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Equestrian City - Malcontent

It's been almost a decade since the Battle of the Bands and Sunset Shimmer has been trying to clean up the mess she made. After series of unrelated crimes, Sunset, now known as The Phoenix, may need to finally ask for help.

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Episode 11 "Intersections"

Episode 11
By DarkMalcontent
Proofread by alisia

“Let me make sure I’ve got all the pieces so far,” Rarity said while she reclined in her office chair with a cup of freshly brewed coffee in her hands, the off-white china contrasting with her teal colored nail polish. “Just so we’re all on the same page,” she finished in a tone reflecting that of a concerned friend, but had the undertones of a dissatisfied employer.

“I’ll stop you if you get anything wrong,” Spike said in a helpful tone.

“Twilight is out with Sunset, whom is not only not dead but is in fact The Phoenix,” she said moderately slow before taking a drag and blowing out the smoke. “She's testing the mark 2 model we’re making for the ECPD project live in the field.” Rarity knocked some ashes off her cigarette into a diamond shaped ashtray as Spike nodded his little digital head. “You're...actually there with them now...while you're talking to me?”

“So far so good. Twilight activated an automatic protocol to recall the suit in case of incapacitation.” Rarity’s eyes widened from his calm answer while her body swiftly shot up and he quickly continued. “That's what’s flying them both home now. They're alive but suffering from heavy RAW magic exposure,” the little digital dragon answered, a couple sweat drops sliding down the back of his head and a small mushroom briefly appeared with his sigh as she seemed to go back to her previous state.

Rarity ran a hand through her hair, the disheveled look on her face matching the state of the rest of her. Sitting down in her large chair the leather squeaked softly as she stared across the city lights from her office window. “How long until they get back,” Rarity asked finally, standing up calmly this time and walking to a bookshelf. She pressed in a section of the books and it opened to reveal a modest sized closet filled with outfits for all occasions.

“Seven minutes at the most,” Spike answered and his avatar turned towards the office door as it opened abruptly.

Coco Pommel pushed her way in without knocking and walked past several screens that held a surprised expression from Spike. “Rarity we need to talk.”

“Hello Miss Pommel,” he greeted before shifting focus. “Rarity, your assistant is here,” Spikes avatar seemed more than annoyed. He began running a process to investigate how she'd made it in without his knowledge.

“Oh good, Coco, I need your help.” Rarity turned to spike on her desk. “Er...Spikey darling can you...turn yourself off?” she made a gesture towards him as if to pull down a window shade. “A lady must have some privacy if she changes.”

“Oh sure, sorry!” Spike blushed and walked off screen, though he peeked back once more before the monitors turned off.

Rarity sighed and pulled her stockings off, her plush carpeting by the closet keeping her feet warm for the most part. Looking down at her toenails she cringed. “I need to get these attended to desperately in the morning. Make a note of that,” she said to Coco while turning towards her as she continued to undress.

Her personal assistant and friend of many years pulled out an electronic data tablet and made the calendar adjustments. “Will do. Blue?”

“Teal this time darling. Can't be too in a rut now.” Rarity unbuttoned her blouse and took it off, leaving her in a light powder blue bra and skirt. A quick pull from the side of the closet revealed a privacy screen that hid her from the windows and any observers from the neck down. “Do tell me what the issue is, Coco. It's not that I'm not happy to see you but my head hurts and I'm needing to meet an old friend soon.”

“There's a snag on some of the issues we last spoke on. You asked me to dig into the corporate end of the so-called ‘supergroup’ law.” Coco pulled up a file on her tablet, “turns out only twenty percent of any used revenue is tax deductible. Meaning for the first five years we’re running at a loss even if we go minimalist,” she sighed while scrolling through the data. “If we go with sponsors it gets better but then you have the added issues of sponsors demanding certain...perks.”

“Yes well I’ve had quite enough of those kind of issues,” Rarity’s naked body cast a shadow from behind the screen as she spoke. “I’ve given more than enough when it comes to the needs of some of those--”

“Not those kind of perks, Rarity.” Coco stopped her from reliving the past. “They’d want special treatment. Say, looking past certain things that would be in their best interests and not the publics.”

Rarity stepped into a new set of delicates and stopped as Coco finished her sentence, staring back over her bare shoulders. “Well, that’s certainly not going to happen.” She finished putting on a new top and then browsed through her limited selection of wardrobe. “Clearly we’re going to need to go this on our own. Five years isn’t so bad.” Coco didn’t seem to have an immediate answer, but her expression seemed skeptical.

“Oh don’t think like that, after all,” Rarity continued while she pulled a pair of slacks and a darker blue shirt from the hangers. Eyeballing them for a moment she shook her head and grabbed a small mustard colored top. “We’re not struggling to keep the lights on after all, like when we first started.”

“Come again, Ma’am,” Coco asked with her brow furrowing.

“When we first started. The lights.” Rarity turned and cocked her head to her friend. “Surely you recall selling dresses in the dark for an afternoon?” raising an eyebrow, she gave a small smirk.

“Oh...oh yes,” Coco chuckled. “I suppose I tried to forget some of the rough patches.” She looked down at her tablet.

Rarity stepped out of the privacy screen and pushed the closet closed, a pair of simply flats in hand as she walked to her friend and raised Coco’s chin with her hand. “We had quite the interesting times, didn’t we?” she smiled down at her. “Who’d have thought we’d be this far up, running so many companies?” Rarity shrugged and smiled, making her way to her desk with her feet making a soft slapping noise against the marble flooring. “Oh I so need to get this floor heated. Make a note.”

“Of course, Rarity.”

“Now, if that’s it, I have--” Rarity sat down and began to put her shoes on.

“Actually, if I may be candid,” Coco asked, pulling her tablet to her side and walking to her friend’s desk before leaning forward on it. “I think this entire supergroup idea is a bad investment. We may not go broke, but it’s not really a revenue generating endeavour.”

Rarity leaned back in her chair, lit another cigarette, took a long draw on it and began staring at her assistant as she slowly exhaled smoke. A long pause filled the room. “I thank you for your input but this is something I’m very firm on, Coco. The state of this city, not to mention the world, demands a more organized response,” Rarity firmly and calmly stated. “It’ll boost our public image and give back to the community that helped put me where I’m at.”

Coco paused and listened but stood up as she finished. “Very well,” Coco began while straightening her outfit slightly, “but I’d like it known I feel you’re being far too generous.”

Rarity stood up and reached for a drink, then realized she hadn’t poured one. For half a moment she considered it but clenched her cigarette case in her hand and walked towards the exit instead. “That's a trait I was told I had back in high school. Old habits die hard I suppose,” she finished while turning halfway out the door. “That will be all for now. I have personal business to take care of with Twilight and an old friend.” Rarity set a stern gaze on her friend, an expression firm which befitted a business woman at the top. “I’ll find you when I’m done, dear.” Rarity stepped out wordlessly as the doors closed behind her, leaving Coco standing in the empty office. A stern look covered Ms. Pommel’s face as the doors smoothly latched with her gaze trailing over to start staring down at the glass desk.

“There we go. Privacy,” Pinkie said and dusted her gloved hands off.

“That was freaky. Let me know next time you’re going to do that, please,” Rainbow Dash groaned and held her head, the radar bouncing several times to reverify her surroundings. She noticed Fluttershy coming to slowly and helped sit her up on the roof against a wall.

“Fluttershy! Can. You. Hear. Me!” Pinkie said semi-loudly directly into the groggy girl’s face.

“Huh...” Fluttershy asked, squinting and looking at Pinkie's goggles and outfit. “Who...what?”

Pinkie quickly pulled her goggles down. “It’s me. Pinkie and Dash!”

“Pinkie!” Dash shouted in shock.

“Oh it’s not like this narrative is going anywhere fast anyway!” Pinkie huffed with a turn to Dash and waved her arms in frustration.

“Wait...what,” Dash asked and quirked her eyebrow but before Pinkie could answer, Fluttershy’s expression changed again.

As Fluttershy blinked, Pinkie noticed their friend’s eyes changed from her normal color to a more reptile like slit with a red hue about them. At the same time the bracelet she was wearing began emitting a soft red glow around it. Fluttershy flipped her head back softly to move her hair out of her eyes and stared at Pinkie. “Not that I don’t mind a good kidnapping as much as the next girl, but who are you two and why --” the voice was that of Fluttershy but her speech patterns clearly indicated it was someone else talking, even to the most casual observer. “Wait...she knows you...this isn’t good. We may have to deal with you.” The bracelet began to shine brighter as magic enveloped Fluttershy’s body and formed the rough transparent shape of a gorilla.

“Fluttershy, what are you--” Rainbow Dash deftly dodged a swing from her old friend. Not needing to turn her head, she had seen it coming before it connected and now watched as the wide swing dented a small dumpster on the rooftop, a loud bang echoed as she hit it. “Holy cow! What did--”

Pinkie sped towards Dash and pulled her out of the way of the next swing. Fluttershy’s animal like power missed its mark again and cracked the bricks at the edge of the roof. “Look out!” The speedster doubled back and grabbed at Fluttershy's arm, trying to restrain it behind her back. “Let's all calm down n--" before she could finish the small girls impressive power took Pinkie by surprise, and with a single upward motion sent her flying into one of the dented dumpsters.

“Ow...” was all Pinkie could say, seemingly finishing her previous statement as a banana peel landed on her hair and a second later seemed to disappear into it. As the pale gold body skin tone became apparent to Pinkie, she tried to stand up and quickly move out of the way. At the same time the banana peel that seemed to disappear into pocket space a moment earlier, appeared from her hair and dropped in front of the speedster sending her to the ground.

Raising her arms to deliver a seemingly lethal strike, the girl stopped and clutched her head, her fingers gripping her light rose colored locks tightly. Clenching her eyes shut she stumbled back and away from Pinkie, simultaneously the bracelets glow faded to a softer tone.

“No...these are my friends...stop!” Fluttershy’s meek voice alternated back and forth as she spoke aloud to herself.

The previous personality took over with her head snapping to the side, “They'll expose us and try to kill me. They can’t be allowed to...”

Pinkie stood up slowly, watching the argument continue and held a hand up to signal Dash to stay back. I think I got this...I hope, she thought, trying to assure herself she was better suited for this sensitive task.“We don't want to hurt anyone. We just want to talk with Fluttershy.”

“Pinkie what are you--" Dash stopped mid sentence as Pinkie waved her down again while making her way closer to their friend.

“They're my friends...you wont hurt them!” Fluttershy stomped her foot as she dug her fingers into her scalp and the bracelets power dimmed more.

“Fine. You win for now,” the other her growled. “You'll need me again. Don't think you won't,” the voice snarled heatedly. “When you do...we do things my way,” the other personality snapped her head towards Pinkie.”I've got my eyes on you two.”

A shiver and a stiff jolt surged through her body as the glow vanished from the bracelet and Fluttershy leaned back in exhaustion onto a brick wall. “Oh...goodness...” she panted and ran a hand through her hair as it dropped lazily in front of her eyes.

“Fluttershy...” Dash asked with a tone displaying she was almost afraid of the answer.

“It’s me for now.” Fluttershy looked up at her two hero garbed friends. “Well we all seem to have quite a bit to talk about dont we?” the familiar eyes and smile of the gold colored girl made the other two settle down with a collective sigh.

“Yeah this totally calls for a cut away.” Pinkie nodded, only to have Dash joined by Fluttershy on expressions of confusion.


“You really should let me carry you for now, Sunset,” Twilight’s voice came over her secure channel.

Sunset shook her head and her flying took a sharp wobble to the left as she deftly missed a flagpole on a building. “No, I’m fine Matterhorn,” Sunset answered back, her eyes squinting and the rest of her body showing apparent sweating from the night’s activities. “I’m the one used to all this rough stuff, you’re the one I should be worried about.”

“Well that would normally be true but Spike shot me up with a minor dose of Risperidone,” Twilight’s voice came across Sunset’s ears again from the armor next to her flying in a stable pattern compared to her partner.

“I assume that's good,” Sunset asked with the flames she generated from her hands maintaining a stable, although much louder, flight ability. Their wake left distinct patterns, with her’s being flickers of flames behind her and Twilight’s being a steady, nearly transparent disturbance.

“It’s a mild anti-hallucinogen used in the elderly.” Spike popped in Sunset’s other ear, giving the illusion he was next to her. “In this case it’s to combat the magic exposure and keep Twilight lucid enough to fly back. You on the other hand are still suffering the after effects. You should really let--”

“I’m fine Spike. I’ve had,” Sunset shook her head as she interrupted him. “I’ve had much worse. We’re nearly there anyway. “

Twilight and Spike remained quiet as they neared the helipad on the Rarity building, on which the lights flickering on the entire landing area formed not a typical H but an “R” instead. No exterior lights came on, though this was on purpose to not draw any more attention then needed. “Coming in now,” Twilight finally said, her hope for a decent landing diminishing as the ground grew closer. Typical of most of her attempts, Twilight didn’t hit with much finesse but again hit a three point stance with the usual reverberation of metal filling the area around them. However, at least I didn’t smash into anything this time. Getting better, she thought with a sigh and tone of victory for not stumbling too badly or gasping in fear.

“Not bad. Gettin’ better,” Spike said, popping up with a tiny clipboard in his hands on her HUD. “Ya lost points for flinching though,” he pointed out and smirked before tossing the clipboard into nothingness behind him.

“Thank you, Spike. I’m getting the hang of this super hero thing after all.” Twilight said just as her exterior speakers came on and turned towards an approaching Sunset.

Sunset on the other hand during this landed with grace and with almost no sound, taking a step forward and walking towards the elevator upon completing her landing. “There’s a lot more to it then landing right, Matterhorn,” she bragged and adjusted her jacket, pressing the call button and turning around to her friend. “Let's get going and back to the lab.”

Twilight’s suit clanged along, though softer than her first version, and she joined her friend at the elevator. “Well I thought it wasn’t too shabby.” She gave a small snort of contempt and crossed her arms in mock defiance.

Sunset gave the smallest of smirks but didn’t turn to her armored friend, but crossed her arms as well. “I’ve seen worse,” the fire caster said just as the elevator opened, allowing them entry and they stepped on.

“Thank you,” Twilight said with a feeling of small satisfaction coming over her and the plating that made her helmet retracted into the collar of her armor, letting Twilight look directly at her friend. She stretched her neck and pressed her floor’s button, ah this feels much better, Twilight thought happily with the fresh cool air hitting her skin.

“Not many though,” Sunset added, just as the doors closed and Twilight turned to respond.


Several tendrils coiled around the Neutron Device, its shiney chrome casing reflecting the crazed eyes of Mistress Mayhem. Looking into it like an eager girl prepping for her first date, Mayhem’s degrading mental state was nearing the bottom of it’s spiral. Another set of tendrils flipped through a manual for the device casually, holding the casing and pages next to each other. Quickly the super villain became frustrated and tossed the device to the side.

“Whoa, boss!” Babs said, swiftly catching the small casing but grunting under its weight. “Let’s...let's not throw the nuclear device around. I know you love a good party,” she said and set the heavy bomb down gently on it’s side near a wall. “But this might cause the party to get started just a bit too soon.”

“The party will start when I say it does, Babsy,” Mayhem said sternly with several of her tentacles wrapping around the newly anointed underboss of her new gang. They snapped tight and brought the young girl to her eye level.

“Oh! Oh sure, absolutely boss,” Babs answered nervously. “I only meant sucha...sucha...shame if the party favor went off,” she swallowed loudly as the threat of death hovered over her. “Ya know, bombs can be shoddy and all. Wasn't this a test bomb anyway,” the young woman asked quickly with the first thought for any excuse to pull the focus off her.

Sassy tapped her chin and let her lieutenant down without a second thought, and the freckled girl landed with a thud to the concrete. “It was a prototype. This much is true"

“How did you find out about this gizmo anyway boss,” Babs inquired while she brushed herself off and adjusted her clothing slightly.

Mayhem’s eyes widened then narrowed at the question as she clearly began to think. “I…” she winced and several tendrils wrapped at her forehead in pain. The more she tried to remember, the harder the headache became. “I can't remember exactly. I keep seeing little images like a broke slideshow.” Sassy growled in frustration, “and that annoying yet haunting song…” her eyes went slack after a bit of thinking. “It matters not! Once I set this off there will be so much fallout, Rarity will be ruined,” she announced with fists trembling. “People will blame her and her so-called “perfect” image will be destroyed. Then...then I'll let her know it’s me who tore her down!”

“You...and miss Rarity know each other,” Babs asked curiously.

“Knew little Babsy...we knew each other.” Mayhem stroked Babs hair softly with her actual hand as her tentacles brought her down from her high position. “Oh so long ago we were even...friends...” she smiled for half a moment as she said that. “But no more. She made me the way I am today and I'll make sure she gets exactly what she deserves.” The woman smacked the back of Babs head softly.

“Sure thing boss."

“Don't worry you and the girls will be well compensated as promised.” Mayhem smiled, reached for the device and manual again and brought them to her eyes. The crazed look left her slightly and she began to study more.


“Spikey darling, make a transfer from my personal account of twenty thousand as a charitable donation,” Rarity requested, stood and lit another cigarette before walking across the laboratory. Wonder why I don’t come in and visit Twilight more often in here, she thought and looked around the room she wasn’t entirely familiar with. Rarity briefly paused as a thought crossed her mind. Oh...right...I’m surprised she didn’t leave. It couldn’t have been fun with a drunk coming in randomly… the fashionista sadly thought while continuing to slowly step around the room. “I don't like these colors. They clash with the desks,” she muttered to herself and took a drag, blowing a smoke cloud that faintly looked like three diamonds put together.

“Transfer ready. Who's the lucky company, Rarity,” Spike asked, his avatar popping up beside her on a screen and a small sack with a money symbol on it in his claws.

“AppleTrends, dear. Quick now, we want to make it before the banks route their morning money transfers.” Rarity stopped, partially folded her arms and stood still, looking over the sets of armor Twilight had been busy designing, all in various states of combining parts. Knocking off ashes from her long cigarette holder, Spike quickly sent out a nearby assembly arm with a cup in its claw and caught the ashes mid-drop. She seems to be making great progress to help us close that deal with the ECPD, Rarity thought, none the wiser to her nearly dropping filth on Twilight’s clean lab floor.

“Easy, Rarity,” he said and popped up next to her on a smaller screen with a close up shot of his face. “Maybe you should sit down. You still seem a bit unhinged,” Spike stated with the last word coming out carefully but sounding like a question.

“Nonsense,” she declared confidently. “I'm perfectly capable of inspecting this project,” Rarity explained with a quick pose to Spike who lightly rolled his eyes once she had turned away. “As soon as Twilight returns I'll expect a full rundown. The deadline is closing in darling spike.” The designer pushed back her hair and shifted her weight from one hip to the other, a determined smile on her face. “We can't lose this contract to Moondancer and her militaristic designs,” Rarity said firmly while adjusting her hair gently.

“You sure are...er...motivated...Rarity,” Spike said cautiously. He didn't want to make mention that she seemed far more focused now that she hadn’t had a drink in twelve or so hours.

“Rarity's always been easily inspired, Spike," Twilight said as she walked in with the main door closing behind her and Sunset, who carefully walked just a few steps in to stay behind Twilight. “That's why she was the element of inspiration,” she finished with a smile. “And she was always very generous...ba-” Twilight caught herself mid-thought and cleared her throat quickly. “Not that you aren’t now,” the former alicorn swiftly tried to clarify. “I was talking about my Rarity. Well you are my Rarity...now. That is to say--”

“Maybe you better stop while you're ahead.” Spike popped in next to her on a screen.

“Don’t worry dear, I know what you mean.” Rarity knocked ashes off into a nearby makeshift ashtray. “Though I still can’t fathom having any version of me wearing the same necklace for years, element or not.” She shook her head with a gentle smile. “And…” her blue orbs shifted to gaze past Twilight to the redhead looking down, “I see we’re back from the dead, Sunset?”

There was a awkward silence for several long moments, feeling like minutes. “I guess?” Sunset finally answered with a slow and equality aquardward tone.

“Well, you look good for dead, Sunset,” Rarity complimented as she pushed past the awkwardness like she was prone to do in all social settings, or the best she could anyway. “Now I understand you two had a very busy evening of testing?”

“Wait you aren’t even going to ask where I’ve been or why I’m alive,” Sunset asked curiously with a light huff and wrinkling her brow a bit.

“Well, no,” Rarity stated almost bluntly and quirked an eyebrow. “Spikey has given me a full rundown of what happened, and honestly, now isn't the best time to catch up on our past. Based on what he’s been telling me you two are busy conducting an investigation?”

Sunset gave a half pursed lip expression and nodded. “Fair enough, you two are the only--”

“Three.” Spike popped in.

“Right Spike, you THREE are the only ones who know I’m alive and me.” Sunset leaned against the wall and crossed her arms with her outfit clearly worse for wear. “I’d like it to stay that way, if possible. I’ve got an apartment and a job that doesn’t--oh my gosh!” Sunset’s eyes opened wide and her face fell in horror. “My job! I’m late!” she stood abruptly and started for the door. “I have to go!”

“Wait, Sunset! We just--” Twilight turned to her friend.

“I can’t stay Twilight. I promise I’ll come back but I need to go, NOW.” Sunset pushed the doors to the main hallway open and ran down the corridor. Just as she neared, the elevator doors opened like welcoming arms for her and closed slowly after she boarded it.

Rarity and Twilight turned to each other as the main lab doors closed, a moment of silence filled the room again. “Well, at least we know she’s coming back this time,” Rarity commented and put her cigarette out in a dainty manner. “Last time we assumed she was dead.” She smirked, “now...tell me more about the test runs, dear Twilight. We have a presentation to make after all and I need to be fully briefed.”


A gentle wisp of air displacement filled a brightly lit room of mirror lined walls. Another displacement filled the air as the steel glistened from the double pronged spear. The unseen foe in the air was once more sliced in two. The wielder of this weapon, a woman in her late thirties, briefly ran forwards while spinning to cut apart the air currents. A tiny frown came to her lighter gray toned face with the silence restating its dominance in her ears. Twirling her bare body and weapon, she knelt with the spear resting across her shoulders behind her neck.

She tightened her grip on the handle, remaining still aside from her steady breathing. Suddenly she shot up, twirling around and swinging the metal construct up and out. Her purple and highlighted ponytail flew up with the metal before coming around to lightly stroke her face. During this, her sharp eyes watched every muscle possible in her fit body move and her posture. Upon landing the young woman stared at her flawless reflection, then moved a strand of hair back into place. “Almost perfect,” she muttered annoyedly at her hair.

Looking to the spear, Starlight Glimmer spun it in one hand, behind her back and to the other before spinning in place with the killing device pointed out. She tightened her grip once more and tiny sparks trailed the length of the pole, ending with what appeared to be discolored sparkles trailing off the end of the weapon.

This lone training continued with her jumping and coming down with the spear extending. She back flipped and whirled her arms around while she knelt to stab the tiled floor, the pole shrunk in length to come closer to the length of a dagger. Starlight stood, spun the weapon in one hand while it extended back to its normal length and struck the base into the floor. Just like before. I haven’t lost it nor have you my dear, she thought proudly.

She turned around and moved her arms behind her back. Both hands took hold of the spear as Starlight stretched, pressing the steel against her back. “Just like the beautiful Symmetry Dominion,” the woman grunted in the stretch before releasing a breath simultaneously with the post workout act ending.

The only other occupant in the room, a seemingly uninterested man about her age, pushed his soft colored glasses up his brilliant mustard colored nose with a gloved finger and sighed. Again? How many times must she keep indulging, he questioned mentally with a bored tone as his cyan colored eyes took in her admiring her reflection. The oranged haired man cleared his throat into his closed hand before stroking a short goatee-like forming beard.

“Hn?” she finally shifted her moderately persian blue eyes off her athletic form and to the other pale figure in the spotless glass. “Sunburst,” Starlight said with a drawout on his name in a somewhat unamused tone. “You haven’t said anything since breakfast. Are you ok,” Starlight asked in a now playful tone while she shifted her body to tease. When he didn’t respond the way she wished, a frown crossed her lips. “You’re too apathetic and it’s annoying.”her demeanor rather playful with him, quite different then his radiating apathy.

Sunburst shook his head before rubbing the back of it. “Why do you always want me here? I could be doing other things,” he pointed out with an underlying tone of sadness.

“I’ve told you…” Starlight stepped closer and stroked his cheek. “Because I need my childhood friend by my side at all times~”

He leaned his head back a little with an uneasy look reflecting in his eyes. “I-I remember but-”

A knock on the doors to the room echoed before he could finish his answer and annoyed her more than anything. “Enter,” she said firmly and slamming her spear hard into the tile floor, not bothering to cover herself while stepping in line with the door.

A smaller man dressed in a military uniform entered, quickly turning his head down to look at the floor. “Empress Elect, I bring word from our intelligence ministry that requires your immediate attention. I apologize for interrupting your time together,” he presented a sealed envelope with a symbol embossed on it.

Starlight sighed with a roll of her eyes, plucked the letter out of the officers hand and seamlessly she sliced open the envelope and began to peer over the information. A moment later she looked up at the officer. “Leave.” He bowed and swiftly exited the room, closing the door as Starlight calmly stepped over towards her childhood friend with her face in the parchment. Silently she read while the floor echoed her bare footsteps, the sound slowing down as her reading grew in intensity and she passed the young man.

“You could have thanked him,” Sunburst finally said with a wave of dissatisfaction filling his tone while staring blankly across the room.

“Don't be a silly goose,” Starlight gently chuckled. “He’s meant to serve. The action itself is thanks enough,” she answered, putting the letter down on a nearby table, leaning the spear against the wall and picking up a silk robe. Sliding on the garment she tied it in a firm bow and picked the letter back up. Starlight retrieved the weapon, shrunk it down and slide it into her robe pocket. “Come on then, we've got to make some rounds.”

Sunburst turned and looked unsurely at his friend before he slowly dropped his eyes. Why did I have to leave that day? Maybe...maybe if I had stayed then she wouldn’t had changed, he thought sadly while starting to turn towards the door, his mind replaying how he had been sent to a school for those magically endowed without a chance to say goodbye. Later when he failed to show the magical prowess they expected, they released him into the general population so the state would no longer need to waste money on something useless.

“Hello,” Starlight questioned with a poke to his cheek as he had ceased moving.

If I had stayed then maybe she wouldn’t had lost the playfulness and gratitude I last remember her having in her eyes. Now...because of my abandoning her...all I can see-see is resentment and anger… Sunburst thoughts trailed off, a small burning kissing the corner of his eyes. Starlight frowned and narrowed her eyes. I knew her parents were in charge but I don’t even know what they did to her to make her be- Barely a second later, he jumped. “Hey!” Sunburst rubbed his side at his ribs as her hand with two fingers together moved away.

“Wake up. Time to go,” Starlight ordered before she gave him a small and sweet chuckle, starting for the door.

Sunburst shook his head and stretched out his arms behind his back. “You could have asked nicely,” he mumbled quietly under his breath and followed at her side. I wonder to this day if I’m kept at her side because of her wanting to reconnect and rekindle what we lost as children when I was made to leave, or if I’m just a toy to her she lost that day and she doesn’t want anyone else having it. Either way… the ginger glanced towards her. I wonder more about what made her so cold and closed off to harm anyone who didn’t obey her wishes to the letter, his thoughts questioned as his hand slipped back to the sore ribs she had poked.

Turning his attention forwards the young man let a soft breath escape his lips. Be nice if she could treat me like a friend once in a while. ...Wonder if this is what a trophy wife feels like or a bracelet...doesn’t feel very good. ‘I wish my friend would come back,’ Sunburst silently mouthed with his head downturned. “What’s the big deal now?” he muttered quietly loud enough for her to hear him.

“Oh it’s going to be great!” she clapped her hands together and laced her fingers with a smile on her face.

Please tell me you aren’t going to finish your show of being a tyrant by also murdering your mother, he thought with a pleading tone. “O-oh? I-it is?” Sunburst stammered a little.

“Spies are reporting a new issue in the Canterlot Commonwealth, namely Equestrian City and my mother wants to speak about it,” Starlight said enthusiastic. “And as my personal advisor, I want you with me!”

Sunburst tried to give a smile of confidence for her before stepping back and she stopped. “Of course you do,” he said, trying to disguise the despair stabbing his chest while he flipped off the lights and closed the door to the mirror room. Returning to her side they continued. “I-I bet it’s something wonderful indeed.”

End chapter.