. “Well let’s get the great and powerful to the station and in a cell.”

“Wonder how a small time crook like her was even able to pull that off.” The first officer to Trixie’s right pondered.

The second to her left shrugged as they got to the car. “Does it matter? I mean, afterall…”

“Those like her are the least of our worries,” Nightwatch finished for him.

A female officer watched by one of the squad cars. “At least our troubles are over now.” She reached inside and picked up the mic. “Criminal apprehended. Returning to station for booking.”


A pair of heavy doors to a secluded mansion opened outside of Equestrian City. Heeled footsteps clicked and echoed from the marble floor and off the decorated walls. Momentarily they were drowned out by another set of doors being opened and closed. The single ponytailed woman crossed the foyer with her hair swinging in time with her alluring hips. “Way too easy,” she mused while running her slender fingers through her long purple hair with a pair of blue streaks. She pushed another pair of double doors open and scanned the living room with her purple eyes.

The noise from her dark, thigh high boots became muffled on a decorative rug. The silence had been broken by the familiar hum of multiple computers. It was strange how the firelight and artificial blue light mixed well on the walls and ceiling. “Welcome back, my dear.” She adjusted her snugly fitted, dark purple crop top.

“Thank you, darling.” She replied to the back of the tall obsidian chair while she neared and stepped towards its side. “Been home long?”

The man eyed over a map printed on a chessboard where custom made figures were placed. He leaned forward and hovered a leather gloved hand over a blue piece with a wizard’s hat. “How did go with our little magician?”

She rolled her eyes and smoothed her short, black skirt. “She got what she deserved.” Aria sat on the arm of the chair, looking down at his black haired head before shifting her gaze to the board. “But…” she reached to her hip and detached the bag. “She did deliver as promised.”

He placed the piece on another location before leaning back with the firelight gleaming off his spectacles. His leather gloved hand took and opened the bag. Peering inside he smiled. “Magnificent...simply magnificent…” the man whispered and a quiet chuckle came from his throat. Closing the bag, the black haired man eyed over her scarred forearms which were divided up by three black leather bands on both arms. “It seems you also delivered your part perfectly.”

Aria rose from the chair and crossed her arms, obscuring the marks with her hands. “I do aim to please,” she growled with her eyes downcasted, glancing up to glare at him.

“That you do. That you do…” he playfully chuckled, relaxed back and eyed the sparkling red stone imbedded into her chest, held in place by pulsing fleshy tendrils. “At least for the most part you don’t disappoint.”

When he turned his attention to the board, she took a breath, exhaled and pushed her ponytail back with a hand. “Was that all you needed her for?” the siren inquired while she sat by him and ran a finger in circles on his chest.

“Not quite.” He smirked as his gaze narrowed on the board and his covered fingertips strummed together. “She should be motivated enough now for the next stage of her use.” His head tilted towards her almost lazily. “What of our speedy little friend’s status?”

“As you anticipated, she took Trixie down with relative ease and thanks to my song, Trixie nor anyone else who I spoke to has any memory of who they had dealings with.”

He brushed her hand off, pulled out the gem and began admiring it. “And what of the item I sent my faithful and reliable poodle to fetch?”

The siren rolled her eyes, shifted and pulled the circular compact off from around her neck. “Dunno what you want with it,” she dryly stated and held it out. He put away the gem and took the device.

“Perfect. Just as it was.” Softly he commented while he examined it.

“So what’s that for? Do you happen to have a gift for a certain siren?”

Quietly the black haired man chuckled. “You’ll see soon enough. Although your little mind would think, it is wrong as this is no simple bauble.” He leaned forward, retrieved a silk chainpurse and tossed it to her. “There’s your prize.”

Aria caught it and opened the metal clasp. “You better not’ve skipped out on me.” Looking inside her expression fell into disappointment and she returned her focus on him. “I think I would have preferred the piece Trixie gave me for all my trouble.” She snapped the purse shut. “What’s this for anyways?” the siren inquired while she gently shook the chainpurse.

“Trust me when I say that...despite as talented of a mouth you have...your little gifts purpose will be revealed, should I see the need.” He smiled, took her hand and kissed it with a devil's smile. Aria frowned and he leaned forward, took up a piece and set it down by a rivers western bank. “The item you so swiftly found, once belonged to a brilliant researcher from another dimension. Sadly their curiosity got the better of them and they…” he heaved and shook his head sadly, bringing Aria to roll her eyes. “Caused their own destruction.”

“Care to elaborate beyond that?” she flatly questioned with one hand motioning out, palm up as if asking for more.

“Of course I can,” the black haired man cooed to her and grinned. He removed the gem and set it next to the figurine. “I need the proper help attuning this key device for our dimension. Then, and only then, we can move onto phase two.” He opened the compact, releasing a magical glow briefly before latching it shut again.

She grumbled, slid off the chair to stand with her back against it and folded her arms. “No answer and nothing better for the last of her kind, typical.”

“Are we displeased?”

“I suppose your plan makes sense, honey.” Aria turned around and ruffled up his short dark hair with a half smirk.

He cleared his throat and fixed his hair. “If it didn’t make sense then it wouldn’t be fun nor useful.”

“It’s all coming together, isn’t it?” she inquired while she turned towards the chessboard, taking a tiny step back.

The man nodded with a glance to his right and drew her in with his arm around her bare middle. “Soon enough this world will be what I want but…” his eyes narrowed on the good sized table map. “We need to get in contact with dear Emperor Sombra.”

“What of poor Equestrian City’s fate?” she pouted with a smirk as she leaned into his chair.

“Heh…” his eyes closed. “Let’s just say…” they opened, glowing a bright purple. “Equestrian City’s problems are just beginning.”

End of Episode